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Wagyu Cattle

Kobe and Mishima Beef

The legend of Wagyu beef production dates back to feudal Japan and is rich in history and mystique. The ancient genetics of Wagyu are closely guarded and, until recently, not available outside of Japan. World renowned for its rich flavor, exceptional marbling and tenderness, Wagyu Beef is graded higher than USDA graded prime beef. Our Wagyu cattle spend twice as long on feed as other domestically raised cattle, due to their propensity for slow growth. Order a Mishima steak today, and enjoy one of the worlds most sought after delicacies.

Kobe Wagyu Beef

WAG01 WAG02 WAG03B WAG02 WAG02D WAG02P12R WAG03 WAG03B9 WAG03B7 WAG03D WAG04 WAG05 WAG06 WAG07 WAG07 WAG07B WAG07S WAG08 WAG11 WAG11B WAG14 WAG15 WAG16tT WAG20 WAG21 WAG23 WAG24 WAG09 WAG?? WAG?? Whole Tenderloin, PSMO 0 x 1 Striploin Boneless Ribeye Bone-In Striploin Boneless Striploin, 28 Day Dry Aged Portion Strip Steak, 14 oz Boneless Ribeye, Lip-on Bone-In Ribeye, 109 Bone-In Ribeye, 107 Boneless Ribeye, 28 Day Dry Aged Bone-In Shortloin Peeled Tri-Tip Flat Iron Patties, 8 oz Mini Patties, 2 oz Patties, 9.5 oz Patties, 6 oz Ground Beef Boneless Short Ribs Bone-In Short Ribs Hanging Tenders Inside Round Brisket, Trimmed Navel Plate Top Sirloin, Portioned Steaks Flank Inner or Outer Skirt Kobe Hot Dogs, 2x1 & 5x1 Sirloin Flap Chuck Flap

Mishima Wagyu
Cattle from the island of Mishima, Japan are commonly identified as the highest grade of Wagyu beef. Our Mishima Wagyu is graded on the Japanese BMS score of 9 and above on a scale of 1 to 12.

We can cut any primal into custom sized steaks, chops, or filets. Call for pricing and ask about our other sub-primal cuts available.
O ur Wagyu beef is all natural, never fed animal bi -products, and minimally processed. For more in formation visit

Custom Cut Steaks

Let Cleavers Market be your source for custom cut USDA Prime or Choice steaks, chops, and roasts. We have the ability to cut whatever spec you need in short order. Here are a few of the hundreds of cuts available. Call today for exact specifications and pricing.

28 Day Dry Aged Beef

Butchers and gourmands have long known of the benefits of air-drying meat. The natural enzymes already present in the meat break down the proteins and release the extra water from the cell walls. Purging the water assures that a 14 oz steak raw is closer to a 14 oz steak after it is grilled. The process of 28 day dry-aging is far different then wet aged products. The bone-in striploin, ribeye, or brisket is hung in a USDA inspected drying room for precisely 28 days. The rooms humidity, temperature and UV light are carefully monitored to assure proper aging. The flavor profile and tenderness is second to none. Order yours today.

Prime Bone-In Fillet

Fresh USDA Beef

BEE01 BEE01P2 BEE01P4 BEE01P5 BEE01P6 BEE01P8 BEE02 BEE03 BEE03B BEE04 BEE04B BEE07C BEE09 BEE13 Tenderloin, PSMO Filet, 2 oz Filet, 4 oz Filet, 5 oz Filet, 6 oz Filet, 8 oz Striploin 1x1 or 0x1 Ribeye, Boneless (Lip on or off) Ribeye, Bone-In (Export) Boneless Short Ribs Bone-In Short Rib Oxtails, Cut, 10 lbs Flat Iron Hanging Tenders


28 Day Dry Age Striploin 28 Day Dry Age Ribeye 28 Day Dry Age Top Sirloin 28 Day Dry Age NY Strip Steak 28 Day Dry Age Ribeye Steak 28 Day Dry Age Wagyu, Striploin 28 Day Dry Age, Mishima (Wagyu) Brisket

Pre-Order Required

Grain Finished All Natural Beef

We are excited to offer a full line of USDA inspected All Natural and Certified Organic Beef. This beef is grass fed and Grain finished for a clean rich flavor and optimal marbling. Please call for product availability and pricing.

Le Qubcois
All Natural Veal
Le Quebecois veal is fed an all natural diet. No antibiotics or artificial hormones are used in the production. Le Quebecois is the first veal program of its kind to combine USDA Approved All Natural status, humane animal husbandry, full traceability, and sustainable farming practices. Le Quebecois veal has a pure, natural taste the way veal was meant to taste. This natural product offers very stable, reasonable prices that will allow you to once again offer veal on your menu.

Le Qubcois Veal
VEA01F VEA02F VEA03F VEO04F VEA05F VEA07F VEA13F VEA15F4 VEA15F5 VEA16F VEA17F VEA17FB VEA27F Whole tenderloin PSMO [2-3 lbs] 0x0 Striploins 6 Rib Rack [5-6 lbs] Butt Tenders Osso Bucco [2 inch] Boneless Breast Frenched Chop [12-14 oz] Leg Slices, 4 oz [10 lb case] Leg Slices, 5 oz [10 lb case] Peeled Round Bone-In Back 2x2 Porterhouse Chop, 16 oz Boneless Chuck

Midwestern Milk Fed Veal

Always Available Fresh! Processed Locally on a Daily Basis. Custom Portion Control Available.

Domestic Milk Fed Veal

VEA01 VEA02 VEA03 VEA04 VEA05 VEA06 VEA07 VEA08 VEA09 VEA10 VEA11 VEA12 VEA14 VEA18 VEA19 VEA22 Whole Tenderloin 0x0 Striploin 6 Rib Rack Butt Tender Osso Bucco, 2 Shanks, Hind Boneless Breast Bobby Veal Frenched Rack [10-12 oz] Bobby Veal Frenched Rack [12-14 oz] Bobby Veal Frenched Rack [14-16 oz] Lollypop Chop KC Loin Chop Loin Chop [12-14 oz] Sweetbreads [ 10 lbs case] Cheek Meat [10 lbs case] Calves Liver, Whole

All Natural, Organically Raised, Heirloom Pork

Ossabaw Island, located off the coast of Georgia, is home to the eponymous rare breed Ossabaw Island Pig which descends from Spanish pigs brought by explorers over 400 years ago. With approximately 2,000 pigs remaining on the island, and fewer than 200 in other programs, these pigs, as well as the Large Black Breed are listed as "critical" by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Identified as a breed in 1899, the Large Black is well suited to outdoor production due to its hardiness and coat color, and has a finegrained tender meat.

Kurobuta (Berkshire) Pork

Three hundred years ago, so legend has it, the Berkshire hog was discovered by Oliver Cromwell's army, during winter quarters at Reading, the county seat of the shire of Berks in England. After the war, these veterans carried the news to the outside world of the wonderful hogs of Berks: larger than any other swine of that time and producing hams and bacon of rare quality and flavor. This is said to have been the beginning of the fame of the Reading Fair as a market place for pork products. In the 19th century the Berkshire breed was sent to Japan as a gift from the British government. Since the Berkshire breed was introduced to Japan, it has thrived as the Japanese Black Hog or Kurobuta, prized for its richness and depth of flavor. Our Kurobuta is all naturally-raised without growth hormones, subtherapeutic antibiotics, artificial ingredients, colorings, or preservatives.


