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5225 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Suite 503 Washington, DC 20015


REPORTS TO: Access to Care Program Manager DEPARTMENT: Access to Care Program JOB SUMMARY Responsible for planning, developing and conducting outreach efforts to effectively promote and educate the Latina community about Nueva Vidas programs. Plan, develop and conduct workshops and presentations in order to provide information about Nueva Vidas services to local community organizations and medical centers. The Screening Navigator will navigate Nueva Vidas clients through the health care system by performing intakes and assessments, referring clients to screening services, and offering translation and accompaniment at appointments.


OUTREACH Assist in the planning, development and execution of special events Assist in creation and execution of outreach marketing campaigns Participate in community activities, health fairs, festivals, etc. as vendors/presenters, ensuring proper and timely registration materials and registration procedures for Nueva Vida Programs Visit health care organizations and doctors offices Establish and maintain relationships with faith-based institutions Visit libraries, shelters, culturally relevant businesses (restaurants and grocery stores) Plan and coordinate presentations and workshops to the community, health centers/clinics, hospitals, community organizations, and government organizations Foster existing relationships between Nueva Vida and the media (radio, TV and newspapers), that improve information dissemination purposes Attend networking meetings, community events, etc. Create, print and disseminate outreach materials as needed Record outreach efforts, activities and entity orientation on ETO database on a daily basis Update resources database and report back to Access to Care Program Manager with new contacts, which should include, but are not limited to the

following areas:
Screening exams Diagnostic exams Self image improvement programs Mental health support (within and outside Nueva Vida) Financial assistance General Medicine Health Insurance Treatment Hospice Clinical Trials Legal Advice

Other activities related to outreach development

NAVIGATION Navigate screening clients (interpretation, referrals to services, translation and accompaniment at appointments, scheduling of appointments, etc.) through screening campaigns Coordinate screening campaigns (registration sheets, scheduling of appointments, reminder letters and phone calls) Navigate screening clients to ensure o Completion of intake, baseline and other forms on ETO database o Proper referral process to service providers o Proper follow-up after screening campaign Perform other related duties as needed

QUALIFICATIONS BA Degree with major in relevant fields At least two years experience in community outreach or similar field Basic knowledge of marketing principles Demonstrated commitment to womens health Knowledge of basic computer principles, including, but not limited to, Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, etc. Fluent in English and Spanish Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish Demonstrated understanding and familiarity with both American and Latino/Hispanic cultures Social skills Ability to multitask Flexibility for Saturdays and after office hours Transportation availability

TO APPLY Please send a resume and three references by email to:
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