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our guide has been designed to help you take full advantage of the business opportunities offered by the new hp Colour Campaigns.
It identifies the objectives of each campaign in the context of the current colour printing market, explains the structure and messaging, and details exactly how you can use them to help drive your customers journey to purchase. Armed with this guide, you will be fully empowered to conduct your own successful demand generation campaigns, drive increased sales volumes, and ultimately ensure continued growth in your business.

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Why Colour? Why HP? Why now? Products Section a. Colour printing decision tree b. HP Colour Printer Cheat Sheets Colour Sales and Marketing Section a. Sales Strategy i. Opening the Conversation ii. HP Print Management Solutions iii. HP Contractual Solutions Portfolio iv. Objection Handling b. Marketing Strategy i. Introduction to new Marketing Campaigns ii. Target Audience iii. Recommended Contact Process iv. Stand out with HP Colour Marketing campaign imagery and templates v. Colour costs less Marketing campaign imagery and templates c. Customer testimonials Key Contacts and Resources


as you are well aware, Colour is beComing more & more the Chosen option in printing. in a reCent survey:


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In short, colour is cool. Customers are considering it for an ever growing range of their printed material, internal as well as external, from presentations or invoices to marketing collateral. Highlight colours are especially popular for bringing to life documents such as spreadsheets, emails and flyers. And the more common colour becomes, the more pressure there is on companies to keep up with their peers by using it. As a result the colour market, once a specialised sector, is growing in terms of units purchased and in some segments in revenue terms as well. Which gives you an outstanding opportunity to leverage the colour market leadership of HP.

1 CAPv Organizations are Ready to Tackle document Output Costs in the Office, december 2004 2 RS Consulting, IPg color Positioning Research, April 2005


WHy HAS HP ACHIEvEd SUCH A dOMINANT POSITION? THERE ARE SEvERAL KEy REASONS: 25 yEARS Of HP LASERJET ExPERIENCE The introduction of the HP LaserJet printer in 1984 launched a technological revolution toward printing, resulting in more choices for business including colour laser printing and multi-function printing. HP LaserJet has become the gold standard of printing a recognised worldwide leader for reliability, superior output quality, ease of use, and top performance. QUALITy Quite simply, HP printers produce impressive colour documents. Alongside a crisp, clear appearance, they offer fast, uncompromising performance that is optimised for all documents from email to marketing collateral. RELIAbILITy Customers can, and do, count on HP for reliable products and support. Their confidence in doing so is supported by HPs numerous industry awards, and confirmed by our overall No.1 position in customer satisfaction surveys. EASE Of USE HP understands that its customers do not appreciate complexity for its own sake. Therefore, in designing its colour printers, it takes exceptional care to ensure they are easy to use and manage. It also makes managing colour costs easier by providing easy-to-operate tools.

hp is the undisputed Colour market share leader.




PORTfOLIO HP offers the widest and most diverse range of colour printers on the market. So whatever the customers requirement, there is always one that fits the bill. furthermore, a comprehensive range of supplies, service and support options, is available. COST Of COLOUR The cost of colour can be a real barrier to its adoption 69% of companies believe colour devices are expensive. but with HP, value is always a top priority. both acquisition and cost-per-page costs are kept as low as possible, a policy that opens up whole new segments of the potential market to colour. ENvIRONMENTAL RESPONSIbILITy HP is good for business and good for the planet. All its printing products are designed to avoid excess printing, and to minimise raw material and energy use. And HP is also the industry leader in recycling. So choosing HP colour printing technology can significantly reduce a companys carbon footprint. fINANCIAL SECURITy Ultimately, HP is a financially sound and stable business partner, who can be relied upon to deliver against its obligations, even under difficult economic circumstances and for years to come. This way any investments today are a safe bet into the future and the infrastructure can be adapted as technology evolves. In communicating the benefits of HP to your customers you can therefore put forward a whole range of powerful arguments. And with the new HP colour campaigns, youll be able to drive those arguments home more effectively than ever.