Caw Caw Creek Prosciutto, Hoof on Caw Caw Creek Sliced Bacon


Whole Tenderloin Boneless Striploin Frenched Racks Single Rib Boneless Belly Bone-In Loin Boneless Chop Center Cut Bacon Cheek Meat BRT Fresh Ham B/I Ham Honey Glazed Ham Center Cut Canadian Loin Collar Butt Baby Back Ribs Boneless Sirloin Trim Meat

Certified Organic Becker Lane Kurobuta Pork

Becker Lane Organic Farm, located in the fertile countryside of Northeastern Iowa, is one of the few USDA certified Organic hog farms in the United States raising Berkshire sired pigs. Jude Becker, a sixth-generation pig farmer, is descended from German ancestors who settled the Becker family farm in 1850. Jude is a devotee of artisan organic farming; emphasizing sustainable crop rotation, humane husbandry and personal accountability. Jude's pigs are fed 100% certified organic grain, which is grown on his family farm. Furthermore, his pigs are reared outdoors in pastures grazing on alfalfa, clover and acorns with free access to straw-filled stables for lounging and sleeping. This time honored traditional method of pig farming produces the healthiest and most flavorful Berkshire product on the market today.

Compart Duroc Pork

Compart Duroc promises an All Natural, mouthwatering, rich flavored pork, with superior tenderness and natural juiciness. Bright reddish pink in color, Compart Duroc contains a higher percentage of intramuscular fat (marbling) and a higher pH. These unique attributes translate into a more tender, juicy and flavorful dining experience. This selection of pork enables you to enjoy fresh pork in its natural flavor and juice, without injecting or pumping. The Black Angus breed of cattle is well known for its superior quality. This same phenomenon is also true of Duroc pork. The Duroc breed excels for meat quality and eating characteristics documented in tests performed by the National Pork Producers. DUR01 DUR02 DUR03 DUR04 DUR05 DUR12 Tenderloin Striploin 10-Bone Frenched Rack Sirloin Whole Loin Baby Back Ribs


Tenderloin Frenched Racks (10 Bone) Boneless Striploins Boneless Shoulder Osso Bucco (Limited) Bellies

*All Cuts Available* Becker Lane Farms Jude Becker



Cervena Venison
VEN01 VEN02 VEN03 VEN04 VEN05 VEN07 VEN08 VEN09 VEN10 VEN11R VEN12 VEN13 VEN14 VEN15 VEN15R VEN16 VEN17 VEN18 VEN19 Tenderloin, 14-16 oz Striploin, 3-4 lbs Shortloin Frenched Rack, 2-3 lbs 2 Rib Rack, 1.5 lbs Denver Leg, 5-7 lbs Saddle, 15-20 lbs Boneless Shoulder, 4-6 lbs Bone-In Leg Leg Medallions, 2 2.5 oz each Chop, 8-10 oz Osso Bucco Stew Meat Ground, 10 lbs Ground, Retail 4x1 Patties, 10 lbs Trim 95% Bones Flank Steaks

To qualify as Cervena Natural Tender Venison, the animal must be three years of age or under, and raised naturally without hormones or steroids on the fresh open pastures of New Zealand. Cervena must be processed according to internationally recognized quality standards. This processing is independently audited to industry- agreed standards. Combined quality and marketing criteria mean Cervena delivers a consistently high quality product. Cervena deer are raised in the most natural ways-- free ranged on farms ranging from 200 to over 2,000 acres and fed grass with natural supplements such as hay, and alfalfa. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, Cervena venison has about one fifth the amount of fat and about 100 fewer calories per 3.5 ounce serving of beef. Cervena represents a blend of nature's gifts and today's modern approach to eating. Cervena venison is mild but distinctive, tender and exceptionally versatile. It is available year-round and is wonderfully suited for even the lightest summer fare.

Domestic Red Deer & Fallow Venison

DVE01F DVE02F DVE03F DVE01R DVE02R DVE03R DVE04R Fallow Tenderloin, Frozen Fallow Striploin, Frozen Fallow BRT Shoulder, Frozen Red Deer Tenderloin, Frozen Red Deer Striploin, Frozen Red Deer BRT Shoulder, Frozen Red Deer Bone-In Leg, Frozen

Domestic Elk
ELK01 Boneless Striploin ELK02 Boneless Tenderloin ELK03 Osso Bucco 25lb. ELK04 2 Rib Rack ELK05 Frenched Rack ELK06 BRT Shoulder ELK07 Whole Boneless sirloin ELK 08 Stew Meat ELK09 Top Round

Domestic and Imported Lamb

New Zealand
New Zealand Lamb sets the international standards for lamb quality, from healthy, natural production systems and food safety to taste, tenderness and consistency. It's what you'd expect from New Zealand: the world leader in lamb production and processing. Many factors affect lamb quality. New Zealand's experienced lamb producers are experts at them all; as they take this lean, naturally nutritious product and raise it carefully for your eating enjoyment.


Frenched Rack, 10-12 oz Frenched Rack, 12-14 oz Frenched Rack, 14-16 oz Frenched Rack, 16-18 oz Frenched Rack, 18-20 oz Frenched Rack, 20-22 oz Frenched Rack, 22 and Up Boneless Loin, 6-9 oz BRT Leg

Domestic Colorado
DL01 DL02 DL03 DL04 DL05 DL06 DL08 DL09 DL109D DL10 DL11 DL12 DL12V DL13 DL15 DL16 DL18 DL19 DL22 DL23 CFO Rack, 28-36 oz Boneless Loin, 2-3 lbs Frenched Rack, 24-32 oz Tenderloin, 16-24 oz Whole Baby Lamb Bone-In Saddle Boneless Shoulder, 5-6 lbs Buffet Leg Buffet Leg, 21 Dry Aged, Bone-In Sweetbreads, 10 lb Stew Meat Shank Volcano Shank BRT Leg Finger Meat Short Ribs Ground Casing Boneless Breast Cheek Meat

The wide open pastures of Australia are the perfect environment for producing truly superior lamb. Ideal growing conditions combined with scientific breeding produce tender and delicately flavored lamb. Australian Range Lambs graze freely on natural pastures, making unnecessary the use of hormones and antibiotics often used in feedlot operations.


Frenched Rack, 24-26 oz Frenched Rack, 26-28 oz Frenched Rack, 28-30 oz Frenched Rack, 30-32 oz Frenched Rack, 32 oz Boneless Sirloin Boneless Loins

Wild Boar
Texarkana Wild Trapped Razorback Hogs

Buffalo (Bison)
Prized for its lean quality and distinctive flavor. American Bison (Buffalo) is a fantastic All Natural high protein alternative to beef. Available fresh or frozen year round.
BUF01 BUF02 BUF03 BUF04 BUF05 BUF06 BUF07 BUF10 BUF11B BUF12 BUF13 BUF14 BUF15 BUF16 Tenderloin 5 & Up PSMO Striploin, 7-10 lbs Ribeye, 8-10 lbs Top Round, 12-16 lbs Inside Round Flat Irons T-Bone Steak, 12-14 oz Oxtail Bone-In Short Ribs Back Ribs Patties 2x1 Patties 3x1 Patties 4x1 Ground Bulk


Saddle Boneless Loin Frenched Rack BRT Shoulder Spare Ribs Bone-In Leg Loin Chop Slab Bacon Tenderloin Shank

With almost three times the protein as beef, and a third of the fat, ostrich is a great healthy choice.



