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Motion is our business

Bucharest, Romania

Grampet Group Grup Feroviar Romn (GFR) Bulgarian Railway Company (BRC) Train Hungary (TH) Grampetcargo Austria Rolling Stock Company (RSCO) Remar Pa[cani Reva Simeria Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr - Hungary Reloc Craiova Grampet Logistics Romania Eurorail Serbia Eurorail Company Moldova Eurorail Ukraine Eurorail Logistics Germany Trans Expedition Feroviar (TEF) Transbordare Vagoane Marf` (TVM) Grampet Service GFR Logistic Brazi Institutul pentru Tehnic` de Calcul (ITC)

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Motion is our business

In the XXI century, the ones who succeed are the ones who have the ability to anticipate the trends and who have the strength to keep up with the more accelerated rhythm of a world in a continuous movement. Distances are smaller, time is shorter, goods travel more, faster and further. From its beginning, Grampet Group was a leader of freights from Central and South - Eastern Europe, having the necessary vision and strength to turn its vision into reality. The company, with its headquarters in Romania, managed in record time to extend in nine countries, drawing a genuine iron spine of Central and South - Eastern Europe, connecting the west of Europe to the shore of the Black Sea. The future expansions will bring the finalization of our project: the capacity to offer integrated logistics services on the routes that link The North Sea to The Adriatic Sea, The Black Sea and The Aegean Sea. Soon we will be able to connect to The Middle East through the agreement signed with Turkey, becoming the most important strategic player of this region. Grampet Group means the continuation of a vision had more than ten years ago: the facilitation of the access towards Asia- the most important pole of capital and production nowadays. I have the faith that in the shortest time we will transform from the most important regional player into one of the most important European players, into a global player. It is certain that Grampet Group is in the first line, leading the offense for a bigger connection, because we understood that future doesnt only need to be expected, but also welcomed.

Gruia Stoica
President of Grampet Group

Bucharest, Romania

Grampet Group
Grampet Group is the largest private rail group in Romania and in South-Eastern Europe. Set up in 1999, Grampet Group includes several companies with activities in all railway sectors, from the transport of goods, rolling stock manufacturing and repairs to logistics management. Grampet Group puts together complex programmes for the development and modernization of member-companies and is responsible for the strategic control of all its divisions. In the past years, the group has extended its activity and currently it provides services in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Grampet owns the biggest private railway operator in Romania, Grup Feroviar Romn. In Bulgaria the group operates through Bulgarian Railway Company and Train Hungary, thus succeeding in delivering integrated transport and logistics services to its customers.

The range of services and products offered by Grampet Group companies cover all the services in the railway sector: Integrated services of freight railway transport Building, repairs and modernization of rolling stock Production of spare parts for the railway industry Lease of rolling stock Freight transhipment Logistic services IT solutions for the railway operators to maximize their efficiency. Promoting a highly competitive level and always focused on its customers needs, with a marketshare increasing every year, Grampet Group has become a strong presence in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In the next period, Grampet Group will expand its activity in the Czech, Slovakian and Greek markets. At the same time, procedures for the establishment of two forwarding companies in Kazakhstan and China have been initiated. In this way, Grampet Group will be able to provide railway transport and logistics services to its customers on the routes linking the North Sea to the Adriatic and Black Sea. The integration of these services is a strong advantage of the group, with a decisive impact on making the activity efficient and providing its customers complete solutions which help them save time and money.

Grampet Group aims at becoming a strategic player in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

We are committed to good quality and serving our clients in the best possible way, every day, everywhere.

Grampet was set up in 1999 aiming to integrate all our business in the railway sector. Since then, the company has been growing every year, adding value to its services by integrating new companies into the group and expanding its area of services. Grampet Group Grup Feroviar Romn (GFR) Bulgarian Railway Company (BRC) Train Hungary (TH) Grampetcargo Austria Rolling Stock Company (RSCO) Remar Pa[cani Reva Simeria Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr - Hungary Reloc Craiova Forwarding Companies Grampet Logistics Romania Eurorail Serbia Eurorail Company Moldova Eurorail Ukraine Eurorail Logistics Germany Trans Expedition Feroviar (TEF) Transbordare Vagoane Marf` (TVM) Grampet Service GFR Logistic Brazi Institutul pentru Tehnic` de Calcul (ITC)

Grampet Group companies:

Grup Feroviar Romn

Grup Feroviar Romn, Grampet Groups most important project, is the biggest private rail transport operator in Romania, which has managed to expand its activity beyond the countrys borders, thus becoming one of the most important players in the field. The company imposed itself on the rail transport market by delivering the best services at competitive prices.

