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2013 Action Agenda


Public Disclosure


FROM: Dennis Eagle, Director of Legislative and Political Action Previous to each session of the Washington State Legislature questions are raised concerning the rights of state employees to contact their legislators. This session is no exception and, in order to clear up any questions, we have prepared the following statement that outlines the legal rights of employees in such matters: At the request of several members and staff, we have contacted the Public Disclosure Commission regarding the obligations of a state employee to report contact with legislators. A state employee who writes, phones, or in some way contacts his/her own legislators, or other legislators on matters of concern to him/her as a constituent and/or citizen is not obligated to report that contact. The only obligation an employee has to report contact with individual legislators may occur when that employee contacts legislators on an official matter where the state employee is acting on behalf of his/her employing agency and on official agency matters, or where a legislator contacts an employee under the same circumstances. Where an employee has contact with legislators under these circumstances the employee should check with his/her supervisor on any reporting requirements. It should be clearly understood that a citizen who happens to be employed by the state is free to express his/her right to contact his/her legislators or other legislators, at any level (local/county/state/federal) and express his/ her concerns, comments or opinions on legislative matters. We remind you that when you contact legislators, you must do it on your own time and not using any state resources. Phone calls should be from your personal phone. E-mails should be from home computers. I hope this is helpful in answering any questions. If you need additional information, please feel free to give me a call at 1-800-562-6002.


2013 Action Agenda

2013 Messaging, Middle Class Heroes........................................................... 5 Key Cut-Off Dates .......................................................................................... 8 Notes ............................................................................................................... 9 2013 Talking Points Handout ........................................................................ 29 2012 Legislature (by district / photos, committee assignments, contact info) ........... 12

Member Lobbying ........................................................................................ 33

Roster of Senate Members (alphabetically) .................................................. 35 Senate Standing Committee Assignments ............................................... 36 Senate Seating Chart ................................................................................ 37

Roster of House Members (alphabetically) .................................................. 38 House Policy Committee Assignments .................................................... 40 House Fiscal Committee Assignments..................................................... 41 Communications House Seating Chart ................................................................................ 42

Tips for Effective Communication........................................................... 43 Letter Writing ........................................................................................... 44 Emails to legislators ................................................................................. 45 Legislative HOTLINE Messages ............................................................. 46

LegislativeTerms ........................................................................................... 48 Guide to Reading a Legislative Measure ...................................................... 49 Capitol Campus Parking Information ........................................................... 51 Capitol Campus Map .................................................................................... 50

How a Bill Becomes a Law .......................................................................... 47

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2013 is the year to restore a fair helping of decency to middle class public servants whove saved the state
Two years ago, we were in the worst economic crisis in 70 years: State workers took 3% pay cuts and furloughs. That was on top of 5% cuts taken by a third of state workers starting in the middle of 2010. No cost-of-living adjustments since 2008. State workers health premiums rose by 25%. Out-of-pocket costs rose 100% - yet the state cut its share of contributions. The list goes on and on. But in the past two years, state employees gave back more than Politicians attacked our pensions. In the $1.5 billion to save the state and taken on past two years, state employees paid near- more workload as the workforce declined. ly 18% more for pensions. Thats on top of Public servants became Middle Class Hethe $300 million in pension funds diverted roes when they sacrificed: in 2009. Sacrificed to save public safety. In 2012, a coalition of senators attempted Sacrificed to safeguard the dignity of to end PERS 2, cut earlier retirement and vulnerable citizens in our care. make other pension cuts. In the end, they cut early retirement for new state workers Sacrificed to help students succeed. hired after May 1, 2013. But that coalition Sacrificed to stand up for abused and nenow has full control of the Senate includglected children. ing the committees that decide our pensions. Sacrificed for our states future. Attacks on pensions continue yet public And now its time for the Legislature to employees retire with an average annual recognize these heroic sacrifices that saved pension just under $20,000. our state: Vital funding for programs was reduced. Fund the new contracts that end the 3% Since 2008, some 10,000 employees have pay cuts in General Government and Combeen cut workloads have skyrocketed. munity Colleges in June 2013, with a posIn Corrections, Pine Lodge and Ahtanum sible 1% COLA in 2014. View closed. In Juvenile Rehabilitation, Do nothing to block those contracts at Maple Lane School was shuttered. In Defour-year higher education institutions with velopmental Disabilities, Frances Haddon innovative compensation packages. Morgan Center shut down. LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 800-562-6000
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Hold the line on health care. Let negotiations on the new health care agreement proceed with the new administration. Make no unilateral changes to the current contractual agreement where the state pays 85% of premium share and employees pay 15%. Make adequate increases in overall state contribution to benefits, which was cut last year to $800 per employee per month. Fund the new M Step in our negotiated contracts that will bring a 2.5% pay boost to most members on July 1, 2013. Fund the extension of the personal leave day (in our negotiated General Government contract) to institutions workers, who previously didnt qualify. Block attacks on pensions. Dont increase pension contribution rates beyond those recommended by the Pension Funding Council a modest increase in PERS 2 from 4.64% to 4.92% and no increases in the Public Safety Employees Retirement System (PSERS). Support further study started by the Select Committee on Pension Policy that should lead to adding highrisk job classes to PSERS. It wont be easy. Big Business is already lining up against our modest requests for Middle Class values so they can hold onto their billions in tax giveaways. Of the nearly $100 billion in tax breaks given out every year, corporations guard about $14 billion of those that could be fairly closed. In recent years, the state gave away $3 billion more with 150 new tax loopholes. Last year, we identified 27 cuts that could save the state $2.3 billion alone. Instead of sharing the sacrifice of state workers and taxpayers, corporations rally around pro-business think tanks and politicians who want to attack your modest requests as a cover against attacks on tax breaks. Take this recent editorial from the Vancouver Columbian: How, then, could there be a deficit, you ask? Because spending will also be increasing, partly in new caseloads, but also in other areas. And its not hard to identify one major area of cost increases: compensation and benefits for workers.... Remember, none of those gains can be typically expected by workers in the private sector. So were back to the same old problem: about $770 million in compensation-related new costs, backed up against a $900 million deficit. And that is why getting tough in negotiations with state-worker unions is so important. Its the most logical way to balance the state budget.

Lets get to work and fight for Middle Class values that saved the state!
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Brad Samples is a state worker who keeps disabled citizens safe, sound and productive members of society. I didnt get into this work to get rich. I got into it to make a difference. But I get angry when the selfish and privileged few attack honest, hard-working middle class state workers. We provide vital services. Yet the state protects big oil companies like BP with generous tax giveaways.1 Ive made tremendous sacrifices economically. Yet in recent years, the state could still afford to give away more than $3 billion when they created more than 150 new tax loopholes.2


Joyce Murphy is a state worker who protects vulnerable children from abuse and neglect. She sees things most of us could never imagine. Weve sacrificed our fair share and taken on additional workload when the state cut 10,000 positions.3 I want to leave behind a better world for the at-risk children Ive dedicated my life to. But cuts to vital services and attacks on state workers have harmed the entire states middle class and cost the loss of 45,000 jobs in our economy.4

SOURCES: 1. Revenues to Rebuild Washingtons Economy: A Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Washington, Economic Opportunity Institute, October 2011; 2. Washington State Department of Revenue; 3. Shared Sacrifices ofLEGISLATIVE HOTLINE:November 2011; 4. Washington News Service, Nov. 21, 2011; State Employees, Office of the Governor, 800-562-6000

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Kelly Grayson is a state worker who helps college students get the services they need to succeed in school. Our pay has taken many hits over the last four years. A lot of people dont know that. Our health insurance costs and pensions costs have gone up while our pay has gone down.5 We provide vital services every day. Those vital services fuel economic growth.6 The public needs to know we make a difference. Lets stop the attacks on middle class state workers.


Wendy Irish is a state worker providing services at one of our quality state colleges. Tuition for students our kids is going up 12 percent. State workers have taken a 3 percent cut in pay alone. Yet at our college, the president is getting a 12 percent pay hike and other administrators and managers are getting $3,000 in raises.7 The rest of us are falling behind. Eightytwo percent of state workers make less than market rate. So were not getting rich.8 Weve saved the state with our sacrifices. Its time to invest in our contracts. Its an investment in our states future.
SOURCES: 5. Shared Sacrifice: Overall Compensation for Average State Employee is Falling, OFM, March 2011; 6. Three years into recovery, just how much has state and local austerity hurt job growth? Economic Policy Institute, July 6, 2012,; 7. College pay always low for select few, Spokane Spokesman-Review, July 20, 2012; 8. 2010 Salary Survey Summary, Washington State Department of Personnel (now Washington State Human Resources), LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 800-562-6000 Page 7 June 4, 2010, Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.


DAY Monday Friday

DATE 1/14/13 2/22/13

CUT-OFF 2013 Legislature convenes 105-day session. House bills must clear House committees Senate bills must clear Senate committees Fiscal, Senate Ways & Means and Transportation bills have until Friday, March 1. Deadline for Senate Ways and Means committee bills to clear that committee. Deadline for Transportation committee bills to clear that committee. Deadline for all fiscal bills to clear respective House fiscal committees. Deadline for all House bills to clear the full House. Deadline for all Senate bills to clear the full Senate. Deadline for House bills to clear Senate committees. Deadline for Senate bills to clear House committees. Fiscal, Senate Ways & Means and Transportation bills have until Tuesday, April 9. Deadline for Senate Ways and Means committee bills to pass House bills. Deadline for Transportation committee to pass House bills. Deadline for all fiscal committees to pass Senate bills. Deadline for House to pass Senate bills. Deadline for Senate to pass House bills. Except for the following: initiatives to the legislature; alternatives to such initiatives; budgets and matters necessary to implement budgets; issues related to differences between House and Senate legislation; and issues related to interim planning and closing the business of the 2013 session. Final day for action on legislation. End of 105-day sesion - Sine Die!