Boneless Filet, 10 lb Case 5 oz Center Cut Filet Fan Fillet, 10 lb Case Patties, 4x1 Patties, 3x1 Patties, 2x1 Sirloin Tips Osso Bucco Ground Leg Roast Trim

Duck & Foie Gras

Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Cleavers Market is proud to carry Americas finest Moulard duck products. Moulard ducks are a hybrid of white Pekin hen and the Muscovy drake. They are grain-fed several times daily in the few weeks before processing to produce an enlarged liver known as Foie Gras. This stimulates the natural tendency for these migratory birds to gorge themselves before extraordinarily long flights. Moulard breast known as Magret, is aged seven days on the bone to provide a red, meaty flesh. Magret breast should be prepared as any red meat; seared and roasted, grilled or sauted. Outer skin should be scored well to render and crisp fat.

Foie Gras
ROU01 ROU02 ROU03 ROU04 Frozen Foie Gras Portions, 20x40 g Frozen Goose Liver Foie Gras Bloc de Foie Gras, 1000 g Bloc de Foie Gras with Truffle, 1000 g

Pekin Duck
A Pekin duck is a breed of domesticated duck used primarily for egg and meat production. Bred from the Mallard in China, it was brought to the United States in about 1873, where it is has become the most popular commercially-bred duck.

DUC01 Fresh Whole, 4-5.5 lbs each DUC02 Breast, 5-6 oz Single DUC03 Breast, 6-7 oz Single DUC04 Breast, 7-8 oz Single DUC05 Breast, 8-9 oz Single DUC07B Bone-In Leg & Thigh DUC08 Whole Smoked DUC09 Liver, 5 lb DUC10 Bones


Magret Breast, 24-32 oz Moulard Leg and Thigh, 12 oz Leg Confit Smoked Magret Breast, 16oz Rendered Fat, 8 lb Gizzards, 5 lb Skins Necks Foie Gras, Grade A Foie Gras, Grade B Foie Gras, Grade C, Frozen Foie Gras Mousse w/ Truffle, Large Foie Gras Mousse w/ Truffle, Small

Grimaud Farms Muscovy Duck

GFD01 GFD02 GFD03 GFD03A GFD10 Muscovy Hen Breast Muscovy Drake Breast Muscovy, Whole Muscovy, Air Chilled (Head & Feet On) Fresh Goose Foie Gras (Pre-order)

Game Birds & Poultry

Miller Amish Chicken
Miller Amish Country Poultry are raised on all vegetable feeds, no animal bi-products, no coloring agents, never frozen and respectfully cared for by true Amish farmers.

English Ringneck Pheasant

Raised in Wisconsin Whole, 2.5 -3 lbs each Airline Breast, 4 Tray Boneless Thigh, 30 lb Leg & Thigh Whole Baby Boneless Breast, 10 lb Smoked Whole Smoked Breast, 10 lb Bones, 20 lb


Whole Fryer, 10 x 3- 3.5 lbs Airline Breast, 10 lb Bag BSB Breast, 10 lb Bag

Ho-Ka Turkey
HOK01 HOK02 HOK03 HOK04 HOK05 Ho-Ka All Natural Turkey, Hen 10-18lbs. Ho-Ka All Natural Turkey, Tom 19-25lbs. Ho-Ka All Natural Turkey, King 26-34lbs Ho-Ka Turkey Giblets Ho-Ka Turkey Necks (Pre-Order Required)

3 week old baby chickens weighing around 16 -18 oz.



Whole Semi-Boneless

Grimaud Farms Guinea Hen Bobwhite Quail

QUA01 QUA02 QUA03 QUA04 QUA05 Whole Bone In, 60 Case Semi-Boneless, 4 Pack Breast Medallion, 96 Case Legs, 360 Case Eggs, 10 Per Tray GFD04 GFD04A GFD05 GFD07 Whole, 3-3.5 lb Each Whole, Head and Feet on, Air Chilled Airline Breast, 4/Tray Leg & Thigh

Palmetto Squab
SQU01 SQU02 Whole, 16-18 oz each Semi-Boneless, 8-10 oz

Wild Game Sausage
Game sausages are a great addition to any lunch or picnic menu.
SAU01 SAU02 SAU03 SAU04 SAU05 SAU06 SAU07 SAU08 SAU09 SAU10 SAU11 SAU12 SAU13 SAU14 SAU15 SAU16 SAU17 SAU18 SAU19 SAU21 SAU22C SAU23C SAU 36 SAU25 SAU26 SAU45 SAU46 SAU47 SAU48 SAU49 Duck, Bacon & Jalapeno Smoked Pheasant & Cognac Smoked Pheasant & Rattlesnake Venison & Blueberry Tuscan Lamb Chicken with Walnuts & Apple Smoked Chicken with Apple Wild Boar with 3 Chilies Buffalo with Chipotle Rabbit & Veal Lamb Merguez Pheasant & Chicken with Hazelnut Duck & Foie Gras Wild Boar with Cranberry Smoked Andouilee Chorizo Smoked Duck Andouilee Smoked Buffalo with Burgundy Smoked Venison with Port Wine Chicken with Apple & Cranberry Duck & Pork with Orange Linguisa Smoked Alligator Andouilee Ostrich with Cherries Boudin Noir French Blood Sausage - 4 Links Boudin Blanc French Sausage - Frozen - 4 Links Andouillette Sausage - Frozen - 4 Links Saucisse de Toulouse - Cassoulet Saucisse Hunter Sausage Wild Boar Sausage with Apple

Our pates and terrines are Individually quick frozen .

` Pates & Terrines


Forestier Pate, 1lb En Croutes Country Pate, 1 lb En Croutes La Patron Pate, 1 lb En Croutes Pheasant Pate, 1 lb En Croutes Duck Breast Pate, 1 lb En Croutes Tri Color Terrine, 2.2 lb Lobster Terrine, 2.2 lb

Cured Meats
CUR01B CUR01 CUR02 HAM01 HAM02 HAM06 CUR08 CUR09 BAC01 BAC02 CUR03 Prosciutto de Parma, B/I Prosciutto de Parma, Boneless Duck Prosciutto, Dry Cured Iberian Ham (Jam n Serrano) Speck, Imported Culatello (Dry Cured Prosciutto) Saucisson Sec (w/ Herbs) Saucisson Sec (w/ Pepper) Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sliced Applewwod Smoked Bacon, Slab Pancetta, Imported

More Than Gourmet is the only company today making classic French sauces in the old world tradition as defined by the renowned Chef Master Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935). Due to the ever -increasing costs of labor and ingredients, many of the greatest chefs and finest restaurant operations in the world have switched to More Than Gourmet's classic French sauces without having to sacrifice their standards of culinary excellence. Made with scrupulous care, and with absolutely no shortcuts. More than Gourmet continuously strives to honor Escoffiers dictate: that properly made stocks and mother sauces are the key to fine cooking, and that the faultless preparation and the finest ingredients are mandatory or the outcome will be mediocre. More that Gourmet products contain no MSG, no chemicals and no fillers or preservatives.

