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The following transcript reveals a dark and terrible secret behind the mask of the Avatar. I have transcribed it exactly as it was written by its long forgotten writer and scholar. May this information reach safely beyond the prowling eyes of Wan Shi Tong, in hopes that it can stop war from erupting and bring peace and balance to the world once more. -Kira Moneske 486 ABA Year of the Rat Yang Chong Era Day ~ _______ 230 ABA Year of the Pig Pei Zhi Era Day 160 Weeks of tracking and inquiry only to find myself too late once again. Like a mid-summer rain 2 seasons behind, I am back to square one with a puddle of blood at my feet, and no sign of struggle anywhere. Sadistically, its almost a blessing to actually have real evidence to observe and feel with my own senses again. Especially with months of blind guessing, shallow leads, and barely any research completed. Yet despite what I have recently found, only adds another layer of mysticism to the growing stacks of folklore and stories hiding the truth of these precision killings. The first examination of the body indicates the same form and technique used on previous victims Ive come across. A more, tangible killing stroke among the multiplicity of deaths Ive analyzed and observed. First, a pair of knives in the back. Square, 2 inches beneath the shoulder plate, and exactly 8 inches apart. The last, an arrow to the head, and an inch from the center of the 3rd eye. Noting here the shot should have been more precise than that. The assailant must not have had a good enough angle, or perhaps was thrown off at the final moment? Regardless, it still hit its target. An interesting marking, there is a scar on this young mans neck. I havent seen this particular scar, but Ive seen scar placement on the neck before. Perhaps a coincidence? Checking the hilt of the knives, and the neck of the arrow, I find the only clue to ever give direction and hope with my findings at all. A symbol, which I still have yet to decipher and understand. I have it drawn again here:



A perfect kill indeed. The surrounding room leaves no other trace of human contact. No tell of any physical presence. All that remains are the deed, and the tools. The only remaining detail is to see who the deed was done to Investigation cut short. Local authorities arrived and must hide. Will continue notes later. ____ ____ ____ It seems my escape was not as, shall I say, planned as I would have liked? However thats neither here nor there. I am now stuck in this poor dead mans closet for better or worse. Enjoying this lovingly cramped space, while listening to these professional idiots mumble and pry about the crime scene; making a mess of things like a nest of mole rats and possum mice. A shame that investigations have no clear procedure. Interestingly, these dimwits are suggesting that this mans identity is none other than, Rei-yan of the Bei Fong family? A clumsy blood relation of the Bei Fongs, and never truly followed his parents. Then again, how else does a young adult respond to such a family business gamble? Thats aside the point. It seems Rei-yan had been missing from the public eye for some time. It irks me that I dont know why. Their conversation seems to have no answer for this either. I must pursue this further. Their council continues with further interesting details. Accordingly, it seems a lot of earthbending child runaways have either been vanishing or turning up dead. Maybe these lawfficers arent as foolish as I thought? Im going to attempt a glimpse and see who these men really are. Agents of the White Lotus? What are they doing here? What would this secret society want with Rei-yan? How do they fit in with my research? Just more questions I should already have the answers to, but seem to elude me nonetheless. The only two features I could distinguish was a missing hand from one, and Koi tattoos on the other. If their involvement is deemed necessary, then what exactly are the forces of which Im currently dealing with here? If any of the stories are true, and flying demons do haunt the moon-lit night of our world - No. Must not get ahead of myself. There is an obvious answer here, and as an Observer for Wan Shi Tong I will find my answers. I always do. ~~~ 230 ABA Year of the Pig

