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Statement of purpose

I wish to pursue graduate studies at the Georgia Tech University, leading towards a Master of Engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, intending to major in the VLSI system and Digital design track. Graduate programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech University provide a variety of excellent education and research opportunities in VLSI field for outstanding students from around the world. The best way to start work on VLSI, according to me, is to build core competency in this field. My academic curriculum at NIT Warangal ( ranked among top 15 engineering schools in India) helped me to achieve thorough understanding of fundamentals. In my academic curriculum, there are nearly 25 core courses and I showed my competence by securing very good grades in all of them. Securing a CGPA of 8.6 and making it among top 6% of a total of 130 students in a highly competitive ECE class is one my biggest accomplishment. My interest in VLSI began after I attended a seminar Overview of VLSI field with citations about presence of Integrated circuits in daily life. This seminar left a deep impact on me and I choose to pursue my career in chip designing. In my sophomore year, I designed and simulated many circuits and eventually, designing became fun to me. My project on low power sample and hold circuit gave me an opportunity to design complex circuits using CMOS devices. A high sampling rate of 20MHz was used to meet the demands of high-speed Video rate applications. A layout simulation was done using cadence CAD tool. The simulation results showed that the design performance is good. My guide explained to me that at high frequencies the performance of chip decreases due to large number of problems. To tackle those problems I wanted to take advanced courses in VLSI and began to explore more about chip fabrication. Currently I am working on improving Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) of a Low drop out voltage regulator, that is ubiquitous in all battery driven devices with an aim of sending the design for fabrication. Apart from these, I worked on many projects in VLSI which gave me thorough understanding of critical design aspects and also great confidence in VLSI system design.In my junior year, I had taken two Electronic Design Automation (EDA) lab courses where I worked on two novel design projects. With these projects, I understood systematic methods required to produce designs based on logic model. After I completed various digital courses, I worked at Maven Silicon (a premier VLSI training institute) in summer for three months. Here I was trained on advanced design methodologies and various verification technologies too. This training empowered me with all the required skill sets to start my career in the ASIC and FPGA design. My interest lies in integrated circuit design which requires me to comprehend the different issues related to the development of integrated circuits including fabrication, circuit design, implementation methodologies, testing, design methodologies and tools and future trends. Courses at Georgia Tech University are very diverse in nature and are tailor made to meet all these requirements. Your university possesses strong faculty in VLSI system and Digital design field. Particularly research work of Prof Abhijit Chatterjee in VLSI and mixed-signal testing is just brilliant and I hope to assist him in his research. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech University has excellent facilities and leading laboratories in which I can fully realize my scientific interests. It would be a precious opportunity for me to be a part of this graduate program.

With all the qualifications, passion and interest I have, I sincerely feel that I am ready for graduation at your prestigious university. I hope that you will accept me as a deserving and worthy student for your distinguished university.