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19th Annual MIS Conference * February 22-24, 2006 * Sessions At-A-Glance

Room Sarasota/ Indian River/ Palm Beach/

Duval/St. Johns Dade/Florida Keys Seminole A Seminole B
Name Hillsborough Cape Canaveral Broward
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Opening Session 8:30 - 10:00 -- Seminole A/B and Orange

Demystifying Decision Support

Building Longitudinal Data Systems: Becoming EDEN—Performance
XML-Based Approach to Enterprise Quality Identifiers: Florida's Data Warehouse: Growing Systems: A Resource for
Session I Highlights of IES Grant Projects Yes, NCES Has a New Website Based Data Management
Data Management Job Won! in Size and Usefulness Educators and Education
10:15 - 11:15 Kubzdela, Boardman, Hackworth, Restivo Initiative Update
Horn, Hyland Fong, Friedrich Sellers Constituents
Letterman, Pfeiffer, Vocca, Wilmot La Force, Santy
Ogle, Yeagley, Rogers

NCES Handbooks Online: Version

Developing a Best Practices Guide Rapid e-Learning: Taking Training EDEN Data Collection for the
Poor Man's Data Warehouse: 3.0 and North Dakota's
Session II in Data Management for School Data and Accountability in Oregon Sunshine Connections to the Web on a Tight Budget and 2006-2007 School
Five Years Later Customization Tool
11:30 - 12:30 Districts in Vermont Rodriguez Pfeiffer Timeline Year—Discussion and Feedback
Konanc Adeboye, Young, Bairu, Fox,
Murdock, Shryock Matukaitis Sherrill, Timm

Lunch on your own 12:30 - 1:45

Summary Report on the Civil

Data Quality Campaign: What's Moving Beyond "That's the Way We've Data Standards Challenges in a Data Employment: The Ultimate Resources to
Session III A K-12 Course Code Taxonomy Rights Data Collection
Been Done and What's Ahead Always Done It" Warehouse Implementation Outcome Measure Alleviate Data Requests
1:45 - 2:45 Bradby, Bugarin, Hoffman in EDEN
Smith Pullaro Schnase, Hartwig Sellers, Pfeiffer Fowlkes
Timm, Andreasian

Moving into the Future with the

A National Proposal for Growth Easy as 1-2-3, or Not? How to
LDS Grant Proposal: Opening the Doors to Your Data New Mexico STARS Project The Forum Guide to Virtual EDEN Data Model, Data
Session IV Models for Determining Adequate Effectively Integrate Technology
A Consortium Approach through a Data Warehouse Landavazo, Hartwig, Benowitz, M. Education Dictionary, and Federal
3:00 - 4:00 Yearly Progress Platforms into a School District
Wilmot, Howell, Paulson, Thorn Kelso, Robinson Johnson Lindsay, Loudat, Bairu, Szuba Enterprise Architecture
Hovanetz-Lassila Jackson, Wong
Timm, Rose, Hoffman

The Whole is Greater Than the

Look Like a Hero: Tools You Can Got Data? Get Results. Using Sum of the Parts: Taking a SIF Implementation at the District
Curriculum Diagnostic Benchmarks: Successful Implementation from Kick- Introduction to EDFacts: The
Session V Create to Help Users Examine, Assessment Data to Drive Systemic Approach to Designing, Level from the Beginning—A Work
One District's Story Off to Sign-Off Use of EDEN Data
4:15 - 5:15 Understand, and Apply Data Instruction Funding, and Implementing Data in Progress
Jones, Gibson Ogle, Grant-Engle, McGrath, Ligon Santy, Kehr
P. Johnson, Hunter, Bull Saunders Systems Oliver, Wrage
19th Annual MIS Conference * February 22-24, 2006 * Sessions At-A-Glance

Room Sarasota/ Indian River/ Palm Beach/

Duval/St. Johns Dade/Florida Keys Seminole A Seminole B
Name Hillsborough Cape Canaveral Broward