In the current economic climate, getting the best possible value for money is all-important. Companies have to be able to justify every expense, and need to be sure of enjoying a satisfactory return on every investment. At the same time, changing working practices are contributing to a sustained growth in the number of small businesses. In fact, small/medium sized businesses (SMbs) employ most of the workforce in the non-financial business economy and provide employment to nearly as many 3 people as large enterprises .





In such conditions, two conclusions can be drawn: THE AddEd IMPACT Of COLOUR gIvES IT AN OvERWHELMINg AdvANTAgE OvER MONO. THE UNRIvALLEd vALUE Of HP PROdUCTS MARKS THEM OUT fROM THEIR COMPETITORS. All of which makes this the perfect time to drive home the benefits of HP colour. And that is exactly what the new marketing activity is designed to do. ONE AIM. TWO CAMPAIgNS. There are two strands to the HP colour activity. Each is aimed to deliver the most appropriate message to a different segment of the market, and drive increased sales of HP Colour LaserJet and HP OfficeJet printers by providing clear reasons for choosing them. STANd OUT WITH HP COLOUR This is aimed at the smaller end of the SMb market, powerfully showcasing the extra punch and professionalism colour printing delivers. It highlights how HP innovation is extending customer value. COLOUR COSTS LESS This is aimed at the mid-size SMb, driving home the reassuring message that colour printing costs less than they might expect and can even be as inexpensive as black.

3 EU-27, 2005

Key Star Products help to define the HP brand. They are new, often ground-breaking products and they help to shape the way people think about HP. In other words, they create a halo effect: the buzz generated by these particular products benefits the entire HP imaging and printing portfolio.


The Colour Printing decision Tree below shows the questions that can be used to guide a customer into making the right decision for his or her particular business. but why have we recommended specific models? This is because they are all either Key Star Products or best Sellers.
These Key Star Products therefore play a pivotal role in every HP purchase decision made by a customer. best Sellers, as their name implies, are those products that are sold in high volumes, driving profitable growth and market share for us all.
























gET COLOUR ON dEMANd WITH THIS vERSATILE ALL-IN-ONE Share fast, reliable and easy printing over your network and then do even more with the HP Color LaserJet CM2320 MfP series. Easy-to-use print, scan, copy and fax tools are just the start: standalone scan-to-email lets you email documents and images directly from this MfP1.

An ideal choice for small workteams of 3-5 users in any sized business who need an affordable, reliable, easy-to-use multifunction device to produce a wide range of high quality business documents. get fast print/copy speeds of up to 20 ppm Incredibly easy to install, use, share and maintain An intuitive control panel with 2.4/6 cm colour graphics display Use Next generation HP ColorSphere toner for a broad range of vibrant colours, high gloss, sharp text, and realistic


Instant-on copying and CCd scanning; scan to network folder Automatically scan, fax or copy via the 50-sheet Adf Easy and consistent network printing with HPs Universal Print driver

Buyers Laboratory (BLI) Pick Autumn 2008 Outstanding midsize workgroup colour printer

PRINT fASTER WITH HP COLOR LASERJET CM2320N MfP PRINTER QualityLogic Inc., an independent test firm, recently performed tests to compare the print throughput performance of the HP Color LaserJet CM2320n MfP (with Instant-on Technology) with a selection of competitive products from various manufacturers. The testing demonstrated that the HP Color LaserJet CM2320n MfP printed documents typical of a small/medium business environment faster from power save. Enabled by Instant-on Technology, the HP Color LaserJet CM2320n MfP delivered all of the pages in the print jobs sooner than the other MfPs tested, resulting in faster throughput for the entire job. Under these test conditions, the HP Color LaserJet CM2320n MfP outperformed the competitors.

The HP Color LaserJet CM2320n MfP printed the five-page test documents faster than the competitors (a shorter bar is faster). This data represents the average print time of all five-page documents printed from five test applications.
HP Colour LaserJet CM232n MFP Dell 2135cn Brother MFC 9440CN Samsung CLX 6200FX
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

Fifth of Five (sec.)

