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Writing Feedback Form

Name of writer: Title of paper:

This paper:
Has a clearly stated thesis, theme, or controlling idea Has a clear organization and structure Develops the theme with details and supporting evidence Has sufficient content for the assignment 01234 01234 01234 01234

This writer:
Conveys a particular voice intended for a specific audience Uses appropriate word-choice and style Includes no mechanical errors Total: General comments: 01234 01234 01234

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Writing Feedback Form

Description of the Criteria

1 = needs more work; fulfills only some of the conditions below, demonstrates little understanding of them 2 = just adequate; fulfills many of the conditions below but not always, demonstrates a general understanding of them 3 = good; consistently fulfills the conditions, demonstrates a capable understanding 4 = outstanding, exemplary; shows a refined awareness and application of the conditions, an ability to master and adapt them; demonstrates a superior understanding The paper: Has a clearly stated thesis, theme, or controlling idea: 1 The thesis is appropriate for the length of the paper, neither so broad that it cant be handled in the number of pages, nor so small that the paper must be padded to achieve the proper length. 2 The thesis is presented in a way that engages the interest of the reader; readers are shown how the thesis affects them. 3 The thesis is arguable and challenging. For example, it is presented as a question that the paper then answers. Has a clear organization and structure: 4 The paper begins with an introduction that interests the readera hook that gets the readers attentionand leads to the topic sentence containing the thesis statement. 5 The thesis is broken into specific sub-topics that form the subjects of the ensuing paragraphs. 6 The sub-topics are arranged logically in a clear order, flowing naturally from one to the next (simple to complex, time sequence, spatial sequence, order of importance). 7 The paper uses effective transitions (thus, however, in addition to, moreover, also, therefore, furthermore, on the other hand, similarly, consequently, for example, in other words) at the start of paragraphs to guide the reader from sub-topic to subtopic. 8 The paper has an appropriate conclusion that refers back to the thesis, summarizing or restating it in a different way, or answering the question that the thesis started the paper with, or provoking further thought. The paper concludes, it doesnt just end. Develops the theme with details and supporting evidence: 9 The writing moves from the general to the specific. 10 The paragraphs are rich with concrete details and relevant information 11 Claims made are supported with evidence, citing sources as appropriate. 12 A range of developmental strategies are used, in both the overall essay and the individual paragraphs (definition, description, narration, illustration, examples, anecdotes, comparison and contrast) 2

13 Supplementary visual material is used effectively, incorporated into the text and not left as an unrelated add-on appendix; connections are made between the pictures and the written words. Audio material is treated in the same way. 14 The paper makes an overall argument, persuading the reader of the writers thesis. The writer: Conveys a particular voice that addresses a specific audience: 15 The personality of the writer is felt; an actual person comes across. 16 The writer projects a sense of commitment to the papers thesis. 17 The attitude or tone of the writer to the material is clear. 18 An intended audience for the paper is clearly determined, and the needs, values, and interests of this audience are addressed. Uses appropriate word-choice and style: 19 The word-choice and diction are appropriate for the intended audience (whether that language is abstract, general, specific and detailed, formal, informal, colloquial, jargon-filled, slangy, or varied) 20 The word-choice is vivid and interesting, and yet natural 21 The language is non-sexist 22 The sentence structure (simple, short, long, varied, emphatic) is appropriate for the intended audience 23 The images and figurative language (similes, metaphors, comparisons) are creative and original, not cliches. 24 The ideas are expressed concisely, with compression; wordiness and repetition are avoided Includes no mechanical errors: 25 Rules of grammar are followed (all subjects and verbs agree; no dangling participles) 26 Usage is correct. 27 No punctuation errors arise. 28 Spelling is correct (no confusion between its and its). 29 Sentence structure is effective; sentences are not incomplete, garbled, or awkward. General comments: Points to include: 30 The overall response to or dominant impression of the paper (interesting, informative, convincing, exciting, inspiring) 31 What was liked most about the paper 32 The papers primary strengths 33 The parts that need the most work 34 General support and advice