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1. What must be added to x2 to get 1? A. 1+x2 B. -1-x2 C. l-x2 D.


2. Which figure has exactly 4 faces?





3. Perimeter of the shaded region is,

(Figure not drawn to scale)

A. 64m B. 72m C. 84m D. 60m

4. A bricklayer is making a design on the sidewalk The sidewalk is 12 bricks wide. The bricklayer puts down 3 rows of

red bricks, 1 row of white bricks, 3 rows of red bricks, and so on. If he needs to put down 100 rows of bricks, how many white bricks will he need?
A. 120 B. 240 C. 300 D. 900

5. Which two numbers give the product 111930? A. 1430 and 78 B. 1435 and 78 C. 1440 and 78 D. 1445 and 78

6. What is the sum a of the measures of angles that form a straight line? A. 45 B. 90 C. 180 D. 360

7. What is the area of the triangle HJK in square units?

A. 13 square units B. 21 square units C. 36 square units D. 42 square units

8. If x and y are positive integers such that x > y then A. -x > -y B. -x < -y C. x < -y D. None of these

9. 3 people sit around a triangular table. 4 people siit around two such tables. Number of people that can sit around 100

such tables is

A. 105 B. 102 C. 107 D. 108

10. The figure below is made up of two rectangles. What are the unknown lengths?

A. 13 cm, 22 cm B. 26 cm, 12 cm C. 38 cm, 11 cm

D. 11 cm, 28 cm

11. Find the value of 67 3 + 120 - 66 + (15 9) A. 135 B. 255 C. 321 D. 390

12. A basket contains 300 mangoes. 75 mangoes were distributed among students. The percentage of mangoes left in the

basket is
A. 25% B. 30% C. 50% D. 75%

13. Which of the following diagrams correctly represents Elephants, Wolves, Animals?

A. B. C. D.

14. Complete the pattern below to find the value of P and Q respectively

A. 0.9, 0.8 B. 0.7, 1.5 C. 0.8, 0.6 D. 0.2, 0.7

15. Kavita gave her friends clues about a number she was thinking of. She told them that when her number is doubled

and added to 10, the result is 58. What is the number Kavita was thinking of?
A. 34 B. 126 C. 24 D. 96

16. Study the four numbers in each set. Write them in the blanks from the given alternatives to get the final number

______ ______ - _______ = 556

A. (12, 44, 54) B. (50, 12, 44) C. (12, 44, 50) D. (44, 54, 50)

17. ABCD is a square. 5 out of 6 identical rectangles in the smaller square have been shaded. How many more similar

rectangles must be shaded so that 3/8 of square ABCD is shaded?

A. 3 B. 4 C. 9 D. 24

18. Kavita can type 50 words per minute. How long will it take her to type 6,500 words? A. 13 minutes B. 130 minutes C. 1,300 minutes D. 13,000 minutes

19. A century leap year is divisible by A. 100 B. 500 C. 400 D. 300 20. What is the least common multiple (LCM) of 8 and 10? A. 80 B. 24 C. 16 D. 40


= 4383 and + .

= 16284

Find the value of

A. 1045 B. 2090 C. 4185 D. 5428

22. Rinki has to draw two rectangles that are similar to each other. She drew the first rectangle 5 centimeters wide and 6

centimeters long. She drew the second rectangle 10 centimeters wide. How long should she draw the length of the second rectangle?

A. 11 centimeters B. 12 centimeters C. 15 centimeters D. 20 centimeters

23. Leena is making friendship bracelets.If takes her 3 minutes to make inches 1 inches of a bracelet

If she works at the same speed, how many minutes will it take her to make 3 inches of a bracelet?
A. 6 mm B. 5 mm C. 3 mm D. 2 mm

24. A paper is folded and cut according to the given diagrams. If the paper is then opened how will it look like?





25. Look at the shirts in the drawer. 0ver picked a shirt from the drawer without looking. Most likely which shirt did

Dev pick?




D. All of these

26. A boy says. I have as many brothers as sisters. His sister says, I have twice as many brothers as sisters. How

many brothers and sisters are there in the family?

