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Sage Angiras Vidyashram

ngiras ( lB

, pronounced as "ngirs"; nominative singular Angir - ll, pronounced as

"ngir:") is a Vedic rishi (or sage) who, along with sage Atharvan, is credited to have
formulated ("heard") most of the fourth Veda called Atharvaveda. He is also mentioned in
the other three Vedas. Sometimes he is reckoned as one of the Seven Great Sages,
or Saptarishis of the first Manvantara, with others being, Marichi, Atri, Pulaha,
Kratu, Pulastya, and Vashishtha Bharadwaja Maharshis was his descendant. His wife is Surupa and his
sons are Utatya, Samvartana and Brihaspati. He is a Manasaputra (wish-born-son) of Lord Brahma.
Other accounts say that he married Smrithy, the daughter of Daksha.

Guru Guru Guru Guru: :: : Shri Shri Shri Shri daya shanker daya shanker daya shanker daya shanker
Mr Shanker is not a theoretician but a great Sanskrit scholar & predictor of repute. His holiness
Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakotipeetham, Shree Jayendra Saraswati presented to him in
the Ekambareswar Temple of Kanchipuram ceremoniously the title and award in the name of great
prophet Nostradamus instituted by Express Star Teller, a monthly astrological magazine from Indian
Express Group i.e. Nostradamus Award 1994 on 5

September 1995 for his world predictions 1994 published
in EST that came true. His contribution is great in
shaping the editorials and world predictions in The
Times Of Astrology where almost all the predictions
are accredited with trueness including the Predictions for
sulking milk by idols (1995), Indias Nuclear test (98),
Kargil war (99), Military Rule once more in Pakistan
(1999), Failure of Agra Summit (2001), Terrorists attack
in America (2001), Carnage in Nepal (2001) and Attack
on Indian Parliament (2001), Hindu Muslim Riots (2002),
Threat of assassination to Chandrika in Sri Lanka (2002),
Dissolution of Srilankan Parliament (2004), Debacle of
NDA Govt. at center and a Dark Horse becoming the
Prime minister of India (2004) and Winding up of
Disinvestments Ministry (2004), about Shankaracharya
(2004), Disaster and vast destruction through Calamity
(Tsunami) and Earthquakes (2004) Emergency in Nepal
(2005), Economy Crash In America (2008), Closure of
American banks (2008), Terror attack on Buildings in
India (2008), Heavy Fluctuations on Stock Exchange in
India and recovery(2008) etc.

Jataka Tatva Commentary
Let me first clarify that Jatak Tatvam by Shri Mahadeva, is a compilation of
principles prevalent in general astrology at his time and the learned author has tried to
concise a few general principles from old as well as his contemporary horoscopy in small
Sutras. The book Jatak Tatvam was meant to be a part of astrological curriculum for the
persons/students who wanted to know the principles of natal horoscopy. This book was
meant to be a guide for the teachers of astrology. Unless, a teacher is well versed in the
science of astrology, these Sutras could not have helped him in teaching astrology as the
conciseness and brevity of the Sutras had to compromise of so many things that can find
place only in elaboration of the issue under consideration. The danger of misinterpretation
of these Sutras, thus, is always there in the hands of the otherwise ld. scholars who have not
realized fully the scheme of astrology.

The danger of interpretation of the Sanskrit text in such Sutras is also not ruled out as it
happened to interpolate the similar looking samskrit texts in such works during the Moghul
dominion in Indian history. Thus, while interpreting the Sutras of Jatak Tatvam one
should not wonder if a few verses are found devoid of merit and misplaced being irrelevant
or unconcerned to the topic in hand. In this backdrop, I have tried to analyse a few verses for
the benefit of readers of Saptarishi Astrology in particular and other keen students of Vedic