Wednesday 3/13/13 Wednesday 4/3/13



Wednesday 4/17/13




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LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 1 Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe (D) > Legislator Information Rep. Derek Stanford (D) Rep. Luis Moscoso (D)

*Early Learning & K-12 Education; Higher Education

Marian Ericks Jed Bradley Rory Paine-Donovan

Capital Budget, V-Chair; Agriculture & Natural Resources; Business & Financial Services

786-7600 LEG 403

786-7928 JLOB 318

786-7900 JLOB 332

Transportation, V-Chair; Government Accountability & Oversight; Public Safety

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 2 Sen. Randi Becker (R) Rep. Gary Alexander (R) Rep. J.T. Wilcox (R)

Health Care, Chair; Higher Education, *Appropriations; Government AcV-Chair; Rules; Ways & Means countability & Oversight; Government Operations & Elections

Tiffani Sanne Barb Peters Sharon Trask

**APP; APP SC Education; Finance; Rules

786-7602 INB 110

786-7824 LEG 426-B

786-7912 LEG 426-A

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 3 Sen. Andy Billig (D) Rep. Marcus Ricelli (D) Rep. Timm Ormsby (D)

Paul Dillon Michaela Williams Shannon Waechter

Early Learning & K-12 Education; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Rules; Transportation Capital Budget; Health Care & Wellness; Higher Education; Transportation

786-7604 LEG 412

786-7888 JLOB 419

786-7946 LEG 122-H

Appropriations, V-Chair; APP SC Health & Human Services; Labor & Workforce Development


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LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 4 Sen. Mike Padden (R) > Legislator Information Rep. Larry Crouse (R) Rep. Matt Shea (R)

Michael McCliment Scott Staley James Robinson

Law and Justice, Chair; Human Services & Corrections; Ways & Means **Technology & Economic Develop- Government Accountability & Overment; Environment; Local Governsight; Judiciary; Transportation ment

786-7606 INB 105

786-7820 LEG 427-A

786-7984 JLOB 437

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 5 Sen. Mark Mullet (D) Rep. Jay Rodne (R) Rep. Chad Magendanz (R)

Early Learning & K-12 Education; Financial Institutions & Insurance; Transportation

Adam Day Kate Cooper Kathie Davies

*Judiciary; Health Care & Wellness; Transportation **Education; Higher Education; Technology & Economic Development; Rules

786-7608 LEG 415

786-7852 JLOB 430

786-7876 JLOB 427

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 6 Sen. Michael Baumgartner (R) Rep. Kevin Parker (R) Rep. Jeff Holy (R)

Ways & Means, V-Chair; Higher Edu- *APP SC General Government; *Busication; Human Services & Correcness & Financial Services; APP; tions; Trade & Economic Dev Education Page 13

Shane Laib Isaiah Paine Josh Kerns

**Government Accountability & Oversight; Labor & Workforce Development; Public Safety; Rules

786-7610 INB 201

786-7922 JLOB 421

786-7962 JLOB 405


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LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 7 Sen. John Smith (R) Rep. Shelly Short > Legislator Information Rep. Joel Kretz (R) (R)

Natural Resources & Parks, V-Chair; Trade & Economic Development, VChair; Transportation

Kimberlee Cusick

786-7612 INB 115-A

*Environment; Health Care & Wellness; Labor & Workforce Development

Jacquelin Maycumber

786-7908 JLOB 436

Agriculture & Natural Resources; Rules; Transportation

Jessica McCarthy

786-7988 LEG 335-A

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 8 Sen. Sharon Brown (R) Rep. Brad Klippert (R) Rep. Larry Haler (R)

Jeri May Kelley Hays Jan Swenson

*Public Safety; Education; Judiciary; Transportation

786-7614 INB 202

786-7882 JLOB 410

786-7986 LEG 122-D

*Higher Education; APP; APP SC Education; Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 9 Sen. Mark Schoesler (R) Rep. Susan Fagan (R) Rep. Joe Schmick (R)

Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic *APP SC Education; APP; Education; Development; Rules; Ways & Means Higher Education; Rules

Krista Winters Cathy Colley Pamela Kentner

786-7620 LEG 305

786-7942 JLOB 406

786-7844 JLOB 432

*Health Care & Wellness; Agriculture & Natural Resources; APP; APP SC Health & Human Services
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member


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LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 10 Sen. Barbara Bailey (R) > Legislator Information Rep. Norma Smith (R) Rep. Dave Hayes (R)

Wyatt Boeke Bradley Sherman Tanya Smith

Higher Education, Chair; Health Care; Rules; Ways & Means *Technology & Economic Development; Capital Budget; Higher Education **Public Safety; Education; Transportation

786-7618 INB 109-B

786-7884 JLOB 435

786-7914 JLOB 467

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 11 Sen. Bob Hasegawa (D) Rep. Zach Hudgins (D) Rep. Steve Bergquist (D)

*Governmental Operations; Commerce and Labor; Ways & Means

Chio Saeteurn Douglas Honma Syd Locke

APP SC General Government, Chair; APP; Business & Financial Services; Technology & Economic Development Government Operations & Elections, V-Chair; Education; Transportation

786-7616 JAC 220

786-7956 LEG 438-A

786-7862 JLOB 322

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 12 Sen. Linda Evans Parlette (R) Rep. Cary Condotta (R) Rep. Brad Hawkins (R)

Shiloh Schauer Brandt Cappell Taylor Kenck

Health Care; Natural Resources & Parks; Rules; Ways & Means *Govt Acct & Oversight; **Labor & Workforce Development; Finance

786-7622 LEG 309

786-7954 LEG 425-B

786-7832 LEG 122-G

**Capital Budget; Business & Financial Services; Education

*Ranking Minority Member


Page 15 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 13 Sen. Jana Holmquist Newbry (R) > Legislator Information Rep. Judy Warnick (R) Rep. Matt Manweller (R)

Commerce and Labor, Chair; Trade & *Capital Budget; Agriculture & NatuEconomic Development ral Resources; Education

David Duvall Kyle Lynch Breanne Elsey

*Labor & Workforce Development; Government Operations & Elections; Health Care & Wellness

786-7624 INB 106-B

786-7932 LEG 122-C

786-7808 JLOB 470

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 14 Sen. Curtis King (R) Rep. Norm Johnson (R) Rep. Charles Ross (R)

Transportation, Co-Chair; Commerce **Community Development, Housing & and Labor; Rules Tribal Affairs; Rules; Trans

Wanda Brosey Laura Bell Gale Sackman

**APP; APP SC Health & Human Services; Health Care & Wellness; Public Safety

786-7626 JAC 305

786-7810 JLOB 425

786-7856 LEG 122-A

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 15 Sen. Jim Honeyford (R) Rep. Bruce Chandler (R) Rep. David Taylor (R)

Ways & Means - Capital Budget, *Agr & Nat Res; **APP; APP SC Chair; *Agriculture, Water & Rural General Govt; Business & Financial Economic Dev; Energy, Environment Services & Telecommunications Page 16

Penelope McWain Melinda Woods Jaime Rowland

*Local Government; **Government Operations & Elections; APP; APP SC General Government
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

786-7684 INB 107

786-7960 LEG 427-B

786-7874 JLOB 428


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars


Republican Leader > Legislator Information Rep. Maureen Walsh (R) Rep. Terry Nealey (R)

Commerce and Labor; Natural Resources & Parks; Ways & Means

Barrett Pryce Marge Plumage Meagan Allen

*Early Learning & Human Services; Higher Education; Technology & Economic Development *Finance; Environment; Judiciary; Rules

786-7630 INB 204


786-7836 JLOB 411

786-7828 JLOB 404

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 17 Sen. Don Benton (R) Rep. Monica Stonier (D) Rep. Paul Harris (R)

Transportation, Vice Co-Chair; Governmental Ops, V-Chair; Financial Institutions & Insurance; Rules

Matthew Hunter Emily Robertson Joe DePinto

Education, V-Chair; Capital Budget; *APP SC Health & Human Services; Technology & Economic Development APP; Health Care & Wellness

786-7632 LEG 409

786-7994 JLOB 309

786-7976 JLOB 403

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 18 Sen. Ann Rivers (R) Rep. Brandon Vick (R) Rep. Liz Pike (R)

Early Learning & K-12 Education; Governmental Operations; Rules; Ways & Means Page 17

Liz Coleman Peter Gilmour Garrett Delano

**Business & Financial Services; Finance; Technology & Economic Development

786-7634 LEG 405

786-7850 JLOB 469

786-7812 LEG 122-B

**Environment; APP; APP SC Health & Human Services; Community Dev, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Education
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 19 Sen. Brian Hatfield (D) Rep. Dean Takko > Legislator Information Rep. Brian Blake (D) (D)

Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Local Government, Chair; Public Dev, Chair; Financial Institutions & Safety; Transportation Insurance; Ways & Means

Vickie Winters Darci Miller Justin Rossetti

Agriculture & Nat Res, Chair; Business & Financial Services; Government Acct & Oversight

786-7636 JAC 237

786-7806 JLOB 336

786-7870 LEG 437-A

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 20 Sen. John Braun (R) Rep. Richard DeBolt (R) Rep. Ed Orcutt (R)

Trade & Economic Dev, Chair; Com- *Rules merce and Labor, Vice Chair; Governmental Ops ; Ways & Means