Third of Five (sec.)

First of Five (sec.)

Test results provided by QualityLogic. Tests were conducted under laboratory conditions and end-users results may vary. Research was commissioned by HP.

1 Available with CM2320nf and fxi MfP, attached to a network with persistent internet and email account access and no authentication requirements (additional requirements may apply).



now more than ever, we want to work together. the more we Can support eaCh other, the better off both of us will be. and one way hp wants to help your business is by giving you aCCess to the dynamiC new sales and marketing tools we have Created.
these tools will add real impact to your dialogue with customers and prospects, graphically demonstrating the power of hp products and proving, just as clearly, their cost effectiveness to you.

sales strategy: opening the Conversation

When it comes to talking to customers and prospects, youre the experts. but even experts can use a helping hand sometimes so here are some colour facts and insights you may find useful as conversation starters.
KEy REASONS CUSTOMERS CHOOSE HP you can count on HP for reliable products and support Industry product awards Highest overall customer satisfaction Most printers shipped HP printers are easy to use and manage Simplicity by design best in class manageability Easy tools to manage colour costs HP helps them to create impressive colour documents: Optimised for all documents (from invoices to marketing collateral) Smooth, crisp, clear appearance Uncompromising performance HP offers the right products for their business and budget HP offers a full portfolio Lowest supply interventions and low cost-per-page Supplies, service and support easily available including automated supplies ordering from HP In addition to the product specific cheat sheets provided within our playbook, here is an overview of how you might like to introduce the Officejet and LaserJet printer lines into your conversations: HOW TO SELL THE HP OffICEJET LINE Communicate the professional colour and low cost per page HP Officejet Pro products offer professional-quality colour for 50% less cost per page than lasers4 HP Officejet Pro products are extremely energy efficient: save running costs with up to 50% lower energy use than lasers4 HP Officejet Pro products feature individually replaceable new generation HP Officejet pigment inks specially formulated to deliver durable outputs HOW TO SELL THE HP COLOUR LASERJET LINE Communicate HPs leadership position in colour Colour market share leader, selling x 4 number of products compared to the nearest competitor deliver the print quality, performance and simplicity messages deliver strong total cost of ownership (TCO) messages to the customer develop demand generation collateral to drive sales Present and position HP Colour Printing Portfolio to cater to multiple customer needs

4 Majority of colour laser printers < 300/AiOs < 600, June 2008, OJ Pro with highest capacity cartridges. Energy use based on HP testing using the ENERgy STAR programmes TEC test method criteria. for details

