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Borderlinks 620 S.6th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85701 Office: (520)628-8263

Loras College January 11-19, 2013 Participants: 10 Leaders: Indira Arce, Marycruz Sandoval, Jocabed Locations: Tucson, Arizona (U.S.); Nogales, Sonora (MEX); Agua Prieta, Sonora (MEX) *Note: This itinerary is subject to change Thursday Night- Pick up from the airport. Friday, January 11/ Viernes 11 de enero 8:00 am- Breakfast at BorderLinks- Desayuno en BorderLinks 8:30 am- Orientation- Orientacin 10:30pm- UNIDOS 12:30pm- Lunch at BorderLinks 2:00pm- Meet with Pima County Public Defender and member of Derechos Humanos: Isabel Garcia 5:00pm- Reflection- Reflexin 6:00 pm- Dinner with Ken Kennon- Cena con Ken Kennon en BorderLinks ***Overnight at BorderLinks / Quedarse en BorderLinks- Alojamiento en BorderLinks
UNIDOS (United Non-Discriminatory Individuals Demanding Our Studies!) is an organization of students from local Tucson high schools, alumni and community members in response to the removal of Mexican American studies from Tucson high schools. Their mission is to educate youth on educational inequities to empower change in our communities by reforming education by fighting for their educational human rights. UNIDOS was created in response to H.B. 2281, the ban on Ethnic Studies throughout the state of Arizona, and the growing attacks on our education. UNIDOS seeks to protect and expand Ethnic Studies and promote the values and diversity, justice and equity in our education. Rev. Ken Kennon is a retired minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and a resident of Tucson since 1978. He was a founding participant in the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s, the Pastors for Peace movement in the 1990s, and has been active in the SOA Watch Movement since 1992. He is the author of Prisoner of Conscience: A Memoir and Chasing the Dawn: Poems by a Persistent Person. (2006)

Saturday, January 12 / Sbado, 12 de octubre 9:00 am- Breakfast at BorderLinks- Desayuno en BorderLinks 10:30am- Watch documentary Crossing Arizona 12:00pm- Lunch with Mike Wilson- Almuerzo con Mike Wilson 2:00 pm- Free Time- Tiempo Libre 3:30pm- Chat with Scholarships-AZ- Platica con Scholarships- AZ 5:30pm- Dinner at Homestay in Tucson- Cena en la estada de casa ***Overnight at Homestay- Alojamiento en Estada de casa

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Humane Borders began as a faith-based response to the migrant deaths in the desert after U.S. border enforcement made crossing in dangerous areas the only option for many migrants. Volunteers go out daily during the summer months to leave life-saving water for migrants. They maintain more than 70 emergency water stations in Southern Arizona. Well be joining them for an early morning water run. Mike Wilson belongs to the Tohono OOdham Nation, close to Tucson, Arizona. Mike previously served as a lay minister for the Presbyterian Church on the Reservation and is an active member of Humane Borders. Because the Nation denied Humane Borders access to the Reservation land, Mike has taken it upon himself to faithfully place water stations on the Reservation. Scholarships A-Z is an organization founded by college students and advisors that connects students and families to educational scholarships and resources regardless of immigration status. They also offer community education about federal and state legislation around immigration and education.

