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Electrogravimetric Copper Ore Preparation of the Ore Sample o Dry sample for 2 hr Dissolution of Copper Ore Sample o Weigh

gh out by difference three .8 grams (range of .8-.85g) into three labeled 250 ml beakers o IN FUME HOOD, add 10 mL of conc. Nitric acid o Heat gently on hot plate until dissolution complete o Cool to room temp. before next step o To cooled samples in beakers add to each 10mL of 1-1 sulfuric acid o Heat gently on hot plate until sulfur oxide is observed o Cool and dilute solution to about 90 mL with hot distilled water o Filter each warm solution using filter paper and gravity filtration into a labeled, clean 300 ml tall form beaker. o Wash residue in filter paper thoroughly o SOLUTION DOESNT EXCEED 175 mL Preparation of the Ore Solutioin for electrolysis o Add to each soln in 300mL beaker 1 mL of conc. Nitric acid, 1 g of ammonium nitrate and .4 g of urea o Place magnetic stirring bar in each beaker and place beakers on a tray and transfer to room 243 SB Electrogravimetric Analysis o Obtain three cathode/anode sets o Weigh cathodes to the nearest .1 mg o Return each to the resp. beaker o Attach electrode to electrodeposition apparati, place smaller anode into the larger cathode (ELECTRODES DO NOT TOUCH) o Lower electrode into soln so cathode is 80% immersed o Stat magnetic stirrer, and turn on switch to start electrolysis o Adjust the current to abot 3 A and continue electrolysis for about 50 mins. o After 50 mins, reuce the current to about 2.2 A, or as low asa it will go o Test for completeness of deposition by adding distilled water to the soln so that the level of the soln is raised by .5 cm and continue electrolysis for another 10 min If cooper does not plate out on freshly exposed surface, the quant. Removal of copper can be assumed and electrolysis can be regarded as complete If copper plates out, add more water as before to expose a new area of the electrode and run electrolysis for an addl 10 mins Treatment of Electrodes after Deposition and Weighing the Cathodes o Turn off magnetic stirrer, DONT TURN OFF CURRENT o Remove magnetic stirrer

Lower the beaker while washing continuous with distilled water the exposed part of the cathode. o When the cathode has been thoroughly washed, turn off apparatus o Remove cathode and place it in a beaker containing distilled water o Remove the cathode from the distilled water, shake to remove excess water o Place it in a beaker containing fresh absolute ethanol o Remove and shake to remove excess ethanol o Let air dry for 5 min on dry clean wather glass FOLLOW o Set electrode in rep. labeled, clean and dry 250 mL beaker and place the beaker and electrode in drying over for 4 minutes only at 110 C o Cool in large desiccator for 20 mins and weigh using an anti-static pan Cleaning the Platinum Electrodes o Clean each cathode by placing it in a beaker containing 1:2 nitric acid for 5 mins o Place each cathode sequentially in large beaker filled with distilled water, then into 250 mL absolute ethanol. o Allow to air dry for about 5 minutes by placing them on clean and dry watch glasses o Place in its respective 250 mL beaker and dried for 4 minutes at 110 C in drying oven o Place in large desiccator and cooled for at least 20 mins before being used again. o Anodes must be rinsed thoroughly with distilled water, then returned to the instructor o Clean the tall form beakers and return to your instructor, this is important since these are shared by other sections.