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)arqatu-l Arsiyyatu-l Qdiriyyah Worldwide Association (Singapore

In the name of Allah

the Universally Merciful, the Singularly Compassionate
The is no god [worthy of worship] except Allah
and Muhammad is the divine Envoy [sent with the final revelation].thrice
Everything on earth shall perish. And the Countenance of your Lord of Majesty and Glory shall remain for ever. (Al-Quran
55:26-27) Everyone shall taste death; and you shall get your compensation in full on the day of Reckoning. Anyone who is saved from the
fire (of hell) and is made to enter Paradise, has, indeed, attained his goals. And the life of this world is nothing but amenities of deception.
(Al-Quran 3:185) [Out of this earth] We have created you, and into this earth we return you, and out of this earth shall we raise you the
second time. (Al-Quran 20:55)
O slave of Allah, son of (or daughter of) a female slave of Allah! Recall the covenant on which you lived in the
ephemeral world and upon which you have departed for the ethereal world. Remember, whilst traversing this world, you
professed that there is no god but Allah and that the Prophet is His Envoy. You also affirmed that death is certain; that life in
the grave [in isthmus] is certain; that [the two angels] Munkar and Nakr, and their interrogation are certain; that the
[obligation to] reply to them is certain; that Resurrection [on the Day of Judgement] is certain; that Reckoning [therein] is
certain; that the Scale [al-mzn] is certain; that the Bridge [al-irt] is certain; that Paradise [al-janna] is certain; that Hell [al-nr]
is certain; and that the intercession [shafa] of the Envoy of Allah is certain. And that the Day of Judgement is assured to come;
and that Allah will certainly raise all those who are in the graves. (Al-Quran 22:7)
You have now reached the layers of the earth and you have been placed in the area of the destroyed and amongst the
army of the dead. When the two noble Angels, Munkar and Nakr (upon them be peace), appear before you with their fearsome
appearance, making you rise and sit, let them neither frighten nor shock you. When they ask you:
1. Who is your Lord [rabb]?
3. What is your Religion [dn]?
5. Who is your Guide [imm]?

2. Who is your Prophet [nab]?

4. Which is your Prayer-direction [qibla]?
6. Who are your brethren [ikhwn]?

Answer them in a calm, confident and eloquent voice, without shock or fear, that:
1. Allah is my Lord!
3. Islam is my Religion!
5. The Koran is my Guide!

2. Muhammad is my Prophet!
4. The Kaba is my Prayer-direction!
6. Muslims are my brothers!

My Lord is Allah. There is no god except Him. In Him I repose my trust; and He is the Lord of the inimitable Throne [arsh]. (AlQuran 9:129) On the aforementioned, you lived in this world, passed on to the next, and will be resurrected, Allah-willing. May
you be among the protected! May Allah strengthen you with the firm statement (i.e. the pledge of Tawhd kalima ayyiba).thrice
Allah keeps firm the believers by the firm statement [of kalima tayyiba] in the life of this world and in the Hereafter. (Al-Quran 14:27)
[On the Day of Judgement, it will be declared] O you well-contented soul! Return to your Lord, well pleased with Him, and He is wellpleased with you. So keep company among My chosen bondsmen and enter My Garden. (Al-Quran 89:27-30)

Verily Allah and His Angels whelm in blessings the Prophet.

O ye who believe invoke blessings upon him and give him greetings of Peace. (Al-Quran 33:56)
O Allah, bless the oft-praised one (i.e. Prophet Muhammad) till Your benedictions are depleted; Your mercy is
expended; and Your blessings are exhausted. And bless the soul, appearance, name, quintessence, heart, abode, garden, body,
dust, and nation of the oft-praised one from amongst all spirits, all forms, all appellations, all essence, all bosoms, all graves, all
fields, all beings, all earth, and all people. May Allah whelm blessings and bestow peace upon our liege-lord Muhammad, and on
his family, companions, wives, progeny, kinfolk, and lovers. thrice
Their prayer therein will be: Glory be to Thee, O Allah!, and their greeting therein will be:
Peace!, and the conclusion of their prayer will be: Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds! (Al-Quran 10:10)
arqatu-l Arsiyyatu-l Qdiriyyah Worldwide Association (Singapore)