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2013 visioning workshop March 1st, 2nd and 3rd


BA TH - S T. J O H N - M A RC H 1 S T , 2 N D , 3 RD
Sat Morning 9:30-12:30 The element of salty air will blow in our vision from the east as we ascend to the top of Bath hill shaping and clarifying our panoramic dream vision. Sat Afternoon 1:30-4:30 The element of the water will take our weight and worries away as we soak in the pools of Bath walking the reefs of the ocean. Our vision will receive its blessings from divinity. Sun Morning 9:30-12:30 The element of earth will bring our dreams into form. We will align our visions offering them to divinity to spin its web of form through our commitment and action in 2013. Friday Evening 6:30-8:30 The element of re will transmute our fears as we enter our shadow selves and clear our blocks opening channels to our greatest potentiality. Our inner child will dance under the stars.

Bliss is our Birthright

The time has come for us to honour our obligations to ourselves, our relationships and to planet earth to live in harmony co-creating a world of sustainability through a vision of oneness rather than separation. Our divisional thinking is standing in our way of enlightenment. Let us explore our inner and outer space by communing with the beauty of Bath and the beauty of a group of kindred souls supporting each other on lifes journey. Facilitated by Nathalie Golding using a combination of NLP, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Native American Wisdom, Intuitive Tools, Greek Mythology, Poetry and Law of Attraction Principles.

Create your wildest dreams. Know yourself. You are the microcosm of the macrocosm.

Your investment $300

Please bring: a Yoga Mat if you have, a Blanket to sit on, Towel, Reef Shoes, Camera, Walking Shoes, Swim Suit, Sun Block, Hat, Relaxed Clothes, Bag for nature nds, Journal, Drawing Pad, Fun pens, Sacred Cards if you have, Water Bottle. A Musical instrument if you play. A light veggie dish to share for Saturdays lunch, Anything spirit calls for. SLEEP OVERS - There is limited space which can expand if you have a sleeping bag. It is a very basic environment. $25 per night everyone pitches in. Book early.

We will transmute our shadows driven by our ego of separation. Experience the art of Night Walking along the Bath shore followed by a Fire Circle under the stars.

Our day starts with light yoga postures at the top of Bath hill where we will breathe new air. Spending time contemplating, journaling and shaping the script of our outcomes for 2013 and beyond. We will seek our spiritual guides in the creation of our vision board through poems, drawings, writings and offerings from nature.

Two low tides will beckon us out to explore her territory twice in the day. The waters will support us at every level as we relax into the pools of nature. You do not have to swim, you can just soak or walk the reef. We will dream our future together creating a medicine wheel through guided meditation calling on all directions to open our intuitive eye. We will visit the magical forest at Consett Bay.

Align & Act

Our Vision will be aligned at the 7 levels of integration. Our time together will complete with a Navajo Hand Game bringing back the joy of community and laughter. If you feel like you are on a hampster wheel - change your mind and re connect with your broader self this weekend recharging your commitment to a life of gratitude.

2013 visioning workshop March 1st, 2nd and 3rd

P O S E - P S Y C H O LO G Y
The Heart of the Soul Series is my intention to continue our journey of self awareness. The psychology of self energetics (pose) is developing the pose or posture of living energetically in the present moment no matter what is showing up, enjoying this fabulous adventure of life.


surrender to the energetics of movement with your body as it is. nd your voice through chanting which is a method of devotional practice that opens your heart to your true nature. dance as though no one is watching you and let music open you up to the free movement of prana where your body rids itself of self imposed limitations through the freeing and surrender to your own dance. Create your dance for 2013. Let the dancer and the performance merge as one. discover the power of the written word. Write your own poems without structure other than your own impulse to communicate. Listen to and share your inspirations.

unhook from the voices of your ego through drama and dive into the place of nowhere where you can let go of the power of the inner critic and judge.

Voice Dialogue
begin to practice facilitating your own voice dialogue session with fellow seekers unhooking from primary selves and nding each others aware ego. use the methodology of voice dialogue to begin a conversation with your intuitive voice. understand deeper the psychology of self and give yourself greater choice in life.

General benets
strengthen your ability to communicate effectively with yourself, others and spirit become more intuitive enhance your focus to live in the now rather than future and past reframe current challenges you are facing so that rather than resisting you seek the seed of growth develop a stronger aware ego and witness perspective to stop inner criticism and to have greater choice in life. stop the reactions of the mind and ne tune your emotional intelligence so that you begin to ow in life like a nger trailing through water rather than engraving in rocks your judgments and reactions to the actions of others. Stop leaking life force by living in the past.

Heal Yourself With Meditation

quiet the distractions of your mind nd stillness in your body and your mind. Find the Power of Now.

Be in Nature
let go of the busy world and surround yourself with the beauty of the trees, the sea, the wind, the earth, the re. connect to the elements of nature and shed all that gets in the way of you experiencing the joy of life.

Yoga Nidra
open up your healing ability at all levels and go to the source of your being. set your intentions at a place within where your dreams can manifest without the limitations of your mind.

NLP - a powerful modality

align at the 7 levels of integrated living creating a powerful why to your purpose in life. experience a deep matching and mirroring exercise to see the power of connecting with another at such a deep level that you begin to communicate at a non verbal level. Take this skill to build rapport with the important people in your life to another level. create an empowering self image and swish away any disempowering patterns, habits and blocks.

Native Wisdom
learn to heal through nature. connect with our Arawak energies and let the beauty of nature move your perspective to the eye of the artist. develop a relationship with intuitive tools to open up a channel with your Higher Self.

Book Now To Attend This Very Special Gathering

You will make new friends and deepen your existing friendships.Those who have attended the Win course always speak of a desire for a refresher. Here it is folks! A time for us to strengthen our bond. This workshop should be priced at $499 but I am offering it at an introductory price of $300.00 this time. Decisions are made through moments of inspiration and hope. Go back to our other times and rekindle the sweetness.

Dance / Chant / Yoga / Poetry

write poetry, journal, draw and awaken that timeless part of you. practice meditation in motion yoga and open your body to spirit.