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SABB Credit Card User Guide

Welcome to the world of SABB Credit Cards

Welcome to the world of SABB Credit Cards. By applying for the SABB Visa or SABB MasterCard Credit Card you have made the right choice. SABB Credit Cards are welcomed at over 20 million establishments in the Kingdom and worldwide. This guide will enable you to make the best possible use of your Card as well as explain its benets and provide you with answers to your questions. We advise you to refer to SABBNET frequently at so you can view the last updated user guide.

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More secure with SABB Credit Cards

SABB Credit Card is more secure than ever with the embedded microchip that provides a high level of security and convenience since the data stored inside the chip is encrypted, preventing fraudulent use of the Card. In addition to this, a Credit Card PIN code will have to be used along with the Card to pay for all purchases and for cash withdrawals. For that, please ensure you activate your Card and get a PIN code as soon as you receive the Card so you can enjoy all of its benets. How to get a PIN code for your SABB Credit Card

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If this is a new or a replacement Card, please call SABB Direct on 800 124 8888 and follow the instructions of the Customer Service representative to obtain a PIN code instantly and easily If the Card is a renewed Card, then you can continue to use your current PIN code The PIN code can be changed easily at any time through any SABB ATM or by calling SABB Direct

How to use your SABB Credit Card at retail Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals* 1. The cashier will insert your Card in the chip-card reader of the POS terminal. 2. The Card must stay inside the POS terminal during the processing of the purchase transaction. 3. Wait until the cashier requests you to enter your PIN. 4. Enter your Card PIN and wait for the approval response. 5. Once the transaction is approved, collect your sales receipt along with your Card from the cashier.
*This method is applied only when the POS terminal supports chip-card technology. If the POS terminal does not support this, then the Card will have to be swiped using the magnetic stripe. Note: Internet transactions do not require the Credit Card PIN code. Instead, they can only be performed by entering the 3-digit Customer Verication Value (CVV) found on the back of the Card.

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How to make your Card payments

You can pay in Saudi Riyals using one of the following methods:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Via SABBNET, our Internet Banking Service, at (SABB accountholders only). By calling SABB Direct on 800 124 8888 (SABB accountholders only). Through SADAD service using biller ID 029. By wire transfer from any bank to your Card number. By providing us with standing instructions in writing, to directly debit your SABB account to settle your monthly payment due. By visiting any of our branches to make a cash payment over the counter or use a Cash Deposit Machine. By writing a cheque* in favour of your Card account and handing it over at any of our branches or by mailing the cheque to: SABB, Card Products Division, P.O. Box 69718, Riyadh 11557
*Cheque payments should be received by the Bank 7 days before the payment due date to avoid the late payment fees.

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.(S HM AY) bG N e f S jW Y .(S HM AY) 800 124 8888 bdG Y cjGO S `H JG ."029" JG bQ GSH OGS eN jW Y .bdG bQ EG G `a NBG H id M CG e jdG HM e ITe d FGdG dG eN jW Y kHc eYEG .G G .dG GjEG RL GSH hCG dG `a ITe jdGh Yha e CG IQjR C Jh ,dG Ia IYGe e bH M dd *T j :EG jdH dSQEG hCG ,S ha e a ,bdG ce ,S 11557 VjdG ,69718 .U .1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .6 .7

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e-Statements provide exibility, convenience and security by enabling you to view your monthly Credit Card statement online. You can view up to six of your latest statements by downloading them in PDF format or printing them from SABBNET. To access your e-Statement, simply: 1. Log on to your account on SABBNET and then click on the Statements/Advices eld located on the left-hand side of the page. Click on e-Statement on the drop-down menu. Click on the monthly statement you wish to view.