Ruth Peterson Catherine Word Amber York

786-7638 INB 103

786-7896 LEG 335-C

786-7990 JLOB 408

*Transportation; **Finance; Agriculture & Natural Resources

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 21 Sen. Paull Shin (D) Rep. Mary Helen Roberts (D) Rep. Marko Liias (D)

Jeff King Dan Hagen Kurt Kohlwes

Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Public Safety, V-Chair; Early Learning Development; Trade & Economic & Human Services; Judiciary; Rules Development Transportation, V-Chair; Education; Environment; Local Government; Rules
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

786-7640 LEG 407

786-7950 JLOB 420

786-7972 JLOB 414


Page 18 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 22 Sen. Karen Fraser (D) > Legislator Information Rep. Chris Reykdal (D) Rep. Sam Hunt (D)

Jessica Bateman Brenda Fitzsimmons Meagan Arndt

Governmental Operations; Rules; Ways & Means Labor & Workforce Development, V-Chair; Finance; Higher Education; Rules

786-7642 LEG 314

786-7940 JLOB 319

786-7992 LEG 438-B

Government Operations & Elections, Chair; APP; APP SC General Government; Education

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 23 Sen. Christine Rolfes (D) Rep. Sherry Appleton (D) Rep. Drew Hansen
Asst. Majority Whip

**Early Learning & K-12 Education; *Natural Resources & Parks; Transportation

Linda Owens Donna Bezon Jessie Turner

Community Dev, Housing & Tribal Affairs, Judiciary, V-Chair; Finance; Higher V-Chair; Capital Budget; Public Safety Education; Transportation

786-7644 JAC 233

786-7934 LEG 132-F

786-7842 JLOB 369


LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 24 Sen. James Hargrove (D) Rep. Kevin Van De Wege
Majority Whip

Rep. Steve Tharinger (D)

Patsy Feeley Linda Barnfather Leanne Horne

*Ways & Means; Human Services & Corrections; Natural Resources & Parks Agriculture & Natural Resources; Government Operations & Elections; Health Care & Wellness; Rules Finance, V-Chair; Environment; Health Care & Wellness

786-7646 LEG 411

786-7916 LEG 434-A


786-7904 JLOB 368


Page 19 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

*Ranking Minority Member

** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 25 Sen. Bruce Dammeier (R) > Legislator Information Rep. Dawn Morrell (D) Rep. Hans Zeiger (R)

Early Learning & K-12 Education, V- APP SC Health & Human Services, **Higher Education; Early Learning Chair; Health Care, V-Chair; Rules; Chair; APP; Health Care & Wellness; & Human Services; Technology & Ways & Means Technology & Economic Dev Economic Dev; Transportation

Matthew Del Riccio Mary Sherman Sara Pollock

786-7648 JAC 205

786-7948 JLOB 306

786-7968 JLOB 468

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 26 Sen. Nathan Schlicher (D) Rep. Jan Angel (R) Rep. Larry Seaquist (D)

Health Care; Trade & Economic Development; Transportation

JAC 213 Colleen Thompson Debbie Austin Terra Rose
*Community, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Health Care & Wellness; Rules; Transportation Higher Education, Chair; APP; APP SC Education; Education


786-7964 JLOB 434

786-7802 LEG 132-C

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 27 Sen. Jeannie Darneille (D) Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D) Rep. Jake Fey (D)

*Human Services & Corrections; Law and Justice; Rules

Lisa Fisch Jessica Gavre Eric Mattson

786-7652 JAC 226

786-7930 JLOB 311

786-7974 JLOB 330

Health Care & Wellness, V-Chair; APP; Transportation, V-Chair; Capital BudAPP SC Health & Human Services; get; Environment Judiciary;
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member


Page 20 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 28 Sen. Michael Carrell (R) > Legislator Information Rep. Steve OBan (R) Rep. Tami Green (D)

Human Services & Corrections, Chair; Law and Justice, V-Chair; Rules; Transportation

Michelle Lewis Russell Krantz Michelle Butler

**Judiciary; Business & Financial Services; Transportation

786-7654 INB 102

786-7890 JLOB 424

786-7958 LEG 429-A

APP; APP SC Health & Human Serv; Health Care & Wellness; Labor & Workforce Development; Rules

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 29 Sen. Steve Conway (D) Rep. David Sawyer (D) Rep. Steve Kirby (D)

JAC 212 Kimberly Lelli Christel Mason-Gillespie Olgy Diaz
*Commerce and Labor; Governmental Operations; Ways & Means


786-7906 JLOB 418

786-7996 LEG 437-B

Community Development, Housing & Business & Financial Services, Chair; Tribal Affairs; Early Learning & Human Government Accountability & OverServices; Higher Education; Rules sight; Judiciary

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 30 Sen. Tracey Eide (D) Rep. Linda Kochmar (R) Rep. Roger Freeman (D)

Transportation, Co-Chair; Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Dev

Peter Dodds Joe Atkinson Martin Moore

**Local Govt; Business & Financial Services; Rules; Technology & Economic Development; Transportation Early Learning & Human Services, V-Chair; Technology & Economic Development; Transportation
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

786-7658 JAC 235

786-7898 LEG 122-F

786-7830 JLOB 331


Page 21 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 31 Sen. Pam Roach (R) > Legislator Information Rep. Cathy Dahlquist

Asst. Minority Whip

Rep. Christopher Hurst (D)

Governmental Operations, Chair; Fi- *Education; APP; APP SC Educanancial Institutions & Insurance; Law tion; Rules; Technology & Economic and Justice Development

Cheryl Marshall Keith Bundy Caitlin Lopez

Govt Accountability & Oversight, Chair; Agr & Nat Res; Business & Financial Services

786-7660 INB 112

786-7846 JLOB 426


786-7866 JLOB 335

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 32 Sen. Maralyn Chase (D) Rep. Cindy Ryu

Asst. Majority Whip

Rep. Ruth Kagi (D)

JAC 241 Marylyn Hawkins Shoubee Liaw Jessica Puckett
*Trade & Economic Development; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Business & Financial Serv, V-Chair; Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs; Transportation Early Learning & Human Services, Chair; APP; APP SC Health & Human Services; Environment


786-7880 JLOB 324


786-7910 JLOB 308

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 33 Sen. Karen Keiser (D) Rep. Tina Orwall (D) Rep. Dave Upthegrove (D)

Tara Jo Heincke Mary Soderlind Becky Hielman

*Health Care; Commerce and Labor; Rules; Ways & Means Education; Government Operations & Environment, Chair; Local GovernElections; Judiciary; Rules ment; Transportation
*Ranking Minority Member

786-7664 JAC 224

786-7834 JLOB 326

786-7868 JLOB 304


Page 22 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 34 Sen. Sharon Nelson (D) Rep. Eileen Cody > Legislator Information Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D) (D)

JAC 218 Elizabeth Hummel Siobhan Mahorter Yoshi Kumara
**Ways & Means; Financial Institutions & Insurance Health Care & Wellness, Chair; APP; APP SC Health & Human Services


786-7978 JLOB 303

786-7952 JLOB 305

Local Govt, V-Chair; Finance; Govt Ops & Elections; Transportation

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 35 Sen. Tim Sheldon (D) Rep. Kathy Haigh (D) Rep. Drew MacEwen (R)

Kevin Shutty Carol Ann Jaren Kim Moores
Rules, V-Chair; Transportation, VChair; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications;

786-7668 LEG 312

786-7966 JLOB 320

786-7902 JLOB 431

APP SC Education, Chair; Agricul**Agr & Natural Resources; Business ture & Natural Resources; Appropria- & Financial Services; Capital Budget; tions; Education Early Learning & Human Services

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 36 Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D) Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D) Rep. Gael Tarleton (D)

Adam Cooper Joseph Peha Michelle Nance

786-7670 JAC 219

786-7814 JLOB 325

786-7860 JLOB 334

*Higher Education ; Law and Justice; Finance, Chair; APP; APP SC Educa- Higher Education; Rules; Technology Rules; Ways & Means tion; Govt Operations & Elections & Economic Development; Transportation


Page 23 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

*Ranking Minority Member

** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 37 Sen. Adam Kline (D) Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos (D) Rep. Eric Pettigrew (D)

*Law and Justice; Natural Resources & Parks

Bryn Houghton Julia Kwon Janaia Secrest-Holden

Education, Chair; Business & Financial Services; Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs Agriculture & Natural Resources; APP; APP SC Education; Public Safety; Rules

786-7688 JAC 223

786-7944 JLOB 321

786-7838 LEG 434-B

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 38 Sen. Nick Harper (D) Rep. John McCoy (D) Rep. Mike Sells (D)

Brook Waite Marissa Ingalls JoAnn Chapman

Human Services & Corrections; Rules; Transportation

786-7674 JAC 227

786-7864 LEG 132-A

786-7840 LEG 132-B

Community Development, Housing Labor & Workforce Development, & Tribal Affairs, Chair; Environment, Chair; Higher Education; TransportaV-Chair; Education tion

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 39 Sen. Kirk Pearson (R) Rep. Dan Kristiansen (R) Rep. Elizabeth Scott (R)

Natural Resources & Parks, Chair; Human Services & Corrections, VChair; Law and Justice Page 24

Cameron Bailey Brenda Glenn Ashley Stokesbary

Government Operations & Elections; Transportation

786-7676 INB 115-D

786-7967 LEG 425-A

786-7816 LEG 122-E

**Early Learning & Human Services; Capital Budget; Higher Education

*Ranking Minority Member


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 40 Sen. Kevin Ranker (D) Rep. Kristine Lytton (D) Rep. Jeff Morris (D)

Kendall Farley Katie Drewel Meagan Sharp

*Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Ways & Means Agriculture & Natural Resources, VChair; Education; Finance Technology & Economic Development, Chair; Environment; Transportation