Technical support
Currently, GFR owns and manages 275 locomotives and 9.930 wagons and also manages private wagons for which it provides traction drive. The exploitation activity is carefully monitored and assessed by means of integrated IT systems that process and provide data regarding the real time transport and conditions.

Market position Services

GFR provides national and international transport railway services, as well as related services, according to customers needs: Rail freight transport in internal and international traffic Wagon shunting services on industrial platforms Revision and current maintenance of locomotives and freight wagons Freight wagon lease Locomotive lease Railway logistics In Hungary and in Bulgaria, GFR works with Train Hungary, respectively Bulgarian Railway Company, two other railway transport companies belonging to Grampet Group. Therefore, GFR provides integrated transport services to its customers. GFR is the largest private freight operator in Romania and the second in the country, after the state company. GFR is also a national leader in the transport of petroleum products. At the same time, the company has extended its activity in the transport of other products, such as coal, aggregates, broken stone, slag, cement, clinker, cereals etc. Last year, GFR achieved the performance of carrying over 1 million net tons per month.

Railway organizations
GFR is a member of UIC - since December 2003 (HQ in Paris, France) OCCF - since April 2004 (HQ in Varsow, Poland) CIT - since August 2004 (HQ in Bern, Switzerland) GCU(AVV) - since June 2006 (HQ in Brussels, Belgium) CER - since May 2007 (HQ in Brussels, Belgium) USER - since January 2012 ( HQ in Bucharest, Romania) FIATA - since 2012 (HQ in Bern, Switzerland)

GFR began its activity in 2001, as a shunting operator, shortly becoming a rail transport operator. Between 2002 and 2005, GFR extends its market share of petroleum products. In 2006, the company began international freight transport, the following next year it performed transport operations across all the Southern and Western frontiers. Two years later, GFR became the first private Romanian operator to collaborate with the Ukrainian National Railway Company. In 2010, GFR began freight transport in the Republic of Moldova.

Contracts of collaboration
GFR has concluded contracts of collaboration with: BZD (the national rail freight operator in Bulgaria) ZS (the national railway company in Serbia) UZ (the national railway company in Ukraine) CFM (the national railway company in the Republic of Moldova) Bulgarian and Hungarian private rail freight operators

Main customers
OMV Petrom Rompetrol Lukoil Conpet Dacia Renault Holcim LaFarge ArcelorMittal

Certifications and authorizations

TUV Austria for Management System according to EN ISO 6001:2000 for rail freight transport AFER (Romanian Railway Authority) SR EN ISO 9001:2001 AFER SR EN ISO 14001:2005 AFER OHSAS 18001:2004 Environment Authorization No. 1/23.01.2009 (the first environment authorization issued in Romania at a national level)

Bulgarian Railway Company

Bulgarian Railway Company, member of Grampet Group, performs rail freight transport activities locally, internationally and by transit via Bulgaria, as well as other activities specific to rail freight transport: transport logistics wagon shunting elaboration of transport documents. Based on its accumulated experience, as well as the efficiency and the quality of its services, Bulgarian Railway Company aims to become a world-class service company.

Technical support
Bulgarian Railway Company uses electric, diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives of various powers, for train haulage on all line categories, as well as for wagon shunting. Transport is made with wagons owned by Bulgarian Railway Company or with wagons owned by its customers. These wagons may be of various types: open, covered, platform, tank and other. The company headquarters is situated in Sofia and the regional work points are situated in: Varna Burgas Gorna Oryahovitsa Ruse Plovdiv

History International Railway Organizations

Bulgarian Railway Company is a member of: CIT - Comit International des Transports Ferroviaires UIC - International Union of Railways CER - The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies GCU (AVV) - General Contract of Use for Wagons Bulgarian Railway Company is a company with integrally private social capital. The company has been established in 2005 as the first private rail freight operator in Bulgaria.