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If you are not registered with the SABBNET service, please go to for online registration, or call SABB Direct on 800 124 8888. bG IQjR Lj ,f S eN `a J Y M `a .800 124 8888 Y cjGO S `H JG hCG ,ffEG Y d

SABB Credit Card charges

Annual fee Gold VISA/MasterCard Card Annual fee Classic VISA/MasterCard Card Supplementary Card Revolving credit - on monthly outstanding balance* (based on transaction date) Lost Card replacement Late payment fee on monthly minimum payment due Late payment penalty charge Copy of the sales voucher Copy of statement Cash advance (on withdrawn amount)** Overlimit charge
*The annual percentage rate (APR). **With a minimum of SAR 75.

S .Q 350 S .Q 225 f gdG OQcSe/G`a bd dG ``SdG SdG OQcSe/G`a bd dG ``SdG HdG bdG *G G Y QhG UdG dY (dG jQJ Y kAH) ba H bH QGUEG G fOCG G Y kjT ,OGdG NCJ dY G G OGS NCJ `eGZ dG jEG Y f bdG M c Y f **(G G Y) jf S FG G Rh SQ
.bJG G dG HdG eg* .jQ 75 fOCG H**

SAR 350 SAR 225 Free 26.64% SAR 100 2.50% SAR 100 SAR 25 SAR 25 3.50% SAR 100


S .Q 100

S .Q 100 S .Q 25 S .Q 25

S .Q 100

Additional benets
Share the privileges with your family If you wish to extend the benets of your Card to your family and share the privileges, you can apply for free supplementary Cards.

kf fFG S bH Gqe FY QT ,bdG jY d gaJ dG aG e IOSG SJ `a ZQ GPEG Y G jW Y bdG GReGh FGa cQe FY eEa .kf aVEG bH keY 18 Y G Y j CG j e d dG FG G j .800 124 8888 Y cjGO S `H JG Lj ,eG H d j :*ddG FSdG iMEG jW Y ITe S HEG Y Lj ,bH Ga Y G NGO e 800 124 8888 Y JG jW Y cjGO S G QN e +966 1 440 8888 hCG +966 1 402 6375 bQ cdG Y dG SQEG

Applicants must be over 18 years of age Monthly spending limit can be specied for each supplementary Card

To apply, please call SABB Direct on 800 124 8888. For your protection If you lose your Card, you should immediately inform SABB through one of the following channels*: SABB Direct by calling 800 124 8888 within the Kingdom or +966 1 440 8888 from abroad Send the request to fax number +966 1 402 6375

*Transactions that happen before reporting the lost Card will be charged to the customer.

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Cash facilities
There will be times when you require cash. This could happen when you are in the Kingdom or abroad. Your SABB VISA and MasterCard Cards will enable you to withdraw cash up to 50% of your Credit Card limit from over 250,000 nancial institutions and 1,000,000 ATMs in the Kingdom and worldwide.

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G NGO AGS j Ggh ,d a bhCG g .LQN hCG feEG fFG OQcSeh Ga S bH d J fFG bd FG G e %50 M dG dG cCG EG aVEG de SDe 250,000 e cCG N e dPh .dG Mh G `a BG GU RL 1,000,000 e

Card Service Centres

A network of dedicated Card Service Centres offers services such as Card delivery, Card replacement, Card activation, reprinting of card statements, reissuing of ICSABB certicates, advice on due amounts and many other convenient services. Card Service Centre locations

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J dGh fFG S bH AY e cGe T g J ,bdG GSG ,bdG J e Ye eN SG ,"cEG" Fbh HG c YW IOYEG ,bdG .IG eG e gZh G dG Y bdG eN cGe bGe jdGY G QT ,OhQdG a ,VjdG :SdG G S eCG QT ,jdG a ,IL :HdG G ``e QT ,HdG a ,G :bdG G

Central Region: Riyadh, Al Warood Branch, King Abdul Aziz Street Western Region: Jeddah, Al Khaldiyah Branch, Prince Sultan Street Eastern Region: Khobar, Al Agrabiah Branch, Makkah Street


