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It's a comfortable, sleek, four-sensor headband that allows you to control applications, games, reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and eventually to control devices directly with your mind. Muse measures your brainwaves in real-time. It sends those brainwaves to your smart phone or tablet showing you how well your brain is performing; and also translates your brainwaves into instructions to interact with content on your iOS or Android device. The neat thing is every time you use your brain with Muse and one of our applications, youre strengthening it. And that will let you do more with your mind than you ever thought possible.

*Everyone who has contributed at the Earliest Bird level or higher will receive one of our holiday bonus perks, This includes all new contributors too!

Bonus brain training: Earliest Bird, Early Bird, Standard Pledge, My Brain on a Shirt and Beer on Your Mind contributors will receive bonus content with our brain training application so you can do even more with your mind. Source code: Developers Muse, Developers Deluxe and Muse Quad Pack contributors will receive source code from one of our games to get you immersed in the world of Muse even faster.

How does it work?

Your brain creates brainwave activity every moment of your life, day and night, awake or asleep. Each state is accompanied by specific brain wave patterns. For example, brains of people in relaxed states create gentle, slow-moving alpha waves, while those engaged in intense concentration generate quick, jagged beta waves.

This brainwave data may look like its just couple of squiggly lines, but our algorithms (and our developers) see a wealth of information Muse uses sensors to pick up the tiny electrical outputs generated by your brains activity. As you shift between states like concentration and relaxation, Muses algorithms detect the subtle changes in your brain and show you those changes in real time, just like a heart rate monitor can provide information about your physical activity. These signals can be used in a number of ways. Right now, you can see your brainwaves in action and use that information to improve and strengthen your mind. In the future, InteraXon is looking to use these brainwaves to interact with devices in the real world--devices that respond to your thoughts like turning off your smart phone when you are asleep or turning off the TV.

Muse sits across your forehead like a headband, and rests behind your ears like a pair of glasses. When properly worn, the EEG (electroencephalography) sensors on the front of the band make contact on your forehead, and

the reference sensors on the arms rest on the backs of your ears. Muse connects wirelessly to your devices via Bluetooth. Once Muse is on, youll hardly notice it at all.

What else comes with Muse?

Were including our first in-house application with Muse: our Integrated Brain Health system. It will guide you through a series of lessons delivered in beautiful virtual environments on your phone or tablet. Run through some exercises to sharpen your mind before delivering a speech. De-stress and detox your mind on the train ride home. Flood your brain with alpha waves and embark on a five-minute mental vacation. Its filled with fun, interesting and challenging exercises to help you build health brain habits such as: better attention skills, improving your memory, reducing anxiety, building a more positive attitude and staying motivated. Our brain training integrates cognitive and emotional exercises because we believe a healthy brain needs both to perform at its best.

This illustration of a focus training app shows how brainwave data can help you track your progress over time We decided to introduce this application with Muse because of discussions we had with people about their attempts to improve their mood and build a more positive outlook and the growing number of stress-related illnesses. The problem most people had was a lack of helpful, real-time feedback to know whether what they were doing was working. People simply didnt know whether they were doing the exercises right. Lacking direction and guidance, its no wonder most gave up.

This was the A-ha! moment for our first application. With our background in brain-computer interfaces, we saw how EEG could provide meaningful and timely feedback to help people get past the usual stumbling blocks. So weve been working with experts who teach mental practices, fusing their methods and our technology into gorgeous, compelling digital experiences to engage in with your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

A personal tracking app, like the one in this concept illustration, could let you track your brainstate throughout the day

Whos behind it?

InteraXon is an interdisciplinary team of artists & engineers, neuroscientists & designers. Our founders have been working with this technology for almost a decade. The team started to come together in 2007, and since then weve been working to make brain-computer interfaces an accessible, affordable reality.

One of our first projects was a recreation of a game from Star Trek: The Next Generation (click image for video) Were best known for the installation we created for Ontario at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It allowed people in Vancouver to control the lights on Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and the Canadian Parliament buildings from more than 3000k (over 2000 miles!) away, using only their brainwaves!