Certifications and authorizations

National License No. 201/2005 for rail freight transport on TUV Rheinland rail line for Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2008 for rail freight transport Safety Certificate No. 40/2005, issued by the Transport Research of Sofia

Train Hungary
Train Hungary, member of Grampet Group, provides railway freight transport and forwarding services on the entire Hungarian territory. Train Hungary successfully meets all freight transport requirements, whether conventional or combined traffic, domestic or transit traffic. Due to the mother companys support and to its collaboration with railway operators from the neighboring countries, Train Hungary provides a full range of services to its customers. The headquarters of the company is situated in Budapest.

Railway transport for regular or irregular block trains Block train composition with corresponding wagons and railway traction on the entire route Shunting in private shunting stations or industrial stations Traction and shunting within railway construction works Train and wagon group composition in the region of Zahony, towards and from CIS countries Freight handling between standard gauges and large gauges Cost coverage as first contractor railway operator, regarding international block trains Customs clearance Road traction, in addition to rail transport

Technical support
The rolling stock fleet of Train Hungary includes 6 electric locomotives type LE 5100 4 diesel locomotives type LDE 2100 225 wagons (Eakkmos, Uagps, Eacs etc.)

History Railway organizations

Train Hungary is a member of: Hungarian Freight Transport Association - HUNGRAIL Forum Train Europe Rail Net Europe (RNE) Train Hungary was set up in 2005 in Debrecen and it began its activity in January 2006. The majority shareholder is Grampet Group.

Contracts of collaboration
Train Hungary has concluded contracts of collaboration with national or private freight operators from Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine or Germany.

Certifications and authorizations

MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 (ISO 14001:2004) Environment Management System MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008) Quality Management System


Grampetcargo Austria
Grampetcargo Austria is one of the youngest companies of Grampet Group. Together with the mother company, we are experts in the railway logistics from Central and South- Eastern Europe. The company offers complete solutions in the railway logistics and our logistic and railway freight experts make sure to offer advice and support to its customers. Being managed directly by the mother company, Grampetcargo Austria guarantees the rapidity and quality of the decisions, to the customers advantage.

Grampetcargo Austria offers the following services: Complete railway logistic services solutions Railway freight Supply of freight wagons Load tracking Logistic consultancy Consultancy for optimizing combined modes of transport Consultancy for minimizing the "CO2 mark" Railway logistics consultancy Complete solutions for business and network - specific SCEM (Supply Chain Event Management) We are a company that brings innovation. Our customers say we are the perfect solution for partnerships regarding supply chain management, with a state -of-the art technology. We are a customer oriented company. Our whole strength and energy focus on being the customers partner and solving all their problems.

Grampetcargo Austria was set up in April 2012 and the shareholder is Grampet Group.

Taking into account the collaboration with the other railway transport companies from Grampet Group, from Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, we can offer our customers an excellent price-quality rate.

The company targets Top 100 Austria customers from different fields of activity, but also international railway transport companies.


Rolling Stock Company

The main object of activity of Rolling Stock Company, member of Grampet Group, is wagon and locomotive leasing not only in Romania, but also in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Due to the quality of its services, Rolling Stock Company has consolidated its position on the rolling stock lease market in Central and South-Eastern Europe and it has extended its collaboration with railway companies, forwarding companies and authorized operators of freight rail transport.

Technical support
Rolling Stock Company offers to its customers the following types of locomotives and wagons: Locomotives Electric and diesel-electric locomotives are used for the haulage of heavy freight trains and shunting services in railway and shunting stations. The locomotives are provided with equipments and systemfor increasing their feasability. Electric locomotives LE 5100 Kw Diesel-electric locomotives LDE 2100 CP Wagons The wagons are fit for the transport of several types of goods, under conditions of maximum safety. Tank wagons for the transport of petro-chemical products, Zas, Zaes series Open wagons for the transport of bulk products, Eaos series Open wagons for the transport of containers, palletized goods, Rgs series Specialized wagons for the transport of cereals, Uagps series Specialized, open, auto-discharging wagons for the transport of coal, Fals series Rolling Stock Company aims at the continuous quality improvement of its services, but also to the observance of environmental, respectively operational health and safety conditions (SSO).

Set up in 2007, Rolling Stock Company is a private trade company with integrally Romanian capital. Its shareholders are two of the most important companies on the Romanian railway operators market: Grup Feroviar Romn, member of Grampet Group, and Societatea Na]ional` de Transport Feroviar de Marf` "CFR Marf`" (the national company of rail freight transport).