ICSABB Rewards Programme

ICSABB is a unique loyalty programme that rewards you just for using your SABB Credit Card. We give you one ICSABB point for every SAR 10 you spend on your Credit Card (cash advances are excluded). Once you collect 1,000 points, we will mail you one ICSABB certicate* worth SAR 100. This certicate can be redeemed for free shopping at a wide range of participating leading merchants** across the Kingdom. You may also use these certicates to pay for your SABB Credit Card annual fees. For the latest ICSABB offers and updated list of participating merchants, please visit our website or call SABB Direct on 800 124 8888.
*Expired and lost ICSABB certicates cannot be reissued. **The Bank may inform SABB Cardholders about any additions or terminations regarding the participating merchants or amendments in the merchants offers in a manner to be decided by the Bank.

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bH eGS aj ja Bae efH Y IQY g "cEG" efH J jQ 10 c He IMGh "cEG" f S .fFG ,f 1000 eYh ,(Ie jdG dG) fFG bH Y M OS jQ 100 b jdH *"cEG" b d Sf S FGdG **jQdG G e Ic Y id f jc eGSG .G ie Y Y G jdG SdG ad FdG g GSG kjCG c jQdG G Fbh "cEG" efH VhY NBG Y d .fFG bH Y JG hCG hdEG S be IQjH GJ ,cQG .800 124 8888 cjGO S
123456 31/12/2010 31/12/2011
This ICSABB Certicate entitles you to rewards from the participating merchants as detailed in the ICSABB programme guide.


.MdG G hCG IOG FdG QGUEG IOYEG * jQdG G Y fFG S bH eM HEH dG j b** e eG VhdG Y CGJ b jJ CH hCG gDhdEG hCG aVEG j dG .dG gQj dG jdH cQG LG


SABB Credit Shield

SABB Credit Shield is a programme designed to protect you against the liability of paying your outstanding balance, in the event of permanent total disability or death. Credit Shield grants you peace of mind, since you dont have to worry about the burden of your debt in the event of an unforeseen accident. Credit Shield limits

J d kN U efH g "FG S QO" efH hCG IadG dM `a fFG bH M UQ Y eT eCJ hM M `a jO CG AYCG J H ,G Qsb FGdG dG .he CG fFG dG OhM M dG fFG bdG UQ LEG e %100 *(SdG bdG) OS jQ 50,000 dG fFG bdG UQ LEG e %100 *(gdG bdG) OS jQ 75,000 M
dG bdG GfCG ac Y OS jQ 200,000 LEG fFG dG J* .bdG eM H j

100% of outstanding balance up to SAR 50,000 (Classic Credit Cards)* 100% of outstanding balance up to SAR 75,000 (Gold Credit Cards)*

*Credit Shield is limited to an aggregate of SAR 200,000 on all types of Credit Cards held by the Cardholder.


Monthly premium If you have subscribed to SABB Credit Shield you will be charged a premium of only 0.49% on your monthly outstanding balance. This premium will be shown on your monthly Credit Card statement. To activate or cancel this feature, you can simply call SABB Direct on 800 124 8888. In the event of a claim Just call the SABB Service Centre on 800 126 0006 and submit the relevant documents within 60 days of the incident.

jdG ddG gQb dY MG j S FG S QO `a kce c GPEG ddG g Sh .dG bH M UQ Y a %0.49 eG AdE hCG GTd .dG bH M c `a .800 124 8888 cjGO S Y JG dG dM `a Jh 800 126 0006 AdG eN ce Y JG .KOG jQJ e kej 60 N HG FKdGh GG