At the Vancouver Olympics, InteraXon let visitors use their brainwaves to control the lights on Niagara Falls,the CN Tower and the Canadian Parliament Buildings (click image for video!) Since then, weve been building the coolest things we can think of for ourselves and for others. For Wrigleys we created a chewing game competition. Every chew pumped up the size of one of their fruit flavors until it exploded with juice. The first to get the fruit-flavored explosion was the winner. We also built a game where TEDxToronto after partygoers raced to fill virtual martini glasses using their brainwaves; the winners got drink tickets to make their martinis a reality. Of course, we should also give mention to our thought-controlled beer tap. Concentrate hard and the tap unleashed a frothy cold one right into your glass.

From thought-controlled slot cars to brainwave-powered toasters. From levitating chairs to remote-controlled blimps. Weve been playing and experimenting, pushing the boundaries of whats possible with this technology. Its given us a profound understanding of what makes this technology work, what makes it fun, and what makes it meaningful. And all of that knowledge is built into Muse.

Our first ever tin-foil hat day was a big success. Other people working on EEG spend most of their time thinking about the technology. At InteraXon, were constantly thinking about ground breaking solutions that make sense in everyday life for people just like you. Its this focus that we think is going to make all the difference to you.

This is just the beginning.

We want Muse to be an everyday part of your life so we crafted it to be as attractive, comfortable, light and intuitive as possible. We develop applications that address real-life scenarios providing real-life benefits, while

also developing applications that inspire, educate and entertain. Muse is here to be the guide to the wonders of brainwave-enabled technology for people all over the world. Beyond the initial app included with Muse will be apps created by ourselves and others maybe including you! Were releasing an SDK (Software Development Kit) for Muse, and with the developers & developers deluxe pledges youll get a set of tools for analyzing and visualizing brain waves that we use in our lab.

And please, please, keep us in the loop about what youre up to with your Muse on Facebook and Twitter. We cant wait to see the sort of things people do with Muse, and, of course, well eagerly pump up your projects to all of our friends and followers. What's in the Box? *Our 'Free Tee' promo is now over, but if you pledged between the dates of Nov 16th - 26th at midnight EST, please email your information and t-shirt size (S, M, L, XL) to This offer was applicable to pledges of $145 Early Bird or higher, between Nov 16th and Nov 26th. Please make sure to provide your Indiegogo User ID when you email, as this will help us record your size request easily in our logs Those pledgers who do not email with t-shirt size will be mailed a size L t-shirt. With Every Muse Every pledge that includes our Muse headband as a reward (earliest bird, early bird, standard, developer's, developer's deluxe and brainwaves on a t-shirt Muse) includes our integrated brain health application - geared towards any and everyone interested in improving aspects such as attention, working memory, and emotional intelligence and fun, simple games that you can play with your mind. Paired with every Muse, in addition to the integrated brain health application, is the Software Development Kit (SDK) - if developing is your thing, this is for you! If it's not your thing, not to worry - though it will come with your Muse, you do not have to use it. With every Muse, you have your choice of black or white. You may email us to let us know your colour choice. At the level of earliest bird, early bird, standard pledge and developer's, our estimated shipping date for Muse is June 2013. Developer's Muse and Developer's Deluxe As with the earliest and early birds, as well as the standard pledge, you too will get a Muse headband and our integrated brain health application and SDK. You will also get the added benefit of a suite of analytic and data visualization tools for working with brainwaves. If you pledge at the Developer's level, you will receive one Muse (estimated shipping date June 2013). If you pledge at the Devloper's Deluxe level (sold out), you'll receive two Muses: an early prototype (estimated shipping April 2013), as well as one of our completed Muse headbands (estimated shipping June 2013). InteraXon T-shirt

At this perk level, you'll receive our newly designed InteraXon shirt (pictured above), in S, M, L, or XL (as long as you email us your t-shirt size! If you do not email us your size, we will send you a size L. My Brain on a Shirt This level includes a Muse in your choice of colour (black or white), as well as the integrated brain fitness application and SDK, and a t-shirt with your own brainwaves on it (different from the standard t-shirt, above). Once you have a chance to use Muse w our apps, you will send us your brainwave data and we will turn it into a beautiful visualization and make you a great t-shirt. So rather than wearing a corporate logo, you can tell the world what you really think! Simple as that! Quad Pack This level includes everything at the Developer's Muse level, multiplied by four! And at a 40% discount.