More Than



Hand Made Stocks & Glaces

Demi-Glace Gold (Veal), 4 x 16 oz Demi-Glace Gold (Veal), 10 lb Glace de Poulet (Chicken), 4 x 16 oz Glace de Poulet (Chicken), 10 lb Glace de Canard (Duck), 4 x 16 oz Glace de Canard (Duck), 10 lb Glace de Gibier (Venison), 4 x 16 oz Glace de Volaille (Turkey), 4 x 16 oz Glace de Volaille (Turkey), 10 lb Glace de Fruits de Mar (Seafood), 4 x 16 oz Glace de Fruits de Mar (Seafood), 10 lb Veggie Glace Gold, 4 x 16 oz Veggie Glace Gold, 10 lb Jus de Poulet (Chicken Stock), 4 x 16 oz Essence de Champignon, 4 x 16 oz Fond de Poulet (Roasted Chicken) 4 x 16 oz Glace de Agneau (Lamb), 4 x 16 oz Fumet de Poisson (Fish), 4 x 16 oz

Terroirs dAnton Pates `

Duck Rilletes Tradition, 2-2.2 lb. Pate de Campagne Forrestier All Natural, 1.45-1.65 kg Pate de Campagne with Cognac All Natural, 1.45-1.65 kg Duck Mousse with Port Wine All Natural, 1.45-1.65 kg Venison Pate ith Apricots and Hazelnuts, 1.45-1.65 kg Pheasant with Pistachio, 1.6 kg Duck Galatine with Truffles & Pistachios, 2-2.3 kg. Rabbit Pate with Prunes and Cognac, 1.45-1.65 kg.

Domestic Rabbit
RAB01 RAB02 RAB02B RAB03 RAB04 RAB05 Whole, 2.5-3 lbs each Boneless Saddle, 10 oz Bone In Saddle, 16-18 oz Boneless Loin Hind Legs, 8-10 oz Liver

Irish Bacon
Irish bacon is cured, not smoked, boneless loin. We pride ourselves on our low sodium flavor that fries up tasty every time.


Irish Bacon, Sliced (5 lbs) Irish Bacon, Loin (3-3.5 lbs)

Celtic Sausages & Bangers

CEL01 CEL02 CEL03 CEL04 SAU04C SAU10 Black Pudding, 16 oz White Pudding, 16 oz Beef Bangers, 10x1 (10 lb Case) Pork Bangers, 10x1 (10 lb Case) Venison Sausage, 5x1 (9 lb Case) Rabbit & Veal Sausage, 5x1 (9 lb Case)

Exotic Game

IQF Frozen Scottish Langoustines, U5

Alligator Tail Filet, 10 lb Case Alligator Sirloin, 10 lb Case Alligator Ribs, 10 lb Case Frog Legs, 4-6 ct Turtle Meat, Semi Boneless Rattlesnake, Semi Boneless Kangaroo, Frenched Rack 14-16 oz Kangaroo, Boneless Loin 7-8 oz

Wild Scottish Game

EXO14 EXO13 PAR01 EXO24 EXO25 Wild Grouse Wild Wood Pigeon Wild Partridge Mallard Duck Pheasant

Chefs Stash
Cool stuff to keep locked in your file cabinet.
Every chef should always be on the look-out for quality ingredients that will inspire, enhance and ultimately define your style of cuisine. We pride ourselves on our rare and unique collection of pantry items. I dont know what is more fun, selling this stuff to you and listening to you rave about it or traveling the world looking for it. Have Fun!

Vinegar & Ver Jus

VIN01 VIN02 VIN03 VIN04 VIN08 VIN10 VIN12 VIN14 VIN15 VIN16 VIN16B VIN18 VIN23 VIN25 VIN25F VIN27 VIN30 VIN30R VIN31 VIN34 VIN35 Aged Balsamic Vinegar, 17 oz 12 Year Solera Balsamic Vinegar, 17 oz 25 Year Balsamic Vinegar de Modena 100 Year, Balsamic Vinegar de Modena French Tarragon Vinegar, 17 oz Fig Bouquet Vinegar, 17 oz Sugarcane Vinegar, 17 oz Black Current Vinegar Black Walnut Vinegar Sushi Rice Wine Vinegar Black Rice Wine Vinegar Raspberry Vinegar Pear White Wine Vinegar White Balsamic Vinegar, 17 oz Fig Balsamic Vinegar, 17 oz Vin Cotto, Grape Must Ver Jus, White, 17 oz Ver Jus, Red, 16 oz. Blis Double Solera Sherry Elixer Italian Apple Saba Blis Bourbon Cask Aged 9yr. Sherry Vinegar

Jean-Marc Montegottero
Huilerie Beaujolaise, Beaujeu, France. An exceptional artisan who has spent the last 20 years improving the making of the finest virgin oils, 100% natural, in the tradition of the old days. His success shows in the number of Michelin star chefs who buy his oils, using recipes or ideas given by Jean-Marc himself.

OIL14M Virgin Walnut Oil OIL28M Virgin Rapeseed Oil OIL04M Virgin Hazelnut Oil OIL29M Virgin Poppy Seed Oil OIL34M Virgin Grilled Peanut Oil OIL26M Virgin Pistachio Oil OIL31M Turnip Seed Oil "Navette" OIL27M Virgin Pine Nut Oil OIL32M Virgin Pecan Oil VIN67 Citron Vinegar VIN 68 Honey Vinegar

Blis Pure Syrups

Simply the finest organic pure maple syrup from old growth forest. Grade A Dark Amber.

A combination of tradition, innovation and passion.

In the VIENNESE VINEGAR BREWERY we undertake a controlled fermentation by the submers method. Maturation time of course is very important for the quality of the young vinegar. We traditionally store it in small wooden barrels or glass demijohns, where it matures slowly and develops its famous harmony.

Geganbauer Viennese Vinegar


Small Batch Reserve, 375 ml Bourbon Maple Syrup, 375 ml Tahitian Vanilla infused, 375 ml


Cucumber Vinegar Asparagus Vinegar Golden Delicious Apple Cider Vinegar "Puntigam" Beer Vinegar Noble Sour P.X. "96" (3% acidity) Noble Sour T (3% acidity) Apricot Vinegar Rowenberry Vinegar Quince Vinegar Riesling Auslese Vinegar Elderberry Vinegar Banyuls Vinegar

Chef s Stash
Cool stuff to keep locked in your file cabinet.

Pure Agave Nectar

By Albert & Ferran Adria

Infinite possibilities to broaden your range of preparation Since its inception in 1997, elBullitaller has had the goal of broadening the range of possible textures in cooking. The fruit of this experimentation is a series of techniques that, like foam, clouds and gelatins, have brought about an evolution in cooking style.


Pure agave nectar is a natural fructose sweetener extracted from the agave plant. Traditionally, the indigenous people of Mexico gathered the sweet juice (aguamiel) from various species of agave to prepare a special celebratory beverage called Nekutli. Use in the place of honey, or drizzle over savory items for a unique sweet accent.


Light Agave Nectar, 8 oz Amber Agave Nectar, 8 oz

Organic California Olive Oils

Sonoma Farms
Our oils are early harvested from family-owned orchards in Northern Californias wine country. Pressed within 12 hours of picking, Sonoma Farms extra virgin olive oil uses 25% more fruit to produce a bottle than imported oils. Available in 200 ml retail size, 500 ml, and Gallon sizes.