A. 3 brothers and 4 sisters B. 4 brothers and 5 sisters C. 4 brothers and 3 sisters D. 2 brothers and 4 sisters

27. Jasmines mother lets her have ice cream every third day. If Jasmine had ice cream on Wednesday and Saturday,

what are the next two days that she will be allowed to have ice cream?
A. Tuesday and Friday B. Wednesday and Saturday C. Tuesday and Sunday D. Wednesday and Friday

28. Among the answer figures, which one can be formed by using the given cut-out pieces?

A. B. C. D.

29. The table shows the cost of paint

Number of cans Total cost 1 Rs. 6.00 2 Rs. 12.00 3 Rs. 1800 4 Rs. 24.00 5 ? How much would 5 cans of paint cost?

A. Rs. 20.00 B. Rs. 28.00 C. Rs. 30.00 D. Rs. 32.00

30. among the four figures A, B, C and D, three are alike in some way but the fourth one is different. Find it





31. I think of a number, add 10 to it and divide the answer by 2. Let the resulting number be 0. Starting with 0, how can

I get my original number back?

A. Multiply

by 2 and then subtract 10 from the result B. Divide by 2 and then add 10 to the result C. Multiply by 2 and then add 10 to the result D. Add 2 to and then divide the resulting number by 10

32. Which of the following matches the statement 4 is even and 8 is odd.? A. True B. False C. 24 D. Cannot be determined

33. A, B, C and D are standing on the four square field as shown in the figure given A starts crossing the field

diagonally. B After walking half the distance, he turns right, walks some distance and turns left Which direction is A facing now?

A. East C B. South-West C. South-East D. North-west

34. Find the alphabets given in the following monogram



35. Which one is different from the rest three? A. LION B. WOLF C. LEOPARD D. TIGER

36. DIR command in DOS will A. List all files in the directory B. Delete empty directory C. Change the directory D. Create sub directory

37. Which of the following is true about GUIs? A. They make computers easier to use for non-professionals B. They use icons and menus that user can select with a mouse C. Both (A) and (B) D. DOS commands

38. For closing an application, the shortcut key is ______ A. Ctrl + F4 B. Shift + F4 C. Alt + F4 D. Alt F5

39. The device that is to be attached between a computer and a telephone for the Internet to work is A. Speaker B. Mobilephone C. Microphone D. Modem

40. To switch between the running applications A. Press Fl B. Press ALT + F4 C. Press TAB D. Press and hold down ALT and press TAB

41. software is a computer program that attempt to identify, neutralize or eliminate malicious software

A. Antivirus B. Popup blocker C. Firewall D. None of these

42. Which of the following is a volatile memory? A. ROM B. RAM C. EPROM D. PROM


Which tool will allow Robert to move his word processing document around so that he can view different sections?
A. Allignment B. Scroll bar C. Spell check D. Undo

44. computer software that is installed on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the

users interaction with the computer, without the users informed consent
A. Virus B. Antivirus C. Spyware D. Anti spyware

45. PARAM is a A. Super computer B. Mini computer C. Main computer D. Micro computer


To see if a website has finished downloading, where should Johny look?

A. W B. X C. Y D. Z

47. Fonts and Font sizes can be selected from the ......toobar A. Standard B. Formatting C. Auto text D. Drawing

48. Which of the following is the input/output box?

A. B.

C. D.

49. Leela is in the process of editing lier fantasy story. What does she need to click in the File menu to find her saved

A. New B. Open C. Save D. Save As

50. Dot matrix, daisywheel and line printer are the examples of

A. Non impact printers B. Impact printers C. Thermal printers D. Page printers

1. C 6. C 11. D 16. B 21. B 26. C 31. A 36. A 41. A 46. A

2. D 7. B 12. D 17. B 22. B 27. A 32. B 37. C 42. B 47. B

3. B 8. B 13. A 18. B 23. A 28. B 33. D 38. C 43. B 48. A

4. C 9. B 14. B 19. C 24. B 29. C 34. B 39. D 44. C 49. B

5. B 10. C 15. C 20. D 25. A 30. D 35. B 40. D 45. A 50. B