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The existence of God cannot be proved because neither I nor anyone else in the world can give a tangible proof of Gods being proving His existence. Rather, for us Christians, we acknowledge Gods existence through our faith in Him, our belief that He is the Creator of the universe and Savior of mankind. With mans curious and skeptical mind, one may ask, If God is perfect, why didnt He create us perfectly?, If God exists, why cant he just show himself in front of all people so that everyone will believe in him?, If God is compassionate, why does he let innocent people suffer?, Why did God allow bad things to happen to good people?, and so on. I once asked these questions too, but as I grow and learn more about Him, I found one answer to all of those questions. It is Gods Will. If God created us perfectly, what difference will we have with God being perfect? He did not allow us to live a life full of happiness because He wants us to seek Him. And by experiencing tragedies and grief in life will we only be able to seek Him. God wont give us everything we want, but He will surely give us everything we need. Animals are provided food through nature. How much more will God provide to us humans of more worth? But then again, one may ask, What about those children in Africa who die to starvation? God being compassionate wont of course allow those kids to suffer if He chose to. It happened because it is clearly mans fault. There are many people who are very abundant and are able to donate food to those in need, but because of greed and selfish desires, they chose not to. God loves us so much that despite His Sovereignty, He considered giving us our own will. He allows us to do

whatever we want to do and to believe whatever we want to believe. He chose not to show His Almighty Self to everyone because if He did that, we wont have freewill. Thats why Jesus came here as a human being. He wants us not to believe in Him by force but to believe in Him because we chose to. One may again ask, If a mother lost her innocent child, is it Gods Will? If I were to answer that, I would say yes. It is Gods Will. That mother may find it rude if she was told that her innocent child died because it is the Will of God. But one day that mother will find something better that will cover up to her loss. Just as a rainbow wont appear if it didnt rain. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and it is all according to Gods perfect plan. If a skeptic read this, he may not be convinced because he chose not to. Non-believers ask for tangible and concrete evidences that satisfy to their senses. But the evidences are everywhere. The world, the universe and their wonders, if they look more, they can clearly see Gods workmanship in them. The earth is tilted exactly at a point where it wont burn or freeze. Its hard to accept that the amazing and unique structures of the universe came to be with just a huge explosion. But atheists accepted it because they chose to. They are looking for more evident proofs when those proofs are already in front of them. Even they themselves are the proofs with the humans unique anatomy and function. They chose to be blind and reject Gods love for them. Faith. Spiritually speaking, it is the belief in an Omnipotent and Omniscient Being, namely God, despite the lack of concrete and tangible evidences. It is the belief that God created the man and the universe and purposely and uniquely. It is the belief that no matter how difficult our situations are because of the trials in life, He will help us go through them. Faith is the belief that God unconditionally loves us no matter how unworthy we are. Even if some people chose not to believe in Him, Hell love them no matter what to the point that He gave His one and only Son (John 3:16) All we have to do is to believe and have faith in Him to save us from the fiery flames of hell. God does

everything in His own way for people to believe in Him, yet some chose not to. But someday, Jesus will come back again and every skeptic and every atheist will find themselves wrong and know that God truly exists.