Pei Zhi Era Day 161 I must have slept in a Boar-q-Pine den last night. My back is in the most wretched of pain this morning. I must seriously consider the consequences of putting anything into a small enclosed space in the future. I did however manage to make quite a discovery last night with amount of free time I had waiting for the agents to leave before passing out. I learned that I can move and utilize my pen without even touching it! I guess there is just enough water in the ink to waterbend with. Mastery of this skill is essential to taking notes. Curious, how water is found even in the most estranged of places. Even more unusual, the concept of bending itself. Its only been about 200 hundred years since the avatar emerged into our world, and my people discovered how to push and pull the water by observing the moon. And yet, it has somehow engrained itself not only within our daily lives, but our very cultures, and to some, even becoming a skill that is taken for granted. Im getting sidetracked. There are questions that need my immediate attention, a breakfast of Truth with a side of answers. But before I can partake, I must return home and regain my bearings. My pen is running out of ink and I havent been home in over 4 days. Gataka will not be pleased. Considering I have not been back to feed him for such an extended amount of time. Chameleon beetles get quite irate if not fed properly, and I have enough scars on my neck from his attacks to prove it (this means being extra cautious upon entering my home). As the hand that feeds, I wish not to agitate my smaller companion anymore than I have been. Hes the only remaining family member I have left. Maybe I should allow him to contribute on my expeditions? Ill give this some consideration. Damn! Stupid of me to leave my Ostrich Horse out in front of Rei-yans house during the night. Those damn agents must have taken it before they left. Mental note: Hide my transportation out of plain sight in the future. ~~~ 230 ABA Year of the Pig Pei Zhi Era Day 166 Ive been out of commission for 2 days straight. The ache and exhaustion from the trek home was so gruesome, I feel like Ive been mauled by a platypus bear who then afterward, took a nice long sit on my broken body. Gataka welcomed me of course with a barrage of fangs and claws on my neckline as expected. He cut me pretty deep after I was out for almost a week and a half. Damn little prick. But I cant blame him entirely; I havent exactly been the most model of pet owners. A more pressing issue is this loss

of energy. I dont understand how I could be feeling this way. Over the course of the year Ive noted a slight lack of stamina, a loss of physical drive. But never has it put me down for two whole days. Where is my strength bleeding to? It seems with each passing week, something takes more and more out of me. Like some vampiric spirit is sucking the life force from my very essence. Unfortunately, my personal health will have to wait. My focus, and the more important subject is the schedule that I have laid out before me. My studies into the macabre and dark tales of these supposed Demons of the Night. It does not allow for illness or lack of health. There is too much at stake, too much Truth to be found and told for me to take any sane amount of time off. A secret is waiting to be brought to light. On a separate tangent, I am feeling much better today than I was yesterday. Maybe some meditation and stretching will help extinguish the remainder of this lethargy. It might even help return some life into these tired bones. ~~~ 230 ABA Year of the Pig Pei Zhi Era Day 171 Somehow, my meditation session turned into an almost week long exercise of writing with waterbending. Which, I wasted quite a bit of my reserve ink in doing so, but it was worth it. For I assimilated and processed a technique that allows one to write through the art of waterbending. The style is much more precise than your average waterbending forms. In fact, I had to reinvent waterbending to work on such a small scale. The normal forms, shifts, and movements one does with the legs, arms, and breathing is all no longer valid. The chi flow, instead of moving through the core of the body, is required to move through the channels in the hand and fingers, with the forearm as the basis for gathering and releasing chi. With such a miniscule amount of water, each action is precise, and to maneuver the pen with such detail to create written words on a page demands the most decisive and explicit motions with each finger. The forms for manipulating the pen include interweaving ovals from multiple fingers. Using one or two of the fingers from a single hand in a sort of pointing like gesture to make the ovals; The other fingers arch like the legs of a spider-mantis. For each motion of the pen, the bender must switch fingers with each oval shape that is made with the pointing fingers. However, much like the art, each sweeping movement flows into the next, seamlessly and without abrupt gestures. So far, my only set back has been the inability to use both hands interdependently. But alas, I can only do so much with such a limited amount of resources and time. Mentioning time, it seems Ive wasted quite a bit when I have so much work to get done. Of course, I would realize that there is hardly a drop of ink

left to even get started with. It looks like a trip to the ink maker is in order. This immediate need of supplies has also presented itself a good opportunity to test my new skill at inkbending, as well as take Gataka out into the open world and see how he composes himself. Lets just hope no one in that corrupted, poverty stricken village (like most other war torn areas of this god forsaken earth) takes a liking to him and tries to steal him from me. The Great Spirits know how long I had my pen stolen from me (a family heirloom and precious item to our family) before finding it in an open trade shop. I made the following Haiku to remind me whenever going into a big village or town Travel only light. For danger is always close. Only trust the Truth. _________ _________ ________

