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VOL. III. No.4

f...-- ---_--.;A;..J, ri1t 1938
In the 17th chapter of Revelation we
find a "beast," and a ''woman"---a great,
wealthy woman called "a whore"---who was
riding the beast.
The Bible desoribes the symbol
to mean a CHURCH. See II Cor. 11:2; Rev.
19:7; Eph. 5:23-27, On the other hand,
"be8.5t" is a symbol of a. KINGDOM, oX' EMPIRE.
not of a CHURCH. The "woman" of the 17th
chapter is described beyond possibility Qt
doubt as the Roman Catho1io Churoh, who
did reign over the of the Holy
Roman Empire.
Let us be consistent. The "beast"
of Revelation 13 is not th.e WOMAN who 1"04.
the beast---the b$ast is the GOVERNMENt,
and the woman is the CHURCH.
The "beast" of Revelation 13 had 7
heads and 10 horns. It was like a leopard,
with the feet of a bear, the mouth of a
lion. This does not describe the Church,
bu;t the Roman GOVERNMENT, or EMPIRE.
In "the 7t.h of Daniel we fine!
'the urun1s-eakable identifioation. The 110ft
symbolized the Chaldean Empire. Tha bear
is the Persian Empire, the leopard wa
the Grecia-Macedonian lMpiJOe with its
four divisions, pietured by the four head.,
and the other beast, mightier and stron,er
than all, was the ROMAN EMPIRE. And by the
time events history
we had the seven heads and ten horns.
The "beast II of Rev. 13 had all 7 of
the heads and ten horns. It included the
strongest aspects or the
and o the lion---its mouth, was like
a leopard---even as the ROMAN EMPIRE in-
eluded the characteyistics of
the preoeding kingdoms. And so the beast
of Revelation 13 is identified
as THE ROMAN EMPIRE. (Cont. on page 2)
Al o,-JP
-/?IKe, EE9 bf, ijI
"",,'\ 6 16. The expreion,
l "".';;'; ;;...:..... .. "it is the number or a
,r. man" shows we must allo
.; ..... ;.. : oount this number in
the name of the king,
@ or ruler. over the
kingdom identified a, the "BEAS'l'."
From these Scriptures, we have the
definite points:
1. The beast has NUMBER, and may
be identified, if ..... have wisdom, by i:his
2. The number is 6'6.
3. We are told to COUNT number-
..-that is, add it up. The sa:me Greek word
is used e13ewhere only in Luke 14:28:
"COUNT the cost. II
4. This number, 666, is the number
ot the BEAST. The only BIBLE interpreta-
tion of this symbol t "beast", is .. ki
or the kin, who rules it, and therefore,
re.Uy IS the kin@;dom. (Dan. 7:17,18,22,
TheretoYs 666 must be num-
her of KINGDOM, or GOVERNMeN1, or EM-
PIRE, as well as that of 'the. king who
or rules it.
5. The expre"don "the name of the
heart, 0(" 1:.he number ot name II makes
plain that the number 666 is number
mysterious -
Does the pope 'Wear
it on his orown, iden-
tifying him as the BFAST
of Revelation 131 Or must we look for it
Here are all the Soriptures 3peaking
directly at this number;
"And that no man might buy or sell,
save he that had the mark, or the name o
the beast, or the of Here
rs-wisdom. Let hi;;;that
ing count t.he number of !!.!!: for it
is the and llillnull\ber is
Six hundred threescore and six. (Rev. 13:
17-18). --
"And I saw as it were a sea of ,lass
min,led with fire: and them that had got-
ten the victory over the beast, and over
his image, and over his mark, and the
number of his name, stand on the sea of
,lass, the ha.rps of God.
(Rev. 15:
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* ......
The NUMBER of the BEAST --- 666t
(Continued from page 1)
This "beasb" had a DEADLl wound. (Rev.
13:3). That means the "beast II DIED---it
eeased altogether to exist or function.
Yet its deadly wound was later healed, af-
ter which, (verse 5), it to ex-
ist another 1260
Those who believe the Catholic Church
is the "beast" say this deadly wound came
in 1798, when the pope was forced into
exile. But the pope was not kill.d. The
Catholic Church did not die, nor for one
day did it cease to function. The popes
continued to live in VOLUNTARY exile, as
a protest the government,
until the recent agreement with Mussolini.