Certifications and authorizations

Rolling Stock Company uses rolling stock similar to the one used in all European countries. The wagons and the locomotives are modernized in accordance with the requirements imposed by European railway legislation. In order to provide guarantees for the rolling stock put at the disposal of its customers, Rolling Stock became, in 2008, a member of CGU (General Contract for Use of Wagons) and UIC (International Union of Railways). The quality of company management is confirmed by the certificate regarding the implementation and the maintenance of an integrated quality management system, issued by the certification organization TUV Austria, at the beginning of 2009.


Remar Pa[cani
With a tradition and an experience of more than 140 years, Remar Pa[cani, member of Grampet Group, is one of the largest Romanian companies in the field of passenger and freight wagon construction and repair. During the last years, Remar Pa[cani has distinguished itself on the local market through the development and the implementation of its own "Re-designed and re-built" (R&R) concept. This concept can be applied to used railway vehicles (passenger coaches, Diesel Multiple Units, trams), but the final configuration guarantees a performance similar to new ones, at significantly reduced costs. Together with the implementation of the R&R concept, Remar Pa[cani has put at the disposal of its customers an integrated package of services: consultancy, know-how, design, fabrication, testing, starting up, staff training, warranty and post warranty, complex services and turn key projects.

Products: Remar Pa[cani provides the following wagon types: for inter-regional, regional or metropolitan traffic, class I, class II or combined basic organization version: salon or compartmented special organization: bar, caf bar, meeting room, children's area, area for disabled people, area for ski or bikes, etc standard equipment at the actual technical level, without any requirements of further medium-term improvements Remar has also started to work on projects for new constructed railway vehicles: DMU with 3 coaches - speed 120 km/h; Sleeping coach, first class and second class - speed 200 km/h; Monovolume coach - speed 160 km/h;

Certifications and authorizations

Railway Supplier License, AF 5052 series, issued by AFER; International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), Revision 02, May 2009; SSO certificate no. 080 according to SR OHSAS 18001: 2008 for implementing a management system in health and safety at work; SMM certificate no. 106, according to SR EN ISO 14001: 2005 for implementing an environment management system;

Services and products

Services (for wagons owned by the customer): General or capital repair - RK type Re-design, reconstruction and modernization All services can be adjusted to customer needs, starting from the minimum level of repair and adjustment of wagon parameters to their initial level, up to complete services of re-design, reconstruction and modernization of all wagon sub-systems.

The largest railway centre in Romania, CFR Pa[cani Workshops, was set up in 1869. Between 1936 and 1938, the company develops due to the construction of new halls and of an electric plant. In 1969, the company goes through a large specialization process due to the development of the local market. In 1992, Remar becomes a state-owned company and in 2004 is privatized: the majority share package is taken over by Grup Feroviar Romn.

Technical support
Starting with 2007, Remar Pa[cani benefited from an important investment program for technology, know-how and human resources. The most important technical competences of the company are: Specialized cutting installation (Trumpf Laser installation generation 2011 for thin sheets, Oxytome cutting installation for thick sheets); Specialized primer and sand blasting cabin for profiles, plates, spare parts, customized sandblasting installation, painting and drying cabin for car bodies and bogies; Specialized technological line for metal works (Okuma CNC lathes machinery , vertical CNC milling centers Okuma , roller CNC machinery for tubes and pipes 2011 generation); Special line for primary suspension - coil and sheet springs; Specialized line for axles and wheels (Okuma CNC lathe machines , heating ovens for tires); Customized workshop for manufacturing and assembling of motorized and trailer bogies (Okuma CNC vertical center, Fanuc welding robot , specialized tooling); Customized workshops for car body welding subassemblies and assemblies (Kawasaki welding robot, special tooling); Specialized workshop for reception of passenger carriages and DMUs with pits with variable gauge; Specialized measuring and control equipment (Mitutoyo CNC measuring table, under loading bogie testing installation, CNC equipment for spring pressing tests, special equipment for nondestructive testing, magnetic powder cracks' equipment for axels and wheels Karl Deutsh); Dedicated laboratories for physical and mechanical testing.


