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Plant disease concept & economic importance: The plant disease may be defined as a malfunctioning process that is caused

by continuous irritation, which results in some suffering predicting symptoms (APS BMS). The continuous irritation may be brought about by living & non living factors (environmentally) because of which the particular process n metabolic & catabolic activity of plant cells is disrupted leading to development of symptoms, as a reaction to such suffering. These may be brought about by utilizing host cell content, by death of tissue, excess production of enzymes toxins, growth regulators, loss of nutrition, & interference in translocation of food, minerals & water. Economic importance of plant diseases The plant diseases are very important t because they cause enormous losses to the cultivated crop. The losses due to plant diseases account around 26% in field, storage & transportation. Impact of plant diseases on population: The late blight of potato is a famous example in history of plant pathology, The disease assume epidemic proportion in Ireland in 1845 devastating the whole potato crop. The potato being the staple food of people & because of nonaviabletyuy of it died due to starvation & migration of population to toothier land including North American continent. In India too, Helminthosporum leaf spot of rice deviated rice crop in West Bengal in 1942-43 & thousands of people, died because of hunger & migrated to other part of country. Change in Agree. Pattern:

The disease like coffee rust in Ceylon had changed the economy of country & shifting to shifting to other plantation crop like tea. In 1885 there was epidemic of coffee rust in cello, which deviated the entire coffee crop. Form 1871 the average yield due to infestation of coffee rust went down from 228 Kg/acre to 101 kg/acre by 1878, & become of which by 1893 the coffee exp0ort of Ceylon reduced by 93% thus making jug loss. The coffee rust became so sever that cyylon has to shif itself to cultivation of tea. Food posioing : The posisoing of food sue to plant disease is another evil. There is death of people & aimal due to consumption of Also production of a flatoxin by Aspergillus flavus in foodstuff is also fetal thumen begings. Impact on Industry : The certain Agro industries are also affected deu to supply of the disease raw materiual for ex. The disease red rot of sugercance affects the suger industries because off poor recovery of sugar form sugh infested material which inturen increases the cost of prodction. Impact on science : The plant disease system had provided a great scope for expanding the areas of humen knowledge regarding, Microorganism, their taxanomy, ecology, physiology & bichemistry, biophysics, genetic, molecular & cellular biology & managements practices for control of crop disease . Useful plant disease : The man has commercialy exploited the plant disease for econmioc gain & aesthe tic value for ex. Tulip breaking the contaminated rey with ergot, which produces toxin fetalto humen beings & animals.

disease of flower of tulip which cause varigation in flower of tulip are much prized & covered in west. The fungus cytosphaeria mangiferae infecting the Aquilaria agallocha in Pakistan, produces a fragrant plant[erfume known as uttar in Indian subcontinetn. Is commercially exploited .