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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management(SIBM) Bangalore presents

BIG Fight-An Open House Discussion

Debate Topic - Logjam on FDI
SIBM Bangalore proudly presents BIG Fight-an open house discussion among the students of SIBM, Bangalore. The theme of discussion will be Logjam on FDI and it is scheduled as: Date Friday, 21th December 2012 SIBM Bangalore, 95/1, 95/2, Electronics City, Phase-1, Hosur Road, Bangalore 6.30 PM onwards

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The recent cabinet decision on FDI be it retail, Insurance or aviation has triggered a protest by opposition and key allies of the ruling UPA government, who are demanding a roll back on policy. Hours of long meeting in the Parliament failed to resolve the logjam in the two houses. The striking features for the key discussion shall be: Though at present 53 cities with population not less than 10 lakh in the country have been identified for FDI in retail and various riders are associated with FDI in other sectors will it boost the economic growth or ruin the internal structure of the sector? Will the Indian Companies be able to match the expectation and handle the competition? What does FDI have for the common man? What do Management Students think and perceive about FDI? The mission is to seek answers to these vital questions from the knowledge and experience of the esteemed students of SIBM Bangalore. The event promises to be a huge learning experience giving chance to the students to express their views on the burning topic which is FDI. It shall also be Debate competition to provide a platform for all the students to express their views and prove their mettle in a competitive environment. We would like to invite you for the event Big Fight on 21 th December 2012 at SIBM, Bangalore.

About SIBM Bangalore: SIBM started in 1978, and since then has been synonymous with progress. The trend of progress has been continued by setting up of SIUs first campus outside Maharashtra at Bangalore in 2008. SIBM Bangalore provides a holistic approach to management which goes a long way in creating a dynamic identity. It is crucial for us that the correct name of the college- Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore (SIBM Bangalore) is mentioned in media, since we are a different entity, not to be confused with SIBM Pune. For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release including exact quotes of the speakers and photos, contact the below.

Contact Information: SIBM Bangalore

Ms. Shreya Gupta

96203 41440

Mr Anand Bhate
97427 83059

SIBM Bangalore, 95/1, 95/2, Electronics City, Phase-1, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560 100

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