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Transport Stream Switch

Product Brief Overview


Logic Innovations Transport Stream Switch multiplexes streams from any of the eight ASI inputs, or optional Ethernet PSIP input, into four independent virtual MPEG, ATSC, or DVB outputs, one of which is selected for the physical output. Any combination of inputs can be included per output and streams are processed in advance in order to optimize the actual switch transition. Any one of the virtual outputs can be selectively switched to via any of the four management interfaces (I/O inputs, web-interface, SNMP or the front panel dedicated switch keys). Each virtual output supports full stream grooming and re-branding capabilities. Services can be cloned (duplicated) to create place holders for inactive program slots. All these features help to minimize the disruption on downstream receiver/decoders when a switch takes place.


Redundancy Switch
Provides automated switching to redundant components in the event of a failed input. Downstream equipment will maintain sync across switches because the output of the TSS-2800 maintains packet synchronization. It provides an elegant solution to support fully or partially redundant systems.

Directed Switch via Manual Control or Automation System

Switch between two independent configurations such as 1 HD/1 SD, and 4 SD output, or from a standard programming feed to a emergency feed. Standby virtual outputs can be configured while the unit is operating.


Single physical output selects between one of four virtual transport streams Each virtual transport stream can be independently groomed and branded Channel alignment minimizes disruptions on decoders between switches Packet-synchronous switching Channel cloning can reserve unused service positions Support for PSIP insertion over ASI or Ethernet Programmable switch latency Flexible control of automatic switching policy Standby virtual outputs can be configured even while unit is operational

Key Features
Multiple Input and Output Options
Eight ASI input ports Input port #1 also supports SMPTE 310M Dual DVB-ASI and SMPTE 310M output ports DVB-ASI outputs mirror SMPTE 310M content One ASI/SMPTE 325M flow control output for opportunistic data insertion Multiple time source options for time-table restamping (sources include SNTP or ATSC/DVB time-tables on input) 10 MHz and 1PPS inputs for NCR clock synchronization Front panel control for local operation Web-based graphical user interface SNMP remote management

Easy to Configure and Manage

Technical Specifications
Input Specifications Number of Transport Streams Interfaces 8 9 Max 7 dedicated ASI 1 selectable ASI or SMPTE 310M 1 PSIP over Ethernet to 213 Mbps, ASI burst or spread mode 19.39 or 38.78 Mbps Isolated Short/Open Detect, Common DB-25 connector
ASI 2 Input SMPTE 325M output Primary ASI output Primary SMPTE 310M output ASI 4 Input ASI 6 Input ASI 8 Input 1 PPS

Output Specifications 1 repeated on dual ASI ports and dual SMPTE 310M ports, if activated 4 Max, configuration dependent 2 dedicated ASI 2 selectable SMPTE 310M 1 dedicated ASI SMPTE 325M to 213 Mbps, ASI spread mode 19.39 or 38.78 Mbps Summary Form C contact

ASI Data Rates SMPTE 310M Rates Fault, Inputs and Output


DB9 Serial


Monitor SMPTE 310M output Monitor ASI output SMPTE 310M Input ASI 1 Input ASI 7 Input ASI 5 Input ASI 3 Input

10 MHz

10/100 BTs NIC Port

Physical Characteristics
User Interface Front Panel, Web-based graphical user interface, and SNMP remote management 19 Rack-mount, 1 RU high Depth: 15.5 (39.37 cm) Height: 1.75 (4.45 cm) Width: 17 (43.18 cm) w/ Faceplate: 19 (48.26 cm) Weight Environmental Temperature: Humidity: Shock: Vibration: Power: Air Flow: 12.5 lbs (5.57 Kg) 0 C to 50 C 5% to 95% non-condensing 3.5 g @ 10ms duration 0.5g @ 22-100 Hz 85-265 VAC/50-60Hz, 50 watts Side inlet to back forced air
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About Logic Innovations Logic Innovations is a leading provider of products that enable delivery of rich media services over broadband networks. Logic Innovations areas of expertise include digital audio/video and data communications technologies such as MPEG, DVB, and ATSC. Founded in 1986, Logic Innovations is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

9980 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92131 Telephone: 858-805-6300, FAX: 858-805-6340