1) Misra Viveka Verse 74

Bl H 5\ 5\ H Bl 5~4l4 T PB U(

If the lord of the 1
be in the 3
house and that of the 3
be in the 1
, the native shall have very little
virility but will give happiness to the family.
Guru Shri Daya Shanker:
he ld. Translator Panditbhushana V. Subrahmanya Sastri has translated it as
To my mind, neither this principle is based on sound logic of astrology and fits in
astrological scheme nor is it found to be true. It has self contradictory status i.e. the
native is supposed to be having very little virility and at the same time is supposed to bring
happiness to the family. In a traditional family atleast in India, if the person is devoid of
virility is hardly supposed to have his own children to complete the family and such persons
are not supposed to be liked by their spouses. Therefore, it cannot be expected that both the
observations of the author be fulfilled in case of mutual exchange of Lords of first & 3rd
houses present in a horoscope. Such combination is found in the horoscope of George W.
Bush, who became the most powerful President of America and had decent family with
children. Another example is of veteran film actor, Shashi Kapoor who had this
combination and has completed his family with two sons and one daughter. These two
persons are having the mutual exchange of lords of 1
and 3
houses as mentioned but in no
way can be said that they have very little virility. Thus, according to me this verse is also an
interpolation in the original text of astrology. Neither the 1
nor the 3
house is related to
the virility and nor are these houses detrimental to each other.

2) Chp 3, Prakirna Tatva, Twelfth Viveka, Verse 36

~l4l B 6l4l 9Ul4l Bll44l6 (HP4l4l R(BlF H~BP

If there is any equality between the planets belonging to a) 2nd and 12th b) 5th and 9th c) 6th and 12th
d) 3rd and 11th e) 4th and 10th houses, the native shall have to undergo imprisonment.
Guru Shri Daya Shanker:
he ld. Translator Panditbhushana V. Subrahmanya Sastri has translated it as
Though in Sangya Tatvam, Verse No.30 on Page No.7 Swa has been used to
mean 2
house, I do not think that the same meaning should be imported to for
this Swa to be here. Here it should be first house being the natives own individual identity.
Similarly, Anka in the phrase Sutankayo should mean the 4
house instead of 9
. Hence,
the correct translation according to me would be that if out of the following pairs: 1) 1
; 2) 5
and 4
; 3) 6
and 12
; 4) 3
and 11
and 5) 4
and 10
are having same number of
planets respectively, the native may suffer imprisonment or chained to be in isolation. The
logic according to me is that 12
negates first and 4
negates 5
permanently whereas 12

negates 6
and 4
negates 10
temporarily and therefore the position of planets in these
houses in pairs would not yield good results to the native. The pair of 3
and 11
signifies violation and therefore, it may be treated as instrumental in such adverse periods.
The author appears to have done some rationalization towards the general principles of
Parashari wherein similar Yoga by the name of Shrankhalabandh Yoga is prescribed to
form if equal numbers of planets are posited in the pairs of house i.e. 2nd and 12
; 3
and 11
and 10
; 5
and 9
; 6
and 8
and 1
and 7
. The veracity of such Shrankhalabandh
Yoga is hardly proven. No such yoga is formed even in the horoscope of Charles Shobraj,
the biggest cheat who has been jailed so many times. Apart, from this nowadays many
Bollywood heroes, bureaucrats and politicians are being taken into judicial or police custody
but none of them has such Shrankhalabandh Yoga. At best, it can be inferred from this
verse that such a combination would hinder the chances of the native to achieve liberation,
the Moksh as they will only be chained in the material world.

3) Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Dasama Viveka, Verse 93

Bl 7l4 5\ ^P 9 H l H B 96 ~
If Jupiter is debilitated in the Ascendant and the lord of the 9th house is in the 8th and in a benefic
Navamsa, the native will be equal to a King.
Guru Shri Daya Shanker:
he ld. Translator Panditbhushana V. Subrahmanya Sastri has translated it as
To my mind this verse suggests that ascendant should be Capricorn having Jupiter
in it and the 9
Lord Mercury should be in Leo sign in the span of from 16 degrees
40 minutes to 20 degrees in the Nakshatra & navamsa owned Venus to have the benefit. The
author is of the opinion that such person will be equivalent to a King. This is also a general
combination. However, Mercury, apart from being 9
Lord would also be 6
Lord and the
degree occupied by Mercury would fall in the Nakshatra of Venus, the 10
Lord. Thus,
despite Mercury being in 8
house, would confer prominently the results of 10
and 5

house which according to the traditional astrology constitute purely Rajyoga as Venus is
considered Rajyoga Karaka for Capricorn ascendant. Jupiter in ascendant Capricorn even in
debilitation would be in the Nakshatra of Mars, the 11
and 4
Lord and such Jupiter would
enhance the status of the person by bestowing large income and lot of assets in his
possession. However, this combination would work only if the position of Mars and Venus
is in the improving houses i.e. either of 1
, 2
, 3
, 6
, 10
and 11

4) Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Saptama Viveka, Verse 158
E 5 H 4 5 (l(~l

If Moon is in the 12th house and Venus is in the 7th the native will kill his own wife.
Guru Shri Daya Shanker:
he ld. Translator Panditbhushana V. Subrahmanya Sastri has translated it as
To my mind this verse points out very general proposition. According, to me
Moon in 12
does not always give instable mind and similarly, Venus in 9
does not make a person always obsessed with the ideas of sex. There must be some other
combinations more prominent than this to suggest that such a native will kill his own wife.
According to me Moon in the 12
house will keep the person in more peace of mind and his
spiritual leaning to inculcate wisdom in him not to be much haunted & affected with
association of women that are interpreted with the placement of Venus in 7
house. This
combination alone cannot empower & allow native to kill any of the women in his
association, what to talk of his own wife. According to me, if readers find any of such
example, that should be analyzed for other reasons properly in that horoscope as killing his
own wife would engage the native into an act of volition denoted by the 11
house and 3

house simultaneously, alongwith the 6
house the loss of wife.

5) Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Saptama Viveka, Verse 44

^P E 44ll^TlPBP

If Moon is in the 9th house, the union will be with a woman far advanced in age.
Guru Shri Daya Shanker: Guru Shri Daya Shanker: Guru Shri Daya Shanker: Guru Shri Daya Shanker:
he ld. Translator Panditbhushana V. Subrahmanya Sastri has translated it as
To my mind this verse appears to be an interpolation as neither the 9
house nor
the Moon has any relation with the age of life partner or a partner in a co-
habitation to be older. In fact, 9
house legalizes the co-habitation and therefore,
traditionally, it is considered for legal marriage and the wife is called Dharmapatni in
Samskrit as well as in common parlance in India. Moon is always considered beautiful and
younger in age. Therefore, the verse cannot be interpreted as that if the Moon be in the 9

house, the union will be with the women far advanced in age. No doubt, the phrase,
Vayodhik means literally older in age but when it has to be addressed with a woman to
qualify, then the phrase would have been Vayodhika in place of Vayodhik. Therefore, if
at all, it is given to be any little credence, it should qualify the male native only and then, the
translation would be that if the Moon be in the 9
house, the native will be able to co-habitat
with the women even in his advanced age. Nevertheless, this principal is, according to me, is
absurd and has no relevance and applicability. Just to point out to the readers how it is not
applicable and how it is incorrect to believe it to be part of original text of Jatak Tatvam. I
would refer to the horoscopes of Adi Shankarcharya, Amitabh Bachchan, George
Washington, Ian Thorpe, Lokmanya Tilak, Lord Curzon, Chandra Babu Naidu, M. G.
Ramchandran, Sant Tulsidas, Samarth Guru Ramdas, Satya Sai Baba, Swami Shivanand,
Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Raman Maharshi, Ramanujacharya, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Shami
Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Rashtra Kavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and
Industrialist V. H. Dalmia who are all having Moon in their 9
house and their life partners
were not elder to them. Moreover, Mahatma Gandhi was having his Moon in 10
house and
his wife Kasturbha Gandhi was elder to him. Similarly, the wife of Sachin Tendulkar is
elder to him whereas Tendulkar has his Moon in 4th house and definitely not in 9
All these horoscopes are easily available in the Book published by Nishkaam Peeth
Prakashan, the publication division of The Times of Astrology, by the title The Times
Select Horoscopes from New Delhi. Therefore, my suggestion is that the astrologers and
the readers should not waste time in testing the veracity of this verse in Jatak Tatvam.
6) Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Panchama Viveka, Verse 216
9 4B4l Hl 4l4l9IU H lI9 6l4} 9l6

The number of abortions one may have is proportional to the amount of malefic aspect without
benefic aspects - upon the Navamsa indicated by the centre of the 5th bhava.