GELIFICATION kit TEX07 Agar (Red Algea Extract) 500 g TEX08 Kappa (Algea gelling agent) 400g TEX09 Lota (Carrageenan) 500 g TEX10 Gellan (Sphingomonas elodea) 400g TEX11 Metil (Vegetable Cellulose) 300g EMULSIFICATION kit TEX13 Lecite (Soy Lecithin) 300 g TEX14 Sucro (Emulsifier) 600g TEX15 Glice 300 g (Mono & diglyceride)
SFERIFICATION kit TEX01 Gluco (Calcium Gluconolacate) 600 g TEX02 Algin (Algea Extracts) 500 g TEX03 Calcic (Calcium Salt) 600 g TEX04 Citras (Sodium Citrate) 600 g TEX05 Eines (Tool Kit) TEX06 Xantana 600 g (Xanthomonas)


EVO CA, Organic EVO CA, Organic, Lime Infused EVO CA, Organic, Lemon Infused EVO CA, Organic, Blood Orange Infused EVO CA, Organic, Garlic Infused EVO CA, Organic, Red Pepper Infused EVO CA, Organic, Rosemary Basil Infused

ESPESANTES TEX06 Xantana 600g (Xanthomonas Campestris)

SURPRISES TEX16 Malto (Maltodextrin) 1000 g TEX17 Fizzy (Dried Effervescent) 300 g TEX18 Crumiel (Crystallized Honey) 400 g

Green Teas
The highly acclaimed health benefits of green tea is widely known. Green tea undergoes minimal oxidation. After it is picked it is either steamed, pan-fried or fired in an oven to quickly dry the leaves and seal in its healthy properties.


Emperors Dragonwell(OG) Himalayan Green (OG) Green Earl Grey(OG) Blood Orange Green

Rare Teas
Comfort and luxury are often associated with tea drinkers. Some of the rarer teas on the market today are at a level of flavor as complex as fine wines. Tea has a dedicated following of savvy connoisseurs familiar with teas such as Vintage Pu-erh of China dating back to the beginning of the 19th century or Aged Vintage White Yin Zen. Rare teas have come to signify the epitome of luxury and competition in the restaurant and hotel industries. Cleavers Market seeks out the freshest and purest estate teas available on the market today and has a large portfolio of teas which are limited in production. We import from rare tea estates in China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka.

TEA52 TEA45 TEA36 TEA53 TEA54 TEA27 TEA55 Emperors Competition Tiequanyin Emperors Snow Pear Oolong Hidden Orchid Oolong #9 Slimming Oolong(OG) Emperors Reserve Elixir Oolong Magnolia Oolong Emperors Ancient Tree #9

Display Teas
Display teas are also recognized as performance tea or living tea. When brewed, these teas open up into beautiful bouquets. These hand-tied teas present an opportunity for master tea makers to display their skills and to honor tradition. TEA21 TEA20 TEA22 TEA23 TEA25 TEA35R TEA35 TEA24 TEA40 Green Sea Anenome(OG) Black Sea Anenome(OG) Jasmine Green Sea Anenome Jasmine Beauty Rings Undersea Garden Jasmine Bloom Jasmine Blossom Emperors Jasmine Pearls Extreme Display Tea

White Teas
White tea goes through the least oxidization process. Our high quality whites are quickly picked before the buds have opened. This tea tends to have less caffeine than other types of tea.


Emperors Ceylon Platinum Tip Emperors Silver Needle Emperors Reserve Silver Needle Yin Zen(OG) Emperors Himalayan Silver Needle(OG) Emperors White Darjeeling(OG) Emperors Himalayan Snowflake(OG) Emperors White Star of China

Organic and Free Trade Tea

Vintage Teas
Pu-Erh is a Chinese tea from Yunnan China. For hundreds of years, Pu-Erh has been touted as a medicinal tea of the highest order. Like wine, aging Pu-Erh increases its value and rarity.

Black Teas
Before being fired, black teas are completely oxidized. Spread out to wilt, then rolled to release the essential oils to the air. After a time, the leaves are heated to halt the process and quality.

TEA49 TEA78 TEA82 TEA47 TEA90 TEA99 TEA2002 TEA62

1949 Vintage Cave Aged Pu-erh 1978 Vintage Cave Aged Pu-erh 1982 Vintage Cave Aged Pu-erh 2003 Vintage Cave Age d Pu-erh 1990 Vintage Reserve Silver Needle 1999 Pomelo Aged Pu-erh 2002 Pomelo Aged Pu-erh Imperial Pu-erh


Organic Lapsang Souchong Emperors First Flush Darjeeling(OG) First Flush Darjeeling(OG) 2nd Flush Darjeeling(OG) 2nd Flush Autumnal Darjeeling(OG) Imperial English Breakfast(OG) Emperors Aged Keemun Emperors Bourbon Cask Keemun Flowery Earl Grey(OG)

TEA43 TEA30 TEA44 TEA63 TEA63R TEA29 TEA29M TEA31 TEA31P TEA31S TEA64 TEA65 TEA38 TEA26 TEA66 Osmanthus Petals(OG) Wild Rose Petals (OG) Emperors Lemongrass Wild Rose(OG) Wild Rose Emperors Wild Rose(OG) Emperors Chamomile(OG) Emperors Chamomile Mint(OG) Emperors Mint Meritage(OG) Emperors Peppermint(OG) Emperors Spearmint(OG) Emperors Snow Tea Emperors Hibiscus (OG) Berry Meritage(OG) Fields of France Roobios(OG) White Chrysanthemum

20 lb. Packets Per Case Each Packet Makes 3 Gallons ICE01 ICE02 ICE03 ICE04 ICE05 ICE06 ICE07 Three Estate Black Blood Orange Green Fields of France Rooibus(OG) Berry Meritage(OG) Enlightened Hibiscus (OG) Kyoto Sakura Cherry Blossom(OG) Mountian Top Mango

Iced Tea

We are proud to offer the products of the Spice House of Chicago Nationally known for their vast inventory of spices from around the world, these spices are almost never irradiated or enhanced. You can be sure these spices are ground in small batches and on a weekly basis. All of our spices come in 16 oz containers unless specified. Call us for any spices you need to find.

SPI19 SPI20 SPI21 SPI22 SPI23 SPI24 SPI25 SPI26 SPI27 SPI28 SPI29 SPI47 SPI48 SPI49 SPI52 SPI53 SPI72 SPI73 SPI74 SPI75 Bls Fleur de Sal, Natural Bls Fleur de Sal, Tahitian Vanilla Bls Fleur de Sal, Smoked Bls Dry Rubs, Santa Fe Bls Dry Rubs, Tuscan Bls Dry Rubs, Moroccan Bls Dry Rub, Thai Peanut Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt Prague Powder La Baleine Sea Salt English Maldon Sea Salt Portuguese Sea Salt (Grey) De Guerande, Sea Salt (Grey) Fumee de Sal, Chardonney Oak Smk Sea Salt, 6 OZ Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, 4 OZ Alderwood Smk Alaskan Sea Salt, 4 OZ Cyprus Island Black Flake Sea Salt, 3 OZ Cyprus Island White Flake Sea Salt, 3 OZ Australian Murray River Pink Salt, 4 0Z