Gataka did well on his first outing. It wasnt the most ideal setting because of the forest that nearly made me lose him, but he still returned, and he knows where his loyalty lies. For the inkbending, I am placing my notebook and pen just out of sight behind some small jars so that the noise of the pen and the motions of it will go unnoticed. Lets just hope Mr. Tare is up for a discussion. He wasnt too keen on what I was doing with my research, and disapproves of my expeditions entirely. Maybe this time he will actually say something of use to me. +++ Its nice to return here after such a long time away. The large rolls of paper that line the walls, the drums and jars of ink that reek of dye which runs thick in the air. The colors are always the best part. In front of each jar is a single sheet of paper coated with the color that is stored within. This creates the sensation that one has stepped into a rainbow, with colors literally protruding themselves into your space. Its dustier than I recall though, with dirt caked both in the corners and on the floor. I call for the owner, and suddenly find myself staring at a very aggravated Mr. Tare. Face, as red as the crown of an octopus crab. And he didnt look all to excited to see me. What you do here? I thought I told you never come back! Good to see you too then! Glad to know that faithful customers are welcomed accordingly. Well if you dont mind Id like to pick up my ink so I can leave this filthy dung-hole of a shop you call a business. He grabs me by the shirt. You dont get, do you? You put me in danger! You put everyone in danger! Mr. Tare lets go of me and brings out a slip of paper. Whats this? For you! Messenger bring it, say for you eyes only. I told you, if you go looking for demons, they come after everyone! Now we all in trouble! The note said only one thing. They know. Problem, lots of problems. I found myself with more questions than I had in years. Who? What? When? How? 4 of the 6 essential questions were unanswered, and I now find myself unable

to even speak or think. They know, and yet, I am completely left in the dark. I need to get home. I need to get my bearings. I look up to find Mr. Tare holding a bag in his hand and a scowl on his face. You no come back anymore. I through helping you kill yourself! Maybe you lucky, and you... disease might stop you from research, but I no want part of you death. I like to keep whats left of family intact, and you ruin my wishes! What does that mean? So suddenly my thirst for the Truth is a disease? That Im an outcast even among my friends and kin? Youre just a crazy old man who makes ink that nobody wants, for a living! Just get me my ink so I can go! A much longer pause than expected, before Mr. Tare reveals to me a face that looks like it is holding back tears. I take the bag from him and throw money at his feet. You dont know do you? You have no idea. The lack of you energy, the paleness of you face... You blood is thinning, and is something that cannot be changed. Im still angry at him. Furious with the temper of a firebender, but that look he gives me tells me I cant be. That I have no right to be. His swift embrace was a surprise, resting his head where my heart was beating. Not since the death of my Aunt did we have such contact. He then suddenly grabbed me by the wrist and held his hand around my throat, I could tell he was looking into me through his bending. You heart is strong, but you blood is very weak. You Aunt, is... How she died. What? Thats not right, I was told she died from poison! That one of her contacts suspected her of selling information and came after her! Ive based my whole life around what she did, dont you go and change that!!! Well, you was young at the time! What you expect!? 10 year old child understand that disease affects whole family? That he life is shortened? Was he really telling me this? What are you saying Mr. Tare!? Mr. Tare took a seat on a stool. You family, is cursed with a disease that thin blood. You aunt tried every remedy, nothing work. She even suspect some spirit that curse family to lose energy. In the end, it slowly just take and take until nothing left. I sorry that I have to tell you, but you no learn truth any other way. Im just shocked at this point. How dare you! You think I deserve this burden? You think I need this right now? Especially with everything going on!? My research has revealed nothing, these demons are after me now, and suddenly I have a disease that is going to kill me sooner if not later! So what, so I just die now is that it? Mr. Tare brings a jar from a shelf and begins stirring it with his bending, mixing different colors to create the most beautiful shade of yellowish gold I have ever seen. As if the light from the sun was captured and made into ink. Look, I know what I say is not something every man want hear. Our relationship has cause us to separate more and more and I may not be right man to