Reva Simeria
With a tradition of 142 years, Reva Simeria, member of Grampet Group, is one of the largest Romanian companies in the field of freight rolling stock construction, repair and modernization. The activity of Reva Simeria is focused on the following specializations: Tank wagon repair and containers revision Tank and freight wagon construction, repair and revision

Specific services
Revision and repair of freight wagons series: F, T, U, R, K ,E,S, L, H Revision and repair of tank wagon series Z Modernization of wagons series E , L, F Repair of components (buffers, springs, brakes, etc.) Repair of mounted axles IS2

Technical support
The company has specific units and workshops, assembly units, sanding stations, dying and drying stations, forge and arching workshops, mechanic processing, tool houses, chemical testing laboratory, metrological laboratory, nondestructive testing laboratory, as well as technological performance testing laboratory.

Design, fabrication, repair and modernization of railway wagons Fabrication and reconditioning of spare pieces for railway rolling stock Fabrication of metallic constructions and other industrial products Executions of stands, installations for civil and industrial constructions, SDVs, forged and moulded pieces, accessories for machine tools, oxygen bottling Import, export and commercialization of railway rolling stock, raw materials and products

The main internal customers are Grup Feroviar Romn, Rolling Stock Company, SNTFM CFR - Marf` Bucharest, Petrom, Oltchim Rmnicu-Vlcea. REVA has executed and has ongoing contracts with more than 20 external customers from Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Republic of Macedonia.

Set up in 1869, Reva Simeria is situated in the Western part of Romania, in a city known as an important railway junction point. In 1992, Riva Simeria became a share company with majority state capital and in 2001 it was privatized by tender, its majority shareholder being Grampet Group.

Certifications and authorizations

SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate - AFER Bucharest SR OHSAS 18001: 2008 Work Health and Safety Management Certificate - AFER Bucharest DIN EN 15085-2: Certificate for welding procedures applied for freight wagon construction and repair, including subassemblies - TUV SUD RID License for the execution of welding works for tank wagon reservoirs - TUV SUD - EBA SR EN ISO 17025: Nondestructive testing laboratory certificate - RENAR Bucharest EN 473:2008: END operator certificates (UT,PT,MT VT) - ISIM Timisoara and AFER Bucharest AFER BUCURESTI: Railway Supplier Authorization VPI DB SCHENKER: REVA Authorization - 874 for the revision of wagons, axles and components SNCF MAINTENANCE: Agreement for wagon revisions in compliance with ITM 70 002 and ITM 70 003. Authorizations from BDZ Bulgaria, TDT Poland, ISCIR Romania


Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr

The main activity performed by Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr, member of Grampet Group, is freight wagon repair and construction and it has a tradition of more than one century in this field.

At a national level, Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr is a leader in the repair of wagons for gas transport, and in Europe it occupies an important place in the repair of freight and tank wagons. The company has a rich experience in the repair and modernization of tanks, with and without thermical insulation. Every year, Grampet Debrecen Vagongyar makes capital repairs and modernizations of more than 300 tank wagons.

Freight wagon repair and revision Tank wagon revision and repair Freight wagon fabrication Wagon reconstruction and modernization Fabrication and repair of spare parts Repair of mounted axles, replacement of monoblock wheels and axles (IS2 and IS3) Fabrication of welded metallic carcasses Inside and outside cleaning of tank wagons that transport black and white material An important factor in the development of the company is the fact that it boasts of qualified staff, as well as equipment and technical facilities that can ensure the continuous growth of quality and the supply of prompt services to the customers. In order to satisfy customers demands, Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr has been one of the first plants to introduce the ISO Quality Management System. Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr works especially for the external market and its customers are companies from Germany, Austria, France, Romania, Switzerland or Slovacia.


Grampet Debrecen Vagongyr has a tradition of more than 110 years in the field of freight wagon repair and fabrication. During all these years, it has acquired an extensive experience and it is recognized as one of the important profile companies on the Hungarian market.

Certifications and authorizations

ISO 9001:2008 - Certificate for the introduction and use of Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 3834-2 - Certificate of conformity for welding workshops EN 15085-2 - Certificate for welding procedures applied for freight wagon construction and repair, including subassemblies AD 2000 - Merkblatt HP0 - Certificate for the fabrication by welding of reservoirs under pressure RID - Licence for the execution of welding works for tank wagon reservoirs BB Authorization - Execution of RP and RC for private and own freight wagons inscribed in the BB wagon fleet VPI Authorization - Execution of RC and RP for wagons subject to VPI provisions DIN ISO 9001 - DB Supplier Qualification (Q2) AFER Authorization - Repair of wagons inscribed in the Romanian rail fleet

The plant was privatized in 2009 and the majority shareholder is Grampet Group.