But that could in no aense ba called a
wound TO DEATH. And those who teach this
do not expect the Catholic Church to oon-
tinue on another 1260 years.
Sut in 476 A.D., the Roman Empire,
which is the "BlUST", was unto
DEATH. The Roman Empire OlEO. It ceased
altogether to exist. The next three king-
doms to from Rome---the Merull, ehe
Vandals, and the Ostl"'o(;'oths---were barbar-
ian, not Roman kingdoms.
But in 554 Justinian, a Roman,
of the east, re-established the
Empire at Rome. History calls this
the "IMPERIAL RESTORATION" of the Roma.n
Empire. The deadly was healed.
And it continued oxactly 1260
181', when was Water-
100. "So elosed," West'. Modern
History, "an Empire 'that had e'lCisted
from Augustus Caesar." But this time the
Empire did not alto,ether die. The ,erm
o it remained in 12 little ,
united in 1870 by Garibaldi into the pres-
ent nation of Italy. Ifhe EMPIRE went int.o
"tho bottomlell pit"---a virtual nen-ex-
trom whioh now it is once more
emer,ing (Rev. 17:8).
The fOUnder, and first king ot Rom.
was ROMULUS. The Roman Empire wu nUtacl
after His name, the name of a MAN,
also is the na.milt ot the KINGDOM. And every
eitir.en in tha.t ldn,dOlft bears tne same
name---a ROMAN.
When John wrote this Revelation,
telling us to COUNT the number ot
Beast, he wrot.e in the GREEK
The Old Testament is written in the lan-
guage of God's chosen people---the HE-
BREW. Consequently, we should look tor
this name, and the number 666, in the
languages in the BIBLE, not
in the Lati n,
We are all tLmi1iar with the Roman
where letters are used for
numbers. All understand that I is 1,
V is 5, X is 10, etc. But many do not
know that both the Hebrew and the Gre.k
languages also use letters for numbers.
In the Hebrew, the of Romulus
is ROMIITH. And, counting the numeriCAl
value of these letters in the Hebr.w, we
have exactly
In the Greek, the langua,e in which
Revelation was written., 'this name is
It IILatin Man
"the name of Latium" from which ci'ty 1;ll,
Romans derived their ori,in and their
language. This word, too,
"ROMAN." In the Greek, L is 30, A is 1,
T is 300, E is 5, ! is 10, N is 50, 0 is
70, S 1s 200. Count these They
count to exactly
It is indeed a remarkable coinciaenoe
---or IS it a coincidence?---that in BOTH
Bible languages---the only two lancua,es
w. look in for this number---that
t. he name of the KINGDOM, its founder and.
first KING, and of every man in the kinE-
dom, counts to exactly
And more remarkable---oatch this---
Ute ot.her two worda oan be found in two
l.anguages, meaning the same thing-, and
counting, in the numerical value
blf those languages. to Certainly
THE BEAST stands
But the same number---666---is brand-
on the man who is now bringing the Roman
out of i'ts bottomless pit, and alsa
on thea pape. I
MUS'lSolini calls himself' \IIL DUCI.'
shou't "Viva 11 Duoet" Which mean.
"tONG L1VE TRli: CHIEF.II "ierywhere in It-
dy. you wi. 11 tind. the printed. sicn. "W
!L DVCE." Th. "vv" is the abbr.viation
used for "Viv all. A "'V" is used inat.ead of
(Cont. en page 3).
April, 1938
Par;. 3
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issue of The PLAIN TRUTH is
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bert The May number will be
a printed edition.
* lie ... lie
ULAR CHURCHES BE WR.ONG? you along with them. But IF
you truly FOLLOW JESUS, k.lp-
ing all or His Father's Commandments, al
HE kept them, instead of the traditions of
MEN (read Mark 7:6-9,13), you will be per-
secuted---and that BY those most sanatimon-
Jesus said., "It they have peNlicutecl
me, they will perseoute you." (John 15:20),
and again, "ALL'that will live ,od1)" ift
(II 3:12). Do suffer
Jesus repeatedly warned us ot FALSE
PROPHETS, showing they would be the pop-
ular leaders of THE MAJ'f!, not. the few.
He said it was THE MANY they would deoeive.
In the 17th of Revelation is revealed
a GREAT ohurch---a FALSE church, called a
''whore. II All nations have been DECEIVED
by her false teachings (Rev. l7:Zj 18:3).