786-7678 JAC 215

786-7800 JLOB 310

786-7970 LEG 436-A

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 41 Sen. Steve Litzow (R) Rep. Marcie Maxwell (D) Rep. Judy Clibborn (D)

Early Learning & K-12 Education, Chair; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Transportation

LEG 416 Kyle Burleigh Alex Soldano Caron Benedetti
APP; APP SC Education; Education; Rules; Technology & Economic Development Transportation, Chair; Health Care & Wellness


786-7894 JLOB 327

786-7926 JLOB 415

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 42 Sen. Doug Ericksen (R) Rep. Jason Overstreet (R) Rep. Vincent Buys (R)


LEG 414 Sandy Ruff

Energy, Environment & Telecommunications, Chair; Health Care; Rules; Transportation

**Transportation; Early Learning & Human Services; Environment

Lea McCartney Amanda Smith

*Govt Ops & Elections; Agr & Nat Res; APP; APP SC General Govt; Local Govt
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

786-7980 JLOB 422

786-7854 JLOB 465


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LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 43 Sen. Ed Murray (D) Rep. Jamie Pedersen (D) Rep. Frank Chopp (D)

Scott Plusquellec Katy Buck Miranda Leskinen

Rules; Ways & Means Judiciary, Chair; APP; APP SC General Government; Higher Education Rules, Chair

786-7628 LEG 316

786-7826 LEG 436-B

786-7920 LEG 339-C

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 44 Sen. Steve Hobbs (D) Rep. Hans Dunshee (D) Rep. Mike Hope (R)

Christina Dunsmore Erik Ashlie Patricia Kimbrough

Financial Institutions & Insurance, Capital Budget, Chair; Agriculture & Chair; Agri, Water & Rural Economic Natural Resources; APP; APP SC GenDev; Transportation eral Government **Health Care & Wellness; APP SC Education; Judiciary; Public Safety

786-7686 JAC 239

786-7804 JLOB 314

786-7892 JLOB 466

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 45 Sen. Andy Hill (R) Rep. Roger Goodman (D) Rep. Larry Springer

JAC 303 Karen Wickstrom


Ways & Means, Chair; Early Learning & K-12 Education

Public Safety, Chair; Early Learning & Human Services; Judiciary

Ariel Taylor Maxima Patashnik

APP; APP SC General Government; Finance; Local Government; Rules
*Ranking Minority Member

786-7878 JLOB 328

786-7822 LEG 132-E



Page 26 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 46 Sen. David Frockt (D) Rep. Gerry Pollet (D) Rep. Jessyn Farrell (D)

Health Care; Higher Education ; Rules

LEG 402 Samantha Kersul Tamara Rogers Nigel Herbig
Higher Education, V-Chair; Education; Finance Early Learning & Human Services; Environment; Transportation


786-7886 JLOB 317

786-7818 JLOB 370

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 47 Sen. Joe Fain (R) Rep. Mark Hargove (R) Rep. Pat Sullivan (D)

Transportation, Budget Leadership **Transportation; Education; Higher Cabinet; Early Learning & K-12 Edu- Education cation; Financial Insti & Insur; Rules

LEG 404 Noah Ullman Lesley Roberts Roy Atwood
APP; APP SC Education; Rules


786-7918 JLOB 409

786-7858 LEG 339-A


Majority Leader

Rep. Ross Hunter (D)

Rep. Cyrus Habib (D)

Higher Education; Rules; Ways & Means

Suzette Cooper Emily Wicks Marilyn Pederson

Appropriations, Chair Technology & Economic Development, V-Chair; Business & Financial Services; Transportation
*Ranking Minority Member
** Asst. Ranking Minority Member

786-7694 LEG 307


786-7936 JLOB 315

786-7848 LEG 132-D


Page 27 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg; MOD=Modulars

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 49 Sen. Annette Cleveland (D) Rep. Sharon Wylie (D) Rep. Jim Moeller (D)

Alison Mielke Megan Walsh Maureen Gallegos

Early Learning & K-12 Education; Energy, Environment & Telecommunications; Health Care Government Accountability & Oversight, V-Chair; Higher Education; Technology & Economic Dev Health Care & Wellness; Labor & Workforce Development; Rules; Transportation

786-7696 JAC 230

786-7924 JLOB 417

786-7872 LEG 430

EXECUTIVE OFFICES Governor Jay Inslee (D) Lt. Governor Brad Owen (D)

902-4111 LEG 200

Email form: contact/default.asp
Mail to: PO Box 40002, Olympia WA 98504

786-7700 LEG 220
President of the Senate; Rules, Chair

LEGISLATIVE MESSAGE HOTLINE 1-800-562-6000 Contact your legislators by mail: SENATE: PO Box 404(insertLD#), Olympia WA 98504-04(insertLD#) HOUSE: PO Box 40600, Olympia WA 98504-0600


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*Ranking Minority Member

** Asst. Ranking Minority Member


Effective member lobbying starts with understanding how legislators work and think.
Legislators face unique pressures 1. Legislators simply do not have enough time to do everything they would like to do. 2. Legislators deal with thousands of bills; they cast votes on hundreds of bills; and they cant possibly know the details of each one. Legislators want to be helpful - its their nature Legislators want to serve their constituents, but there is a limit to what they can do. As member lobbyists we can help them by: Providing a specific and realistic request.

3. There are more than 1,000 registered lobbyists, Heeding their advice on ways that will to promote our issues. and countless more citizen lobbyists - all vying for a Legislators time, attention and vote. Following up with them and keeping them in the loop. 4. Legislators are accountable to thousands of constituents back home. Legislators are forced to prioritize and specialize

You can expect legislators to: Listen. Offer advice. Be candid. Provide insight.

1. Legislators only have time to really dig into a few issues, so they tend to specialize.

2. On their issues they hope their colleagues will follow their lead and, in turn, they follow the lead of members they trust that specialize in other issues.

Keep you posted, if you ask.

3. Its hard for a legislator to go against the specialist from his or her own caucus. Legislators face demands from their leadership You cant expect legislators to: Communicate all the time. Remember all the details. Make you their highest priority.

1. The leadership of the majority caucus controls the calendar and agenda. 2. Individual legislators cant overcome leadership decisions.

Be able to give you more than 15 minutes. Read a document or report.

3. The hardest thing for a new legislator to adjust to is that they really dont have a lot of say in what happens.
Page 33


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.


How to communicate effectively with legislators.

Summarize, summarize, summarize Forms of communication with legislators

1. You can only expect to meet with your legislaMost effective: tor for 15 minutes or less during the session. Work on their campaign. 2. Ask for a specific action. Meet with them during the interim. 3. Keep your message focused and positive. Meet with them during the session. 4. Make sure you have time to listen to your leg Personal letters and emails. islators thoughts, ideas and concerns. 5. Provide a one-page handout to help your legis- Messages left for them on the Legislative Holtine. lator keep track of your issue(s). Public hearings. Public testimony 1. Prepare before the hearing.

Having a sustained presence - being there early and often. Least effective:

2. Make it real; tell your story.

3. Keep it to three (3) minutes or less.

4. Dont repeat what others have said.

Form letters. Petitions. Spam.

5. Provide staff with a one-page handout.

Generic post cards.

6. Remember - public testimony is one of the least effective means of communication with legislators. Lobby all year, every year.

Out-of-district correspondence.

Rallies or other one and done demonstrations.

1. Invest yourself in campaigns for WFSE/ AFSCME-supported candidates in your area.

2. Interim meetings with legislators are far more effective than meetings during session. 3. Invite your legislators to a local meeting or to your worksite when they are not in session.

4. Be prepared for the long haul; major challenges can take years to pass. 5. To be effective, you must have a sustained presence.
Page 34


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; JAC=John A. Cherberg Bldg; INB=Irv Newhouse Bldg


P.O. Box 406(LD#), Olympia WA 98504-06(LD#)

(360) 786-7618 -7610 -7602 -7632 -7604 -7638 -7614 -7654 -7662 -7696 -7656 -7648 -7652 -7658 -7682 -7692 -7642 -7690 -7646 -7674 -7616 -7636 -7630 -7672 -7686 -7624 -7684 -7664 -7626 -7688 -7670 -7641 -7600 -7608 -7628 -7667 -7606 -7622 -7676 -7678 -7634 -7660 -7644 -7650 -7620 -7668 -7640 -7612 Page 35 -7694

SENATOR PARTY (LD#) ROOM EMAIL Bailey, Barbara R 10 INB 109-B Baumgartner, Michael R 6 INB 201 Becker, Randi R 2 INB 110 Benton, Don R 17 LEG 409 Billig, Andy D 3 LEG 412 Braun, John R 20 INB 103 Brown, Sharon R 8 INB 202 Carrell, Mike R 28 INB 102 Chase, Maralyn D 32 JAC 241 Cleveland, Annette D 49 JAC 230 Conway, Steve D 29 JAC 212 Dammeier, Bruce R 25 JAC 205 Darneille, Jeannie D 27 JAC 226 Eide, Tracey D 30 JAC 235 Ericksen, Doug R 42 LEG 414 Fain, Joe R 47 LEG 404 Fraser, Karen D 22 LEG 314 Frockt, David D 46 LEG 402 Hargrove, Jim D 24 LEG 411 Harper, Nick D 38 JAC 227 Hasegawa, Bob D 11 JAC 220 Hatfield, Brian D 19 JAC 237 Hewitt, Mike R 16 INB 204 Hill, Andy R 45 JAC 303 Hobbs, Steve D 44 JAC 239 Holmquist Newbry, Jana R 13 INB 106-B Honeyford, Jim R 15 INB 107 Keiser, Karen D 33 JAC 224 King, Curtis R 14 JAC 305 Kline, Adam D 37 JAC 223 Kohl-Welles, Jeanne D 36 JAC 219 Litzow, Steve R 41 LEG 416 McAuliffe, Rosemary D 1 LEG 403 Mullet, Mark D 5 LEG 415 Murray, Ed D 43 LEG 316 Nelson, Sharon D 34 JAC 218 Padden, Mike R 4 INB 105 Parlette, Linda Evans R 12 LEG 309 Pearson, Kirk R 39 INB 115-D Ranker, Kevin D 40 JAC 215 Rivers, Ann R 18 LEG 405 Roach, Pam R 31 INB 112 Rolfes, Christine D 23 JAC 233 Schlicher, Nathan D 26 JAC 213 Schoesler, Mark R 9 LEG 305 Sheldon, Tim D 35 LEG 312 Shin, Paull D 21 LEG 407 Smith, John R 7 INB 115-A LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 800-562-6000 Tom, Rodney Use this number to leave messages for your legislators. D 48 LEG 307