Reloc company was set up in 1968 and it has a rich tradition and experience in locomotive repair and modernization. In 2012 it was taken over by Grampet Group.

Reloc is one of the most recent acquisitions of Grampet Group, its main activity being locomotive repair and modernization.

Technical Support
Reloc company owns divisions and specific workshops, with modern equipment necessary for the locomotive repair and modernization, operating standards laboratory, physicochemical laboratory, assay stands, but also a division for the production of spare parts for locomotives.

Locomotive repair - Reloc Craiova carries out repairs for: Electric power Diesel locomotive 1250 - 1400 HP Electric power locomotive 3400 kw and 5100 kw ASEA license Diesel Electric railway crane with a lifting load of 800-200 tons Locomotive modernization - The Company carries out locomotive modernization at the customers request, with: Train electrical heating equipments for LDE2100 HP locomotives System with voltage and frequency static converters System for diagnosis, protection and control with microcontroller Equipment for the production of compressed air with screw compressor Air conditioning equipment Besides the repair and modernization services, Reloc executes: Assembly and subassembly of locomotive components repair Fabrication of spare parts for locomotives Reconditioning of spare parts for locomotives

Among the internal and external partners of Reloc Craiova we mention: SNCFR (state railway company) Daewoo Craiova Renel Ispat SIDEX Gala]i CTL Logistics Poland Euronaft Trzebinia Serbia and Montenegro Railways Bulgarian Railways Polish Railways

Certifications and authorizations

SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate - AFER Bucharest SR OHSAS 18001: 2008 Health and Security at work Management System Certificate - AFER Bucharest SR EN ISO 14001: 2005 Environment Management System Certificate - AFER Bucharest Railway Supplier Authorization - AFER Bucharest Technical approval certificate for rolling stock repair issued by the Yugoslav Railways.


Forwarding companies within Grampet Group valorize the potential, the coverage area and the experience of railway transport and logistics operators within the group. The forwarding companies are informed about the railway offers from all over Europe, but also Asia, so that they can provide the highest quality standards to their customers.

Grampet Logistics Romania

Although forwarding activity existed before in Grampet Group, 2012 represents the moment it was incorporated in Grampet Logistics expedition company. The company aims at taking advantage of the European operators and transport organizers network developped by Grampet Group, it accelerates the strategic collaborations with non group partners and revalorizes the collaboration with national railway freight operators. Grampet Logistics brings a new competitive alternative to the customers, capable of offering prompt transport services in the whole Europe, but also outside it. Grampet Logistics easily approaches complex models of freight expedition, integrating in the logistic chains different modes of transport and auxiliary services, to relief the customer of the burden of tasks that are not related to his object of activity.

National and international railway freight Technical and commercial logistics in the freight transfer points, between lines of different gauges Door to door transport of high capacity containers and other goods, regardless of the type of packaging Customs duty services in the frontier stations Transport tracking service Operational reports regarding the ongoing transports Special services for the valuable goods insurance Railway consultancy Integrated transport sollutions All these services, based on the principle of sole interlocutor, are made available to the customers in a form perfectly adaptable to their requirements, from the ellaboration and explanation of the offer to the supply in a real time of the reports regarding the stage of the supplied activities.

Eurorail Serbia Eurorail Company Republica Moldova Eurorail Ukraine Eurorail Logistics Germany


Trans Expedition Feroviar

Trans Expedition Feroviar, member of Grampet Group, is a company with integrally private capital, whose activity is focused on the following directions: Production and commercialization of spare parts for freight and passenger wagons Shunting and transport operator

Trans Expedition Feroviar Pa[cani is specialized in the production and commercialization of spare parts for freight and passenger wagons. The subsidiary of Pa[cani has production capacities, technical and human resources required for the production and commercialization of spare parts, it is certified as a supplier of spare parts for freight and passenger wagons and it is authorized in compliance with the current regulations. In order to help its customers, in addition to the already homologated products, the company has technical and production capacities for the homologation of other railway products required in the activity of production, modernization and repair of freight and passenger wagons. Trans Expedition Feroviar Simeria - foundry for the manufacture of metallic spare parts. Its main object of activity is the production of spare parts for freight and passenger wagons. Casting technologicy flows are provided with the technical equipment corresponding to the quality and security level requested by the Single European Market. The personnel responsible for technology flows includes experts with many years of experience in metal casting. All the activities of Trans Expedition Feroviar are performed in compliance with the environmental standards, through the preservation and maintenance of the ambiental environment within the normal parameters, using ecological equipment homologated at European level. The processes do not affect the environment, as the emissions into air, water and soil are situated within the normal parameters, in accordance with the Conformity Program established by environmental agencies.