say news. But just know that I care for you, and will care for you even you never speak to me again. You can go war, you travel world, you get killed by demons of the night from research, no matter what, you always do what you do best, and I not get in way of that. Not now, not ever. But I always here. As you Aunt always said, Water in droplets is weak, is useless. However, if you add to it, make larger, then you get ocean. A force more powerful than anything on Earth. This hold true even for us. You may not be nephew, but I still treat you as such, and will until you, or I die. Ive never heard such an outreach of compassion, especially from Mr. Tare. Not since I was but a child had I felt so, comfortable. I didnt have time to consider those feelings though. The mystery of this note needed immediate solving, I gather my belongings and exit. Thanks... Uncle. _________ _________ ________ So much to process in one evening, where do I even start? My disease, which not only will keep taking my energy from me, but will also hinder my ability to do research. My research, which has turned on me and left me in the dark with no leads and on the run. Where do I even run to? Who exactly am I running from? How much time do I have? What am I to do once I am gone? To whom will I pass our family legacy? How do I tell Wan Shi Tong that I failed to contribute enough information to his library?... Us scholars do have it hard dont we? Always looking to the next question, even if we havent answered the one right before us. First, prioritize. Since time is all I seem to have that is running short, then my research comes first. I might be able to solve more than one question from just one answer. Lets begin with the facts, I have a note telling me that they know. Now if my informant had to tell me that they know, then they are clearly something we can physically touch, meaning they are a group of people. This is because if a spirit or demon had seen him, my informant would have been massacred immediately. Well, at least that is one thing I can deduce, that these arent spirits or demons of the night. They would most likely have found me by now. They would have made their strike already. And what exactly do they know? That I have been following them? That I like to use fuzzy leaves to wipe instead of dry ones? Im not sure what Something isnt right. Gataka can sense it too, something smells off in the air. Whats worse is knowing our home is just over this hill. Something veryOh no. My informant, his head is-. The words are too descriptive to be recorded. But our home! Tables thrown, papers everywhere. My notes! Everything else, all my other observations and research, gone! Years of work, thrown about and shredded as if -

Ive never been so Enraged! How could someone commit such an act of ignorant destruction? My hand still twitches from the adrenaline running through it. I almost tore my journal from its spine when I slammed it into the wall. Only instead of frustration, I found a peculiar object waiting for me to acquire it. The same symbol that I have seen for so long has made an appearance as a personal gift to remind me of my ailments and diggings, an amulet hung on the wall by a single arrow. But this does nothing more than drive me, and my senses have kicked in; I feel exhaustion coming, but am going to work through it. Its almost like a gust of wind blew through my home and tossed everything around. No sign of deliberate activity, then again so much is strewn about the house that a trail would be impossible to pick up. One thing is for certain, the dog is out of the yard now. Ive stumbled onto something that Im sure I was not supposed to go digging for. As if Im not under enough strain, Gataka is biting my ear, almost as if to warn me of something. Yet I swear I heard some entity shift behind me. +++ There are definitely two of them. Gataka hissed at one and I can sense another. A room open on all sides is not a good place for a standoff. With the windows and doors blown out, its a natural place to get trapped. To run, or to stay? Running will only make me pass out. I must attempt the fight. Octopus stance it is, the only defense I know that keeps me encircled in water. Gataka leaves me behind to fend for myself, fantastic. Suddenly dust, with fire and flame surround me. Great, two on one and its Earth and Fire against Water. Earthbenders are tough, and fire is just a pain in the ass. I hurl ice into the encircling cloud, only to be trapped in a tomb of stone. Before the fight even began, it was over. Not surprising, Im much more the writer than a fighter any day. Ive also been saved more by my whit than my bending but thats aside the point. The dust subsides and - The same two Lotus Agents from before? I would recognize the missing hand anywhere, but the tattoos seal the deal. Great, they must have known I was at Rei Yans place. And of course I have no bargaining chip. Instant dread and anxiety bring me out of my calm. A feeling just short of panic. I feel like a useless, vestigial object, like an old man too tired out to fulfill the nightly duties to the wife. They might as well just kill me now and get it over with. The firebender stepped forward while the earthbender stood in watch. Do you know who we are? Well thats all a matter of language and meaning. He cocks his head in interest. Do tell.