Sunday, January 13 / Domingo, 13 de enero 9:00 am- Free Time/Sunday Worship- Tiempo libre/ par air a la iglesia - Most Holy Trinity Parish- - Southside Presbyterian- - San Xavier Mission- 12:30pm- Lunch at Mission San Xavier- Almuerzo en la Mision de San Xavier del Bac 2:00pm- Desert Walk with Shura/Green Valley Samaritans- Caminata con Shura 5:00pm- Dinner at HEPAC- Cena en Hepac 6:00pm- Reflection- Rreflexin ***Overnight at HEPAC / Alojamiento en HEPAC
Southside Presbyterian Church started as a mission to the Tohono Oodham people. In the 1980s the congregation became one of the key churches in the Sanctuary Movement, helping refugees fleeing terror in El Salvador and Guatemala. The Southside congregation continues to work with immigrant community members around human rights, poverty, and food justice. Desert Walk offers the opportunity to experience the harsh nature of the desert by following some of the same trails that migrants use. Our guide, Shura Wallin, is a member of the Green Valley Samaritans, who believe that providing aid to another human being in distress is a fundamental human value, and that there should be no more deaths in our desert. Their mission is to save lives in the Sonoran desert. HEPAC - El Hogar de Esperanza y Paz (HEPAC) is BorderLinks partner in Nogales, Sonora. El Hogar is a community center that offers adult education classes, a food security program for children, family education on nutrition and gardening, and is the home base for a Womens Cooperative business venture.

Monday, January 14 / Lunes, 14 de enero 7:00 am- Breakfast at HEPAC- Desayuno en HEPAC 8:15 am- Kino Border Initiative- Iniciativa Kino para la Frontera 11:30pm- Lunch with a Family- Lonche con Familia 1:00 pm- Chat with Jeannette from HEPAC- Platica con Jeannette 3:00pm Head to Agua Prieta- En camino a Agua Prieta 6:30pm Dinner at CAME- cena en CAME ***Overnight at CAME / Alojamiento en CAME
Kino Border Initiative is a collaborative effort of 6 Catholic organizations on the border that includes programs such as the Comedor and Womens Shelter. The Comedor is an aid station near the Mariposa border entry. Founded by the Catholic sisters Misioneras de la Eucaristia (Missionaries of the Eucharist) and neighborhood volunteers, the aid station provides meals for deported migrants. Casa Nazaret is a shelter for women and children .

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CAME (Centro de Asistencia a los Migrantes en Exodo) CAME is a ministry of a Catholic Parish in Agua Prieta. They have developed a program with volunteers to provide a meal and sleeping facilities for migrants.

Tuesday, January 15 / Martes, 15 de enero 8:15am - Breakfast at CAME- desayuno en CAME 9:00am- Reflection- Reflexion 10:30pm-Visit a Maquila (Takata)- visitar a una Maquiladora 12:30pm-Lunch and chat with Douglas/Prieta Works- Lonche y platica con Douglas/Prieta Trabaja 2:30pm Market Basket Survey- Actividad de la canasta basica 3:30pm- Talk with a Maquila employee- platica con un empleado de una Maquiladora 5:00pm - Reflection- Reflexin 6:00pm - Dinner at CAME/ Chat with migrants- Cena y platica con migrantes en CAME ***Overnight at CAME / Alojamiento en CAME
A Maquiladora is a US- or foreign-owned manufacturing plant most likely under the Border Industrialization or NAFTA program that uses Mexican labor to produce goods for export. Usually they operate under a free trade treaty meaning their taxes and tariffs are minimal. The Market Basket Survey is a participatory activity that demonstrates the cost of living in Agua Prieta, Sonora, and many border cities in comparison with the United States. It takes into account prices of goods and buying power .

Wednesday, January 16 / Mircoles, 16 de enero 8:15am- Breakfast at CAME- Desayuno en CAME 9:00am- DIF Shelter for Repatriated Minors Centro de Menores Repatriados 2:30pm- Caf Justo 4:00pm- 500 Anhos Activity- Actividad de 500 Anhos 5:00pm- Reflection at Lily of the Valley Church - Reflexin en Lirio de los Valles 6:00pm- Dinner at Lily of the Valley Church- Cena en Lirio de los Valles ***Overnight at Lily of the Valley Church/Alojamiento en Lirio de los Valles
Rancho Feliz- DouglaPrieta Works was established in 2005 to promote economic development and self-sufficiency in Mexico, beginning in a poor colonia in the border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora. We are located across the border in Douglas, AZ, hence the name DouglaPrieta. Caf Justo- The Legal Immigration Simulation is an interactive activity that allows participants to understand various challenges encountered by would-be immigrants as they attempt to apply for a legal path to US citizenship.

