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IN RE TV LICENCE For Use/Application When/If you receive a personal visit from a representative of the TV Licensing Authority AND NOT BEFORE 1. You should warmly invite the representative of the Authority into your home, and conduct him/her to a comfortable chair from which he/she can easily see your television, whilst holding a cup of tea/coffee etc that you have provided. NB. Your Visitor will be totally unaccustomed to warmth of reception &/or hospitality and the move of making him/her entirely comfortable with you SHOULD serve to provide you with The High Ground that is necessary for you to conduct the ongoing exercise. PLEASE ARRANGE TO TAKE A FULL RECORDING OF ALL ONGOING CONVERSATION HAVING ADVISED YOUR VISITOR THAT THE TAPE-MACHINE IS SWITCHED ON AND THAT THE CONTENT OF THE TAPE WILL BE PRODUCED IN EVIDENCE, AS NECESSARY. 2. At this point, YOU MUST TAKE A FULL COPY OF THE IDENTITY CARD THAT HE/SHE IS REQUIRED TO CARRY AT ALL TIMES, whilst explaining to him/her that you need a copy of the card for your own legal file, AND FOR ALL PURPOSES OF IDENTIFYING HIM/HER WHEN YOU ARE APPLYING TO THE COURT FOR WITNESS ORDERS. NB. Have a Cloth available to mop up any tea or coffee that may be spilled by your visitor at this point of the proceedings! 3. Having obtained the required clear photo-copy of the Identity Card, then you must switch on the TV as necessary, for all purposes of ensuring that your visitor can see for himself/herself that you possess a TV Set that is fully operational. NB. A demonstration of several different channels may be both useful & necessary, because it is unlikely that your visitor will belong to an intelligent species! 4. When you are satisfied that your visitor is fully aware of the fact that you are using (and have demonstrated to him/her) an operational TV set, you should then advise your visitor, as follows a) The Treason & Felony Act 1848 forbids you to give Aid or Comfort to Traitors, on penalty of imprisonment for life and this same Act provides for all accomplices to Treason to be similarly imprisoned! Has he/she considered the great possibility that he/she is now being called upon to act as an accomplice to Treason? You advise him/her that a Senior Official of the BBC has openly-confessed that the BBC has wilfully committed a most deliberate Act of Treason Against the Crown, and that the taped evidence of this confession now exists and will be produced to the Courts, as necessary.

In view of this information, the legal responsibility to withhold from the BBC ALL funds and ALL cooperation of any kind, is now imposed upon you, for the foreseeable future. b) The Royal Charter which provides for the legal existence of the BBC places the burden of responsibility for maintaining the terms of the Charter squarely on the BBC itself, both directly and by all Agents & Servants of the Corporation, including both him/her and his/her own employers and a Senior Official of the BBC has publicly acknowledged that the terms of the Charter have NOT been maintained. Once again, the evidence in support of your claim will be provided to the Courts, as necessary and in due time. NB. Provide your visitor with no detailed information in re a) & b) because the burden of establishing all/any allegations made against you is a matter for him/her, and not a matter for you! If he/she conducts a full and diligent investigation into your allegations for himself/herself, then he/she will find confirmation of your Statements for himself/herself and will then find that he.she is unwilling to proceed against you. On the other hand, if he/she fails to investigate your claims in full, then the evidence placed before the Courts will serve to demonstrate that he/she has failed to conduct a full and necessary investigation, before bringing the issues to trial. 5. Finally, and in an attempt to be helpful to him/her, you can tell him/her that investigations into the management of the BBC have revealed that the BBC has been receiving massive payments from the European Union, in breach of the funding provisions made by the Royal Charter. You should advise your visitor that there are many other breaches to the Charter, of course, but you think it fair to bring this particular breach to his/her attention, because this particular breach represents yet another action in support of the treason against the Crown, to which you have previously referred!

6. He/she is already on notice that he/she is to be called as a witness at any Court Proceedings, and within
your conversation you can gently make him/her aware of the fact that he/she would be very wise to investigate the substance of your allegations before things are allowed to get that far! 7. All in all, your visitor should be invited to write to the BBC himself/ herself, asking for detailed comment and guidance on the points that you have made Just to keep himself/herself on the right side of the law (by demon-strating in written form that he/she is innocent of any intended collaboration With Traitors & Criminals). Needless to say, you would like a copy of any such letter, for your own Legal file.(He/She will refuse to provide any such copy, but the tape - Recording will serve to confirm your request). 8. In the meantime, you look forward to a further meeting with him/her, at which time he/she will be able to report on progress, and take the matter forward, as necessary. (This part of the tape will serve to emphasise that YOU have no intention of running away from the fight and that YOU are concerned to see the issues resolved!) The issues are clearly very important to all concerned, and your visitor Must be assured of your utmost cooperation in making sure that these issues are properly and lawfully resolved.