Whole Juniper Berries Pink Peppercorns Green Mysore Peppercorns, Dry Ecuadorian Organic Black Tellicherry Peppercorns, Whole Black Lampong Peppercorns, Whole White Malaysian Peppercorns, Whole Sichuan (Szechwan) Peppercorns Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon Asian Mustard Powder (Hot) Mustard Powder (Mild) Quatre Epices Gumbo File Lavender Flower, Dry Star Anis, Whole Herbes de Provence, Course Herbes de Provence, Fine Coup Grade Saffron, 1 oz La Mancha Saffron, 1 oz Smoked Spanish Paprika (Hot) Smoked Spanish Paprika (Sweet) Cardamom, Seeds or Pods Baharat, Ground Ras El Hanout Sumac, Ground Zaatar Ajowan, Powder Asafoetida, Powder Brown (Black) Mustard Seeds Charnushka Nigella Sativa Fenugreek Seeds Maharajah Style Curry (Sweet) Garam Masala Curry (w/ Kalonji) Jamaican Jerk Spice Mahleb, Ground Fennel Pollen, 1 oz

Fruits of the Sea

FSH11 FSH12 FSH67 FSH65 FSH18 FSH26 FSH43 FSH53F Salt Cod, Imported New Caledonian Blue Prawns, U12 Head On San Diego Spot Prawns Dungeness Crab Meat Atlantic Sea Scallops, Dry Pack U10 Whole Cuttlefish, 2-4 lb Each Pasteurized Blue Crab, Jumbo Lump Frozen Scottish Langoustines, U5

Pasture to Plate
Day Boat Sustainable Seafood
We are thrilled to offer you fresh day boat caught fish from the waters of Maui, Hawaii. We successfully represent day boat captains who have a unique co-op named Maui Seafoods. You can rest assured that all of our fish is caught and shipped to you fresh within 48 hours. Contrary to most mail-order fish companies, Maui Seafoods uses exclusively day boat caught fish and never supplements from auction houses. This practice guarantees that your fish has not been on a commercial boat for weeks or was caught using non-sustainable fishing practices common to foreign offshore commercial fishing fleets. We guarantee our fish 100% so order today and experience why chefs prefer our Hawaiian seafood over all the rest. Available Whole, H & G or Fillets.

Smoked Salmon
All of our salmon is available sliced or unsliced. Custom cures are also available. Give us a call with your inspiration and we will have it made for you.

FSH 20 FSH37 FSH 27 FSH28 FSH30 FSH45 FSH41 FSH47 FSH22 FSH34 FSH38 FSH54 FSH31 FSH30 FSH29 FSH52 FSH36 FSH33

Big Eye Tuna (Ahi) 1 Tombo Ahi (Albacore) Ono Mahi Mahi Opa Scorpian Fish Opakapaka Onaga Snapper Lehi Snapper Ulua Snapper Uku Snapper Papio Snapper Walu (Escolar) Opah (Moonfish) Monchong Shutome (Bill Fish) Hebi Blue Marlin


Atlantic Smoked Salmon Citron Vodka & 5 Peppercorns Grav Lax Traditional Irish Style Traditional Norwegian Style Traditional Scottish Style Pastrami Tequila, Cilantro & Jalapeo John Ross of Aberdeen, Scottish Smoked Salmon

(Subject to Sustianable Fishing Regulations)

Mushrooms and Tubers

Boletus Edulis
Boletus Edulis can be found most commonly in Europe and Western North America. It is often reffered to as Ceps, Penny Buns, or Porcini. Its habitat consists of areas dominated by oak, pine, spruce, and fir trees. It fruits from summer to autumn, following sustained rainfall. Most people consider it superior in flavor and texture. It is described as nutty and slightly meaty, with a smooth, creamy texture.

Fresh Wild Mushrooms

MUS01 MUS02 MUS03 MUS06 MUS11 MUS12 MUS14 MUS15 MUS17 MUS10D MUS17D MUS12D MUS01D MUS17Z MUS10Z * Seasonal Availability * Golden Chanterelle Lobster Mushrooms Hen of the Woods French Horns Wood Ear Black Trumpets Yellow Foot Hedgehog Morels


Fresh Domestic or Imported IQF Porcini Porcini Powder Porcini Cream Dried Grade A

The ascoma(fruiting body) of truffles is highly prized as food. In 1825 Brillat-Savarin called the truffle the diamond of the kitchen and praised its aphrodisiac powers. Please ask you salesperson to clarify what region our seasonal supply comes from. There are three main types of edible truffles:
Tuber Magnatum- White Truffle from Italy, Oct - Jan Tuber Melanosporum- Black Winter Truffle, Nov - Mar Tuber Aestivum- Black Summer Truffle, Jun - Aug

Frozen and Dried

Porcini Mushrooms Grade A, Dried Morel Mushrooms, Fancy Whole, Dried Black Trumpet, Dried Golden Chanterelles, Dried Morel Mushrooms, IQF Porcini Grade A IQF

TRU01 TRU02 TRU03 TRU04 TRU05 TRU06 TRU07 TRU08 TRU09 TRU10 TRU11 TRU12 MU21 MU22

White Truffle Oil Black Truffle Oil Sliced Black Winter Truffle Carpaccio Truffle Peelings Truffle Honey Truffle Butter White Truffle Flour White Truffle Paste Black Truffle Paste Black Truffle Juice Whole Summer Truffles Whole Black Winter Truffles Fresh Alba White Truffles Fresh Black Winter

Made with you in mind

What Does All Natural mean? No Chemical Preservatives No Artificial Ingredients No Nitrates No Phosphates Minimally Processed Humanely Harvested Our state-of-the-art process delicately brings you lean, fresh turkey breast meat tumbled with the finest, all natural ingredients. Each piece is then hand seasoned and slow roasted to perfection. The result is luscious turkey with the clean slice-ability of the traditional favorite... without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Bold, palate-pleasing flavors entice the creative cook in everyone to experiment with this lean, healthy favorite.

All Natural

Michigan Turkey Cooperative

TUR01 TUR02 TUR03 TUR04 TUR05 TUR06 TUR07 Tomato Basil Petite Breast of Turkey Garlic and Herb Petite Breast of Turkey Honey Smoked Petite Breast of Turkey Roasted Petite Breast of Turkey Oil Browned Petite Breast of Turkey Oven Browned Petite Breast of Turkey Oven Browned Whole Breast of Turkey

Bottled Water

Drawn from the world-renowned Gleneagles estate in Scotlands neighboring Highland Spring, Gleneagles Natural Mineral Water enjoys the same premium status as its very name. Its synonymous with superior quality and the very finest pleasures in life. Recognized as one of the most stylish bottled waters on the market, Gleneagles natural mineral water is available in a selection of the UK's most exclusive hotels and restaurants including No. 1 Aldwych, Nobu Restaurant and the Soho Brasserie in London. Gleneagles is the only natural mineral water brand stocked by the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre. Bottled at source from the heather-covered Ochil Hills, the water takes 15 years to filter through the various rock layers, collecting its valuable minerals en route. From there, it is drawn up and presented to you in award-winning beautiful, stylish glass bottles.

H2O05 H2O06 H2O07 H2O08

Still, 24/250 ml Still, 12/750 ml Sparkling, 24/250 ml Sparkling, 12/750 ml

*Local Customers Only* Spanish Water

H2O04 H2O13 H2O14 H2O15 Spring Pana, 12/33.8 oz Vichy Catalan, 12 x 1 Liter Fontdor, Still Water, 12 x 1 Liter San Aniol, Natural Spring Water, 12 x 1 Liter

Scottish Highland Springs

Naturally filtered through land certified as Organic by the Soil Association, and drawn from the protected source. Highland Spring is 100% Scottish natural spring water. Due to the peat in the soil of Scotland, the water has a distinctive mineral flavor found nowhere else in the world. Pure and refreshing on its own, or accompanied with your favorite scotch whisky, this water is definitely for connoisseurs.