Agriculture, Water & Rural Economic Development Hatfield, Chair (D-19); *Honeyford (R-15); Eide (D-20); Hobbs (D-44); Schoesler (R-9); Shin (D-21) Commerce & Labor Holmquist Newbry, Chair (R-13); Braun, V-Chair (R20); *Conway (D-29); Hasegawa (D-11); Hewitt (R-16); Keiser (D-33); King (R-14) Early Learning & K-12 Education Litzow, Chair (R-41); Dammeier, V-Chair (R-25); **Rolfes (D-23); *McAuliffe (D-1); Billig (D-3); Cleveland (D-49); Fain (R-47); Hill (R-45); Mullet (D-5); Rivers (R-18) Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Ericksen, Chair (R-42); Sheldon, V-Chair (D-35); *Ranker (D-40); Billig (D-3); Chase (D-32); Cleveland (D-49); Honeyford (R-15); Litzow (R-41); Financial Institutions & Insurance Hobbs, Chair (D-44); *Benton (R-17); Fain (R-47); Hatfield (D-19); Mullet (D-5); Nelson (D-34); Roach (R-31) Governmental Operations Roach, Chair (R-31); Benton, V-Chair (R-17); *Hasegawa (D-11); Braun (R-20); Conway (D-29); Fraser (D-22); Rivers (R-18) Health Care Becker, Chair (R-2); Dammeier, V-Chair (R-25); *Keiser (D-33); Bailey (R-10); Cleveland (D-49); Ericksen (R-42); Frockt (D-46); Parlette (R-12); Schlicher (D-26) Higher Education Bailey, Chair (R-10); Becker, V-Chair (R-2); *Kohl-Welles (D-36); Baumgartner (R-6); Frockt (D-46); McAuliffe (D-1); Tom (D-48) Human Services & Corrections Carrell, Chair (R-28); Pearson, V-Chair (R-39); *Darneille (D-27); Baumgartner (R-6); Hargrove (D-24); Harper (D-38); Padden (R-4);
*Ranking Minority Member; **Assistant Ranking Minority Member

Law & Justice Padden, Chair (R-4); Carrell, V-Chair (R-28); *Kline (D-37); Darneille (D-27); Kohl-Welles (D-36); Pearson (R-39); Roach (R-31) Natural Resources & Parks Pearson, Chair (R-39); Smith, V-Chair (R-7); *Rolfes (D-23); Hargrove (D-24); Hewitt (R-16); Kline (D-37); Parlette (R-12) Rules Lieutenant Governor, Chair (D); Sheldon, V-Chair (D35); Bailey (R-10); Becker (R-2); Benton (R-17); Billig (D-3); Carrell (R-28); Dammeier (R-25); Darneille (D27); Ericksen (R-42); Fain (R-47); Fraser (D-22); Frockt (D-46); Harper (D-38); Keiser (D-33); King (R-14); KohlWelles (D-36); Murray (D-43); Parlette (R-12); Rivers R-18); Schoesler (R-9); Tom (D-48) Trade & Economic Development Braun, Chair (R-20); Smith, V-Chair (R-7); *Chase (D-32); Baumgartner (R-6); Holmquist Newbry (R-13); Schlicher (D-26); Shin (D-21) Transporation Eide, Co-Chair (D-30); King, Co-Chair (R-14); Fain, Budget Leadership Cabinet (R-47); Benton, Vice CoChair (R-17); Billig (D-3); Carrell (R-28); Ericksen (R42); Harper (D-38); Hobbs (D-44); Litzow (R-41); Mullet (D-5); Rolfes (D-23); Schlicher (D-26); Sheldon (D-35); Smith (R-7) Ways & Means Hill, Chair (R-45); Baumgartner, V-Chair (R-6); Honeyford, Capital Budget Chair (R-15); **Nelson (D-34); *Hargrove (D-24); Bailey (R-10); Becker (R-2); Braun (R-20); Conway (D-29); Dammeier (R-25); Fraser (D-22); Hasegawa (D-11); Hatfield (D-19); Hewitt (R-16); Keiser (D-33); Kohl-Welles (D-36); Murray (D-43); Padden (R-4); Parlette (R-12); Ranker (D-40); Rivers (R-18); Schoesler (R-9); Tom (D-48)


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2013 Session Senate Seating

Hobbs Nelson Hasegawa Dammeier Becker Holmquist Newbry Baumgartner Honeyford




















Hat eld
























































= District




Brown Delvin




Journal Clerk Linda Jansson

Senate Counsel Keith Buchholz

Reading Clerk Ken Edmonds

Secretary of the Senate Hunter Goodman

Deputy Secretary of the Senate Brad Hendrickson

Senate Counsel Jeannie Gorrell

President of the Senate Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen

Press Desk


Page 37 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEG=Legislative Bldg; MOD=Modulars

HOUSE ROSTER OF MEMBERSBox 40600, Olympia WA 98504-0600 P.O.

(360) 786-7824 -7964 -7934 -7862 -7870 -7854 -7814 -7960 -7920 -7926 -7978 -7954 -7820 -7846 -7896 -7804 -7942 -7818 -7974 -7952 -7830 -7878 -7958 -7848 -7966 -7986 -7842 -7918 -7976 -7832 -7984 --7908 -7892 -7956 -7992 -7936 -7866 -7930 -7810 -7910 -7996 -7882 -7898 -7988 -7967 -7972 -7800 -7902 Page 38 -7876

REPRESENTATIVE PARTY DISTRICT ROOM EMAIL Alexander, Gary R 2 LEG 426B Angel, Jan R 26 JLOB 434 Appleton, Sherry D 23 LEG 132-F Bergquist, Steve D 11 JLOB 322 Blake, Brian D 19 LEG 437-A Buys, Vincent R 42 JLOB 465 Carlyle, Reuven D 36 JLOB 325 Chandler, Bruce R 15 LEG 427-B Chopp, Frank D 43 LEG 339-C Clibborn, Judy D 41 JLOB 415 Cody, Eileen D 34 JLOB 303 Condotta, Cary R 12 LEG 425-B Crouse, Larry R 4 LEG 427-A Dahlquist, Cathy R 31 JLOB 426 DeBolt, Richard R 20 LEG 335-C Dunshee, Hans D 44 JLOB 314 Fagan, Susan R 9 JLOB 406 Farrell, Jessyn D 46 JLOB 370 Fey, Jake D 27 JLOB 330 Fitzgibbon, Joe D 34 JLOB 305 Freeman, Roger D 30 JLOB 331 Goodman, Roger D 45 JLOB 328 Green, Tami D 28 LEG 429-A Habib, Cyrus D 48 LEG 132-D Haigh, Kathy D 35 JLOB 320 Haler, Larry R 8 LEG 122-D Hansen, Drew D 23 JLOB 369 Hargrove, Mark R 47 JLOB 409 Harris, Paul R 17 JLOB 403 Hawkins, Brad R 12 LEG 122-G Hayes, Dave R 10 JLOB 467 Holy, Jeff R 6 JLOB 405 Hope, Mike R 44 JLOB 466 Hudgins, Zack D 11 LEG 438-A Hunt, Sam D 22 LEG 438-B Hunter, Ross D 48 JLOB 315 Hurst, Christopher D 31 JLOB 335 Jinkins, Laurie D 27 JLOB 311 Johnson, Norm R 14 JLOB 425 Kagi, Ruth D 32 JLOB 308 Kirby, Steve D 29 LEG 437-B Klippert, Brad R 8 JLOB 410 Kochmar, Linda R 30 LEG 122-F Kretz, Joel R 7 LEG 335-A Kristiansen, Dan R 39 LEG 425-A Liilas, Marko D 21 JLOB 414 Lytton, Kris D 40 JLOB 310 MacEwen, Drew LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 800-562-6000 R 35 JLOB 431 Magendanz, Chad this number to leave5messages for427 legislators. R JLOB your Use

LEG=Legislative Bldg; MOD=Modulars

HOUSE ROSTER OF MEMBERSBox 40600, Olympia WA 98504-0600 P.O.

