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Is Kissing Sex Organs Allowed In Islam?

Is Kissing Sex Organs Allowed In Islam? I even asked yesterday about oral sex but no one again discuss on that serious issue, even today I don't find that topic. any way I want to know if husband force wife for oral sex then can she keep his husband happy by ONLY kissing her husband's penis. please please advise me regarding the islamic point of view. thanking you in advance. I replied with a very very detailed answer yesterday on this topic and was hoping that it was enough on this topic, but was shocked to see that they were no more here. Anyways, lets try to give some comments. First of all in my opininon, if both husband and wife are agree, then can enjoy themselves by every mean except two conditions mentioned clearly in Islam (1) Dont do sex during menstruation (2) Dont have sex in the anus (back hole/orifice) of wife. Other than that, every thing is allowed unless it comes under

moral and ethical values of Islam. Now comes the question of penis sucking. In my opinion, this organ of husband is as same as other organs of body which can be excited to have pleasure. But there are multiple functions of this organ, so before kissing, sucking or licking husband's penis, make sure that it is totally washed and made pure. There shouldnt be any bit of NAJASIT, including seminal fluid(mani) or the pre-cum (mazi). In different maslaks of islam, there are slightly different opinions on this act, but never I have read that it is HARAM or break nikah. But it is considered MAKROOH because there is a great chance that during penis sucking by wife, seminal fluid can go to wife's mouth without even her notice. And mouth is the purest place in the body, so it cant be made filthy by unpure and NAPAK thing. But penis can be kissed with care that no secretion should go to mouth. For that a wife can avoid sucking, licking the orifice/hole/opening of the penis. Or she can do it just for a while and disconnect it way before husband's ejaculation process. All this knowledge is derived on the base of different materials available on the net on islamic point of view. Its better if some islamic scholar is contacted for some fatwa.

Here I am pasting a link from web, where this problem is asked from a mufti from africa and he has answered in detail. It may help you. Other knowledgeable/married members are expected to give their comments and correct me if I am wrong. (May Allah forgive us for all our intentional or unintentional mistakes?)

Almost agreed with the above two posts. My brother aside from its restricting or it is allowed, just think about this matter when you are not sexually aroused or you are not thinking about sex. Does u like to lick or suck those organs which are used to discharge the waste materials out of body???

Do u like to suck or lick those organs which are graded to be the most unhygienic organs of the body??? Do u like to suck or lick those organs from that part of body which is most clean (ur mouth)???????? Do u like to suck or lick those organs from that part of body which is used to say prayers and dua???? Which is used to call the names of those personalities which are most respectable and secred????? SO think about all the above claims!!!!! Don't just think about it is allowed or not? Just think about the above reasons. Would u like oral sex after thinking about all the above reasons????? NO! So don't be impressed with the pornographic films and the X-Rated videos.You can make sex extremely wonderful without oral sex or without sucking or liking the genitals like animals. THINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dr.Saab what do you say about this? Give your opinion too) Thanks Tell all these views to ur husband and make him agree upon these arguments.Because these post is complete acording to Islamic,Medical & General point of view.

Is music Allowed In Islam? Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad(ru): You see, this is what you call a bad habit; it all depends on the degree of the habit and the nature of the music. The music in itself, as a whole, cannot be dubbed as bad. Even wine in the Holy Quran is not dubbed as

totally bad. Even juggling and these things are not dubbed as entirely bad. What is described, the principle described, is a thing which has overwhelmingly, or more than 50% bad in it should be abandoned and rejected and a thing which has less than 50% of bad things, its better things should be utilised and the bad things avoided. Now music falls in the no mans land in fact; it is neither forbidden entirely nor permitted without any conditions. We know at the time of Hadhrat Muhammad(saw) when he walked into Madinah, the ladies of Madinah, welcoming him, sang a song of welcome plus they beat on the drum, which is called daff. Now, that was a sort of music which was available to the Arabs; nobody can say that it was not music. But this was not the practice of Rasulullah(saw) [(the Holy Prophet)] to permit the Companions to go on enjoying music revelries and music sessions, and to be given up to music. That was not their habit. Instead they enjoyed [the] recitation of the Quran, or listening to the good verses, or meaningful verses, of great poets. But gradually their taste was developed and they shifted from poetry to the Quran ultimately. So, it requires some time of patience to improve the quality of your

taste, and without that to abandon certain things would be rather cruel. In these things it is a matter of taste. In some other things the matter of prohibition is fast and hard and you cant change it. You cant say I have to improve my taste for water before I can stop drinking wine. No, no, that will not be permissible because wine is forbidden and what is forbidden is forbidden, but music does not fall into that category. For that you can acquire a wise approach of a systematic, gradual deliverance from that habit. And as far as pop music is concerned I dont know how people can tolerate that! Just sheer nonsense! I dont disrespect music altogether, because I know the classical music had some nobility in it. It brought out the best in man, in a way that man would not understand. But the music writers were noble minded. They wanted to bring, even if the theme was miserable, they wanted to bring the question of misery of others to the listeners of music that the others were suffering. They became sad, without anybody naming the people, without any tale being told in words. The music delivered all these things, and they became sad and started crying, not knowing

for what, but when they came out of the music halls they were nobler people than before. So the music served a purpose, and a noble purpose. Here in the pop music when people leave that hall, they leave with some sort of madness and craving for something they cannot have, and for that even they have to go to kill others or mug others for some drug or something; that elation, artificial elation, requires further help of drugs. So the taste left behind by this modern so-called music is ugly and evil, and the society under its influence is becoming uglier and more permissive, more careless of the traditional values, so this music is obviously evil and sinful. So I cant treat every music alike; that is why I said you have to be wise and be selective in your choice. [An] occasional brush with music cannot be considered a practice whereby you will be sent to hell, I assure you not! But, an occasional brush with music which draws you into itself at the cost of higher values, at the cost of memory of Allah, at the cost of prayers, where you are taken over by music and that becomes all your ambition and obsession; if that happens then you are a loser, obviously.