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The Student Information System (HMIS) has been envisaged to not only help the college administrators to have better monitoring and control of the information regarding students. The Student Information System (SIS) deals with all kinds of student details, academic related reports, course details, batch details and other related details. Student Information System tracks all the details of a student from the day one to the end of his course which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking enrolment, progress in the course, completed semesters years, final exam results and all these will be available for future references too. Our project will have the databases of courses offered by the college under all levels of graduation or main streams related to Computer department, teacher or faculty details. Different reports and Queries can be generated based of vast options related to students, batch, course, quota, semesters and category and even for the entire college. The project is about to handle all the information of the student regarding admission and examination. Also it manages fees details and subject details of every student. The main purpose of the project is to integrate distinct sections of the college into consistent manner so that complex functions can be handled smoothly by any technical or non-technical persons. SIS will be developed using C Sharp as front end and Ms Access as back end.

1. Student Module This module will have the information regarding every student such name, address, gender code, date of admission, course, the information related to the parents etc.

2. Fees Module Here all information related to the fees paid by every student will be entered. The information will have the details regarding the roll number of the student, fees paid date, the year for which the fees have been paid.

3. Course Module This module consisting of details regarding various courses available in the college.

4. Subject Module In this module details regarding subject name, subject id, semester code and the type of paper whether theory or practical will be entered.

5. Registration Module Here login information such as user name password are entered.

6. Reports Module This module will be used to prepare different types of reports from the data given in the above modules.


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