(360) 786-7808 -7894 -7864 -7872 -7948 -7970 -7900 -7828 -7890 -7990 -7946 -7834 -7980 -7922 -7826 -7838 -7812 -7886 -7940 -7888 -7950 -7852 -7856 -7880 -7944 -7906 -7844 -7816 -7802 -7840 -7984 -7908 -7884 -7822 -7928 -7994 -7858 -7806 -7860 -7874 -7904 -7868 -7916 -7850 -7836 -7932 -7912 -7924 Page 39 -7968

REPRESENTATIVE PARTY DISTRICT ROOM EMAIL Manweller, Matt R 13 JLOB 470 Maxwell, Marcie D 41 JLOB 327 McCoy, John D 38 LEG 132-A Moeller, Jim D 49 LEG 430 Morrell, Dawn D 25 JLOB 306 Morris, Jeff D 40 LEG 436-A Moscoso, Luis D 1 JLOB 332 Nealey, Terry R 16 JLOB 404 OBan, Steve R 28 JLOB 424 Orcutt, Ed R 20 JLOB 408 Ormsby, Timm D 3 LEG 122-H Orwall, Tina D 33 JLOB 326 Overstreet, Jason R 42 JLOB 422 Parker, Kevin R 6 JLOB 421 Pedersen, Jamie D 43 LEG 436-B Pettigrew, Eric D 37 LEG 434-B Pike, Liz R 18 LEG 122-B Pollet, Gerry D 46 JLOB 317 Reykdal, Chris D 22 JLOB 319 Riccelli, Marcus D 3 JLOB 419 Roberts, Mary Helen D 21 JLOB 420 Rodne, Jay R 5 JLOB 430 Ross, Charles R 14 LEG 122-A Ryu, Cindy D 32 JLOB 324 Santos, Sharon Tomiko D 37 JLOB 321 Sawyer, David D 29 JLOB 418 Schmick, Joe R 9 JLOB 432 Scott, Elizabeth R 39 LEG 122-E Seaquist, Larry D 26 LEG 132-C Sells, Mike D 38 LEG 132-B Shea, Matt R 4 JLOB 437 Short, Shelly R 7 JLOB 436 Smith, Norma R 10 JLOB 435 Springer, Larry D 45 LEG 132-E Stanford, Derek D 1 JLOB 318 Stonier, Monica D 17 JLOB 309 Sullivan, Pat D 47 LEG 339-A Takko, Dean D 19 JLOB 336 Tarleton, Gael D 36 JLOB 334 Taylor, David R 15 JLOB 428 Tharinger, Steve D 24 JLOB 368 Upthegrove, Dave D 33 JLOB 304 Van De Wege, Kevin D 24 LEG 434-A Vick, Brandon R 18 JLOB 469 Walsh, Maureen R 16 JLOB 411 Warnick, Judy R 13 LEG 122-C Wilcox, J.T. R 2 JLOB 426-A Wylie, Sharon D 49 JLOB 417 LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 800-562-6000 Zeiger, Hans R 25 JLOB your Use this number to leave messages for468 legislators.


Agriculture and Natural Resources Blake (D-19), Chair; Lytton (D-40), V-Chair; *Chandler (R-15); **MacEwen (R-35); Buys (R-42); Dunshee (D-44); Haigh (D-35); Hurst (D-31); Kretz (R-7); Orcutt (R-20); Pettigrew (D-37); Schmick (R-9); Stanford (D-1); Van De Wege (D-24; Warnick (R-13) Business & Financial Services Kirby (D-29), Chair; Ryu (D-32), V-Chair; *Parker (R-6); **Vick (R-R-18); Blake (D-19); Chandler (R-15); Habib (D-48); Hawkins (R-12); Hudgins (D-11); Hurst (D-31); Kochmar (R-30); MacEwen (R-35); OBan (R-28); Santos (D-27); Stanford (D-1) Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs McCoy (D-38), Chair; Appleton (D-23), V-Chair; *Angel (R-26); **Johnson (R-14); Haler (R-8); Pike (R18); Ryu (D-32); Santos (D-27); Sawyer (D-29) Early Learning and Human Services Kagi (D-32), Chair; Freeman (D-30), V-Chair; *Walsh (R-16); **Scott (R-39); Farrell (D-46); Goodman (D-45); MacEwen (R-35); Overstreet (R-42); Roberts (D21); Sawyer (D-29); Zeiger (R-25) (D-41); Green (D-28); Harris (R-17); Manweller (R-13); Moeller (D-49); Morrell (D-25); Riccelli (D-3); Rodne (R-5); Ross (R-14); Short (R-7); Tharinger (D-24); Van De Wege (D-24) Higher Education Seaquist (D-26), Chair; Pollet (D-46), V-Chair; *Haler (R-8); **Zeiger (R-25); Fagan (R-9); Hansen (D23); Hargrove (R-47); Johnson (R-14); Magendanz (R-5); Pedersen (D-43); Reykdal (D-22); Riccelli (D-3); Sawyer (D-29); Scott (R-39); Sells (D-38); Smith (R-10); Tarleton (D-36); Walsh (R-16); Wylie (D-49) Judiciary Pedersen (D-43), Chair; Hansen (D-23), V-Chair; *Rodne (R-5); **OBan (R-28); Goodman (D-45); Hope (R-44); Jinkins (D-27); Kirby (D-29); Klippert (R-8); Nealey (R-16); Orwall (D-33); Roberts (D-21); Shea (R-4) Labor and Workforce Development Sells (D-38), Chair; Reykdal (D-22), V-Chair; *Manweller (R-13); **Condotta (R-12); Green (D-28); Holy (R-6); Moeller (D-49); Ormsby (D-3); Short (R-7)

Local Government Education Takko (D-19), Chair; Fitzgibbon (D-34), V-Chair; *Taylor (R-15); **Kochmar (R-30); Buys (R-42); Crouse Santos (D-37), Chair; Stonier (D-17), V-Chair; *Dahlquist (R-31); **Magendanz (R-5); Bergquist (D-11); (R-4); Liias (D-21); Springer (D-45); Upthegrove (D-33) Fagan (R-9); Haigh (D-35); Hargrove (R-47); Hawkins Public Safety (R-12); Hayes (R-10); Hunt (D-22); Klippert (R-8); Lytton Goodman (D-45), Chair; Roberts (D-21), V-Chair; (D-40); Maxwell (D-41); McCoy (D-38); Orwall (D-33); *Klippert (R-8); **Hayes (R-10); Appleton (D-23); Holy Parker (R-6); Pike (R-18); Pollet (D-46); Seaquist (D-26); (R-6); Hope (R-44); Moscoso (D-1); Pettigrew (D-37); Warnick (R-13) Ross (R-14; Takko (D-19) Environment Upthegrove (D-33), Chair; McCoy (D-38), V-Chair; *Short (R-7); **Pike (R-18); Crouse (R-4); Farrell (D-46); Fey (D-27); Kagi (D-32); Liias (D-21); Morris (D-40); Nealey (R-16); Overstreet (R-42); Tharinger (D-24) Government Accountability and Oversight Hurst (D-31), Chair; Wylie (D-49), V-Chair; *Condotta (R-12); **Holy (R-6); Alexander (R-2); Blake (D-19); Kirby (D-29); Moscoso (D-1); Shea (R-4) Government Operations and Elections Hunt (D-22), Chair; Bergquist (D-11), V-Chair; *Buys (R-42); **Taylor (R-15); Alexander (R-2); Carlyle (D-36); Fitzgibbon (D-34); Kristiansen (R-39); Manweller (R-13); Orwall (D-33); Van De Wege (D-24) Health Care and Wellness Cody (D-34), Chair; Jinkins (D-27), V-Chair; *Schmick (R-9); **Hope (R-44); Angel (R-26); Clibborn Page 40 Rules Chopp (D-43), Chair; *DeBolt (R-20); Dahlquist (R-31); Fagan (R-9); Green (D-28); Holy (R-6); Johnson (R-14); Kochmar (R-30); Kretz (R-7); Liias (D-21); Magendanz (R-5); Maxwell (D-41); Moeller (D-49); Nealey R-16); Orwall (D-33); Pettigrew (D-37); Reykdal (D-22); Roberts (D-21); Ryu (D-32); Sawyer (D-29); Springer (D-45); Sullivan (D-47); Tarleton (D-36); Van De Wege (D-24); Wilcox (R-2) Technology and Economic Development Morris (D-40), Chair; Cyrus Habib (D-XX), V-Chair; *Smith (R-10); **Crouse (R-4); Dahlquist (R-31); Freeman (D-30); Hudgins (D-11); Kochmar (R-30); Magendanz (R-5); Maxwell (D-41); Morrell (D-25); Stonier (D17); Tarleton (D-36); Vick (R-18); Walsh (R-16); Wylie (D-49); Zeiger (R-25)


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.