Trans Expedition Feroviar, a company with integrally private capital, was established in 2004 and in 2006 it opened its first subsidiary, at Pa[cani. Due to the increasing demand for cast spare parts, in 2007 the company began a new activity in Simeria, respectively the development of a foundry for the manufacture of metallic spare parts.

The targeted market segments are: machine industry, producers of spare parts for railway wagons, producers of technical equipment for agriculture, producers of spare parts for nuclear industry.

Certifications and authorizations

License for providing rail freight services no. 8/27.09.2007 - EU identification number RO0120070008 SR EN ISO 9001:2008 - Certificate for the implementation of the Quality Management System SR EN ISO 14001:2005 - Certificate for the implementation of the Environmental Management System SR OHSAS 18001:2008 - Certificate for the implementation of the Work Health and Security Management System


Transbordare Vagoane Marf`

Transbordare Vagoane-Marf`, member of Grampet Group, performs freight wagon transhipment activities at the frontier of the European Union with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

Technical support
Transbordare Vagoane Marf` is equipped with: lifting and transport equipment, such as portal cranes of 20 ton-force and 32 ton-force scaffold with a capacity of 4000 tons/day railway cranes of 20 ton-force and 60 ton-force forklifts of 1.2 ton-force, 1.7 ton-force, 3.5 ton-force, mechanic shovels, rotary pliers type devices hydraulic lifting equipment All the equipments allow handling of various goods, regardless of their presentation for transport and packaging. All the activities are performed in accordance with international quality standards.

Main services
Transhipment of freight from 1520 mm gauge wagons to 1435 mm gauge wagons and the other way around Loading/unloading into/from vehicles Loading/unloading on site or in depositing spaces

Additional services
Organization and assurance of goods in means of railway and road transport Depositing of goods Lease of field, set up spaces, intermodal transport units (high capacity containers), lifting and transport equipment Lease of means of mechanization Winding Maintenance and repair of equipment, activity authorized by the authorized institutions recognized at the European level (ISCIR)

Certifications and authorizations

In order to satisfy completely customer requirements and to guarantee the quality of its services, Transbordare Vagoane Marf` has implemented the Quality Management System ISO9001/2001 - OCS AFER 226 certified. The staff participating in equipment maintenance operations has technical certificates issued by the State Inspectorate for the Control of Boilers, Under Pressure Recipients and Lifting Installations "ISCIR".

Transbordare Vagoane-Marf` has been established as a subsidiary of Societatea Na]ional` de Transport Feroviar de Marf` "CFR Marf`" (the state company of rail freight transport). The company was privatized by tender in 2003.

Societatea Na]ional` de Transport Feroviar de Marf` "CFR Marf`" Grup Feroviar Romn Grampet Group The headquarters of the company is situated in Bucharest and the regional work points are situated in: Halmeu - Satu Mare county (corresponding border station Diakovo - Ukraine) Dorne[ti - Suceava county (corresponding border station Vadu Siret - Ukraine) Gala]i - Gala]i county Criste[ti - Jijia -Ia[i county (corresponding border station - Republic of Moldova) Bac`u Railway station - Bac`u county



Grampet Service was set up in 2002. It is a 100% private capital company, the main shareholder being Grampet Group. It appeared as a need of the market to repair rolling stock, but from year to year is has extended the range of the offered services.

Grampet Service
Grampet Service, member of Grampet Group, has a tradition of 10 years on the market of rolling stock repair. Its main activity is repair and inspection of freight wagons, technical revision of the trains, as well as maintenance and repair of railway.

