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Mohammad Afzal Sarwar

Lot 7, Jalan 39, Kampung Cheras Baru, 56100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (017) 888 2307 (012) 888 2307

PERSONAL DETAILS: Age DOB IC. No. Passport No. Marital Status Nationality Gender : 37 : 17th July 1974 : 740717-14-5113 : A24057731 : Married : Malaysian : Male

PERSONAL STATS: Height: 6'0" Weight: 85kg. Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Short Eye Color: Brown Age Range: 30-42 Ethnicity: Pan Asian Skin Colour: Fair Chest: 42" Collar: 17 Waist: 34" Shoe Size: 10

TRAINING: Film Directors Association Malaysia (FDA), Assistant Directors Course EXPERIENCE: Theatrical/Stage Kastabong Kastabung UITM Shah Alam

Film I Not Naughty Schlaflos Im Dschungel (Sleepless in the Jungle) CE1 Pahlawan Mat Kilau Suaka The Five Rules Television
Bunga April TV3 Skuad Fab TV3 Bunga Cinta TV3 Stanza April TV3 Skuad Fab TV3 Beret Hijau Den Wahab Bunga April TV3 Takut Bini Sayang Suami TV9 Skuad Fab2 TV3 Azan- RTM Bunga April Setan SeriesLagenda Budak TV3 Astro Skuad Fab TV3 Cuak-RTM2 Dr Chandra Muzaffa, Lead Dr Chandra
Along Kamaludin, HNJ Production Paint in Motion Along Kamaludin, HNJ

Police Inspector Inspector Razak Professor Halim, Supporting Lead Sarjan Ram Singh Supporting Lead Hantu - Supporting Lead Father Lead Main

Jack Neo, Media Corp Biscuit Films and Trebitsch Entertainment GmbH Aziz M Osman, Hezzcom Productions Rozi Razak, Lagenda Studio Crescendo Productions Sdn. Bhd. UITM Shah Alam

Dr Razak, Supporting Actor

Muzaffa, Harris Captain Lead Dr Chandra

Production Brilliance

Along Kamaludin, Grand

Edi Hezri, Paint in Global Along Kamaludin, Motion Along Kamaludin, HNJ

Network Production

Assistant Director
Muzaffa, Lead Supporting Driver Hassan, Dr Chandra Lead

Production Production

Along Kamaludin, MIG

Edi Hezri, Paint in Motion Along Kamaludin Along Kamaludin, HNJ

Production Manager
Muzaffa, Lead Boss Amran, Supporting Lead


Along Kamaludin

Edi Hezri, Paint in Motion Along Kamaludin

Panas- RTM2 3 Neng- RTM2, Panggung Ahad

Budin Scriptwriter

Along Kamaludin Hezzcom Production

Ku Milik Mu TV3 Ikan Dilaut Asam Di Darat SenarioGerak Khas-RTM Kastam Salahkah Aku Amanah Cinta Commercial Power Root-Ali Cafe SINGER Maggie Goreng KFC Colgate Astro Tutor TV Astro Awani Astro Sports Colgate International Astro First Olympus Camera History Channel- P.Ramlee Beras Herba Ponni Taj Mahal Mc Donalds Anchor Ice Peter Stuyvesant Travel (International Market)

Uncle Izzudin Din Boncit Stuntman Sarjan Alex Executive Producer Executive Producer

Suhan Production TV3 Take One Production Layarceritera Layarceritera

Main Talent Main Talent Main Talent Main Talent Main Talent Main Talent Talent Talent/Narrator Main Talent / Narrator Talent /Model Main Talent/Model Main Talent/Model Main Talent/Narrator/TVC Director Talent Talent Main Talent / Model

TVC Promo TVC Promo TVC Promo TVC Promo TVC Promo TVC Promo TVC Promo TVC TVC/ Press Ads TVC Press Ads Press Ads / Standee /POS Radio & TVC, Friends Advertising TVC, Leo Burnett Cinema, Leo Burnett Press Ads, Axis Films

SPECIAL SKILLS: Familiar and comfortable working with animals (dogs and cats, large and exotic species included). An ability to work well with children Experience and knowledge of fire breathing Can perform mild stunts Can be a ventriloquist HOBBIES AND ACTIVITIES: Sports : Martial Arts, running, badminton and swimming Others: Reading, cooking, singing, travelling and drawing

EDUCATION: Qualification Gained BA Graphic Design, Institut Technology MARA, (ITM), Malaysia. Currently Pursuing Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Management and Science University(MSU), Malaysia.

REFERENCES: Will be furnished on request. DECLARATION: I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.