Appropriations Hunter (D-48), Chair; Ormsby (D-3), V-Chair; *Alexander (R-2); **Chandler (R-15); **Ross (R-14); **Wilcox (R-2); Buys (R-42); Carlyle (D-36); Cody (D-34); Dahlquist (R-31); Dunshee (D-44); Fagan (R-9); Green (D-28); Haigh (D-35); Haler (R-8); Harris (R17); Hudgins (D-11); Hunt (D-22); Jinkins (D-27); Kagi (D-32); Maxwell (D-41); Morrell (D-25); Parker (R-6); Pedersen (D-43); Pettigrew (D-37); Pike (R-18); Schmick (R-9); Seaquist (D-26); Springer (D-45); Sullivan (D-47); Taylor (R-15) Appropriations Subcommittee on Education Haigh (D-35), Chair; *Fagan (R-9); Carlyle (D-36); Dahlquist (R-31); Haler (R-8); Maxwell (D-41); Pettigrew (D-37); Seaquist (D-26); Sullivan (D-47); Wilcox (R-2) Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government Hudgins (D-11), Chair; *Parker (R-6); Buys (R-42); Chandler (R-15); Dunshee (D-44); Hunt (D-22); Pedersen (D-43); Springer (D-45); Taylor (R-15) Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services Morrell (D-25), Chair; *Harris (R-17); Cody (D-34); Green (D-28); Jinkins (D-27); Kagi (D-32); Ormsby (D3); Pike (R-18); Ross (R-14); Schmick (R-9) Capital Budget Dunshee (D-44), Chair; Stanford (D-1), V-Chair; *Warnick (R-13); **Hawkins (R-12); Appleton (D-23); Fey (D-27); MacEwen (R-35); Riccelli (D-3); Scott (R39); Smith (R-10); Stonier (D-17) Finance Carlyle (D-36), Chair; Tharinger (D-24), V-Chair; *Nealey (R-16); **Orcutt (R-20); Condotta (R-12); Fitzgibbon (D-34); Hansen (D-23); Lytton (D-40); Pollet (D-46); Reykdal (D-22); Springer (D-45); Vick (R-18); Wilcox (R-2) Transportation Clibborn (D-41), Chair; Fey (D-27), V-Chair; Liias (D21), V-Chair; Moscoso (D-1), V-Chair; *Orcutt (R-20); **Hargrove (R-47); **Overstreet (R-42); Angel (R-26); Bergquist (D-11); Farrell (D-46); Fitzgibbon (D-34); Freeman (D-30); Habib (D-48); Hayes (R10); Johnson (R-14); Klippert (R-8); Kochmar (R-30); Kretz (R-7); Kristiansen (R-39); Moeller (D-49); Morris (D-40); OBan (R-28); Riccelli (D-3); Rodne (R-5); Ryu (D-32); Sells (D-38); Shea (R-4); Takko (D-19); Tarleton (D-36); Upthegrove (D-33); Zeiger (R-25) as of 1/15/13


Page 41 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.



Page 42 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

PERSONAL VISITS Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting with your legislator at his or her office in Olympia or at an in-district town hall meeting during session. Call April Sims at 1-800-562-6002 or e-mail her at to set up an appointment. LETTERS AND POSTCARDS Letters should be mailed directly to a legislator in Olympia. A first-class letter addressed to a legislator by title and name (Senator John Doe or Representative Jane Doe), will arrive in Olympia within 24 hours if mailed from western Washington and within 48 hours if mailed from eastern Washington. House Mailing Address: P.O. Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504-0600. Senate Mailing Address: P.O. Box 404(LD), Olympia, WA 98504-04(LD) (LD=Legislative District number) CONTACT INFORMATION Individual phone numbers, office addresses and e-mail addresses are online at and in this booklet on pages 8-24 by district; page 28 Senate alpabetical; pages 30-31 House alphabetical. Email your legislator. Find online forms to send your legislator an email at Default.aspx WFSE ACTION CENTER There are times when members are asked to participate in online campaigns. If this occurs, the campaign will be linked on > Action Center. With a few clicks, you'll email specific messages to your legislators. TOLL-FREE LEGISLATIVE TELEPHONE HOTLINE 1-800-562-6000 Beginning on the first day of the session and continuing throughout the session, a toll-free public opinion hotline (1-800-562-6000) will be operated by the Legislature. You can call and leave a brief message for your three legislators, the governor or lieutenant governor. These messages are forwarded electronically to the appropriate individuals. When leaving a message with the Hotline, please be prepared to give your name and street address. Interpreter services in many languages are available. The Hotline staff will also fulfill requests for bills and other legislative documents and can answer questions about meeting times and places, pending legislation and the legislative process. HOURS OF OPERATION During the legislative session, the Hotline is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. The number to dial is 1-800-562-6000. If the line is busy, call back.
(NOTE: During the rest of the year when the Legislature is not in session, the Hotline operates Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.)


Tips for effective communication:

Legislators are literally bombarded with questions and requests from interest groups of every kind. The way you communicate with legislators makes a big difference on whether they remember your ask or, more importantly, decide to help you with it. Cultivate a relationship with your Legislators before the Big Crisis hits. Legislators rely on constituent information to guide their judgment. If they dont hear from you, that leaves lobbyists, their staff and your opponents to educate them. Here are some DOS and DONTS that will help you increase your chances for support.

Do . . .
let us help you schedule a meeting with your Representative or Senator. write a letter to your Legislator. send an e-mail to your Legislator. use the Legislative Hotline to communicate your concerns. (800-562-6000) encourage, empower and educate your co-worker on the facts and importance of the issue and their ability to help. your homework! provide a succinct, factual message. be prepared to answer questions. be patient and listen when having an in-person visit. be prepared to talk about who might oppose your ask and why. calculate how it can help the Legislator to help you.

Dont . . .
rely solely on petitions, pre-fabricated post cards, form letters and rallies.
These tools have narrow strategies and if not used correctly, can have the opposite effect you are after. If you want them to remember, give them information that is succinct, well organized and on topic.

get off the point.

forget you only have a short time during a personal visit, usually less than 15 minutes. get indignant if you are asked to reschedule or wait. Their schedules are fluid and rescheduling is not uncommon. assume that yours is the only point of view. Legislators have to answer to many constituents. Use this opportunity to educate them.


Page 43 Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

Federation HOTLINE: (800) 562-6002

WRITE A PERSONAL LETTER Write a personal letter to OPPOSE the all-cuts budget. lETTER WRITINg

Sample letter
Legislators and the staff who screen messages are extremely busy. To get their attention and a response, keep letters short and to the point.
SAMPLE LETTER: Try to keep letters to no more than a greeting, followed by three short paragraphs and the closing:

1. SIT DOWN AND DO IT. A message to a legislator is important and can make a difference. Remember, it is your legislator. 2. Address members of the legislature with due respect, making sure that the full name, initial and title of the legislator are correct. 3. Be localtell how the matter under consideration affects you, your family, your community, and your union. Remember that your message is your lobby. 4. Be brief. 5. Be specific. Let them know what you want. Clearly identify the bill or specific issue. 6. State the facts; give some specific examples of why or how the bill or issue impacts you. 7. Ask for an answer. You have made your views known; now ask your legislator where he/ she stands. 8. Be sure that you leave your name, home mailing address, home e-mail address (if available) and home phone number.


Representative/Senator __________________ Address Olympia, WA 98504 RE:

State name, where you work and summarize your issue.


Dear ________ , I am a _________________________ at [state agency/higher Ieducation institution] and I title) at ________ (agency/instituam a __________ (job respectfully urge you to oppose the all-cuts budget. tion). (Briefly describe your job here).

Concise details.


Please recognize the $1.5 billion in sacrifices state These cuts hurt Washingtons quality services.

employees have made by funding the contract and holding the line on health care. Instead, lets look at sensible solutions to save our state, the vulnerable, public safety, health, recreation, and the environment.

Summarize; ask for a response.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to your written response. Respectively, [Your name] [Your home address] [Your home phone number] [Your home e-mail address (if available)] [Your WFSE/AFSCME local number; WFSE/AFSCME member]


9. Be polite. A nasty message can work to our disadvantage.



(LD#)=Replace (LD#) with the Legislative District number for your Senator.

Page 44

Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE:562-6002 800-562-6000 Federation HOTLINE: (800)

All Representatives use the same mailing address.


SAMPLE EMAILS & LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE MESSAGES Sample Emails & legislative HOTlINE Messages Sample Emails
Legislators and the staff who screen messages are extremely busy. To get their attention and a response, keep emails short and to the point. Try to keep e-mails to no more than three or four short sentences with a concise subject line that includes the bill number, an introduction, a middle and a conclusion that asks for a response. Put job title and agency/ higher education institution after signature:

legislative HOTlINE Messages

When calling the Legislatures toll-free hotline center (1-800-562-6000), be prepared to give your home address and home phone number. Know your zip code; that will help operators find your three legislators if you dont know them. Hotline messages need to be extremely brief.


Save as a

Spell Check

Cancel STOP CUTS. FIND REVENUE Sub- CUTS HURT WASHINGTON Dear [ Representative/Senator _______________ ] , IIm a __________ (job title) at ________ (agency/ am opposed to the Governors budget. Im institution). opposed to a budget that eliminates especially

TO [REP./SEN.]: WHILE YOU WERE OUT M_______________________________ OF______________________________ CALLED

thousands of jobs. I respectively urge you to recognize the $1.5 billion in sacrifices state employees have made state In a time of economic recession, the by funding the contract and holding the line on health the needs to be creating jobs, not making care. recession worse. Please reject the all cuts budget and find a better alternative.

MESSAGE: Im opposed to the MESSAGE: Please, oppose the closure of institutions Governors budget. Her budfor thewill decimate critical get disabled and mentally ill. We must protect the vulnerable and promake the recession worse. tect public reject the all Please safety.
cuts budget and find a better alternative. public services and it will

Sincerely [Your name] [Your job title] [Your agency or higher education institution] [Your home address] [Your home phone number] [Your home e-mail address (if available)] [Your WFSE/AFSCME local number; if you dont know, say WFSE/AFSCME member]

HOURS OF OPERATION During the legislative session, the Hotline is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. The number to dial is 1-800-562-6000. If the line is busy, call back.

Page 45


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 800-562-6000 Federation HOTLINE: (800) 562-6002

How a Bill Becomes a Law

A bill may be introduced in either the Senate or House of Representatives. A committee studies the bill and often holds public hearings on it. A committee report is read in open session of the House or Senate,and the bill is then referred to the Rules RULES Committee.


Hel lo !

The Rules Committee can either place the bill on the second reading of the calendar for debate before the entire body, or take no action.

At the second reading a bill is subject to debate and amendment before being placed on the third reading calendar for final passage.








After passing one house,the bill goes through the same procedure in the other house. The Governor signs the bill into law or may veto all or part of it. If the Governor fails to act on the bill,it may become law without a signature.