She perseouted, martyred, the saints who
form the TRUE chureh (Rev. 17:6).
And churohes have come out
of her---even tho in protest again.t
some of her false doctrines, calling theM-
";;iVes IlpRO'1ESTANT, II GodI & Word plainly
ealls them, the daughters, HARLOTS (v.S)!
It is thru Rome and her dau,ht.r
denominations, together called IIBABYLOll
meaninc II conf usion, II that the devil per.e- true Christian.--..thc ISmall "remnant"
who "keep ih!. Com.mandments of God"(Rev. 12:
17). Are YOU in one of the popular denom-
inations? Are yOU per-
secuted? Perhaps you
have been honestly de-
ceived, But God now sayss
"Come OUT of her, that
ye reoeive not ot her
(Rev. 18:4).
'Fear not, .lliY:!. tloclc."
... lie lie
HY 1s it, II asked the
minister of a popu-
lar church, IIlf all the bi,
ohuroh or,anizaticns are not ritht. that
so FEW seem to know about it? All these
big churches, including the majority of
all Christians, oould not be
A,reat ci,arette manufaoturer used
the same slogan. His advertisements as-
sured us "Millions oan't be wrong.11
One asked Jesus, "Lord, are there
m tha.t be saved? 11 Je sus replied.: ''Wide
is the gate, and broad is the way, that
leadeth to destruction, and MANY there be
that go in thereat: because strait (hard,
difficult) is the gate, and narrow is the
way, which leadeth unto LIFE, and m.
there be that find it." (Mat. 7:13,14).
The REAL Christian walks the strait
and na.rrow---the way of the FEW. It is
popular, today, to "belong to a church. 11
Many unsorupulous business men are members
ot popular ohurohes, merely as & cloak
and shield of respectability.
As in Jesus' day, the majority "love
the praise of men. more than the of
(John 12:43). So they jain a popu-
lar dencmination where men have 1Ia. FORM
of godliness, denting the POWER thereof. II
(11 Tim. 3: 1-5). 'From suoh TURN AWAylll
The Bible distinctly foretells that
the MAJORITY of churche s would TURN AWAY
trom the TRUTH, "and
shall be turned unto
FABLES. " (II Tim. 4:
3-4). It is POPULAR
to belong to a denom-
inational ohuroh. You
never will be persecut-
ed, but respeoted, if
* * ...
(CON'l'. from 2) I the "u" as is very
commonly done. While this is a
or title, Mussol1ni actua.lly employs "11
Duce" as a NAME. It is in ROMAN. Count it:
V is 5. V is 5, I is 1, L 16 50, D is
500, V i8 5, C is 100, E has no number.
Now oount them, and you have exaotly
The nQJ7\e of Nero Caesar, Emperor of
the R6man Empire at its height, in the He..
Thus this number 666 is indelibly
But, some will ask, does not this
number apply to the POPE? Some teach "the
'VICARIUS FILII DEll are on the
PopeI. triple orown.
And thou Latin wenb,
in the Qount to
The pope does, on Some bcoasions,
wear .. triple e..own, BUT 'J'RESE WORDS ARE.
lfE! ON .!I! We should be careful to PRCVE
all The denomination which
this sent Prof. C. T. to Rome,
wheTe he gained aCQ65S to. and dil1-
,tnt sea.rch in the Vatican arohives. but
he lind no orawn or reoord or
orown containing these words.
Furthermore,these words are in the
LATIN. not a BIBLE languate. This is not
a NAME, but a tITLE, and it is THE NAME
of the BEAST, and the number of the name
of the MAN of the beast we are told to
oount. this title does not ap-
ply to the kingdom, or Empire, but alone
to a MAN.
However, While "VICARIUS FILlt DEI"
is not among the acknowled,ed titles 01
the pope (See Cath. Sneyc1.), he does
claim 'to be VlCAR OF CHRIST on earth.
Also. for 1260 lone years the pope. did
and rule over tha BEAST. They Wire,
in ef'eot., the actual heads of the Empire,
ruling over the as well as over
the Church. And 8e it is indeed sicniti..
that this title
too, eounts
And so number is the
ROMAN EMPIRE. on ROMULUS. the founder and
first kint of Rome. on Nera Oaesar, ane 01
its great Emperors, on ttl. name ROMi, on
every ROMAN. on MU5S0LtNI, and the
be More conclusive?