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Complete with a, an, the or . 1. Do you still live in Bristol? 2. Carol's father works as electrician. Wednesday. 3.

3. After this tour you have .. whole afternoon free to explore the city. 4. The tomatoes are 99 pence kilo. 5. My grandmother likes .. flowers very much. 6. I always listen to the radio in morning. 7. What about going to Australia in February? 8. There is new English book on the desk. 9. Loch Ness is most famous lake in Scotland. 10. Peter has aunt in Berlin. Put in the adjective or the adverb in brackets ( ). Example: The train was very slow (slow/slowly) and I arrived late. 1. The journey took a long time because the train went very ----------------- (slow / slowly). 2. Mrs. Green went ---------------- (quick / quickly) back to her office. 3. The work that the builders did for us was very -------------------- (bad / badly). 4. The builders did the work for us very --------------------- (bad / badly). 5. She organized the party very ------------------ (good / well), and everybody enjoyed it. 6. Everybody said that the party was very ------------------------ ( good / well) 7. She wrote a ------------------ (polite / politely) letter asking the company to give her the money back. 8. She wrote to the company and asked them ---------------- (polite / politely) to give her the money back. Will or going to 1. -Remember! Its a secret between us! -I promise ___________anyone!! (tell) 2. -I hear Ruth has won some money. What ______she (to do) with it? -She (to buy) _________ a new car. 3 - Goodbye! Have a nice holiday! I _______ (to send) you a postcard. 4. *I (to be) 1.__________ a doctor.

*- My Mom is a doctor. Everyday she saves lives and helps people. Well, Ive decided! I (to be) 2.__________ a doctor! 5. * The sky is very cloudy. It (to rain) ____________ soon. * I think it (to rain)_________ in the evening 6. *She (to marry) ___________ in June. Im invited to the wedding. *She (to marry) ____________ soon. Theyve been going out for 4 years already. 7. *My leg hurts so I (not to play) ___________ in tomorrow final. *Peter is a better goalkeeper than I am, so to my mind, I (not to play) ____________ in tomorrow final. 8. *Her train leaves at 4 p.m. I (to give)___________ her a lift. *-Its late to call the taxi. The train leaves at 4 p.m. -I promise, I (to give)____________ you a lift. Past simple or past perfect 1) When I _________ (come), they _________ already ___________ (eat) my water-melon. 2) I _______ (look) at the vase my friend __________________ (break). 3) When I _________ (arrive) at the party, Tom _______ already________ (go) home. 4) The local cinema ________ (be) no longer open. It ___________(close) down. 5) We ___________ (reach) the station when the rain _____________ (start). 6) I _____________ (remember) that I ______________ (left) my umbrella at home. Present perfect or past simple 1) The boy ________(spill) the water on the carpet.It is still wet. 2) I _________(be) to Russia once ;however, I _____ (not/see) Kremlin Palace when I ______(be) there. 3) I _________(have) enough! I will quit my job tomorrow! 4) The weather ________(not/be) nice yesterday. It_______(be) rainy and cold. 5) It ________(be) a busy and tiring week for all of us, now we deserve a great weekend! 6) Melis _________(not/come) home early last night because her car __________(break down) and she ________(have to/wait) for the car service to arrive. 7) Jill ____________(just/graduate) from college and now she is looking for a suitable job. 8) __________ you _________(cook) your famous chocolate cake? It smells wonderful here! 9) The friends __________(argue) the last time they __________(meet) 10) I __________(never/watch) The Lord of the Rings series. I ___________(read) the books last year,though. Put in the correct preposition 1. I have a meeting .... 9am 2. The shop closes .... midnight 3. Jane went home .... lunchtime. 4. The stars shine .... night. 5. I don't usually work .... the weekend. 6. I stay with my family .... Christmas. 7. We finished the test .... the same time.

8. He's not home .... present. Try later. 9. I woke up .... 8 o clock. 10. In England, it often snows .... December. 11. Do you think we will go to Jupiter .... the future? 12. I started school .... the 1990s. Put the verbs in the correct tense 1. The department store __________ (open) at 9:00 a.m. 2. He _____________ (go) there when he ____________ (finish) his work. 3. We ______________ (live) in this part of the country for three years. 4. I _____________ (drink) coffee at the moment. 5. Nick ___________ (work) in several companies since he _________ (graduate) from college. 6. When _______ you _________ (leave) home for school yesterday? 7. We _______________ (wait) in the classroom for ten minutes before our teacher ________________ (arrive). 8. The secretary ____________ (talk) on the phone when her boss ___________ (come) in. 9. According to the weather forecast it ___________ (rain) tomorrow all day long. 10. Who __________ (take) my notebook? It ________ (be) on my desk a minute ago. 11. At two oclock this afternoon the colleagues ___________ (have) lunch at work. 12. Excuse me I ___________ (look) for a post office. Is there one near here?