sales strategy: hp print management solutions

In recent years, HP has developed an increasingly broad range of device-, network- and document-capture solutions under an overall banner of HP Print Management Solutions. Some, like HP Colour Access Control and HP Smart Template Printing, are specifically designed to help customers achieve differentiation through cost-effective use of colour, while others, such as HP Web Jetadmin, have benefits across the networks. What they have in common is that they have all been developed to help end customers manage their print infrastructures more easily, more cost effectively and more productively. And by enabling you to offer an end-to-end portfolio of services, we make it easier for you to build colour printing into an overall solution.
LESS HASSLE, MORE SECURITy HP UNIvERSAL PRINT dRIvER (UPd) Simplify the management of a whole range of different HP LaserJet printers and multifunction devices with the free-to-download HP Universal Print driver. A single driver streamlines printer integration, reduces help desk calls, cuts IT management costs and can even eliminate expensive print servers. PIN AUTHENTICATION Enhance document security across your organisation, quickly and easily with PIN authenticated printing. Sensitive documents can be sent to office MfPs without the risk of being read or picked up by the wrong person. With HP PIN Authentication, the printer will not release the file until the sender arrives and enters his or her unique PIN. MfP NETWORK USER AUTHENTICATION Use this network-wide solution to deliver secure printing to larger numbers of staff. documents are not printed until their owner is there to collect them and authenticates with his existing network username and password. This use of a single sign-on means the user does not need to memorise another pass code and the administrator does not need to maintain an additional user directory. MANAgEd PRINTINg, LOWEREd COSTS HP WEb JETAdMIN Centralise and streamline printer management and minimise operating costs with HP Web Jetadmin. free to download, this easy-to-use, web-based software solution boosts fleet management efficiency by allowing you to install, configure, monitor, troubleshoot and manage your printing and imaging devices from anywhere on the network. HP Web Jetadmin focuses on five key requirements: fleet deployment, problem resolution, proactive device management, security and trend reporting. HP EASy PRINTER CARE SOfTWARE Manage supplies, control colour use, monitor print usage and detect and fix known issues, all from one central location. HP Easy Printer Care allows easy management of a network of up to 20 printers without the need for any IT expertise. HP EMbEddEd WEb SERvER The HP Embedded Web Server offers a simple solution for large environments with a set number of IT devices. designed for one-to-one management, the HP Embedded Web Server allows your organisation to remotely install and configure individual devices, set alerts and gather basic page-count information. HP COLOUR ACCESS CONTROL Make best use of your colour printing resources with HP Colour Access Control available as standard on a growing number of HP LaserJet Color Printers and MfPs. Easy-to-use controls enable you to reduce costs by controlling, monitoring and tracking colour printing. you can limit colour access to certain users, even on shared printers; determine which kind of documents can use colour; disable colour completely; and keep track of usage and costs with detailed reports. bETTER ANd EASIER WORKfLOW HP SMART TEMPLATE PRINTINg Create your companys individual marketing collateral, letterheads, invoices and more, using ready-made templates stored in your printer memory. Save on the cost of pre-printed stationery while ensuring 100% compliance with your existing corporate Id its just like printing onto pre-printed material. HP dIgITAL SENdINg SOfTWARE Send and store digitised information to email, network folders, printers and fax services from your HP multifunction and stand-alone digital sending devices with this server-based software. Integrate paper documents into your existing electronic storage and distribution system to maximise return, improve productivity and reduce the costs of sharing and storing information. HP SMART dOCUMENT SCAN SOfTWAREL Streamline document capture processes by automating complex tasks and creating easily accessible scan profiles with this ISIS-based capture and routing application. Users and administrators can set parameters including paper size, resolution, file format, scan destination and more, and apply to documents at the touch of a button.

