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Victor F. Santamaria Gonzalez DOB: 01/16/1984 E-mail: Phone number: 541.346.


PHD PROGRAMME Department of Human Physiology, GTF student. Advisor: Dr. Marjorie Woollacott Co advisor: Dr. Andy Karduna

GRADUATE PROGRAMMES M.S. Neuroscience: The Neuroscience Institute of Castilla y Len (INCYL). Salamanca University. M.S. Neurologic Pathology: Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC), Madrid. M.S. Pediatric Physical Therapy: International University of Catalunya (UIC). BACHELORS DEGREE September 2004 June 2007 Bachelor in Physical Therapy University of Malaga, Spain

SCIENTIFIC AWARDS Accesit Reward of investigation 2010. Ilustrious Profesional College of Physical Therapists of Andalucia. Research title: Use of moulded pelvic seats as an intervention for improving the neuromotor ability of the upper extremity in cerebral palsy.

POSTGRADUATE COURSES Kinetic Control Neurodinamic 1

Kinesiotaping Workshop DAFOs Cascade Spontaneaus General Movements in Newborn Manual therapy for craneo-cervical-TMJ Vertebral Column Diseases: distance course Principal Neurologic Disorders: distance course Pediatric Physical Therapy: distance course Knee rehabilitation: distance course

RESEARCH & PUBLICATIONS Poster presentation: Riolobos AS, V Santamaria, A Fuente, JM Criado, M Navas, J Yajeya, Heredia M. Short-term Rehabilitation Post Injuty Is Able To Improve The Deficit In Motor Ability Produced By Frontal Cortex Lesion In Adult Rats. Acta Physiologica 2011; Volume 203, Supplement 686. Oral communication: Rachwani Parshotam J, Santamaria Gonzalez VF, De Ru E. Review on the effects of strengthening programmes in spastic diplegia. Are there any functional effects? 3rd National Conference of the Spanish Society in Pediatric Physical Therapy. 2010. Santamara Gonzlez VF, Rachwani Parshotam J. Fisioterapia en la artropata hemoflica de rodilla. Cuest. Fisioter. 2010; 39 (1): 68 77. Santamara Gonzlez VF, Rachwani Parshotam J. Abordaje fisioteraputico en el nio con hemofilia. Rev. Fisioterapia UCAM. 2009; 8 Supl: 11 36. Oral Communication: Functional effects of strengthening programmes in spastic diplegia. Rachwani Parshotam, J. Santamara Gonzlez, VF. De Ru, E. 21st Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability: From myth to evidence. Lituania (Vilnius), 3 6 junio 2009 Rachwani Parshotam J, Santamara Gonzlez VF, De Ru E. Functional effects of strengthening programmes in spastic diplegia. Dev Med Child Neurol. 2009; 51 supl 5: 23 Oral communication: Physical therapy treatment in hemophilic children. Santamara Gonzlez, VF. Rachwani Parshotam, J. XII National Conference in Pediatric Physical Therapy. 2009.

XVII Scientific Document. Spanish Society in Pediatric Phsyical Therapy. Review: Obesidad Infantil y Sndrome de Pickwick. 2008. Residency in Coagulopathic Unit. Investigation in hemophilic artropathy. La Fe Hospital, Valencia.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Pediatric and Neurologic physical therapy Physical therapy in Traumatology/Orthopedics Physical therapy in Geriatrics 2008 - 2011 2007 2008 2007

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS Delegate of the Spanish Society in Pediatric Physical Therapy PERSONAL INTERESTS Neuroscience Martial arts and Sports