Guru Shri Daya Shanker: :: :
he ld. Translator Panditbhushana V. Subrahmanya Sastri has translated it as
This Sutra is also finding place in Pancham Vivek in Prakeerna Tatvam.
According to me, it is to be noted that all the words are singular form i.e.
ekavachan of Samskrit in this verse. Therefore, it is not advisable that the words Yavat
and Tavat should be interpreted to give the sense of plurality. In my opinion, this Sutra
should be interpreted that if, the Navamsa falling in the 5
house is aspected by a malefic as
much as it is also unaspected by a benefic planet, it should result into an abortion or
miscarriage, especially of the first conception as 5
house denotes only first conception.

7) Chp 3 Prakirna Tatva, Panchama Viveka, Verse 175
9l9 9l94

6 PP B 4 5HP 4

P T 7 l4 H39l3 B~l6
When Aries, Leo or Aquarius is rising, malefics occupying it and the Sun is weak; Mars is in a dual
sign the native shall have children after the age of 30
Guru Shri Daya Shanker:
he word Riksh is used by the author in the sense of a sign or Rashi whereas it could
also mean a constellation or group of stars. The ld. Translator Panditbhushana V.
Subrahmanya Sastri has translated it as above.
I respectfully beg to differ with him. The reason is that the author has not used any proposition
like Wa to mean or or, Cha meaning and as has been used by him in Verse 174 and 176
The words Paparkshe Papayute have to be taken into same context and according to me it
means that the particular sign of a malefic planet has the same particular malefic planet posited
in it; meaning thereby, this should be sign Aquarius owned by malefic planet Saturn and here as
per this Sutra, the Saturn should be posited in Aquarius sign itself. Apart from this, the Sun in
realization should be placed in ascendant meaning thereby the ascending should be Libra.
Yugmarkshe means Gemini sign and therefore, Mars should be in Gemini Sign. Thus, the
correct interpretation of this Sutra should be that in case of Libra ascendant, the debilitated Sun
is in the ascendant, the Saturn is in the Aquarius sign and Mars is occupying the Gemini sign,
the Native will have Progeny when he is above the age of 30 years. The question may arise as to
how I opine that the term Paparkshe Papayute has been taken to mean only Aquarius sign and
not Capricorn whereas both the signs are belonging to the malefic planet Saturn and also, why
not Aries and Scorpio sign that are belonging to another malefic planet Mars. The answer is
very simple. Since the position of Mars has already been given i.e. to be in Gemini, the
Paparkshe Papayute has to be belonging to the other malefic planet Saturn only. It is only
Aquarius sign whose results are negated by the Lord of the sign i.e. Saturn itself as the other
sign of Saturn Capricorn falls generally in the 12
house to the sign Aquarius. However, the
placement of Saturn in Aquarius enhances the result of Capricorn sign as Aquarius finds place
second to Capricorn, second being improving house to the first. Moreover, this Sutra is finding
place in Prakeerna Tatvam, Pancham Viveka bearing the various impacts on and results of 5

house, the house relating to Progeny i.e. children, are discussed. The 5
house for ascendant
Libra, normally will have the sign Aquarius and Saturn, according to this Sutra will find place
in the 5
house, the house under consideration. And the placement of Saturn in Aquarius will
improve the deterioration of the results of 5
house being the 4
lord also. In my considered
opinion, if the 4
house is unoccupied, this situation may even deny the Progeny, at least the
first conception. The sign Gemini and Mars will be in the 9
house, the 5
when counted from
house and whereas, the weak Sun being placed in ascendant. The author might be of the
opinion that when a cruel planet, i.e. Sun though weak, placed in first house, the other malefics
are placed in other Trine (Trikone) houses, the native may get at least delayed progeny, if not
denied. The denial could not be predicted by the author because he is of the opinion that a house
is fortified in case its rural occupies, the same house. I reserve my opinion on this principle too.
Perhaps he has given importance to Sun more because Sun becomes the 5
Lord in the natural
Zodiac i.e. the horoscope of Kaal Purush. The classical texts do not consider Sun to be a pap
graha, therefore, I refrain myself to categorize Leo sign to be Paparkshe
Papayute here in this context. The readers may ponder over it.