sales strategy: hp ContraCtual solutions portfolio

The convergence of the office printing and copying worlds presents a number of opportunities for HPs channel partners: the strength of HPs growing range of colour MfPs means that IT resellers can now chase business that was previously the sole preserve of the copier specialists, while copier resellers can take advantage of HPs broad colour portfolio which encompasses both and multifunction printers as well as dedicated document capture devices.
While increasing use of colour provides clear opportunity to grow business in what are clearly challenging times, many IT resellers face the challenge of delivering the one-stop-shop package (hardware, supplies and service) and usage-based billing models expected by customers in those sectors traditionally served by copier resellers. HP Contractual Services are a choice of proven, scalable and reliable solutions which provide optimised, managed and supported system infrastructures for the maintenance, delivery and disposal of printers, copiers and supplies. As an HP Channel Partner, you can select from this integrated portfolio to deliver the pay-per-use solutions that best meet the needs of your customers, and your own business model. CHANNEL-LEd PAy PER USE Some resellers already have the necessary infrastructure in place to deliver the usage-based billing solutions and provide the supplies and break fix support these customers are looking for. This is Channel-Led Pay Per Use. In essence, Channel-Led Pay Per Use is a marketing program for copier resellers wanting to sell HP products as part of their offering: HP provides tools, marketing funds, marketing material and, frequently, access to spare parts too, enabling these resellers to offer HP solution to their clients through their traditional business models. HP SMART PRINTINg SERvICES Creating a usage-based billing infrastructure from the ground up (i.e. putting into place all the systems and skills necessary to deliver full Cost Per Page invoicing, supplies provision and break fix support), would be a major and potentially very expensive exercise. And it is to overcome this problem that HP has developed Smart Printing Service. Under SPS, HP provides a complete package of supplies replenishment; remote monitoring, hardware maintenance and hotline support, and invoices the customer for this part of the contract through a choice of usage-based billing options (including HP Level Pay, a transparent, fixed payment model unique to HP). And the IT reseller supplies the hardware, financing (if required) and integration expertise. The only difference between this and Channel-Led PPU is that the customer typically receives two invoices: one from the reseller and one from HP. HP PAy fOR PRINT An alternative service for resellers to offer is HP Pay for Print, a usage-based billing model that includes automated supply, replenishment and disposal of HP toner/ink supplies, as well as extensive reporting features. Customers are not charged on a fixed cost per page basis, but on their actual supplies consumption, enabling them to simplify and automate their procurement processes and significantly reduce their printing related costs. This program is especially interesting for supplies resellers who want to increase customer loyalty by offering this solution. HP CAREPACKS The cost of break fix support calling out a service engineer when a printer or MfP develops a fault can be expensive, so HP has developed a peace of mind alternative in the form of Carepacks. Carepacks work like an insurance policy. for a fixed and comparatively small amount, product warranties can be extended by several years, ensuring that support is always on hand and, in the event of failure, operations will be up and running again at no additional expense.

sales strategy: obJeCtion handling

In general, customers bring up a number of (perceived) arguments against the adoption of Colour and in our experience, here are a few of them and our recommendation to overcome those barriers to purchase:
bARRIERS TO COLOUR AdOPTION Colour is too complex and too complicated Not everyone needs access to colour Colour is very expensive Theres no need for colour Colour is unreliable Colour is difficult and costly to maintain Colour is very slow The practical upshot of all these technical advances and enhancements is that colour printers are now every bit the corporate citizens, just as their black-and-white cousins are. One extremely important subject in the colour conversation is that of total cost of ownership. The initial cost of hardware is only one factor in calculating the overall cost of printing and HP has strong arguments at every level, including: Low cost of supplies more pages for your money means a low cost per page. Original HP toner can cost up to 55% less than the average remanufactured cartridge1. HP supplies reliability fewer problems and reprints means less waste and lower overall costs. Low running costs more and more HP products are now Energy Star qualified; HP LaserJets with Instant-on Technology use no more than 1 watt of power when left in powersave mode. MESSAgES TO OvERCOME THE bARRIERS Same ease of use as mono devices Access to colour can be controlled Colour was never as affordable as today Colour has significant advantages in communication Colour devices are as reliable as mono devices Colour is as convenient and easy to maintain as mono devices There are no real differences in speed Market-leading reliability low intervention rates and maximum uptime mean enhanced user producitivity. According to PC Magazines annual Service and Reliability surveys, HP has consistently offered the best service and reliability in the printer industry. In fact, combined with the falling price of colour printing and its tremendous impacts, it often makes more business sense to use colour printers for much of an organisations corporate printing, saving black and white only for specific high-volume jobs such as long financial or inventory reports that wouldnt benefit from the addition of colour

1 2008 independent study, performed by QualityLogic Inc. and commissioned by HP, compared Original HP LaserJet print cartridges with seven brands of remanufactured toner cartridges sold in Europe. Cost calculation based on the average results of the 2008 QualityLogic Monochrome Toner Reliability Comparison Study. Calculation includes cartridge replacement expenses, reprints and estimated labour costs.