The main customers of Grampet Service are companies within the Grampet Group, as well as other top companies: OMV Petrom, Butan Gas Romania, GATX Rail Poland, Arctic

Railway Provider Authorization: series AF no 5235 /18.11.2011; Quality Certificate TV THRINGEN: series TIC no. 15 100 96531 / 09.10.2009 for system management SR EN ISO 9001:2008; Quality Certificate RRA: series SMC no. 200 / 25.07.2006 recertified 10.09.2009 according to requirements SR EN ISO 9001:2008; Certificate TV AUSTRIA: no. PZ/11/S/008/FUL / 28.10.2011 for the construction and repair of rolling stock by welding in accordance with the requirements EN ISO 3834-2; Authorization I.S.C.I.R.: DISPR/CR4/C/21, 22, 23/1468/2/28.11.2011 for repairs at tanks, containers and metal drums for compressed gases, liquefied or dissolved under pressure; Authorization I.S.C.I.R.: DISPR/CR6/TIPA/0036/ 2/28.11.2011 for the domain "PT Examination with penetrating liquid".

The main services offered by Grampet Service are: accident repairs to freight cars (RA); intermediate revision of the brake at freight cars (RIF); revision of running at freight cars (RR); extending the period of periodic revision (PTRP); intermediate technical revision for special freight cars with bulk goods containers (RIT); technical revision of trains in railway stations (at composition, in transit, at arrival); maintenance and periodic repairs on railway tracks, without welding; Non-destructive testing of parts and subassemblies of rolling stock and machinery under pressure. Customers can receive technical consultancy from the company experts regarding repair methods, utilizing and maintaining various types of freight cars, or their subassemblies or equipment.



The industrial centre started its activity in 2009 and was built by the Romanian-Austrian group made of Grup Feroviar Romn and the Austrian company WerfringLogistik Austria.

GFR Logistic Brazi is one of the recently established companies in Grampet Group. On the industrial platform of Ploiesti city, within the limits of the Industrial Park Brazi, GFR Logistic Brazi has built the industrial centre for washing and service for tank cars used in the transport of petrol products, feeding and pulverous products. Here it was also built a similar station for railway wagons with the same transport profile. The company Werfring Logistik Austria, who built the industrial centre for washing and service together with Grup Feroviar Romn, has an old tradition in the washing and maintenance of road tanks, as well as railway wagons, being one of the two European companies with this profile that owns the majority of the certifications necessary for the executions of such works.

The centre has the newest and most modern technical work methods on the international market and complies with all the environment protection norms. Through its modern logistics, the waiting and execution time is shortened to the maximum, for the benefit of the customers.


Established in 1967 as a National Institute for Research and Development, the Institute for Computers has marked important moments in IT creation and development in the Romanian market. In 2008, ITC became a member of Grampet Group.

Institutul pentru Tehnica de Calcul The Institute for Computers

With a tradition of more than four decades in technological and applicative research, ITC - the Institute for Computers, member of Grampet Group, has become one of the largest IT suppliers in Romania, running projects that are recognized and appreciated in the business, academic and scientific community. The company's portfolio of products and services includes: Business solutions - ERP, EAM, CRM, PLM/PDM, BI and Intranet solutions Applications customized for sectors like Transport, Environment, Energy and Health Software and Web system development Outsourcing, including application hosting and infrastructure management services IT products and services dedicated to railway operators Innovative products developed by ITC for railway companies: Track View is a solution that allows the monitoring of locomotive fleet in real time, using GPS and GSM technologies, on the map of the transporter's railway network; it provides useful assessment reports for monitoring the activity, cost control and the optimization of transport routes. Data platform is a system that gathers information about locomotive conditions (position, speed, electric or gasoil consumption etc), train composition and load, as well as the identity of technical staff operating. Railway orders is an online application that allows daily and monthly planning agreement between carrier and customer railcars to ensure the logistical flow of rolling stock. Railway Personnel Scheduling solution is designed to support the management of railway personnel activities, such as performing train driving tasks, guard duty or other specific assignments that take place in railway stations.

Speaking of ITC customers, they are regional and world-class companies such as IBM, FedEx, Coca-Cola, OMV Petrom, IKEA, Michelin and Pirelli.

Integrated Quality Management System, environmental and information security as required by ISO 9001:2008, SR EN 14001: 2005, ISO / IEC 27001:2006 and SR OHSAS 18001:2008. Certification for Railway supplier issued by AFER - Romanian Railway Authority - which gives the right to provide equipment and services for monitoring and management of railway resources. Supplier of networks and electronic communication services for the public sector - ANCOM certification (National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications).

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