H2O09 H2O10 H2O11 H2O12

Still Water, 12/1 Lt Still Water, 24/330 ml Sparkling Water, 12/1Lt Sparkling Water, 24/330 ml

Sustainable Farm Raised Caviar

CAV03 Italian Farmed White Sturgeon Ossetra, 4 oz CAV04 German Farmed Ossetra, 4 oz CAV05 American Farmed White Sturgeon Ossetra, 4 oz CAV08 Golden Trout Roe, 8 oz CAV09 Silver Whitefish Roe, 8 oz

Wild American Caviar

CAV06 CAV07 CAV01 CAV02 American Paddlefish, 4 oz American Sturgeon, 4 oz Alaskan Steelhead Roe, 1.7 oz Alaskan Smoked Steelhead Roe, 1.7 oz

Wild Imported Availble Upon Request

ESC01 ESC02 ESC03 De Bourgogne, Very Large, 8 Dz De Bourgogne, Extra Large, 2 Dz Imported Helix, 6 Dz

Japanese Flying Fish Roe

CAV10 CAV11 CAV12 CAV13 CAV14 CAV15 Wasabi Tobiko, 1.1 lbs Black Tobiko, 1.1 lbs Red Tobiko, 1.1 lbs Orange Tobiko, 1.1 lbs Ponzu Tobiko, 1.1 lbs Spicy Red Tobiko, 1.1 lbs

RIC01 RIC02 RIC03 RIC04 Carnaroli Rice (Italy) Purple Sticky (China) Basmati (India) Jasmine (Thailand) Arborio (Italy) Himalayan (Nepal) Black Rice (China) Fancy Wild Rice (USA) Carmegue Red Rice Organic Sushi Rice (USA)

Frozen French Produce
VEG01 Haricot Vert, Trimmed VEG02 Fava Beans VEG03 English Peas VEG06 Edamame


Pasta & Polenta

GRA07 Couscous, Large Pearl GRA08 Couscous GRA09 Whole Wheat Couscous GRA15 GRA16 GRA17 GRA18 Polenta, Yellow Stone Ground, 10 lb Polenta, Regular Bulk, 25 lb Polenta, White Course, 10 lb Polenta, White Fine, 10 lb

LEN02 LEN03 LEN04 LEN06 LEN07 LEN08 LEN09 LEN10 LEN11 LEN12 Black Beluga Lentils Chana Dal Yellow Dal Ivory White Lentils Crimson, Petite French Green Lentils Golden Lentils Red Chief Lentils Red Underground Lentils Spanish Pardina Lentils

Sun-Dried Fruits
SDF01 Sun-dried Apple Rings SDF02 Sun-dried Apricots SDF03 Sun-dried Banana Chips SDF04 Sun-dried Blueberries SDF05 Sun-dried Cherries SDF06 Sun-dried Cranberries SDF07 Sun-dried Currants, Zante SDF08 Sun-dried Dates, Medjool SDF09 Figs, Black Mission SDF09C Figs, Calimyrna SDF10 Sun-dried Mangos SDF11 Sun-dried Pears SDF12 Sun-dried Prunes SDF13 Sun-dried Raisins, Golden SDF14 Sun-dried Strawberries SDF15 Sun-dried Tomato, Super Red SDF15J Sun-dried Tomato, Julienne SDF16 Sun-dried Fancy Fruit Blend SDF17 Sun-dried Peaches SDF18 Sun-dried Ancho

GRA01 GRA02 GRA03 GRA04 GRA05 GRA06 GRA18 GRA19 GRA20 GRA21 GRA22 GRA23 Amaranth Pearled Barley Buckwheat Grouts Corn Meal, Blue Corn Meal, Red Corn Meal, Yellow Quinoa Rye Berries Seven Grain Blend Spelt Wheat Berries, Hard Red Wheat Bulgur

BEN05 BEN09 VEG02 BEN10 BEN11 BEN19 BEN22 BEN24 Cannellini Bean Fava Bean Frozen Fava Beans Flageolet Bean Garbanzo Bean Yellow Split Pea Scarlet Runner Spanish Tolosanas

CHZ05 CHZ15 CHZ16 CHZ17 CHZ18 CHZ19 CHZ64 CHZ67 CHZ68 CHZ69 CHZ70 CHZ34 Brie 60% Couronne, 6 lb. Port Salut, 4.75 lb Morbier, 15 lb Saint Andre, 4 lb Tomme de Savoie, 3 lb Pont LEveque, 8 oz. Gruyere Cheese, Cuts, 6 lb. Epoisses 6x8.8 oz. Munster Petit, 6x7 oz. Brillat Savarine, 3x17 oz. Explorateur Super, 3.5 lb. Roquefort D Auvergne, 6 lb

American Artisan
We have sourced some of America s most distinguished artisan cheese makers. These are limited production products, so please call for availability, and an expanded product guide.


Vella Cheese Co., Dry Monterrey Jack, 8 lb. Capriole, OBanon MouCo, Fort Collins, CO, Camembert, 5.3 oz. MouCo, Fort Collins, CO, Blu, 5.3 oz. MouCo, Fort Collins, CO, ColoRouge 5.3 oz. Widmers Cheese Cellars, 6 Year Cheddar, 5lb. Vermont Butter & Cheese Co., Cultured Unsalted Butter, 2 lb. CHZ28S Vermont Butter & Cheese Co., Cultured Salted Butter, 1 lb. CHZ29 Mindoro Blue Cheese, 6lb. CHZ37 Mindoro Gorgonzola, 6lb. CHZ35 Traders Point Creamery, Fluer de la Terre (OG), 11lb. CHZ37 Traders Point Creamery, Fromage Blanc (OG) 8 oz. CHZ38 Marin French Cheese Co., Breakfast Cheese, 12x3 oz. CHZ41 Marin French Cheese Co., Triple Creme Brie (Raw) 8 oz. CHZ45 Bellwether Farms, Pepato, 4lb. CHZ46 Bellwether Farms, Carmody Reserve, 3.75 lb. CHZ80 Three Sisters Farmstand, Serena, Half Wheel CHZ48 Cypress Grove, Midnight Moon, 10 lb. CHZ54 Cypress Grove, Lambchopper, 9lb. CHZ59 Cypress Grove, Humbolt Fog, 5 lb. CHZ84 Carr Valley, Cocoa Cardona, 10 lb. CHZ82 Carr Valley, Marisa, 10 lb. CHZ81 Carr Valley, Mobay, 10 lb. CHZ90 Carr Valley, Applewood Smoked Cheddar, 12 lb. CHZ91 Zingermans Creamery, Double Cream Manchester, 6 oz. CHZ92 Zingermans Creamery, Double Cream Bridgewater, 4 oz. CHZ93 Zingermans Creamery, Argyle with Oats, 4 oz. CHZ94 Zingermans Creamery, Detroit Street Brick, 16 oz. CHZ95 Zingermans Creamery, Little Napoleons, 4 oz. CHZ96 Zingermans Creamery, Fresh Goat Log CHZ97 Zingermans Creamery, Fresh Goat Tub


White Truffle Cheese, 3 lb Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala, 15 x 2 oz Bufala Mozzarella, 7 oz. Parmigiano Reggiano, Wheel, 18 lb Parmigiano Reggiano, Whole Wheel, 75 lb Dolce Gorgonzola, 3 lb Pecorino Toscano, D.O.P., 4 lb Teleggio, La Baita Carozzi, 2.2 lb Mascarpone, 4x16 oz Fontina Aosta, D.O.P. 3 Month, 10 lb. Caciotta Di Bufala Robiola Bosina Piave Stagionato Sardo Fiore Pecorino Podda Classico Stracchino Arrigoni 12x1 lb. Ricotta Salata Grana Padano, 1/4 Wheel Pecorino Romano, 1/4 Wheel Fresh Mozarella, Ciliegene, 72 ct.