marketing strategy: marketing Campaigns

Weve been talking and listening to a great many of you lately. And thats given us a much clearer picture of the challenges you face in these tough times.
We understand that, although SMbs are hugely diverse, right now they are united in their resistance to all but the sharpest, most relevant communications. As far as they are concerned, this is not the time for expensive conversations. They want immediate cost savings, and they expect their suppliers to help deliver them. given this, colour printing is likely to come under severe pressure. Many SMbs may well see it as an unjustifiable luxury in a recession, and be tempted to revert to mono printing. Our task is to demonstrate what we know to be true that this is a false economy. We need to maintain the position of colour printing among SMbs by: 1. dramatising how much colour helps them stand out, with all the consequent benefits to their business 2. Informing and reassuring them that it is not as expensive as they think Therefore, to drive home these messages, we have created two marketing campaigns, under the following titles: STANd OUT WITH HP COLOUR This campaign is aimed at the smaller end of the SMb market, powerfully showcasing the extra punch and professionalism colour printing delivers. It highlights how HP innovation is extending customer value. and COLOUR COSTS LESS This campaign is aimed at the whole SMb market, driving home the reassuring message that colour printing costs less than they might expect and can even be as inexpensive as black. both these campaigns are designed to give you the sales tools to directly address the needs of your customers. They are designed to generate the leads that, through follow-up calls and visits, will help you maintain your colour sales volumes and grow your business.

marketing strategy: target audienCe

We wanted to share with you some recent research conducted by HP that has identified some interesting facts relating to the industries with the greatest propensity to buy colour and the contacts with the most influence over the purchase decision.
from an industry perspective, research shows that certain industries are likely to be more receptive to these colour marketing campaigns than others: Regarding who you should be contacting from a decision hp drives inCreased making perspective, our in-house printing research has shown that the of marketing role of the decision maker differs depending on the size materials via onof the company. Historically, line tools and IT Managers have had the sole templates responsibility for purchasing print equipment within the SMb segment. However, recent research into the SMb universe has established that procurement is playing a more pivotal role within the decision making process and should therefore also be targeted within your marketing campaigns. The following graphic shows the relative purchasing influence that each role plays, depending on the size of the company:

for instance, the real estate sector is already making widespread use of colour to promote their activities; other sectors including private education, small finance, consultancy and recruitment also expect colour growth.

20% of real estate Companies expeCt Colour volume to inCrease

Again this will be driven by promotional activities, as well as the use of colour in teaching materials (education) and core deliverables (consultants and small finance). Consultancies are particularly IT literate organisations, generating large quantities of client facing printed material, both colour and mono. Real opportunities exist to maximise the role of colour in this process as well as cross sell in house printing solutions. by bringing in-house some of the print jobs that would previously have sent to a print shop, users can reduce costs, present a more professional image and eliminate the expense of carrying obsolete marketing materials. HP offers a whole range of web-based tools and resources including business identity kits, StockLayouts, image library, print preview software and a series of How-to guides and tools. Customers can also get logo, stationery, brochure design and more at a fraction of market cost with Logoworks by HP.

developing campaigns that target the right decision makers within the right industries will enable you to deliver a relevant message, drive a faster sales process and ultimately deliver a stronger ROI.

marketing strategy: reCommended ContaCt proCess

When it comes to leveraging marketing campaigns and optimising ROI, results have shown that repeated and consistent communication with the SMb base produces the greatest success. Therefore, in driving acquisition, it is advisable to follow a structured contact strategy. This strategy will most profitably feature a measured sequence of Email, direct Mail and Telemarketing communications. Each of these should build on a consistent core message, with a call to action included at each point of the process. At the same time, it is important to avoid the risk of exhausting the prospect universe. for example, we would never recommend contacting a company more often than once every 4 months. On a positive note, including a promotion within the marketing campaign is likely to drive a greater number of leads and faster close rates.

The MSA teams will be happy to offer you whatever support you require in the development and delivery of your direct marketing campaigns. you will find their contact details in the Key Contacts and Resources listing at the back of this guide.




alert the miCro end of the market to the real impaCt of Colour with this graphiC and distinCtive Campaign.

