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The 21 Dreams of the Bible Name

1. Abimelech

Genesis 20:3-7

Basic Thought
Warning from God

Lessons Learned
In a dream, you can have an on-going conversation with God. Reveals Gods covenant protection of Abraham. Abimelech found out information about Abraham that he did not know. Very important: He obeyed Gods instruction in the dream. God spoke to Jacob of the number of his descendants and the blessings to be bestowed on and through them. Note ladder with angels going up and down. What Jacob was actually seeing in the natural, God confirmed in a dream. God spoke to Jacob in Genesis 31:3 to go back to Canaan and then confirmed it in the dream in Genesis 31:13. God uses every day examples that are in our life. God warned Laban not to say anything to harm Jacob. Laban even told Jacob he was going to harm him but God told Laban not to do it. Again, obedience is important. The Lord used the every day example of binding sheaves to illustrate the dream. His brothers instantly knew the interpretation. Be careful who you share your dream with. Jacob instantly knew the interpretation of the dream. If you share your dream with other believers, Im convinced that they will confirm the proper interpretation of your dream. Dont try to make your dream come true! Josephs brothers even tried to stop it from happening (Genesis 37:19-20). If its God, it will happen. The cupbearer needed an interpreter to understand the dream. Note that the three branches in this dream meant three days. Numbers are important in dreams. Again, God used every day things that the cupbearer used to illustrate the dream. This dream was a prophecy of the bakers impending death by hanging on a tree. Birds of prey are not a good sign in a dream (Gen 15:11, Deut 28:26, Jer 7:33, 16:4, 19:7, 34:20, Rev 18:2). God often gave dreams to kings. Pharaoh could not understand the dream and needed an interpreter. Note again that numbers are significant and represented years. If a dream really troubles your mind, then maybe God is trying to speak something to you. This dream had the same meaning as the first dream. Joseph told Pharaoh that it was God alone who could give

2. Jacob

Genesis 28:12-16

Prophecy; Confirmation of Blessing; Promises Direction; Confirmation of Gods personal word to Jacob

3. Jacob

Genesis 31:10-13

4. Laban

Genesis 31:24

Warning from God

5. Joseph

Genesis 37:5-8, See also Genesis 42:9 Genesis 37:9-10


6. Joseph


7. Pharaohs cupbearer/butler

Genesis 40:5, 9-13


8. Pharaohs chief baker

Genesis 40:5, 16-19


9. Pharaohs first dream

Genesis 41:1-4


10. Pharaohs second dream

Genesis 41:5-7


11. The man who dreamed about Gideon

Judges 7:13-15


12. Solomon

1 Kings 3:5-15

Wisdom given to Solomon

13. Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 2:1-3, 31-45


14. Nebuchadnezzar 15. Daniel

Daniel 4:5-18 Daniel 7:1-14

Prophecy, Given to deal with Nebuchadnezzars pride. Prophecy

16. Joseph, Marys husband

Matthew 1:20-24


17. The wise men - Magi

Matthew 2:12


18. Joseph

Matthew 2:13-15


19. Joseph 20. Joseph 21. Pontius Pilates wife

Matthew 2:19-21 Matthew 2:22-23 Matthew 27:19

Direction Warning, Direction Warning

the interpretation of the dream. If God gives you similar dreams that have the same meaning, then He is definitely going to do it (Gen 41:32). Joseph wanted action taken in response to these dreams so that people would not perish in the famine years. Obedience is important. This dream was a word of encouragement from God to Gideon. This mans friend knew immediately the interpretation of the dream. This is an instance of a dream given to someone other than the person intended. God carries on a complete dialogue with Solomon. God initiates the conversation by telling Solomon to ask for anything he wants. He asks for discernment and wisdom. God also makes promises if he obeys. God alone was able to reveal the dream and its interpretation to Daniel. This dream involved many future kingdoms including the Kingdom of God headed by Jesus Christ. God had to deal with the sin of pride in the kings life. God again used Daniel to give the interpretation of the dream. Daniel is given the dream/vision of the four beasts that will rule with whole world. Then he sees the Kingdom of God headed by Jesus. This kingdom will never end nor be destroyed! An angel told Joseph in a dream to marry Mary and name the child Jesus. In verse 24, Joseph obeyed the instruction in the dream. The wise men were warned in a dream to not go back to see King Herod, so they returned to their country by a different route. God can warn us of impending danger through dreams (see Matthew 2:16). Joseph was again warned by an angel. He was told to take the baby Jesus and his mother and escape to Egypt. This obedient action fulfilled the prophecy of Hosea 11:1. An angel of the Lord tells Joseph to return to Israel from Egypt. Joseph obeys and returns with mother and child. Joseph was warned in a dream not to stay in Judea but go to Galilee. They finally settled in the city of Nazareth. Pilates wife suffered a great deal in a dream because of Jesus. It does not tell us if it was a dream about Jesus, but she suffered a lot (nightmare?).