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Issue #464: January 16, 2013

Chief Scott M. Knight Administrative Captain Jon Kehrberg Operations Captain Rob Stock Executive Officer Lt. Ben Anderson Administrative Assistant Sona Schneck Investigations Det. Rachel Nelson Det. Tracy Perlich Sergeants Mike Duzan Patrol Brady Juell Patrol Officers Joe Carlson Lee McClure Jamie Personius Josh Lawrenz Greg Reinhardt Lee Meyer Elroy Schmidt Tony Kjorstad Kelly Boll Chris George Chris Pesheck Robert Moore Kyle Gibbons Youth Services Officers/Gang Unit Mike Kleber Trent Wurtz Community Partnership Specialist Officer Julie Janke Records Secretaries Kathy Hogan Marelia Garcia Community Service Officer Marelia Garcia Joe Kavlie Martin Godinez

A Message from Chief Knight

School Safety
As you are no doubt aware, on Tuesday, January 8th and Wednesday, January 9th, 2013, a threat was directed toward students and staff, at the Chaska High School. The safety plan that the school district and police department have developed to secure our schools was put in place. It should be known that we have partnered on conducting this type of planning and training long before it was mandated by law.

All worked according to our plans, on both days. Rest assured that while we were making sure all were safe, we were also working on tracking down the person who issued the threats. An arrest was made and the offender was in custody within 36 hours. This investigative piece was no small task, and in the coming weeks more information about this will become public. What is important for our community to know is: 1. 2. 3. Our planning and training worked. The offender acted alone and is in custody. The offender did not have the means to carry out his threats.

Gun Violence Reduction

Today, Wednesday, January 16th, Chief Scott Knight joined President Obama and Vice President Biden, at the White House, for the announcement of the President's plan to reduce gun violence in America. "The President's plan is solid, preserves second amendment rights, and will go a long way to prevent dangerous people from getting guns", said Knight.

Around the Clock - Lt. Ben Anderson

Chaska Officers issued 28 citations and 25 warnings during this reporting period. There were 165 calls for service DWI:
Sergeant Juell stopped a vehicle for several traffic violations in the area of Bavaria Road and Von Hertzen Circle. The male driver was intoxicated and failed field sobriety evaluations. He was arrested and charged with DWI. Police received a report of a person slumped over in a vehicle in the Super Target parking lot. Officers located the parked vehicle in the lot and observed the engine was running and music was playing loudly from inside. The male drivers arm was hanging out of the drivers side window and he was passed out in the drivers seat. A bottle of vodka was visible and the vehicle smelled of alcohol and vomit. The male woke after some effort from police. He failed sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI. A breath test indicated a .23 BAC. A female driver was stopped for an inoperable headlight by Officer Schmidt on Engler Blvd. The driver was intoxicated and was arrested after failing field sobriety evaluations. The result of a breath test was a .113 BAC. th She was charged with 4 degree DWI. Officers responded to the Wells Fargo Bank for a male who was slumped over the steering wheel of his parked vehicle. The vehicle was in the ATM lane at the bank. Police located the driver, who seemed to be in a druginduced state, was able to move slowly but was unable to fully wake up. A shotgun was visible in the back seat of the vehicle and was immediately seized by the officer. The shotgun was unloaded. The male finally woke and told officers he had fallen asleep in the bank drive through. He admitted to recent marijuana and cocaine use. The male stated he was transporting the shotgun to a relatives home. He failed field sobriety evaluations and was arrested for DWI and unlawful transport of an uncased firearm. Disturbances: A homeowner contacted police after a large rock was thrown through her basement window, shattering the glass. Two males and a female were identified as the suspects as they had been in a recent disagreement with the homeowner. They were located and charged with criminal damage to property. The offenders were also charged with harassing communications as they had sent threatening text messages to the victim.

CITIZEN ACADEMY IS BACK Next session starting January 29th ~Limited Openings~
Citizen Academy is a seven-session program, in which people learn about police work in Chaska by experiencing police work. Lectures and actual hands-on experiences are combined for a unique insight into the police department. The classes are held on Tuesday nights from 6 to 8 PM and are FREE! The police department is providing an academy to increase partnerships with those in our community and create opportunities to receive feedback from participants to improve our delivery of services. Often there is little opportunity for both citizens and officers to share views and ideas. If you are interested in participating in the academy please contact Officer Janke at 952-448-4200 or e-mail her at to have an application sent to you.

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