All of the following marketing assets will be available to you through Comoda, the HP Imaging and Printing Channel Partner Portal and a marketing asset kit coming to you shortly. Please work with your local Marketing Service Agency (MSA) to deliver these marketing campaigns to your prospects and customer base.

format: - Email; click here for download

format: - Open Indesign files - Pdf Sizes: - A5 folder, 4pp, self mailer; click here for download - Letter; click here for download - Envelope; click here for download

a3 poster
format: - Open Indesign files

a5 flyer
format: - Open Indesign files - Pdf

Catalogue ad template
format: - Open Indesign files - Pdf Sizes: - A4; click here for download - A5; click here for download - A6; click here for download

hp standout statiC

animated and statiC online banners

format: - Animated gIf - Static gIf Sizes: - Animated; click here for download - Static; click here for download




drive home a message every Customer and prospeCt will welCome that, with hp, Colour Just isnt as expensive as they think.

All of the following marketing assets will be available to you through Comoda, the HP Imaging and Printing Channel Partner Portal and a marketing asset kit coming to you shortly. Please work with your local MSA to deliver these marketing campaigns to your prospects and customer base.

dm: edm:
format: - Email; click here for download format: - Open Indesign files - Pdf Sizes: - A5 folder, 4pp, self mailer; click here for download

a5 flyer
format: - Open Indesign files - Pdf Sizes: - A5 folder, 4pp, self mailer; click here for download

a3 poster
format: - Open Indesign files - Pdf

Catalogue ad template
format: - Open Indesign files - Pdf Sizes: - A4; click here for download - A5; click here for download - A6; click here for download

hp standout statiC

animated and statiC online banners

format: - Animated gIf - Static gIf Sizes: - Animated; click here for download - Static; click here for download

marketing strategy: Customer testimonials

Exposing prospective clients to the positive experiences of existing customers can be a major factor in helping them reach the desired purchasing decision. you may find the following testimonials valuable as you follow up the current marketing campaigns.
The testimonials have been selected to highlight a variety of critical issues: THE IMPACT Of COLOUR ON bUSINESS London-based Eden brown delivers specialist recruitment, consultancy and training services to the Public and Technical Sectors, working in 17 different markets. Inevitably this involves generating a huge variety of sales, marketing and information materials. dependant on quality and stand out, but concerned at the high cost of external printing, Eden brown wanted an economical and reliable alternative and one that would also introduce greater flexibility. They chose to implement HP In-House marketing, using an HP Color LaserJet 9500mfp printer and an HP Color LaserJet 5550n printer. barkham Office furniture supplies high quality office furniture to businesses throughout the south-east of England. It wanted to be able to respond to customers needs faster by moving from a manual listing of its products to an electronic catalogue. To achieve this, having consulted HP partner vipamedia, it purchased HP technology that combined the Portfolio system with an HP Color LaserJet 5500 printer. The results have more than met barkhams expectations.

Using [the HP colour printers] to produce our own sales and marketing materials was an excellent decision. HP In-House Marketing gives us the flexibility and speed to meet changing demands and is very cost-effective when compared to external print. As soon as we started to use the 9500mfp we realised it did all these amazing things. It can print double sided on A3, staple and collate, saving us a lot of time and money. We think it is a fantastic machine.
Mei Ling Perryman, Marketing Executive, Eden Brown

Our HP printer and Vipamedias Portfolio software have played a major part in transforming our business. Our rapid response to enquiries and ability to produce high-class collateral specifically tailored to each customer, has enhanced the companys reputation and given us the edge over the competition.
Martin Thorburn, managing director, Barkham Office Furniture Castle Combe Racing School operates in the highly competitive arena of corporate entertainment, and relies heavily on generating strong, flexible marketing collateral. by choosing an HP In-House Marketing solution it has acquired the ability to produce, from its own resources, material that is both cost effective and can be tailored to specific requirements at very short notice.

TIME ANd COST SAvINgS german plumbing company Kettner & Hildenbrand wanted to reduce commercial print costs and print its spiralling volume of marketing and information materials more efficiently. It chose to bring its marketing print in-house with an HP Color LaserJet 5550. The result is greater efficiency, quicker turnarounds, better customer service and substantial cost savings.