SABB Credit Shield - exclusions

Primary Cardholders below the age of 18 and above 64 Engaging in or training for any dangerous or hazardous sports, competitions or activities. Hazardous sports or activities may include the following: 1. Any form of aerial ight including light aircraft, monoplanes, ballooning, hang-gliding, parachuting, etc. 2. Winter sports such as sleighing, ski jumping, ice hockey, etc. 3. Water sports such as powerboats, water skiing, jet skiing, diving, etc. 4. Horse riding activities such as hunting, jumping, polo, racing, etc. 5. Climbing activities such as mountaineering, rock-climbing, potholing, abseiling, etc. 6. Participation in any kind of power-vehicle race, rally or competition. 7. Judo, boxing, karate, wrestling and other martial arts of any kind. 8. Bungee jumping. Suicide, attempted suicide or self-inicted injuries by the Participant, while sane or insane Punishment of the Participant by the due process of law Inuence of alcohol, narcotics or drugs The committing, or attempting to commit or the aiding or abetting by the Participant of any unlawful act even if, in doing so, there was no intention by the Participant to cause himself injury or sickness Preexisting conditions Engaging in aviation other than as fare paying passenger on a regular route of a licensed scheduled aircraft Participants active participation in war (whether declared or not), civil war, insurrection, riot, terrorist act, mutiny, piracy, civil commotion, revolution, military or other acts of violence originating from any political activity, or any loss or damage, cost or expense directly or indirectly caused by, contributed to by, resulting from, or arising out of or in connection with biological, chemical, or nuclear explosion, pollution, contamination and/or re following thereon HIV infection/AIDS or any venereal disease

S 64 Y jJh S 18 Y gQYCG J jdG SSCG fFG bdG eM :JBG J b IG VjdG .N hCG eBG Z f hCG ,He ,VjQ jCG Y QdG hCG `a cQG dEG ... TGQdH dGh ,ddH GdG ,YGdG GdG ,G GdG eT G GdG e f CG .1 dEG ... dG cdG ,dG dG ,G Y ddG e jdG VjdG .2 dEG ... dG ,cH ddG ,AG Y ddG ,QGdG bS e FG VjdG .3 dEG ... ,dG ,ddG ,dG ,dG e G cQ Wf .4 dEG ... H dGh dG ,dG SG ,QdG J ,G J e dG Wf .5 .dG aG hCG dGdG AGS cd S CG `a cQG .6 .dG a e a CG hCG ,YQG ,JGQdG ,cG ,hOG VjQ .7 .JG e H dG .8 c AGS dH dh CG hCG d dG H j dG HUEG hCG JGdG iPCG hCG QfG dh ,QfG dP Z hCG kbY d eDG fdG b e dG be HT eh GQG hCG ,dG KCJ dG dP e dG j dh M fd d Y CH dG Y IYG hCG dG dh hCG dG VG hCG HUEG `a eCd HdG G MQ `a dG ae Q Qe `a kGae dG a j dG dG Y GY MG Neh dh ,e Y ,O ,HGVG ,IQK ,gCG M ,(e Z hCG e fc AGS) M `a dG cQe H cQG fc AGS Y a Y CG hCG ,jY/HM YCG ,Ub ,HgQEG YCG ,jY YCG AGS dH bY d hCG ,M hCG ,Fc ,hf QfH bY d hCG ,H hCG Y f ,Te Z hCG Te e c hCG jM J SJ Ve CG hCG RjCH ihdG


Protection Shield
Purchase protection Your SABB Credit Card purchases will be automatically insured against loss, theft or accidental damage of up to SAR 20,000. Baggage protection Indemnity of up to SAR 6,750 for checked-in personal baggage if delayed, lost, stolen or destroyed during the journey.

jG jM GdG V J S fFG S bH Y jG L .OS jQ 20,000 M VQdG QGVCG hCG bdG hCG eCG jM eCG Y jc OS jQ 6,750 EG j e Y S .dG AKCG d VJ dG hCG GdG hCG NCdG Y dG

800 124 8888 / +966 1 440 8888 / For more information, please call SABB Direct / +966 1 440 8888 / 800 124 8888

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Summary of cover
Purchase protection Summary of benets

