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1-500 AD (approximately)-Nursing care mostly included hygiene and comfort needs of persons

and families. Religious organizations were the provided carers.

55 AD - Phoebe is nursing histories most noted deaconess. 380 AD - The first general hospital is established in Rome by Fabiola. 16th century
The Reformation - The 16th century was the time of the Reformation when the breakdown of religious orders meant that hospitals and nursing care seriously deteriorated. Women were expected to remain in the home caring for families thus depleting the numbers of practicing

nurses. 17th century:

Sisters of Charity 1633 The founding of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, Servants of the Sick Poor by Sts. Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac. The community would not remain in a convent, but would nurse the poor in their homes. 1654 and 1656 Sisters of Charity care for the wounded on the battlefields at Sedan and Arras in France.

18th century:
1755 Rabia Choraya, head nurse or matron in the Moroccan Army. She traveled with Braddocks army during the French & Indian War. She was the highest-paid and most respected woman in the army.

19th century
1853 Crimean war 1854 Nightingale appointed as the Superintendent of Nursing Staff 1855 Nightingale Fund established 18611865 The Civil war, American Army nurses corps 1872, 73 formal nursing training programs were established, establishment of formal education 1820 - Florence Nightingale is born at Villa La Columbaia in Florence (12 May). 1838 - The first trained nurses arrived in Sydney, they were five Irish Sisters of Charity

1844 Dorothea Dix testifies to the New Jersey legislature regarding the state's poor treatment of patients with mental illness. 1844 - Florence Nightingale travels to Kaiserworth, Germany to start to learn nursing from the Institution of Deaconesses. She stayed for three months. 1848 -The Yarra Bend Asylum was opened so that those mentally ill could be moved out of gaol. This Asylum was later known as Melbourne.

Florence Nightingale 1850 Florence Nightingale, a pioneer of modern nursing, begins her training as a nurse at the Institute of St. Vincent de Paul at Alexandria, Egypt. 1851 - Florence Nightingale completed her nursing training at Kaiserwerth, Germany, a Protestant religious community with a hospital facility. She was there for approximately 3 months, and at the end, her teachers declared her trained as a nurse. Florence Nightingale 1853 Florence Nightingale went to Paris to study with the Sisters of Charity and was later appointed superintendent of the English General Hospitals in Turkey. 1854 - The first lunatic asylum built. Opened in Wellington, New Zealand 1854 Florence Nightingale and 38 volunteer nurses are sent to Turkey on October 21 to assist with caring for the injured of the Crimean War. 1868 - Sir Henery Parkes requested that Nightingale is to provide trained nurses for New South Wales. (Crisp, J., & Taylor, C. (2009) Milestones in nursing history. Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing(3rd ed., p. 4).Chatswood, Australia: Elsevier Australia. 1873 Linda Richards is graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children Training School for Nurses and officially becomes America's First Trained Nurse. 1873 The nation's first nursing school, based on Florence Nightingale's principles of nursing, opens at Bellevue Hospital, New York City 1876 The Japanese term ("Kangofu" or nurse) is used for the first time. 1881 Clara Barton becomes the first President of the American Red Cross, which she founded, on May. 21 1886 The Nightingale, the first American nursing journal, is published.

1893 Lillian Wald, the founder of Visiting Nurse Service of New York in the U.S., begins teaching a home class on nursing for Lower East Side (New York) women after a trying time at an orphanage where children were maltreated. 1893 The Nightingale Pledge, composed by Lystra Gretter, is first used by the graduating class at the old Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan in the spring. 1897 The American Nurses Association holds its first meeting in February, as the "Associated Alumnae of Trained Nurses of the United States and Canada". 1899 The International Council of Nurses is formed.

20th century
1900 Dame Agnes Gwendoline Hunt, the founder of orthopaedic nursing, opens a convalescent home for crippled children at Florence House in Baschurch which espouses the yet-unproven theory of open-air treatment. 1902 Ellen Dougherty of New Zealand becomes the first registered nurse in the world on February 10. 1909 The American Red Cross Nursing Service is formed. [19] 1910 Florence Nightingale at the age of 90 years, on august the 13th dies. 1982 - Florence Nightingale Trust was created