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A STORY FROM JUNGLE Through this media, I want to tell you about a (funny) story.

The story (according my opinion) is funny. I write this after the electricity system at my hotel is life again. When I was thinking to write this story, I heard my grandchildren made crowded at out side. They were making an experiment. They were so clever, I mean smart. Last century, they had made an invention. They found a dinosaur fossil. It was called Megalosauruz. The government of this city bought the fossil with high price. That is the reason why I am rich now. And now, my grandchildren would make a bomb from eggs of chicken. I think they did it because I hear explosion by explosion. Fortunately, my house was made from steel. My house has a security systems. It uses lacer. I promise you can not steal in the my house. Before you can steal, angel of suffer will take you first. OK, reader! I want to tell you about my story. Oh no! my grand children make crowded again. The explosions disturb my ears. If they still do it, maybe I can not hear again. But it doesnt matter. I am old now. I had bought an areal for my cemetery. The areal is in the middle of my forest. I only hope that my grand children always visit my cemetery if I had die. Hmmm I think I had forgotten something. I am sorry, I almost forget about telling my story. This is the story. Long time ago, I lived in the forest, maybe it called jungle. I didnt know why I was there. Maybe a tiger kidnapped me and brought me to the jungle. At the jungle, I became a king. I could run as fast as the leopard. I could swim as fast as the duck. I could sleep as long as a month. I also could call all of animals there except ants. I thought they didnt hear my voice. One day, I met a woman, Neja. She is my wife now. She lost at my jungle. Then I helped her find the way to the city. Before she went home, she gave me a clock. She said that the clock could help my daily activities. (If you wanna know The story of my daily activities, you can find it here). I said thank you to her. Then, she gave me an explanation. If the clock stopped, she asked me to give a new battery for the clock. Although I didnt understand, I said understand to her. She was right. The clock could help my daily activities. After a month (maybe), Neja came again. She came with parents. I was very happy. When they entered my tree house, they surprised. Nejas parents were very kind. We talked about everythings. Suddenly, I saw Neja was confusing. I thought she wanted to search something. Then she explained that she wanted to search her clock. I told her that when I saw the clock stopped, I buried the clock. I didnt want if the clock mad bad smell. After I finished my story, Neja and her parents laughed loudly. I didnt know why they laughed. Reader, can you tell me the reason why they laughed loudly?? L.O.L. Nazurat(Zet.@, 24-01-02)