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jG jM jGG Le `S e IQOdGh SdGh gdG OQcSe / G`a bH SGH J dG jG eCJ VdG QGVCG hCG bdG hCG GdG V iNCG Gd dH kej 60 Mh jOdG HdG G `a kej 30 M dG Ie gdG bd IMGdG dG `a OS jQ 20,000 Qb bCG Hh dd OS jQ 10,000 jd SdG bd OS jQ 10,000 Qb bCG Hh dd OS jQ 5,000h de c Y OS jQ150 Qb SQ j S e IQOdGh G jQS FG bH eM

Insures purchases made with a Visa/MasterCard Gold and Classic Credit Cards from The Saudi British Bank (SABB) against loss, theft or accidental damage The cover period is up to 30 days within KSA and up to 60 days for other countries in the world

Limit of indemnity Up to SAR 10,000 per claim and a maximum of SAR 20,000 in a year for Gold Cards and up to SAR 5,000 per claim and maximum SAR 10,000 in a year for Classic Cards A fee of SAR 150 will be deducted on each and every claim

dG M

Eligible persons Holders of valid Credit Cards issued by SABB

eCdG Y j jdG UTCG

*dG dM `a

In the event of a claim* Call within 7 days from the date of the incident for claims within KSA and within 30 days from the date of the incident for claims abroad. You will need to complete a claim form** and hand it over with the following:

dH OG jQJ e kej 30 Nh G NGO dd dH OG jQJ e jCG 7 N JG :ddG GG e Jh **dG P J dG Y jh QG `a dd


Original purchase receipt Photocopy of Credit Card statement

G c e IQU


SABB will credit the value of purchase to your Credit Card less a fee of SAR 150 per claim. Excluded items

Photocopy of purchase invoice Full description of the circumstances preceding the loss/damage Original police report in the case of lost/stolen/willfully damaged property Damaged property when requested

AGdG IQJa e IQU dG Ga / J S dG hd ec Uh d G dG / bdG / GdG dM `a WdG jJ UCG dG Y IQG dG .de Sc OS jQ 150 e bf fFG bH M `a jdG e GjEH f S IG dG dH e Z dG Ga j e dH dG dG GQdGh UdG SdG ,dG ILCG G G S Y Jh iNCG dG IYG FShh YdG SCG WCG dG WCGh cG SGdG ,cdG ,YdG GWCG d HdGh cSG OGG UG JG ILCG dP `a ) GQGcEGh ILCG hCG Jc hCG jQdG LGQdGh GQdG GFdGh QGd IG PdGh ,GFdGh QGdGh FGdG LGQdGh (IQdG `a GSH jQ VGZC eGS IGG dG hCG jQdG G jQdG GQhCGh jjdG HGdGh jjdG adG eGhCGh MdG dGh dGh jdG GQhCGh dG dG QMCGh fc kjCG bdG hCG GGh IQOdG fG dG ,FdG ,f CG e hGd HdG YG Z dG e YG G hCG dG QMCG hCG DdDdG hCG JdG hCG gdG e e e CG hCG GgG dG jd eGh iNCG G FdGh JdGh (dCG Zh e dCG) fGG ,TG WCG hCG LhdG hCG hd eG G ASH jNBd IG hCG YG G

Property that is covered under a guarantee or warranty unless the loss is not otherwise covered Contact lenses and spectacles Dentures and other medical aids including, but not limited to, hearing aids, articial limbs, crutches, wheelchairs and braces Consumables and perishables Motor vehicles, motorcycles or their motors, equipment and accessories (including communication devices intended solely for use in the vehicle), bicycles, marine craft, aircraft, model planes and boats Business property or property purchased to be used for a business purpose Cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, travellers cheques, money orders, postal orders, postage stamps, securities, negotiable instrument of any kind, bullion, rare or precious coins, documents or tickets of any kind, unset gemstones Jewellery or any object made of gold or platinum as well as pearls or precious stones. Silver objects for personal ornament are also excluded Livestock, pets, animals, plants or other living creatures Property sold or given to others except for property that is given to spouse and children


