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Address as of January 2013 Ruth Weber Soddo Christian Hospital P.O.

Box 305 Soddo Wolaitta, Ethiopia

and they fell down and worshiped Jesus(Matt. 2:11)

Dear Friends, The goal of all missions is the glory of God and mission has to center around Jesus and not man. The quote above was the key thought that touched my heart at a retreat in November at DMG, my mission organization. Our gifted speaker laid out for us the theological groundwork for missions and, at the same time, taught us how we could help churches and friends become more involved in Gods mission in Missio Dei. I was newly inspired to follow the calling God places before me in the coming year. My future workplace is Soddo Christian Hospital southern Ethiopia after language study in Addis Abba in January. In Soddo area, as elsewhere in Ethiopia, there is only one surgeon for every 2.5 million people and only 6% of all pregnant women have a trained professional present at birth. Because of the shortage of surgeons it is quite difficult to get an appointment for surgery. To alleviate this dilemma Soddo Christian hospital will be working in partnership with PAACS

In the past I have always struggled when my patients had no hope for surgical help. I find it exciting to now be a part of this bigger picture of training national surgeons who can be sent to places where there is currently no surgical help. This year the desire is to double the number of trainees but more resources are needed. Last year 17,900 patients were treated with 3,900 operations completed at Soddo Christian Hospital. In addition to the medical ministry, the Jesus film is shown each day at Soddo. Gods glory is shown in Soddo in many ways as Christian doctors have a daily significant ministry influence, as well as medical service. When I visited Soddo Christian Hospital two years ago, my heart was deeply touched when I heard of the need for post-surgery care. The last four years I had been working here in Germany with patients on respirators. During this time I have been able to upgrade my skills in caring for patients who are very sick. In Soddo I will be helping to build up the intensive care unit and to train nationals to recognize shock symptoms and acute situations and how to deal with them appropriately.

This picture illustrates preparation for an operation of a 25-year old woman with a 22-lb. ovarian tumour requiring six days in intensive care. Click on the following YouTube link to watch how Soddo doctors and staff cared for this woman. The past weeks here in Germany have been filled with many preparations for leaving for Ethiopia. Ive been raising support and showing my presentation to friends and church groups. It is a privilege hearing how the Lord is at work in other peoples lives also. A special encouragement to me is the invitations to womens prayer meetings. One organisation meets once a month and prays regularly for 120 single missionaries in many parts of the world. These women are well-informed about mission around the world. The count-down is on! January 6, 2013 I have my commissioning service in my home church. January 8, 2013 I fly via Frankfurt directly to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I will land at 8:45pm. Until then there is still a lot to do. Please pray with me for the remaining days. I would appreciate your prayers for the following: 1. Physical and mental protection. 2. A good completion of all remaining tasks. 3. A good transfer of my luggage. 4. That I would get adjusted well to Addis and find internet access, a bank, telephone, etc. in good time. 5. Obtaining my work permit which I will apply for after I arrive in Addis. The first two months I will be in Addis Ababa in order to refresh my Amharic and get accustomed to the culture again. Im thankful for the promised apartment that has water, electricity and security. Thank you for your prayers and support for this transition back to Ethiopia. Im grateful to be able to return to Ethiopia and to serve at Soddo Hospital. I wish you all a blessed New Year 2013. Thankful,

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