If amendments are made in one house,the other house must concur.

When the bill is accepted in both houses,it is signed by the respective leaders and sent to the Governor.


Page 46

Federation HOTLINE: Use this number to leave(800) 562-6002 your legislators. messages for




Adjourn - to conclude a days session or committee meeting. First Reading - the introduction and first reading of a bill by the entire legislative body.

Amendment - a proposal offered to a legislative bill that changes the original language. Bill - a proposed law presented to the Legislature for consideration. Budget - a legislative document that state the amount of money to be spent on programs and services. Caucus - a group of people belonging to the same political party to select leaders and discuss issues and policy.

Governor - highest ranking state official.

Hearing - a regularly scheduled meeting of a committee at which the public has an opportunity to voice its opinions about proposed legislation. Interim - the months between regular legislative sessions.

Committee - a panel of senators or representatives which makes preliminary decisions about legislation or other issues and reports its findings to the entire legislative body. Committee Chair - a legislator chosen to direct the activities of a committee. Committee chairs normally are approved every two years by a vote of either the Senate or House.

Legislature - the entire group of senators and representatives. They are elected by the citizens to represent them in the creation and modification of laws of the state.

Speaker - representative who is elected by the members of the House of Representatives to preside over House floor action and debate.

Page - the name given to students who are helpers to legislators and staff. Pages typically run errands and provide other assistance as needed. Persons who are good students between 14-15 years of age are eligible to become pages. President of the Senate - another name for the Lieutenant Governor, who presides over Senate floor action and debate. Representative - a person elected to the House of Representatives for a two-year term. There are 98 representatives in Washington. Second Reading - bill on second reading are subject to debate and may be amended, returned to committee, or advanced to Third Reading.

Special Session - a legislative session that is usually held for a specific purpose and occurs between regularly scheduled sessions. A special session may be called to order by the Governor or by a vote of two-thirds of both houses of the Legislature. Sponsor - the senator or representative who presents a bill, resolution or amendment for consideration.

Constitution - a document which states the basic principles and laws of the state that determine the powers and duties of government and guarantee certain rights to Washington citizens. Our constitution was adopted in 1889. Constitutional Amendment similar to a legislative bill, a constitutional amendment is a proposal to change the states Constitution that must be passed by the Legislature and approved by a vote of the citizens. Convene - to assemble for an official meeting. District - area representative by legislators. There are 49 legislative districts, each having one senator and two representatives.

Third Reading - the final stage of a bill during which the document is read in its entirety and a vote is taken.

Veto - return of a bill by the Governor to the legislature without his or her signature, usually accompanied by an explanation as to why the Governor thinks the bill should not become a law. Veto Override - a two-thirds vote of the Legislature (33 votes in the Senate, and 66 votes in the House) which makes law any bill vetoed by the Governor.

Senator - a citizen who is elected to the Senate for a four-year term. There are 49 senators in Washington.

Sergeant-at-Arms - these employees are responsible for security during legislative sessions and public hearings.

Washington - the name given to the 42nd state in the United States of America. Our state is named after our first president, George Washington.

Page 47


Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 800-562-6000 Federation HOTLINE: (800) 562-6002


Bill: A proposed law presented to the Legislature for consideration; it may originate in either house.

Amendment: Any change in a bill, resolution or memorial. A committee amendment proposed in a committee meeting. A floor amendment is an amendment proposed on the floor of a legislative chamber.

Joint Memorial: A message or petition addressed to the president, Congress, or the head of any other agency of the federal government, asking for consideration os some matter of concern to the state or region. Proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution are also in the form of joint memorials. Joint Resolution: An act of the legislature which proposes an amendment to the state constitution for reference to the people for acceptance or rejection. Joint resolution must receive a two-thirds affirmative vote in each house. Concurrent Resolution: A resolution relating to the internal operation of the legislature, in which one house concurs in the action of the other; it may originate in either house. Floor Resolution: A resolution adopted by the either house usually honoring or commemorating an individual, organization, or event. It also may call for some type of action.

Striking Amendment: Amendment removing everything after the title and inserting a whole new bill. HB: Abbreviation for House Bill. SB: Abbreviation for Senate Bill.

S (Substitute): A new bill is proposed by a committee to replace the original one. The substitution must be approved by the entire body. E (Engrossed): Incorporates amendments that were passed by the house of origin (where the bill was introduced).

Scope and Object: If an amendment offered to a proposed bill does not relate closely to the content of the bill, a member may raise scope and object. The president then rules if the amendment is in order or out of order. Enacted: When a bill is passed by both houses of the legislature and signed by the governor.

Initiative: A legislative power vested in the people. There are two types: (1) initiative to the people, which goes directly to the voters without consideration by the legislature; and (2) initiative to the legislature, which is considered by the legislature at its next regular session, and if not enacted, is placed on the next general election ballot.

New Section: Proposed new language to be added as a new section to existing law.

Veto: Partial or complete rejection of a bill by the governor. The governor has the power to veto sections of bills but cannot make any additions. Override: The legislature can override the governors veto with a two-thirds vote of both houses.



Federation HOTLINE: (800) 562-6002

Page 48

Use this number to leave messages for your legislators.

A Guide to Reading a Legislative Measure

SENATE BILL 7999 State of Washington 59th Legislature 2005 Regular Session
BILL NUMBER: Each bill is assigned a number for identification. PRIME SPONSOR: The member of the Legislature who first introduced the bill. CO-SPONSOR(S): The member(s) of the Legislature who join the prime sponsor in introducing the legislation. AGENCY REQUEST: Indicates that bill was requested by an executive branch agency (legislative sponsor still required). REFERRAL: The date the bill was introduced and to which committee it was referred. BILL TITLE: Identifies the subject of the legislation and how it affects the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). ENACTING CLAUSE: This states who intends to make this bill a law. It will either be by the people of the state or by the Legislature. AMENDATORY HEADING: Also known as the jingle, recites both the most recent session law and RCW citation being amended. EXISTING LAW: The text of the current RCW to be amended. DELETED LANGUAGE: Lined-out phrases are proposed deletions to existing law. NEW LANGUAGE: Underlined phrases are proposed new language to existing law. NEW SECTION: Proposed new language to be added as a new section to the existing RCW. REPEALER: The section of a bill that lists which RCW sections are to be removed from state law by the proposed legislation. EFFECTIVE DATE: The date the bill becomes a law.

By Senators Green and Blue (by request of Department of ______________) Read first time 01/10/2005. Referred to Committee on Government Operations & Elections. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 AN ACT Relating to the board of accountancy; amending RCW 18.04.180; adding a new section to chapter 18.04 RCW; repealing RCW 18.04.183 and 18.04.320; and providing an effective date. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON: Sec. 1. as follows: RCW 18.04.180 and 2004 c 159 s 3 are each amended to read

(1) The board shall issue a license to a holder of a certificate/valid license issued by another state that entitles the holder to practice public accountancy, provided that: (a) Such state makes similar provision to grant reciprocity to a holder of a valid certificate or license in this state; (b) The applicant meets the CPE requirements of RCW 18.04.215(5); (c) The applicant meets the good character requirements of RCW 18.04.105(1)(a); and (d) The applicant passed the examination required for issuance of his or her certificate or license with grades that would have been passing grades at that time in this state and meets all current requirements in this state for issuance of a license at the time application is made; or at the time of the issuance of the applicant's license in the other state, met all the requirements then applicable in this state; or has three years of experience within the five years immediately preceding application or had five years of experience within the ten years immediately preceding application in the practice of public accountancy that meets the requirements prescribed by the board. (2) The board may accept NASBA's designation of the applicant as substantially equivalent to national standards as meeting the requirement of subsection (1)(d) of this section. (3) A licensee who has been granted a license under the reciprocity provisions of this section shall notify the board within ((thirty)) sixty days if the license or certificate issued in the other jurisdiction has lapsed or if the status of the license or certificate issued in the other jurisdiction becomes otherwise invalid. NEW SECTION. Sec. 2. A new section is added to chapter 18.04 RCW to read as follows: Each member of the board shall be compensated in accordance with RCW 43.03.240 and shall be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in the discharge of such duties in accordance with RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060. NEW SECTION. Sec. 3. The following acts or parts of acts are each repealed: (1) RCW 18.04.183 (Accountants from foreign countries) and 2001 c 294 s 9, 1999 c 378 s 3, & 1992 c 103 s 18; and (2) RCW 18.04.320 (Actions against license-Procedures) and 1986 c 295 s 13, 1983 c 234 s 14, & 1949 c 226 s 31. NEW SECTION. Sec. 4. This act takes effect July 1, 2006. ---END--p. 1

SB 7999

Office of the Code Reviser/Senate Production ServicesRevised 11/09/2005

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10th Congressional District: Rep. U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen 108 Cannon HOB Washington, D.C. 20515 Phone: (202) 225-2605 Fax: (202) 225-4420 Everett: (425) 252-3188 Toll-free: (800) 562-1385 Fax:(425) 252-6606 Bellingham: (360) 733-4500 Fax: (360) 733-5144

6th Congressional District: Rep.

Denny Heck (D) U.S. Rep. Denny Heck 425 Cannon HOB Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-9740

Derek Kilmer (D) U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer 1429 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-5916

7th Congressional District: Rep.

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Jim McDermott (D) U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott 1035 Longworth HOB Washington DC, 20515 (202) 225-3106 FAX: (202) 225-6197 Seattle: (206) 553-7170 FAX: (206) 553-7175

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler 1130 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-3536 Fax: (202) 225-3478 Vancouver: (360) 695-6292 Fax: (360) 695-6197

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Dave Reichert (R) U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert 1730 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515

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