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Chapter 4 Review Cell Processes

KEY Each of the boxes below represents some of the main concepts for the Cell Process Test. Read the descriptions below and write the letter of the description that goes into the appropriate box. Some letters may be used in more than one box, others will only be used once.

Passive Transport D. F. L Photosynthesis G. I .P

Active Tramsport H.J.M Cellular Respiration C.E.K.Q

Fermentation A.C.O

Cell Cycle B.N.R

A- Lactic acid is one product of this reaction B- Stomach cells are constantly being replaced by the process of mitosis C This process produces energy. D- Oxygen and Carbon dioxide are examples of molecules that can go through this type of transport. E- Oxygen and Glucose are raw materials of this reaction. G- Carbon Dioxide and Water are raw materials of this reaction H-The movement of molecules from low to high concentration I-This occurs in the chloroplast. J- Salts and Sugars cannot pass through the cell membrane without what type of transport? K- Carbon dioxide and water are products of this reaction M Endocytosis and Exocytosis are examples of this. N When chromosomes are copied and move apart into two new cells O This process does not use oxygen to produce energy. P Oxygen and Gluose are products of this reaction.

Q This reaction occurs in the mitochondria

F- When you place a gummy bear in fresh water and it gets bigger, this is an example of what?

L-Diffusion and Osmosis are examples of what type of transport.

R The process where daughter cells are identical to the parent cell.

Please complete the following questions:

1.) Is this cell above prokaryotic or eukaryotic?___EUKARYOTIC__________________ 2.) Is this cell going through the phase of cell division/ mitosis? Yes or no?___YES___ If yes, what stage of mitosis is this cell in? PROPHASE___________________ How can you tell?_NUCLEAR MEMBRANE HAS DISSOLOVED


Which phase in the cell cycle takes the longest? Why? INTERPHASE- THE CELL GROWS,

THE DNA REPLICATES, THE CELL PREPARES FOR DIVISION 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) If an individual onion cell has 16 chromosomes, after the cell undergoes mitosis and cytokinesis, how chromosomes will each cell have?_16 CHROMOSOMES What is a similiarity between fermentation and respiration?___BOTH MAKE ENERGY What is a difference between fermentation and respiration? Where does lactic acdic fermentation usually occur?

_____FERMENTATION DOES NOT NEED OXYGEN WHERE RESPIRATION DOES ______IN MUSCLE CELLS WHEN THERE IS NOT ENOUGH OXYGEN____ 8.) The cell membrane is ___SELECTIVELY PERMEABLE__. This means that it controls what materials come into and go out of the cell. 9.) What is the equation for photosynthesis? CARBON DIOXIDE+ WATER+ light energy OXYGEN+ SUGAR 10.) What is the equation for cellular respiration? _SUGAR+ OXYGEN--> CARBON DIOXIDE+ WATER+ ATP_