Well, to know who you are as individuals is impossible. Ive never met either of you in my life. To know who you work for, or whom you are representing is an entirely different matter. Then again, when you say we, do you mean we as in you and the organization? You and your partner? You and your unconscious self? What is- ENOUGH! You know of which I speak, do you know who we represent? I pause before answering. The White Lotus Council. Good! Very good, then that leaves out plenty of unnecessary explanation. If you dont mind, Id like to inquire who the hell you are, and why you are attacking me in my trashed home? He picks a sheet of paper up off the floor and scans it with eager eyes, pausing before speaking. As you said Mr. Karuk, thats all a matter of language and meaning. How do you know my name? Im a White Lotus Agent, its my job to know these things. No, its my job as a scholar to know things, its your job to live in hiding and behind secrets. He stares at me before pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket. Brandishing a note with strange lettering and symbols to some undecipherable language. What does this message say? Your guess is as good as mine. The earthbender replaces her missing hand with one made of stone, and the stone tomb begins to apply pressure. Not the answer I was looking for. And like Im supposed to know what you are looking for? Breathing got harder as the tomb got tighter. Maybe if I got your names this might go much better than you intend it to. Oh? and allow an Observer to get the beat on us? I think not. Well then, it seems youre just gonna have to wonder what that message says, because I have nothing for you. This message, was written for you, by an informouse with the name Tongue. His breath reeks of old meat, booze, and smoke. Tells us everything you know. Suddenly the other agent handed a tied up Gataka to the firebender and ignites a flame beneath him. Or else your friend gets it. A flash of anger, before a calming breath brings my frustration down to a reasonable level. Must not allow my emotions get the better of me. If I want to get Gataka and I out of this situation, calm, cool, and emotionless are my only options. You know, for a secret society who tries to spread harmony and peace, you definitely know how to make a fair bargain. Let him go, and Ill give you whatever you need.

The tomb falls away, and Gataka is unbound and finds his way back to my side. There still remains a stone shackle binding my hands together. If you look into my desk against the wall over there, there should be a red booklet in the drawer. It will help you decipher the message. As the other agent searches for the booklet, the firebender turns to me. Despite what you may think, we arent here to hurt you. In fact, I think we could help each other out. We know that you have been researching the mysterious entities that stalk the night, and the deaths that have resulted from those foul creatures. Our investigation has lead us all over the Earth Kingdom from Ba Sing Se, to the Western Air temple, following shallow leads, folklore, and any information in regards to the mysterious death of the last Avatar. The only real knowledge we have managed to obtain is that the next avatar is in danger. It seems our respective areas of research, overlap with the multiplicity of deaths that have been popping up more frequently in the past few months. Huro! It seems Tongue knew more than we thought, look here. Huro? Turning to me before analyzing the text, he responds. Excuse me for forgetting the formalities, I am Sergeant Huro of the Di Shoh district, and this is my associate Yobah. My bindings release, and Huro looks up at me with a glance that whispered fear. Yobah reads the information from the page. The next avatar has been found already. He was described by a band of nomads as a boy of the wild, with a scar that ran up the side of his neck. I interject. That explains many of the deaths I have come across, as well as a group of musical nomads I had found in the middle of the forest a few months back! A strange death in which the entire group had passed away during the night, but there were no signs of struggle or observable marks on their bodies. Almost like they just stopped breathing. Huro looks at me inquisitively. Wait, youve seen that too? Bodies with no markings or signs of an assailant? Yobah continues. There is more. Tongue mentions an arrow that was retrieved from the body of the former Avatar with a strange symbol engraved into the arrowhead. My heart drops in realization of the facts. The same group that has been blamed for haunting the night, seems to also be the reason for the mysterious disappearance of the late Avatar. Something far greater is afoot, and a secret that Im not sure we can truly face ourselves. I bring out the amulet that was hanging on the wall, and Huro takes it from me to analyze it. Where did you find that?! It found me, its what caused the destruction of my home. A pause, before I address my new companions.

