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6 Feb 2009 The seizure of power by the shameful BN in Malaysia this

week in the state of Perak is illegal, unethical, dirty and disgusting.

The BN and the opposition both have 28 seats with 3 independents. The
Deputy Prime Minister rashly got the Perak Sultan to agree to appoint
the BN's choice to head the state government on Thursday. The swearing-
in ceremony will be on Friday.

This action is totally undemocratic and amounts to a coup d'etat. In

fact, it is illegal and dirty and undemocratic. The mass media, police
and the palace in Malaysia all are pro-BN and this has been used by the
Deputy Prime Minister to manipulate the situation to his advantage.

The people have been made to look like fools and they have been robbed
in broad daylight of their rights.

The opposition state government was brought into power by the will of
the people, but because 3 chose to become independents, the BN has now
decided that seizing power was more important than heeding the people's

If the BN wants to take over the state, it should follow the proper way
by moving a motion of no confidence against the opposition government.
Should the BN win the vote, then the BN would be able to take over in
a legitimate manner.

Right now, it is an illegal and shameful seizure of power by foul means,

given that the police, mass media and the palace are all on the side of
the BN. By right, these groups should maintain a neutral stance, but in
Malaysia such a sad situation has been used to greatly benefit the BN.

Malaysia has so long been looking on with unabashed glee at the situation
in Pakistan and Thailand where opposing groups had tried to seize power
using elbow power, but now it has finally happened here.

The act by the BN this week will go down in history as the day the BN
shoved aside the people's wishes and retook power in the state of Perak
by shocktrooper tactics.

The fact they certain quarters are unable to be politically neutral is

sure to make Malaysia a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. Taking
a "win" by throwing dice knowing that the croupier is in your pocket.

Such an event right now can only indicate that democratic maturity in
Malaysia is still very much at an infantile stage.

Malaysian politicians should from now on be more careful with their

fondness of making boasts about democracy in Malaysia. The outside
world has been busily watching this week.

The Deputy Prime Minister will be appointed to the PM's post next month
but this week's laughable episode is definitely not going to help his
image in any way. It possibly indicates that he would very likely be
more inclined or more prone to making mistakes and very less likely to
guide the country down the correct path. The future does not look very
encouraging right now. Pity Malaysia.