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Stock Inventory Control

Company: XYZ Company Date: 1/14/2013 Current Inventory Total On Order Total Backorder Total

$ 500,000.00 Storage Information Purchase Information Make/ Supplier Part Area Supplier Shelf/Bin Buy Number
Area 1 Area 2 Shelf 10 Shelf 1 Make Buy Buy XYZ Company ABC Company 123 Company NA A232 A34-23-123 $ $ $

$ 250,000.00 On Order Qty


$ 125,000.00

Item Information Inventory ID/ Part Number

12123-32 12145-39 12324-23

Current Inventory Price

250.00 325.00 232.00

Backorder Date
$250,000.00 9/1/2011


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Widgets Widgets Widgets

Pre-production Released Obsolete

Each Box Each

Reorder Leadtime Level (days)

2000 1000 1200 30 15

Reorder Qty
500 200




Expected Delivery



Expected Delivery

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Inventory Control Spreadsheet 2011 by

Stock Inventory Count Sheet

Company: XYZ Company Date: 1/14/2013 Performed By: Bob Jones Signature

Item Information Inventory ID/ Part Number

12123-32 12145-39

Storage Information Name Description

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Area 1

Shelf/ Bin
Shelf 10

Purchase Information Actual Inventory Supplier Part Supplier Units Location Qty Number
XYZ Company NA Each

Shelf/ Bin



Shelf/ Bin



Shelf/ Bin

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Area 2

Shelf 1

ABC Company



Inventory Control Spreadsheet 2011 by


XYZ Company
Location Raw Material Finished Process Supplies Material


Part No.




Counted By

Checked By

Supplier List
Supplier Name Product Product Link



Lead Time

Contact Name


Phone #

Fax #

Street Address

City, State ZIP

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1. Starting with the Inventory Control worksheet tab, enter your parts or line items, one per line. Include a name, description and other information. 2. Choose a status for the item. If a part becomes obsolete, change it's status to Obsolete. You can even hide the row. 3. Include informaiton about the storage location of the parts - typically an area within the facility and a shelf or bin. 4. Include purchase information for the item such as supplier, supplier part number, price and ordering/counting units. 5. Set a reorder point for the item. Experience and time will help you optimize this number. 6. Keep track of your actual inventory. Make sure to detect inventory as you use it. - Even with good record keeping, it is necessary to do a physical count periodically (monthly, quarterly, yearly). Use the Count Sheet tab to help with this. - Copy the first few rows of your inventory over to the count sheet. Print out copies of the sheets. Have the counters count all the items in stock and return the signed count sheets to you. Use these sheets to update your Current Stock number - Use the inventory labels to label stock when it is received and stored. This will help people locate the stock when needed, especially during a physical count. 7. When an order is placed, put the information including qty and expected arrival date in the On Order section. This way you won't order duplicates of items. 8. If an item is on backorder, use the Backorder section. This will remind you of potiential supply issues. If this section is not applicable to your business, simply hide the columns. 9. The Inventory Control sheet will tell you when to order new units based on your inventory count and reorder point, by highlighting the reorder point red.

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