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INHIBITED INSULATING OIL: The insulating oil shall be virgin high grade inhibited, confirming to IEC60296 and all parameters specified below while tested at suppliers premises. Sl. Oil specification given by POWERGRID No. A1. Function Test Method Limits 1a Viscosity at ISO 3104 or ASTM (Max.)3 mm2/s 100degC D445 1b 1c 2 Viscosity 40degC Viscosity at -30degC Appearance at ISO 3104 or ASTM (Max.)12 mm2/s D445 ISO 3104 or ASTM D445 A representative sample of the oil shall be examined in a 100 mm thick layer, at ambient temperature ISO 3016 or ASTM D97 IEC 60814 or ASTM D1533 (Max.)1800 mm2/s The oil shall be clear, transparent and free from suspended matter or sediment (Max.)- 40degC (Max.) 30 mg/kg 40 mg/kg Oil specification offered by Supplier

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Pour point Water content a) for bulk supply b) for delivery in Drums Electric strength (breakdown voltage) Density at 20 deg C Dielectric dissipation factor (tan delta) at 90 deg C Resistivity at 90 deg C Negative impulse testing KVp@25 deg C Carbon type composition(% of Aromatic, Parafinns and Naphthalene)

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IEC 60156 or ASTM (Min.) 50 kV/ 70 D1298 kV (after treatment) ISO 3675 or ISO 0.820-0.895 g/ml 12185 IEC 60247 or IEC (Max)0.0025 61620 or ASTM D924 IEC 60247 ASTM D3300 150 X 10^12 Ohm-cm(Min) 145 (Min)

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IEC 60590 or ASTM Max, Aromatic: 4 D2140 to 12% Parafines: <50% & balance shall be Napthalene

Page 2 of 2 B1 1 2 3 4 Refining / Stability Acidity IEC 62021-1 or ASTM D974 Interfacial tension ISO 6295 or ASTM at 27degC D971 Total sulfur BS 2000 part 373 or content ISO 14596 Corrosive sulphur IEC 62535

(Max)0.01 mg KOH/g (Min)0.04 N/m 0.15 %(Max)

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Non-Corrosive on copper and paper ASTM D1275B Non-Corrosive Presence of IEC 60666 or ASTM 0.08%(Min) to oxidation inhibitor D2668 or D4768 0.4% (Max) Oil should contain no other additives supplier should declare presence of additives if any 2-Furfural content IEC 61198 or ASTM 25 Micrograms/ D 5837 litre( Max) Performance Oxidation stability IEC 61125 -Total acidity (method c) Max 0.3 mg -Sludge Test duration 500 KOH/g hour Max 0.05 % -Dielectric dissipation IEC 60247 factor (tan delta) at 90degC Gassing IEC 60628 A or ASTM D2300 Oxidation IEC:61125(Method Stability( Rotating B) / ASTM Bomb test) D2112(e) Health, safety and environment (HSE) Flash point ISO 2719 PCA content BS 2000 Part 346 PCB content IEC 61619 or ASTM D4059 Max 0.05 No general requirement. 220 Minutes (Min) (Min.)135degC Max 3% Not detectable (Less than 2 mg/kg)

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