I think I know what we have to do, but its going to involve me being the bait. ~~~ 230 ABA Year of the Pig Pei Zhi Era Day 174 +++ Well, the trap is set. Huro and Yobah wait in hiding, while I prepare for the encounter with this unknown adversary. Above me in the trees are a few jars filled with water for the ambush. Even though I should be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my assailants, my mind is elsewhere trying to connect the dots. The main issue that eludes me is the supposed murder of the Avatar. Why bother killing him off? The Avatar cannot be so easily extinguished, especially since the torch gets passed on to the next nation in the cycle birthing a new one. The only reasonable explanation would be to take advantage of the lull period in between avatars, and allowing nations to get away with war, conquest, and even subjugation. But if they wanted to do this, why not just capture the Avatar before they become a fully realized one and hold them in captivity? The same effect is granted, and less time and resources are spent in finding the newest Avatar born into the cycle. This seems too obvious however, like there is something more - a noise. Like the sound of multiple bodies moving in from my east. The cover of night makes it difficult to determine where the sound is coming from. Another sound, almost distant, like a - battle? Some massive army taking up arms against another equally impressive force. Its getting louder, almost like the battle is making its way up the pass. I dont see anything visible in light of the full moon. Where is that battle taking place? Its shifting now, its coming from the other side of the pass! What is this? Wait, suddenly everything is dead silent. Not even the whisp of the trees or the swaying of branches and leaves. Almost like, the world has just gone silent, or have I lost my hearing? What is going on!? A piercing throb in my legs, Ive been hit by two arrows, one in each thigh. In pain, dropping to the ground. Looking up to find myself face to face with black covered figures outlined in yellow and maroon. Breaking the jars above me, the waters falls, and I freeze my assailants in place. Exhaustion is creeping up on me, damn disease. Looking past my now frozen foes, Yobah and Huro seem enthralled in battle. A hurricane of fire and dust, I cant tell if my companions need help. Not that I can give it to them, but I must try. For some reason, I still cant hear what is going on. I see the battle, but I cant hear it. I hurl ice and sleet into the chaos, unsure of the aid that I am giving. The fire subsides and the dust settles. Huro has an arrow to the throat, Yobah has been tied up and is dragged in front of me. And then my

hearing returns with a gust through the trees, but all is still eerily quiet. I find myself surrounded by more covered goons. Fatigue. Must, meditate. Must keep blood flow, normal. The moon makes it easy to bring myself to normal levels. I hate this disease, but I wont pass out, for now. Suddenly, another figure makes his presence known, but this one is different. He holds himself distinctively. He looks at me with great intent, but before he addresses me, he turns to Yobah, and does something most sinister. With no thought, he takes her and - literally seizes the breath from her body. I watch as she chokes, gasping for air. The scene unfolding before me is an image that will last forever. This guy was sick. She looks at me like a fish out of water, gasping for air that just, isnt there for her somehow. Wait, these - these are airbenders! Like a true monster, this new entity turns to me with entitlement. Almost as if demanding my attention and that I would obey. This guy had power. I respected that. But just like I respect my Aunts terrible decisions in life, doesnt mean I appreciate it. The Avatars powers, that is something truly to admire and respect in every positive sense of the word. This guy, was just an abuser of power. He reeked of self righteousness. Youve come pretty far Karuk. Who are you and how do you know me? It is none of your concern. You need only to understand that you have become quite a thorn in our side, making us worry about every step we took, using every precaution with each kill, you are quite good at what you do. I didnt come here for compliments, I came for answers. What is it you want? He begins to circle me at a slow pace. Peace, control, and obedience. Nothing more from the world than those three simple things. And how do you suppose youll achieve that? We are already achieving those goals as we speak. Im sorry, I didnt catch that, who are you exactly? As in your group? A pause while his back is turned to me. Well, I guess the least I can do is fill you in for all your troubles before you go. He turns to stare right at me. Right through me, like he knows every secret I hide. I try to keep a straight and steady face. We are the Airbending Shashoh, the Airbending Assassins. About 200 years ago, when our people learned how to airbend from the flying bison, my ancestors stumbled upon a great and terrible power within the art. Not only the mastery of flight and peace through separation, but another path as well. One dedicated to silence, to obedience, and most importantly, power. They found that they could control the very sound that moves through the air. Through this art, and the very nature of airbending, we have trained ourselves to being the ultimate assassins. We can kill without leaving a mark, we can manipulate and control objects from a distance at will, and have even

