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We as a MUT family praise God for His guidance, provision and grace that brought us thus far. Also we thank God for each one of the prayer partners and supporters of this ministry. Wish you all a pleasant & blessed New Year 2013!
8th Dec - Chennai MUT Christmas get together at CSI Jessie Moses Hr. Sec. School, Annanagar

14th Dec - Vellore MUT family Christmas Celebration 21st Dec - MUT helpers Christmas program at Vellore

21st - MUT helpers Christmas program at Oddanchatram

Miss. Mah Laih, Counselor from China visited ODC & Vellore Rest Houses from 23rd Dec to 5th Jan. Gandhi Nagar 1st Stage Building plan has been approved by Vellore Corporation.

Prayer points: (Rest House Vellore) Mr. Paul Jeysingh - Independent missionary - Gujarat - Has come for kidney transplant. His wife will be donating one of her kidneys. He had to go through angioplasty for there was found 2 blocks. His expenses are increasing.

Mr. Prasad Alex - IEM - Jharkhand Has sarcoma in his left shoulder. Surgery done and Tumor was removed. Chemotherapy over, asked to come for review on 30th of Jan13.

Pastor. David Livingston, IPA Church, Tiruppur (renal failure), referred from ODC, on dialysis. His best option is to go for Transplant. He has to arrange for finance and donor.

Mr. Duke Joel Ragland, S/o Rev. Raja Edwin Moses, FMPB, Haryana detected with Cancer in his leg bone. Surgery over, chemotherapy is going on. He is studying Engineering 2nd year in Chennai.

Rev. Kaji Sunuwar, F/o Pastor Anand Sunuwar, AG Church, Nepal (hip bone cancer) affected right leg was disarticulated. Due to infection, again a surgery was done and recovering.

Mr. Arockiadoss, DMPB, Vizhupuram (piles problem). Has come back to remove the vizil. Mrs. Vasanthi George, FMPB, Chennai Her Daughter Ms. Apphia George (5 yrs) is going through activities of daily living and training. Marshel Joshua, NLCI, Dharmapuri His new born baby Alana M Joshua 2 months old is suffering from severe urinary infection and taking treatment in CMC. Left after treatment Mrs. Prem Latha Suna, M/o Mr. Bubhuti Bhusan Suna - IET Orissa Neuro problem. She was sent back with medications. To be reviewed after 3 months. Mrs. Ruth Mary, Grace Ministries, Tuticorin (Cancer breast). Surgery and radiation completed. Asked to come for review after 6 months. Mr. Selvaraj, IMS, Himachal Pradesh Rt. Hemicolectomy surgery over. One growth was removed. Biopsy report was normal. He has left after treatment . Mrs. Ancy & Mr. Siju Thomas, NIEA, Chhattisgarh - Met with an accident in their field. Mrs. Ancy had very serious lung injury and was on ventilator in CMC and Bro. Siju had one surgery on his left shoulder. They have completed first set of treatment and have to come back by this month.

Missionaries who stayed in Vellore Rest House and coming back for follow up:

Mr. Samuel, Orathur TN (unbalanced mental condition) On Psychiatric Medication, not in ministry now. Previously he was with BCI.

Stephen, S/o Rev. Damodas Das, OFU, Hemophilia - His condition is not improving. Since this case is a hereditary problem no cure in medical science as of now. Every 6 months he has to spend Rs 15000 for his treatment, if he does not follow the treatment in time it becomes complicated.

Mrs. Helena Ramesh Naikwadi, IET, Assam (Breast cancer) finished all initial treatment, regularly coming for checkups every 3 months. Next visit is expected by end of March 2013.

Ms. Saroja Babu Singh, GEMS, Bihar (Breast Cancer) finished all initial treatment, regularly coming for checkups every 3 months.Her liver is little enlarged so they have asked for prayer.

Pinky, D/o Mr. Aktar Hossain Molla Simon, NF, West Bengal (Pediatric Physiotherapy) improving well

Mrs. Snehalatha Philip, BYM, Jaipur, Kidney problem Under medication, showing good Improvement.

Mrs. Antony Selvam, IMS, Less platelet count.

Oddanchatram Missionaries who left after treatment 1. Miss. J. C. Leunimma Selvi Esther , D/O Rev. J. Caldwell DMPB, Namakkal Low Blood Count 2. Mr. Christopher Vaz SIL, Maharashtra Medical Checkup 3. Mr. Sam George IET, Punjab Medical Check Up 4. Miss. T. Rachel Joy, D/O Mrs. Pricilla Rani NMSI, Thirupathur Medical Checkup 5. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Selvaraj, FMPB, Serampore 6. Mr. & Mrs. James Michael David, Alpha India, Bangalore 7. Joshy Jacob, S/o.Mr.V.C.Jacob, Tribal Mission, Wayanad - Ortho 8. Mr.& Mrs. Johnson, FMPB, Rampur, H.P - Master Health Check up } Staying now 9. Mrs. Rebecca, W/o. Mr. Mark Durairaj, Mullai Outreach, Dharmapuri - Headache } Missionaries who came to spend vacation 1. Mr. T. K. Kap FMPB, Jarkhand Spent Christmas and New year in MUT With his wife and two sons 2. Mrs. Pricilla Rani NMSI, Thirupathur Spent Christmas in MUT With her two daughters Training Programs in January 2013 1. 8th to 10th Marriage Enrichment Seminar (Tamil) by Dr. Alex & Mrs. Hannah Alex 2. 14th to 19th Life Revision Seminar (English) Dr. Kuruvilla Varkey 3. 21st to 24th Counseling Seminar (Tamil) by Dr. Alex & Mrs. Rebecca Charles Other programs 17th Jan 18th th 19 27th 28th th th 4 6 Feb MUT leaders meeting at Vellore Medical Admin. Committee meeting at Vellore IMPACT Committee meeting / FAC meeting at Chennai MUT Prayer Day at ODC Board meeting at ODC Retired Missionaries retreat at ODC.

General Prayer Request Pray for the Music for Missions, to be conducted on 9th March 2013 at Bethel Church, Sainathapuram. Preparations are on. Pray for Mr. Benjamin, Vellore FOM Under treatment. Mrs. Grace, W/o Christudoss, MUT Care giver, Chennai is on family way and advised for bed rest. Kindly pray for her. Pray for the committed care giver for Vellore Rest House. Please pray that all the people involved (Both givers and receivers of Care) in the programs and projects of MUT will understand the spiritual values behind these God given opportunities to bless and be a channel of blessing to one another. Pray that all the programs will be continued to exhibit the biblical values with which they were started - Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ - Sacrificial giving - Absolute faith in God - Holiness & integrity in all the dealings - Extra mile service - Prayerful ministry

Some concerns: MUT is forced to pay electricity charges at commercial rate in Gandhi Nagar. The expenses are going very high. Oddanchatram Master Plan approval still not obtained. God has to intervene. Home Call: Pastor. Duryadhan Beher, IET went to be with Lord on 20-12-12. He is survived by his wife Sagarika Beher, and one year old son Paul Samuel. Mr. Karunakaran (83 years), F/o Mrs. Amudha Venugopal (FOM & voluntary partner with MUT ministry), Otteri passed away on 28th Dec. He was on Catheter after prostate surgery and suffered from dementia.