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Executive summary

Purpose of this report is about promotional campaign which promotes hotel Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent. Firstly, we selected hotel which is Dedeman Silk Road hotel and discussed briefly about our existing hotel such as size, location and turnover. After, we determined suitable promotional campaign strategy for Dedeman Silk Road hotel. In this part, we discussed about promotion mix and its aspects and we focused on one method of promotion mix such as advertising way and briefly made suggestions. After that, we identified target audience of our exciting hotel and determined communication objectives in order to satisfy guests and promoted hotel`s services and facilities with comparison. After identifying target audience and communication objectives, promotional campaign should select communication channels in order to build relationship with guests. Next part was about competitors which are same targeted markets, services and facilities. We have mentioned about close competitors and 3km far competitors of our hotel and talked about the uniqueness of our hotel by comparing with other hotels. Our hotels Key performance indicators (KPIs) have to be linked to organizations vision, mission and objectives in order to achieve goals as we have mentioned below. Lastly, after our research we have calculated promotional campaign budget such as cost of advertisements. We provided real budget for our promotional campaign in Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent to make its successful promotional campaign.

We have chosen our Dedeman Silk Road Tashkents facilities, rooms, services and brand in order to promote and create opportunities for different type of visitors. Nowadays, in the competitive business life we have to be innovative, creative, by using useful tools to promote our hotel. Also, in order to become successful we have to identify our hotels target markets, objectives, KPIs, competitors, and communication channels which will help us to work in team and lead us to make successful hotels promotional campaign.

a) Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent is located in the heart of the Tashkent city which is very near to citys nearly all attractions (Travel Asia book). Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent Hotel is four star hotels and it is the chain of Dedeman Hotels and Resorts internationally. The area of the hotel is 6800 square meters including 206 rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis court, Turkuaz restaurant and Opera cafe, Ball room, Gusto Garden Bar, and fitness facilities.

All 206 rooms includes 100 standard rooms, with a size of 21 meter sq which is the best choice for business purpose visitors, 98 deluxe rooms with a space of 33m square catches attention of long resting guests, but 42m square of Junior Suits will make every type of guest to feel like at home and the most gigantic, expensive, and with more living space of 100 square meters room Presidential suite, makes impossible possible. ( Prices for the rooms vary due to the size of the room, bed type, and rooms internal features. For example: Standard rooms costs 160-240 US dollars including single and double bed and the city view from the room. The forty two square meter of Junior suites price is 320 US dollars and the deluxe room which is cheaper comparing to Junior suite is 290$. Most gigantic room in the hotel is Presidential suite costing 2000 $ US dollars per night. ( Hotels visitors are especially business purpose visitors mostly from Germany, Turkey, Spain, UK, Korea, and Israel. The number of visitors generally make approximately 110 visitors per month bringing revenue over 120 thousand US dollars per month during Spring and Summer seasons but in Winter it is 85 thousand US dollars revenue by the use of hotel rooms and services. (Bookkeeper Dilnoza)

b) A hotel`s promotion mix as well called its marketing communications mix include the exact aspects of advertising, sales promotion, public relation, personal selling and direct marketing tools that the hotel industry such as Dedeman Silk Road hotel uses in order to communicate with guests and visitors and to build guest relationships with customers. Suitable promotional campaign strategy for hotel Dedeman S.R Tashkent is advertising method such as on Tourism Magazines, International Journals, TV programs, Internet add wards, and tourism brochures. Dedeman hotels and resorts internationally publishes magazine Dedeman Quarterly Journals in every season of the year advertising Dedeman hotels internationally. But these magazines are not well known internationally which is not good.