1. Is Muse adjustable? Can I wear Muse while I wear glasses? Yes! Muse is made to be adjustable for different head sizes. It is also made to be worn easily and comfortably with eyewear - we factored this into our design process from Day 1. 2. When will Muse ship? We are aiming to begin shipping Muse to our Indiegogo backers in June 2013. 3. Is Muse compatible with Linux? My iphone? My Android? Windows? Yes, absolutely! Muse communicates over bluetooth and is compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch), Android, Mac OS (OS X), Windows and Linux. If you would like more tech information, please see our tech details below! 4. Does the Early Bird perk include the SDK? Yep! 5. How will the prototype look compared with the finished Muse? The prototype will be, substantially, the same as the finished headband, although InteraXon may make small design improvements based on feedback we get from testing with the prototypes to get the best possible end product. 6. How can I pledge using my credit card? While our campaign has PayPal enabled as the preferred payment option, contributors may also select the 'Pay As A Guest' option to charge to a credit card without logging into a PayPal account. Please follow this link for more details on credit card payments. 7. I just pledged to the Muse IndieGoGo campaign, and would like to request a headband colour or t-shirt size. Where can I do this?

You can email InteraXon, stating the headband colour of your choice and/or t-shirt size (S, M, L, XL) to 'community at interaxon dot ca' ( Please make sure to provide the full name that you used to place your order. We are accepting color choices for all Muse perk levels. 8. I'd like upgrade my Muse pledge. How do I do that? The easiest way to do that is email the IndieGoGo Support team (they're very helpful people!) with your request. They can be reached at 'support at indiegogo dot com' ( Please make sure to include your full name, the pledge level you originally ordered, and state what pledge level you'd like to upgrade too. They can direct you from there.


Muse Headband Tech Specs

Flexible, adjustable, lightweight headband with 4 sensors - including two on the forehead and two behind the ears Communicates over bluetooth and is compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch), Android, Mac OS (OS X), Windows and Linux SDK (Software Development Kit) included for the platforms listed above Open communication standard to allow people to write their own device drivers, so that Muse can be used with software platforms not covered by the SDK Rechargeable battery (charge via micro-USB jack, just like most cell phones). Lasts for 10 hours of use. The headband produces bipolar readings using AFz as the reference for AF3, AF4, TP9, TP10. The 4-electrode montage enables estimation of hemispheric asymmetries (with an emphasis on the pre-frontal lobe) and thus facilitates brain-state discrimination that depends on this, such as emotional valence (positive vs. negative emotions). EEG signals are oversampled and bandpass filtered for noise reduction then downsampled to yield a selectable output sampling rate from 100 Hz to 600 Hz, with 2uV (RMS) noise. Active noise suppression is achieved with a DRL - REF feedback configuration using centrally positioned frontal electrodes. Input range of AC coupled signal (low cutoff at 1 Hz) is 2 mV p-p. An on-board 3-axis accelerometer enables motion input for games and for quantifying head movements. Interface Software and API: In developing this system, we opted to offload all real-time analysis to the host system, apart from some basic filtering and compression algorithms. This decision was made in order to conserve battery life on the headband, allow for a sleeker design, and access much more processing power to achieve better brainwave analysis. In addition to the apps that will be included with the Muse and will be available separately, we will supply processing software to use in apps you create yourself. We will provide both higher-level processing (which does sophisticated analysis; details below) and lower-level processing (which simply reads raw data from the device and does some basic analysis) so you can take whichever approach fits your needs.

Hardware interface and processing library will be available for iOS, Android, OSX, Linux, Windows. API to access: Raw EEG and Accelerometer data

Processed brain features: including typical EEG power-bands (delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma), raw power spectrum, muscle activity, non-linear complexity features (such as fractal dimension).

Fully processed data that will yield: beta / alpha ratio (focus vs relax) which will allow developers to develop games around the users concentration or relaxation. It will also yield measures for eye blinks, saccads, and jaw clenches.

Device library interface using OSC messages is also provided to allow easy integration with Max/MSP, Puredata, Quartz composer and Processing. Socket API is provided for platforms that support TCP/IP sockets. Language compatibility currently includes C++, Java, Python, Unity3D. Matlab compatible using direct Bluetooth access or over the socket interface provided by our interface software. An application is also provided to save Muse data in EEGLAB and FieldTrip formats.