Thursday, January 17 / Jueves, 17 de enero 8:00am- Migrant Resource Center/ Frontera de Cristo- Centro de Recursos al Migrante 10:00am- Border Wall Observation Observacin del Muro fronterizo 11:00am- Lunch with a Family in Agua Prieta- Lonche con una familia de Agua Prieta 1:00- Head back to Tucson- De regreso a Tucson 5:00pm Dinner with Marco Galdino at Casa Mariposa- Cena con Marco 7:00pm Vigil at El Tiradito- Vigilia en El Tiradito ***Overnight at BorderLinks / Quedarse en BorderLinks- Alojamiento en BorderLinks

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The Migrant Resource Center is a collaborative effort between the humanitarian organization No More Deaths, Frontera de Cristo border ministry, and the Sagrada Familia Catholic parish. It is located in Agua Prieta next to the port of entry where repatriated migrants are dropped off, and offers food, water, and medical attention. They also document human rights violations and provide orientation to the city of Agua Prieta. The Border Wall - Construction of the border wall in Nogales began in 1994 with Operation Safeguard, part of an effort to seal the areas around urban ports of entry by increasing security features such as physical barriers, technological surveillance, and Border Patrol and military staffing. The 14-foot wall is built out of reused landing strip materials from the Gulf War and has become a site for public art and less formal personal expression. Casa Mariposa seeks to live in right relationship with one another, the community, and the earth through hospitality, simple and sustainable living, playful spirituality, and peaceful, prophetic action. The Restoration Project is carried out by the community of Casa Mariposa in support and solidarity with women and men being held in immigration detention centers in Florence and Eloy, Arizona. They believe that another way is possible. For them, living in community, sharing resources, living simply, standing in solidarity with those being oppressed, living in harmony with the earth, being dedicated to peaceful, non-violent resistance, are ways that help them live outside the domination system. They think this is what Jesus was talking about when he talked about the Kingdom, or Reign of God. In living like this they have less fear, more hope and the opportunity to live with a sense of abundance and joy. El Tiradito is a shrine in Barrio Viejo (the Old Barrio) that is visited frequently by many Tucsonans. Every Thursday, a group from Coalicin de Derechos Humanos (Human Rights Coalition) holds a vigil at the shrine in remembrance of those who have died in the desert and in recognition of the on-going human rights violations happening within our borders.

Friday, January 18 / Viernes, 18 de enero 9:00am Breakfast at BorderLinks- Desayuno en BorderLinks 10:00am- Presentation by ICE- Presentacion de ICE 12:00pm- Lunch at BorderLinks- Lonche en BorderLinks 1:30pm- Operation Streamline / Visita a la corte 3:00pm- Meet with Federal Public Defender: Heather Williams / Pltica con Defensor Pblico 5:00 pm- Dinner at BorderLinks- Cena en BorderLinks 6:00 pm- Final Reflection- Reflexion Final ***Overnight at BorderLinks / Quedarse en BorderLinks
ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the principal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the second largest investigative agency in the federal government. Created in 2003 through a merger of the investigative and interior enforcement elements of the U.S. Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service, ICE now has more than 20,000 employees in offices in all 50 states and 48 foreign countries. Operation Streamline is an expedited process that targets undocumented entrants apprehended along the U.S. border with Mexico. The program convicts up to 70 migrants per day in Tucson alone, charging them with a misdemeanor for illegal entry, thus setting the stage for stiffer and longer penalties if they attempt to cross again. The mission of the Federal Public Defenders Office is to ensure that the right to counsel, guaranteed by the 6th Amendment and the Criminal Justice Act, is enforced on behalf of those who cannot afford counsel and requisite defense services.

Saturday, January 19 / Sbado, 19 de enero 7:30am- Breakfast- Desayuno 9:00am- Off to the airport- En camino al Aeropuerto