Dedeman S.R Tashkent should advertise on well known and popular leisure magazine in order to attract customers internationally and offer travel packages in connection with tourism companies. For example: advertising on popular website will attract people internationally. Dedeman S.R Tashkent also should contact with airline companies to place information about Uzbekistan or Tashkent and introduce its hotel features and best prices on advertising materials inside the plane or airport. Dedeman S.R Tashkent hotel should also introduce Ball Room for wedding events in popular local magazines like Bella Terra. Readers of Bella Terra Magazine interested in fashion, designs, and places. TV channels also excellent choice in delivering message, Tashkent TV channel offers excellent opportunity for advertising, for example: on the Tele Courier Market program beginning from 07:45 pm till 08:30 pm show Dedeman Hotel can advertise it is Ball Room for wedding events by being kind for Uzbek culture and traditions hotel can attract local customers also. However advertising on Tele Courier Market program during the night time will let people to watch after coming back from work. In hotel industry, advertisement is one of the most key things in promoting hotels brand and services for customers which may lead to increase in sales and renown. This is where Dedeman Silk Road hotel will require allocating resources between sales promotion, advertising, public relation, direct selling and of course personal selling through exhibitions. Hotel`s marketing and sales department have to make consciousness between guests in order to make promotional campaign succeed.

c) Looking at the locations of Dedeman Hotels and Resorts internationally chain hotels we could see, it is placed near beaches, mountains, and cities. Each Dedeman hotels differ by their locations and targeting including Dedeman S.R Tashkent also. As it is placed in the centre of the city, the target market and clienteles are mixture of business associated people from different specialty and area. By understanding the requirements of the business people, the Dedeman S.R hotel must create competitive costs in order to balance the needs of those customers. Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotel has latest technologies in conference halls, business lunch menus in restaurants and cafs, free high speed Wi-Fi internet connection, and huge discounts for banquets for conference attendee which creates great opportunities for business people. Dedeman S.R Tashkent hotels primarily visitors came from Turkey comparing to other visitors region. Employees of the Dedeman S.R Tashkent are trained and employed as being fluent in Turkish and English languages in order to increase service quality. (Rano Numuratova HR department manager)

There are many choices for business purpose visitors to held their conferences and meeting using five ball rooms, Silk Road A, Silk Road B, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and Silk Road. Silk Road ball room can be fitted with 480 conference attendees if theatre style chairs are used. (Yekaterina Chekmareva Banquet and Conference Supervisor)

Seeing that the Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotel having advantages being near to cities most attractions and museums, the hotel should establish target market for leisure tourists also who will stay longer comparing to business traveller, uses all facilities of the hotel, and brings more revenue to the hotel.

d) After target audience steps, marketing communicator have to decide what reply is required. Of course the final answer is purchase or buy. The marketing communicator requests to know where the target audiences situated and what condition it needs to shift. Dedeman Silk Road hotel wished to raise considerably tourists and visitors visitation to their reservation and places. Communication objectives of Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent:

Providing excellent service, and rooms including free breakfast. Selling services not rooms for guests. The best hotel to stay ever and To present Uzbek culture and traditions for visitors.

Marketing communication objectives helps to explain Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotels customers to experience these four things in reality by staying and receiving valuable services for their hard earned money. The satisfaction of the customers after receiving excellent services, by staying in best hotel ever, receiving free breakfast, and having knowledge about Uzbek culture and traditions will leave interesting image in customers minds. So they will talk to other possible future customers to visit Tashkent and stay in Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotel only. Leaving beautiful image of the hotel in customers mind will help our Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotel to enlarge big picture of loyal customers and long term of partnerships with other tour operators also.

e) Within the Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotels located region, other hotels are also competing, such as City Palace, Grand Mir, Tashkent Palace, Radisson blue, International hotel, and Miran hotel. Their entire target markets almost the same as Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotel offering cheaper and same prices for the rooms and conventions. The closest competitor is City Palace hotel, locating in front of Dedeman S.R Tashkent. City Palace is built very tall and it was former popular Sheraton Hotel, offering almost the same price for the rooms, convention centres, free access to Wi-Fi internet connection, and almost the same target market for the business visitors might change the weather at the Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotel. Other hotels located about 3 kilometres far away from Dedeman hotel. As the hotel is the chain of Dedeman Hotel and Resorts Internationally the brand makes hotel unique, popular, and trusted by international visitors. The Dedeman S.R hotel is also unique with it is services, biggest indoor and outdoor swimming pools, outdoor tennis court comparing to other hotels sport and leisure facilities. The competition is existed before and will be existed in future. In order to survive and compete with hotels within that region, Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotel must be innovative, competitive by offering special packages, affordable prices and unique services experiences for customers, so they will come back and stay in a hotel again.