become master archers and knife throwers, controlling all airborne objects with great ease. Even I couldnt have guessed this outcome. Nor the scenario. So then why the Avatar? Why bother killing them off? Youve seen this world as much as we have. The war, the death, and the destruction that has lead to much poverty and distress. Ever since the emergence of bending, war and conquest have been all too easy. Our goal has been simple. To speed up the cycle of the Avatar until the next Airbender is ready to take the stage, so we can train him to lead this world with an iron fist. We have tried to train other avatars but to no avail. Only an airbender who is separated from the world and all its earthly problems can bring peace and balance to the world through rule and obedience of the people from all four nations. What!? You are insane! You cant just change the role of the Avatar! The Avatar is supposed to sustain peace, not create it! If you wanted to help make peace, why not join with the White Lotus Council? Their methods are not sufficient. We must have drastic sweeping change in order for the chaos to stop. We stare each other for a few moments. Water is flung from the ice and suddenly I find myself with knives in both arms, and all feeling is lost. I can only write, bending on any other scale is impossible. You made quite the valiant effort, but to no avail. We will keep the cycle going, and we will have our airbender. The world needs changing, and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. We only want whats best for the world. I respond with the only answer I can muster, as the blood loss makes it harder to function. I hope you die a slow and painful death. Only time will tell. And just like that, he turns and walks away - wait, no, she. The movements of the hips are far too feminine. This leader is good, but not that good. Im assuming she was masking her voice using soundbending. The blood loss is, getting, to me. I think this is it. I whistle for Gataka to take this journal and fly to Mr. Tare with a note inside. Mr. Tare, I leave this responsibility to you. Return this truth to Wan Shi Tong. Only he can keep such secrets safe, and wait for those who are deemed worthy. This is it. My pen is failing, and my questions have been answered. Unfortunately, it seems this is one story that might never be told to the world. A shame that even in light of death the Truth remains ever elusive. But we each are stepping stones towards enlightenment. And must hope that our sacrifices will be acknowledged in time. ~~~

Legend ABA=After the Birth of the Avatar Centennial/Zodiac calender: (Each Era is seperated by the birth of a new avatar, and the eras cycle through each other in time. It follows the Avatar cycle, starting with Air, Water, Earth and Fire.) 1. Ri Wu (, "Superior military") 2. Chun Tai (, "Honest and exalted") 3. Zhi Yuan (, "Foundation and origin") 4. Jiong Yu (, "Bright abundance") 5. Ri Long (, "Great prosperity") 6. Yi Wen (, "Overflowing culture") 7. Pei Zhi (. "Cultivate rule") 8. Kun De (, "Shining virtue") 9. Yun Zhen

(, "Flourishing loyalty") 10. Ru Ming (, "Immersed in brightness") 11. Yao Ping (, "Peace of Emperor Yao") 12. Yang Chong (, "Burning honor") 13. Fen An (, "Clouded peace") 14. Zhang Shun (, "Smooth as the Zhang River") 15. Yuan Zheng (, "Bastion of righteousness") 16. Zhuo Guang ( "Brilliant light") The Zodiac calender which follows as such in order: 1. Rat 2. Ox 3. Tiger 4. Rabbit 5. Dragon 6. Snake 7. Horse 8. Ram

9. Monkey 10. Rooster 11. Dog 12. Pig Cross breaks( +++ ): Inkbending section Date breaks (~~~): Different Journal entry Page break ( _____ ): Same entry date