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PAVEMENT Thermal coefficient of concrete Coefficient of friction Unit wieght of CC Design wheel load Wheel Pressure Radius of contact area E Value of concrete Poisson's Ratio Lane width Spacing of contraction joints = = = =

P = a = P/p E u Lx Ly =

= = = = =

10x10-6 per 0C 1.5 2400Kg/Cum 5204Kg 7.14Kg/Sqcm 15Cm 3x105 Kg/Sqcm 0.15 375Cm 375Cm

i)Modulus of reaction of sub base(k):The modulus of sub grade reaction(k) corresponding to CBR value of 5% from Table(1) of IRC SP 62-2004 is 4.2Kg/cm2/cm The C.C pavement is proposed over the existing base course of 75mm thick WBM Gr-III . Hence the k value can be increased by 20% Hence effective 'k' value is 5.0Kg/Sqcm/cm

ii)Flexural strength of concrete Minimum design mix of M30 is recommended by the clause 3.6 of IRC SP 62:2004 Using M30 grade concrete,flexural strength is 0.7 Hence,the 28-day flexural strength = fck 3.83Mpa

For rural roads,it is suggested that the 90-day compressive strength may be used instead of 28-day compressive strength,as prescribed by the code. Taking 90-day flexural strength for design purpose Assume slab thickness Radius of relative stiffness h l = = Eh3 12K(1-u2) 45.96Kg/Sqcm 20Cm

= Radius of load contact assumed in circular a =

79.82Cm 15Cm

a/h b

0.7616251 <1.74

= radius of equivalent distribution of pressure b = = Lx/l = = 1.6a2+h2 - 0.675h 14.27Cm 4.7 0.636

Warping(Temperature) stress coefficient Cx based on Bradbury's chart at Lx/l(From Table 3 of IRC SP:62-2004)

Temperature difference(As recommended in Table 4 of IRC:SP:62-2004) Warping stress at edge from Fig.1 of IRC:SP:62-2004 Residual strength in concrete slab at edge region Load sress in edge region, = = Edge load stress + Warping stress = Hence safe. Factor of safety available = Residual strength Edge load stress = Hence the design is safe Check for corner load stress Sc = = So the design is safe [3P/h2][1-(ax1.414/l)0.60] 1.009804425 >1 =




(0.529P/h2)(1+0.54u)[4 log10(l/b)+log10b-0.4048] 27.83Kg/Sqcm 45.69Kg/Sqcm <45.96Kg/Sqcm

21.24Kg/Sqcm <45.96Kg/Sqcm