A memorable day relies on the creativity of our staff and with HP In-House Marketing, if we can think of it, we can do it.
Rodney Gooch, general manager, Castle Combe Racing School

Spending 3,500 on a workgroup product has certainly paid off if we were to ask external print service providers to do what we are now doing in-house, then it would cost us 10,000 a year. Effectively, the LaserJet has paid for itself within 12 months.
Henning Meier, owner, Kettner & Hildenbrand

QUALITy, RELIAbILITy ANd CONSISTENCy Of HP PROdUCTS vS. COMPETITION vsZP, the largest general health insurer in Slovakia, wanted to find the most efficient and cost effective way to source the 7,000 ink and toner cartridges required annually for its multifunction and desktop HP printers. Having conducted exhaustive tests on non-HP cartridges, vsZP came to the conclusion that only HPs own branded cartridges achieved the consistently high quality of printing and more efficient workflow required to conduct its business.

Latvian bank Latvijas Krjbanka wanted a trackable and cost-effective print solution that would deliver the security and quality required by the banking industry. Having considered a range of other providers, the bank identified HP as offering the solution with the best price/performance ratio.

This project has brought substantial savings. The use of features like scan-to-email has reduced the amount of paper we use, and equipment servicing costs have also fallen.
Vitalis Sorokins, head of IT, Latvijas Krjbanka

Tests showed that it would be a mistake to move to non-HP print cartridgesHP Original Supplies are the clear choice for our business.
Pavel Hajdin, head of IT, VsZP When brunel University in the UK needed a reliable and efficient print and copy environment for its students, it chose HP Web Jetadmin. The result is a clear improvement on the previous arrangement.

HP AS A ONE STOP SHOP broekhuis Juweliers, a growing dutch jewellery business, needed an economical all-in-one printer to produce a wide variety of administrative and promotional literature, and to scan images for the company website. Installing an HP Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-One printer has met the requirement perfectly, in terms of both quality and economy.

Even though print volumes have increased, I am buying far less paper and the print environment is less expensive to run. I am pleased we worked with HP.
Jamet al-Karaghouli, Senior Retail Officer, Brunel University HP ANd THE ENvIRONMENT Leading UK financial services group friends Provident wanted to improve the efficiency of its printing environment while also fulfilling the aims of its strict environmental policy. After analysing the performance of both remanufactured toner cartridges and HP Original Supplies, friends Provident saw that only the HP Original option could match the ambitious environmental standard required.

I wouldnt hesitate in recommending this HP Officejet Pro to other businesses. It has been completely trouble-free in operation, fast, functional, and overall it has a solid, professional, quality feel about it.
Remco Broekhuis, director, Broekhuis Juweliers Kender Thijssen Solutions, one of the Netherlands leading ICT suppliers, wanted a standardised, cost effective print environment that would enable a better fit with its business processes. In a three-year HP Smart Pagedeal contract, it found the complete answer.

Our move to using only HP Original Supplies is an important step in our supplies programme which aims to reinforce our corporate commitment to the environment.
Dawn Dew, contracts manager, Friends Provident

Weare already experiencing the advantages of increased support for our business processes and reduced print-management complexity; we can now focus on our core business, not on managing printers and copiers.
Bart Mulder, Manager of business information, Kender Thijssen.

PORTfOLIO PROdUCT RANgE Jordans Cairo Amman bank wanted a workgroupprinting environment across its branch and office network to boost security, manageability and efficiency while also lowering total cost of ownership. by selecting a complete print, copy, fax and scan-to-email solution from HP and Jordan data Systems, it was able to meet all it objectives and lower TCO by a predicted 20-30%.

The bank now benefits from better security, lower maintenance and increased efficiency. But most importantly, HP multifunctional products will cut costs and enhance our customer service.
Omar Yacoub, head of IT, Cairo Amman Bank



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