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Organisations, Head Quarters and Their Chiefs

ORGANISATIONS, AGENCIES, ORGANS United Nations Security Council1 HEADQUARTERS HEAD New York, USA The Presidency of the Security Council is held in turn by the members of the Security Council in the English alphabetical order of their names. Each President holds office for one calendar month2. President: Joseph Deiss (As on Sept 2010) Secretary General: Ban KiMoon (S. Korea) President: Hisashi Owada (Japan) President: Song Sang-Hyun (S. Korea) President: His Excellency Hamidon Ali (Malaysia) Dir-Gen: Jacques Dioff (Senegal) Secy-Gen: Raymond Benjamin (France) (An Indian was once the SecyGen of ICAO. Who? When?) Dir-Gen: Juan Somavia (Chile)

United Nations General Assembly United Nations Secretariat3 International Court of Justice4 International Criminal Court5 United Nations Economic and Social Council6 Food and Agriculture Organisation7 International Civil Aviation Organisation

New York, USA New York, USA Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands The Hague, Netherlands Ney York, USA Rome, Italy

Montreal, Canada

International Labour Organisation8

1 2

Geneva, Switzerland

For more info on the UNSC, visit List of Security Council Presidency in 2010 3 4 For more info 5 More info 6 More info 7 More info

International Maritime Organisation9 International Fund for Agricultural Development10 International Monetary Fund11 United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organisation12 World Bank Group (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development-IBRD, International Development Association-IDA, International Financial Corporation-IFC, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency-MIGA and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes-ICSID)13 World Health Organisation14 World Intellectual Property Organisation15 International Atomic Energy Agency16 World Trade Organisation17

London, UK Rome, Italy Washington DC, USA Paris, France

Washington DC, USA

Secy-Gen: Efthimios E. Mitropoulos (Greece) President: Kanayo F. Nwanze (Nigeria) MD: Dominique Strauss Kahn (France) Dir-Gen: Irina Bokova (Bulgaria) [First woman DG of UNESCO Robert B Zoellick (German origins, but from USA)

Geneva, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland Vienna, Austria Geneva, Switzerland

Dir-Gen: Dr. Margaret Chan (Hong Kong, China) Dir-Gen: Francis Gurry (Australia) Dir-Gen: Yukio Amano (Japan) Dir-Gen: Pascal Lamy (France)

8 9

More info Not very important, but anyway, more info 10 Again not very important. More info 11 Important body. More info 12 More info 13 More info,,pagePK:50004410~piPK:36602~ theSitePK:29708,00.html 14 More info 15 More info 16 More info 17 More info

United Nations Childrens Fund18 Association of South East Asian Nations19 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation20 Greenpeace21

New York, USA Seat of Secretariat: Jakarta, Indonesia. Brussels, Belgium Founded: Vancouver, Canada HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands

International Criminal Police Organisation or Interpol European Union22 European Council23 European Commission24 European Parliament25 European Organisation for Nuclear Research or CERN27 The Commonwealth28

Lyon, France


Geneva, Switzerland

Exec-Dir: Ann M Veneman (USA) Secy-Gen: Surin Pitsuwan (Thailand) Secy-Gen: Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Denmark) Exec-Dir: Kumi Naidoo (S Africa) Chairman: Lalita Ramdas (India) President: Khoo Boon Hui (China) Secy-Gen: Ronald Noble (USA) President: Herman Von Rompuy26 (Belgium) President: Jose Manuel Barroso (Portugal) President: Jerzy Buzec (Poland) Dir-Gen: Rolf Dieter Heuer (Germany) Head: Queen Elizabeth II Secy-Gen: Kamalesh Sharma (India) Chairperson in Office29: Kamla Persad Bissessar (Trinidad and Tobago)

London, UK

18 19

More info More info 20 More info 21 More info 22 Theres way too much info on the official website. Just Google or Wiki EU for basic, grass-root level understanding of this organization. 23 More info 24 Again, Google it. 25 Not very important. For info Google it. Not much available on the official site. 26 Hes the first long term and permanent president of the Council. 27 More info 28 More info

Non Aligned Movement South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation

Founded: Belgrade, Serbia Present HQ: Egypt. Kathmandu, Nepal

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development30 Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries31 Amnesty International32 International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (earlier known as Red Cross)

Paris, France

Secy-Gen: Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) Chairman: Mahinda Rajapaksa (Sri Lanka) Secy-Gen: Sheel Kant Sharma (India) Secy-Gen: Jose Angel Gurria (Mexico) Secy-Gen: Abdallah Salem elBadri (Libya) Secy Gen: Salil Shetty (India) President: Tadateru Kono (Japan)

Vienna, Austria London, UK Geneva, Switzerland


The primary responsibility of the Chairperson-in-Office is to host the CHOGM (CHOGM: Commonwealth Heads of Govt. Meeting) 30 More info,3417,en_36734052_36734103_1_1_1_1_1,00.html 31 More info 32 More info