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600 West 44th Street, New York, NY 94566 | (908) 765-9587 | michael.gadson@gmail.


Michael Gadson
CAREER Senior Systems Administrator with 10+ years of hands on IT systems administration
OBJECTIVE experience seeking full time position. Comes with impeccable references and a track
record of being given increasing amounts of responsibility.
TECHNICAL Hardware: Windows Server 2000/2003, Dell (workstation and servers), HP server
Software/OS: Windows 2000/NT/XP, Exchange 2003, Unix, OS2 Warp

Network: AD, DNS, TCP/IP, WINS, BigIP

Other: Power Connect, DRAC, Site Scope, IP Telephony

PROFESSIONAL City Entertainment, New York, NY

EXPERIENCE Senior Systems Administrator, May 2007 – September 2008
• Planned and coordinated the implementation of Big IP into the production and
staging network, with 58 servers supporting 60,000 concurrent users.
• Organized and managed an entire office move, setting up internal servers,
establishing a QA/Testing environment, and setting up two additional offsite
co-location facilities.
• Worked closely with the development team in troubleshooting software issues.
• Setup, deployed and administered a Mitel 3300 CXi VoIP telephony solution
supporting 60 users, replacing the legacy POTs system.
• Responsible for researching, purchasing and deploying 40+ servers, including
mail servers, file storage and network attached storage units, and load
balancing 15 single node Linux servers in a load balanced environment.
• Worked closely with the software development team in evaluating and
implementing technology solutions required to optimize the production

American Express Credit Card Services, New York, NY

Senior Systems Analyst, November 2005 – May 2007
• Organized and led workshop meetings with business owners, application end
users and developers to review and build consensus around the technical
• Extracted technical requirements from stated business requirements and
assisted the business lines with gathering the correct functional requirements.
• Handled dispute resolution between internal stakeholders and the vendor,
ensuring all billable projects were performed on schedule and within budget.
• Monitored all non-billable projects, ensuring timely and accurate completion.
• Created a training guide to assist new project managers in vendor management
best practices.

Bank of America (Contract Position), Concord, CA

Senior Systems Analyst, May 2005 – November 2005
• Maintained and supported 1,000+ desktops running Windows 2000/XP and
OS2 Warp.
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• Troubleshot all hardware and software problems on the Windows and OS2
• Responsible for creating and maintaining user accounts, troubleshooting
hardware and software issues, and supporting end users.

Oakland Health Systems, New York, NY

Production Support Specialist, December 2002 – May 2005
• Installed and configured Web Trends server, able to produce site analysis
reports used by IT to optimize system performance.
• Configured and maintained Windows 2000/NT domain and print servers for
the production environment, supporting 150 users.
• Maintained and supported approximately 100 desktops running Windows
• Improved and integrated internal monitoring tools, automating tasks and alerts
while ensuring high system availability.
• Developed and executed software test plans for Oakland Health System’s
warehouse distribution system, responsible for delivering medication to the
$25 Billion company’s 13,000+ physicians.
• Trained the operations staff and other departments how to best utilize the
warehouse distribution system.

Excitement Inc., New York, NY

Senior Systems Administrator, June 2002 – December 2002
• Automated the server monitoring tool’s reporting functions (Site Scope),
substantially reducing manual monitoring.
• Installed and maintained security patches for 2 separate co-locations.

Yahoo!, San Francisco, CA

Senior Operations Engineer, July 2000 – June 2002
• Coordinated between the Site Content and Engineering Teams to ensure
efficient and smooth site operations.
• Assisted the development team in troubleshooting software problems and
implemented a tracking system to assist in identifying network bottlenecks.
• Managed a redundant pair of BigIPs and Network Appliance Filers for 150
Windows based servers supporting the production environment.
• Collaborated with the QA team in designing a QA/Staging environment in the
corporate office.
• Created Unix scripts used to automate server monitoring functions (Site
Scope), improving efficiency.
• Installed, configured and maintained 150+ servers, including routine security
• Oversaw the movement of files and systems between multiple offices and data

EDUCATION New York University, New York, NY

B.S., Telecommunications, 1996

• Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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