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Annotated Bibliography Primary Sources Berlin Wall. President Reagans Address at the Brandenburg Gate 6/12/87.

. October 20, 2012. Video footage of President Reagans speech to the Soviet Union at the Brandenburg Gate is showed. The speech talked about Reagan demanding the Soviet Union to tear the Berlin Wall. He also talks about the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union in the need to seek peace. The Berlin Wall Falls 1989. NBC Coverage Pt1. October 20, 2012. Footage of the live news coverage on the streets of Berlin is show. U.S.S.R soldiers and crowds of people were dismantling the wall. The news coverage also shows reporters interviewing peoples reaction at the Berlin Wall. The Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. October 20, 2012. Footage of the crowds of people chiseling down the wall is shown. Others were climbing over the wall to freedom. U.S.S.R soldiers are tearing down the wall and giving off chunks to the people. Thousands of people were celebrating and rejoicing. Secondary Sources Bodden, Valerie. Days of Change, The Cold War. Mankato, Minnesota: Creative Education, 2008. Mikhail Gorbachev became General Secretary of the Soviet Union in 1985. It explains Gorbachevs goals for the Soviet Union like economic restructuring and political openness are explained. Gorbachev announced to East Germany on November 9, 1998 that they could cross the Berlin Wall and remain in West Germany if they wished. Brownell, Richard. American History, The Cold War. Farmington Hills, Michigan: Lucent Books, 2009. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961, and it was torn down in 1989. One of President Reagans goals was that he wanted military superiority over the soviets so he increased military spending from $171 billion to $376 billion between 1981 and 1989. President Reagan delivered a speech on June 12,

1987 in West Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate challenging the Soviets to tear down the Berlin Wall. The Rise and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. October 31, 2012. There was two million tons of concrete on the 28 mile Berlin Wall. People tried to get through the Berlin Wall by flying over hot-air balloons and digging underneath it. The Berlin Wall was built out of barbwire and cinder blocks and later was replaced with a series of concrete walls. Taylor, David. The Cold War. Chicago, Illinois: Heinemann Library, 2001. Reagans Strategic Defense Initiative (SDE), know as Star Wars was announced in 1983. Gorbachev and Reagan met on November 21, 1986 in Geneva, Switzerland and discussed the issues concerning the Cold War, and how the West and the East could make a fresh start. Reagan and Gorbachev signed the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty in December 1987, which they agreed to destroy all missiles that ranged between 310 to 3,441 miles.