f) In general, communication channels are two types which are personal and non-personal communication channels. I suggest hotel to use personal communication channels in order to build long term of relationship with customers and guests. Personal communication channels are helpful by having knowledge with whom to contact and what to advice by personal addressing and getting feedbacks.

Sales executive within Sales and Marketing department can communicate face to face, personally and through internet, via e-mail, phone calls, in order to deliver exact message to customers. By the use of personal communication channels helps to identify the type of customer as well as potential, current, etc. Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent should use Opera PMS softwares history helpful and contact information details about guests, travel agencies, and companies to inform them about discounts, upcoming events, trade shows, and advice other unexplored places. (Opera PMS software)

Being in touch with internal and external customers will lead to increase in service quality in high levels. In order to get a customer the hotel should spend thousands of US dollars and plenty of time but using personal communication channel hotel can call back it is customers and save money. Personal communication channels will help for personal touch with loyal and current customers in order to make them satisfied by giving them presents and discounts for their long term of partnerships will only help Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent to create loyal business with companies, travel agencies, also increase the number of visitors. The use of Personal communication channels will collect useful feedbacks about customer satisfaction to use it for fulfilling needs.

g) Key performance indicators (KPIs) must be linked to organizations vision, mission and objectives in order to achieve goals. It must be measurable and easy to understand by everyone who is working in teams or individually. Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotels objectives are to sell services not rooms which concentrate for customer satisfaction at high levels both internal and external. However satisfying internal customers (workers) will help to satisfy external customers because the satisfied internal customer can be advocates for external customers. In order to achieve goals Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent should focus on workers to become more proactive rather than problem solving and to be effective and efficient in some areas within the hotel.

The front office department of the hotel should have as one of its Key Performance Indicators, in line with overall company by percentage of customer calls answered and quality of service provided within minutes. The sales and marketing department within Dedeman S.R Tashkent hotel should set its KPIs as to get revenue from returned customers. The Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent hotels goals must be measurable, and key to its success by linking vision, mission, and objective all the time in order to achieve hotels goals in a smooth manner. Changing the goals must also influence change in KPIs and using reliable KPIs with goals helps to go on the same truck with entire departments of the hotel.

h) The hotel is using advertising method to advertise Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent by targeting business customers and trying to catch attention of leisure people. Nowadays most of the people do not want to pay extra money for travel agencies to find a hotel, airline, and places to visit. People like to search online websites or hear from people who had excellent trips, and look for different things. As the online marketing and hotels or airlines online systems are well developing being easy to use and making safe payments, potential customers changing their minds and finding out more information by searching on websites. The Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent should improve its online website and make it SEO friendly. The SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) helps to place websites on the first and top pages of,,, and on other searching websites. For Dedeman Silk Road Tashkents website to make it SEO friendly costs 5000 US dollars per month. Placing brochures inside the Tashkents International Airport costs 2500 US dollars, including printing cost for brochures. The price for the advertisement on Tele Courier Market program costs 70 USD$ per minute and one time show. It is not that expensive if compared to other advertising resources such as add wards which costs 5 US$ per click. Advertising on the right locations, TV programs, journals, brochures, and magazines helps to gain customer globally and increases the reputation of Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent Hotel.

Conclusion In final we want to say that, during building relationship with customers through advertising, getting attantion of right targeted customers, providing them valuable services and after their stay getting useful feedbacks also the use of all choices we had will lead us to walk on right way and make our promotional compain to succeed globally.