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This page is a list of all oxides. Oxides are chemical compounds containing oxygen in an oxidation state of -2.




Aluminium oxide, very hard, used as abrasive Antimony trioxide, white solid Antimony tetroxide, white solid Antimony pentoxide, yellow solid, oxidizing agent Arsenic trioxide, white solid, highly toxic Arsenic pentoxide, white solid, highly toxic, oxidizing agent Barium oxide, white, toxic, basic Bismuth(III) oxide, weak oxidizing agent, pale yellow Bismuth(V) oxide, very unstable, reddish Calcium oxide, white, quicklime Chromium(II) oxide, black reducing agent Chromium(III) oxide, dark green Chromium(IV) oxide, black, artificial, used in cassettes Chromium(VI) oxide, red, toxic, oxidizing agent Cobalt(II) oxide, dark green, or black Cobalt(II,III) oxide, black Cobalt(III) oxide, black Copper(I) oxide, reddish Copper(II) oxide, black Iron(II) oxide, black, used as pigment Iron(II,III) oxide, black, ore of iron Iron(III) oxide, rust, reddish Lead(II) oxide, orange, toxic Lead(II,IV) oxide, red, toxic Lead(IV) oxide, black, toxic, oxidizing agent, used in car batteries Lithium oxide, white, basic, used in ceramics Magnesium oxide, white, used in antacids Manganese(II) oxide, brown-pink Manganese(III) oxide, black, found in dead batteries Manganese(IV) oxide, black, oxidizing agent, used in alkaline batteries Manganese(VII) oxide, red oil, explosive Mercury(II) oxide, red, toxic, used in mercury batteries Nickel(II) oxide, light green Nickel(III) oxide, rare, oxidizing agent Rubidium oxide, yellowish, rare, highly reactive Silicon dioxide, colorless crystalline compound, very common in earth Silver(I) oxide, brown-black, used in silver oxide batteries Thallium(I) oxide, black, dissolves in water Thallium(III) oxide, white, oxidizing agent Tin(II) oxide, black or red, flammable Tin(IV) oxide, white, ore of tin Zinc oxide, white, used in sunscreen [change]Nonmetal



Bromine dioxide, yellow crystals, unstable Carbon dioxide, colorless heavy gas, exhaled by animals Chlorine dioxide, powerful oxidizing gas Dinitrogen tetroxide, colorless corrosive gas Dinitrogen pentoxide, anhydride of nitric acid Iodine pentoxide, colorless solid, anhydride of iodic acid Nitric oxide, toxic gas, easily oxidized Nitrogen dioxide, toxic brown choking gas Nitrous oxide, sweet gas, used in whipping cream bottles and anesthetics Phosphorus(III) oxide, smells like garlic, toxic Phosphorus(V) oxide, absorbs water readily, white, irritating Selenium dioxide, white solid, has horseradish odor Selenium trioxide, very reactive solid Tellurium dioxide, most common tellurium compound, white or yellow solid Tellurium trioxide, highly reactive solid Sulfur dioxide, colorless heavy toxic gas, "burned" odor Sulfur trioxide, irritating toxic liquid