Baggage protection Summary of benets Eligible persons Holders of a valid Visa/MasterCard Gold and Classic Credit Cards issued by SABB, their spouse and 3 children up to 18 years (23 years if in full-time education). Insured journey In order to be considered an insured journey, the total travel fare incurred by the Cardholder in respect of himself and other insured persons accompanying the Cardholder should have been charged to his/her Visa/MasterCard Gold and Classic Credit Card. Delayed baggage allowance Indemnity for the costs of emergency purchases in case personal luggage, which is checked-in and in the custody of the commercial airline, fails to arrive within 10 hours after the Cardholder has reached his scheduled destination. This includes essential clothes and personal care products only. Lost baggage allowance Indemnity for checked-in personal baggage lost, stolen or destroyed during an insured journey. Limit of indemnity Delayed baggage Up to a maximum of SAR 938 for Cardholder or SAR 1,875 for Cardholder and family*. Lost baggage Up to a maximum of SAR 3,375 for Cardholder or SAR 6,750 for Cardholder and family*. In the event of a claim Written proof of claim must be given for processing within 30 days from the date of the incident for domestic travel and 60 days from the date of the incident for international travel including the supporting required documents**.

eCG jM jGG Le eCdG Y j jdG UTCG OhCG 3h LhdG / hdGh ,`S e IQOdG G jQS SdGh gdG OQcSe / G`a bH eM .(ec GhH SGQdG M `a S 23) S 18 Y M seDG MdG d dH bdG eM b e YaG dG bH b LEG j CG j eDe MdG J d gdG OQcSe / G`a bH Y b b bdG g e aGG jNBG eDG UTCdh .G jQS SdGh eCG NCJ jJ GdG N IY Jh eSG j dGh dG eCG dM `a FQdG jG f jJ SSCG HG Jh .OG dG EG bdG eM Uh H YS 10 N UJ `a Jh jQdG .a dG jdG eh eCG Ga jJ .Y eDG S AKCG J dG hCG bhG hCG IOG dG eCG b jJ

jdG OhM eCG NC`J .*FYh bdG e OS jQ 1,875 hCG bdG e OS jQ 938 EG J eCG Ga .*FYh bdG e OS jQ 6,750 hCG bdG e OS jQ 3,375 EG J de OLh dM `a dH OG e kej 60h NGdG d dH OG e kej 30 N dH N KEG J j . **HG GGh JGdG keT hdG d


Exclusions Travelled on a non-commercial carrier or ticket that was not purchased using SABB Credit Card Hand (cabin) Baggage Loss caused by or resulting from breakage of brittle or fragile articles Loss as a result of the Cardholders negligent acts or omissions Automobiles, automobile equipments, boats or other vehicles or conveyances, trailers, motors and bicycles Household effects and furnishings, antiques and collectors items Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, articial teeth, dental bridges, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, prescribed medication Keys, Credit Cards, travellers cheques, tickets of any kind, negotiable instruments, bullion, rare or precious coins, cash or its equivalent Professional or occupational equipment or property whether or not electronic business equipment, telephones, computer hardware or software Plants, animals Consumables Perishables There is no coverage for theft or damage caused by fraud, abuse, vermin, alteration (including cutting, sawing, shaping), war or hostilities of any kind (for example, invasion, rebellion, or insurrection), terror, conscation by any government, public authority or customs ofcial, items of contraband, losses arising from illegal activities or acts, normal wear and tear, radioactive contamination, natural disasters (including but not limited to ood, hurricane or earthquake), mysterious disappearance (mysterious disappearance means the item vanishing in an unexplained manner marked by the absence of evidence of the wrongful act of another) or inherent product defect Jewellery or any object made of gold or platinum, as well as pearls or precious stones. Silver objects used for personal adornment are also considered to be jewellery Important This summary is issued for the Cardholders information only and is not a contract of insurance. It is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the respective policy, a copy of which is available for sight on reasonable request from SABB. Any endorsement or amendments to the policy shall be binding without prior notice to the Cardholder.
*Terms and Conditions apply. **Claim form can be downloaded from our website

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09 / 2011 CMP MKT 110209