Thursday, February 23, 2006

General Session 8:30 - 9:45 -- Seminole A/B and Orange

Wisconsin SAFR—Tax Levy Managing Student Data: Kentucky's A Comprehensive pK-12 Data
Using the Data to Drive Improvement Building and Developing a Data- Common Core of Data (CCD) Data Quality Best Practices at
Session VI Reporting: A Shining Example of Statewide Solution Model: Current Snapshot and
from the District to the Classroom Driven Culture in School Districts Build-a-Table Work in the States
10:00 - 11:00 Raising the Bar on Data Collection Kays, Kennedy, Logan, Helregel, Future Direction
Macula, Geier, Kendall Staub Sietsema, J. Collins Averick, Sherrill
Carlson, Wood Faulkner, Rumage Fruth, Kubzdela, Waldschmidt

Geographic Visualization and

Using Data to Promote Safe and Drug- Schools Interoperability
Proactively Monitoring Proposed The Value of Data Systems to Analysis of Education Data Assets
Session VII Data Activities in the ED OCIO Free Schools: Integrating State and Framework: 2.0 and Beyond... Using XML in EDEN
Federal Data Collections School Districts with GIS
11:15 - 12:15 Luycx Federal Data Management Efforts Fruth, Reichert, L. Collins, Gu, Barbour
Edwards, Martinez, King Gathright Phan, Roberts, Dailey, Shall,
Worthen, Gosa, Allen Paredes

Lunch on your own 12:15 - 1:30

The State of the States: Common Student-Level Submissions in Iowa Schools Interoperability
Challenging Bad Habits:
Themes and Unique Attributes of 1996-2006: The Evolution of Project Entering CCD Data through the Framework: Extreme New Hampshire Student Level
Session VIII Comprehensive Data Naming and
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems EASIER Web Transcripts—"Move that Data" Data Collection
1:30 - 2:30 Defining
Plans Wheeler, Schimelfenig, Radl, Monaco, Shen, J. Collins Hanson, Andrepont, Hyslop, Schwartz, Averick
Ponas, Yaworsky, Kubrin Snyder, Tack L. Collins, Fruth

Building the SIF Highway: Schools Interoperability Educators Helping Educators: A

The Common Core of Data (CCD)
How to Reduce Special Education Construction Notes Framework: Data Quality = Demonstration of an Educator
Session IX Nonfiscal Surveys: Data Usage
Paperwork from South Carolina and Wyoming Data Integrity Developed Data-Driven
2:45 - 3:45 and New Developments
Adon, Cranford Woller, Meyer, Bell, Fruth, L. Collins, Hanson, Assessment System
Sietsema, Sable, Dalton
Nadeau, Jackl Clements, Barnett Mulvenon, Airola
How to Write Winning Grants for
Your Organization
How One Public School District Schools Interoperability
The Need for High Quality
Continues to Ensure Academic A Professional Development Plan for Data Collection, Warehousing, and Proposed Modifications for the Framework: New Tools for
Session X Program Data in the PART
Success for All Students: All Information Data Personnel Analysis: An Integrated Solution CCD Locale Typology You—Introducing SIFA University
4:00 - 5:00 Environment
One Year Later Groach, Hrosch Schopp, Kratsch Geverdt, Phan Barnett, Matukaitis,
Gervase L. Collins

Friday, February 24, 2006

Schools Interoperability
Live and Unplugged—Reporting Framework: "SIF It to Me"—The EDEN—From a Federal Program
Session XI TIMS Aid in Katrina Disaster Recovery Finance Data Using the NCES Down and Dirty of Vertical Office Perspective
8:30 - 9:30 Henry, Holloway Web Collection Site Integration via SIF Santy, Danielson, Ryder,
The U.S. Census Bureau’s Small
Ave, Cavanaugh Curtis, Paredes, Canada, Stevenson, Lim
Area Income and Poverty Estimates
Coleman, Olson, Roewe, Jackl
(SAIPE) Program: An Overview of
Helping Educators Use Data
the Estimates Production and
School District Boundary Review
Waddington, Cruse, Ream, Short, Schools Interoperability
Where's the Money Data? Finding
Alabama Demystifies AYP Millett Framework: Survivor SIF—Reality
Session XII and Using Finance-Related Data
Calculations Revelations
9:45 - 10:45 from the Common Core of Data
Eiland, Lykkehoy L. Collins, Moravec, Campbell,
F. Johnson, Hill
Oliver, Honour, Jasa, Starr