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openSIS Student Information System - INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS ----------------------Version 5.

0 Release Date: July 14, 2012 ----------------------NOTE: Before installing openSIS SIS, you must read and agree to the included Lic ense located in the openSIS root directory and titled "LICENSE". An installation guide has been included with screen shots inside the Docs folder . Please refer to that for details. openSIS is a web based student information system application which relies on ot her facilities such as a web server, PHP server-side scripting, and MySQL datab ase server. For openSIS to work you must first have your web server working, PH P working and MySQL working. Username/password authentication should be in place for MySQL and/or the web server. Setting these up varies a lot with platform, operating system, and distribution so it is well beyond the scope of this brief install document. openSIS 5.0 requires following software: --Apache 2.x --MySQL 5.x or higher --PHP 5.x openSIS has been tested extensively with the XAMPP and Bitnami packages. You can get them from the following links: Download XAMPP from here: Download Bitnami for Windows from here: Download Bitnami for Linux from here: Upgrades ------------If you are using openSIS version 4.6 thru version 4.9X, then you can upgrade to openSIS 5.0 automatically. During installation, choose the upgrade option. For a ssistance Visit or for support options. Installing openSIS ver 5.0 ----------------------------------This installation assumes that you have installed and properly configured the fo llowing items: -- Web Server (Apache is the web server we test on and use) -- MySQL database software -- PHP There is an Installation Guide included in the /docs folder that has screen shot s of the installation steps. Please refer to that pdf document. Automated Installation ----------------------------openSIS includes an automated installer that has been extensively tested on Wind ows and Linux (Ubuntu, openSUSE).

To use the automated installer, unzip the openSIS files to your web server direc tory. In Apache this is usually located in the "htdocs" directory. Then open y our web browser and go to the following address: http://localhost/opensis-ce/in stall/index.php The automated installer will guide you through the setup, creat e a database or choose an existing one, assign passwords and then direct you to the login screen. Note* - The installation creates a file "data.php" that stores necessary informa tion for connection to the database and default school year information. The we b server of the machine where openSIS is being installed must have write privile ge so the file can be created. That's it! Now, point your browser to: http://localhost/opensis-ce/index.php An installation manual is located in the docs folder. Please refer to that if yo u are having problems. If you need further assistance, visit: http://www.opensis .com/support Enjoy!

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openSIS in an Open Solutions for Education product and is released under GPL