Monchego, 12 Month Raw Milk, 6 lb Senorio De Montelarreina Gran Reserve, 12 Month Drunken Goat, 5 lb. Mahon, 5 lb. Iberico, 7 lb. Rosemary Monchego, 6.6 lb. Valdeon D.O. Blue Cheese Zamorano D.O. Puro De Oveja (OG)


Pantry Items
ESP11 ESP12 OLI08 OLI04 OLI15 OLI16 OLI11 OLI13 OLI14 RIC14 NUT01M PAN07 SPI17 SPI18 Santa Teresa Quince Paste, 6.6 lb Whole Piquillo Peppers, 5.5 lb Gaeta Olives, 26 lb Arbequina Olives, 6.6 lbs Cuquillo Olives, 5.5 lbs Gordal Giant Green Olives, 5.5 Lbs Oli Negra, Black Spiced Oives Spanish Olive Mix, 6.6 lb Granada Olive Mix, 5.5 lb Calasparra Paella Rice, 12 x 2.2 lbs Marcona Almonds Giant Caper Berries, 32 oz Coup Saffron, 1 oz La Mancha Saffron, 1 oz

Spanish Cheeses Specialties from Spain

Our culinary talent at Cleavers has long had a love affair with the unique foods of Spain. We have gone to great lengths to source out the rarest of Spanish delicacies for you. The most exciting of which is Pata Negra or Iberian Black Pigs. This ancient hog is grazed on open pastures of herbs and wild acorns giving its fat a nutty buttery flavor. Long banned in the US, we are proud to offer this exciting new item to you for the first time. Please call for availability.


Cabralas Blue Cheese Senorio de Montelarreina Gran Reserve 12 Month Manchego Goat Cheese with Port Wine Mahon Cheese Iberico Cheese Zamorano D.O. Puro de Oveja Sheep Cheese (OG) s Garrotxa, Catalan Goat Cheese 2.5 lbs Valdeon D.O. Asturias Semi Soft Blue, 4.5 lbs

Cured Meats & Sausages

HAM01 HAM01B HAM11 ESP01 ESP02 ESP03 ESP04 ESP05 ESP06 ESP07 ESP08 ESP14 ESP15 ESP16 Serrano d Jamon, Boneless Serrano d Jamon, Bone - In (Pre-order) Pata Negra Serrano, Bone - In (Pre-order) Pata Negra, Longaniza Sausage Spanish Style, Sarta Sausage Pata Negra, Iberico Salchichon Palacios Lomo (Cured Pork Loin) Iberian Cooking Chorizo Sobrasada Sausage Butifarra Catalonian Sausage Morcilla Blood Sausage Spanish Style Cantimpalo Sausage Spanish Style Salchichon Sausage Serrano Ham Wood Stand

Oil & Vinegar

OIL23 Premium Dominus Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ESP10 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5 liter OIL31 Castillo Canena, First Day of Harvest Cold Pressed, Arbequina EVO, 18 oz VIN40 Cepa Vieja, Grand Reserve SherryVinegar de Jerez, 17 oz VIN28L Vinagres de Yema, Spanish Sherry Vinegar, VIN70 Moscatel Vinegar, 6.8 oz

Japanese Items
Premium Japanese Kuroge Wagyu
Special Order Hand Selected by Master Wagyu inspector Yoshio Kuniyose in Kyoto, Japan. A4-A5 graded insures the highest quality Wagyu available anywhere in the world. Hand cut with pride by Hon. Master Butcher Yasuo Iba. Limited availablility in the United States and priced competitively for the market. Wagyu is renowned throughout the world as the highest quality of beef available. Premium Wgyu is the prestigious class reserved for only the finest quality Japanese Kuroge Wagyu. A premium beef that complies with strict traceablilty regulations and boasts an unrivaled quality of marbling and color. WAG02J

ORI01S ORI02 ORI03 ORI04 ORI06 ORI06R PRO15 PRO33 PRO31 PRO32 ORI07 ORI50 ORI10 ORI11 ORI13 ORI21 ORI24 ORI31 ORI32 ORI51 ORI52 ORI53 Nori Sheets, Silver Pickled Ginger Spring Roll Wrapper California Organic Sushi Rice (OG) Wasabi Powder, 2.2 lbs Real Wasabi Paste Fresh Wasabi Root Fresh Wisconsin Ginseng Fresh Kinome Herb Fresh Hoja Santo Herb Ponzu Vinegar Yuzu Citrus Juice Houzo Red Miso Panko Bread Crumbs Sansho Pepper Mirin BBQ Eel Filets Soba Noodles, 32 oz Kombu Seaweed Buddle Bonito Flakes Marita White Soy Sauce (OG), 300 ml Korean White Sushi Ginger, 20 lbs

Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Striploin (A4 Grade) Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Ribeye (A4 Grade) Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Otoro Cuts (A4, A3 Grade)

Traditional Teas
TEA67 TEA68 TEA37 TEA69O TEA42 TEA17 TEA70 TEA39 TEA39O TEA71 TEA15 TEA16 TEA14 TEA69 TEA69E TEA 72 Emperors Ceremonial Matcha Emperors Sencha Emperors Sencha Fukamushi Emperors Organic Sencha Emperors Tencha Emperors Gyokuro RTC Ceremonial Matcha RTC Shizuoka Green Tea Powder RTC Organic Green Tea Powder RTC Organic Sencha Powder RTC Genmaicha RTC Emerald Genmaicha RTC Fresh Green Kukicha RTC Sencha RTC Emerald Sencha RTC Sakura Green Tea(Cherry Blossom)

Japanese Charcoal
CHR01 Bincho-Tan 300g and up

The Sweetest Thing Spanish Organic Chocolate

CHO15 Blanxart, Organic 72% Couture Chocolate 9 x 2.2 lbs CHO16 Blanxart, Organic 34% Couture Choclate 9 x 2.2 lbs

Cap Fruit
Made in France


Blackberry Puree Black Currant Puree Blood Orange Puree Cherry Puree Coconut Puree Green Apple Puree Lychee Puree Mandarin Orange Puree Mango Puree Passion Fruit Puree Pear William Puree Raspberry Puree Strawberry Puree White Peach Puree
*Additional Flavors Available*

Belgian Chocolate
CHO01 Callebaut 52% Semi-Sweet Chocolate, 11 lb. block CHO02 Callebaut 60% Chocolate, 11 lb. block CHO04 Cocoa Butter, 1.5 Kilo CHO06 Valrhona 70% Chocolate, 6.6 lb. Block CHO07 Valrhona 40% Milk Chocolate, 6.6 lb. Block CHO08 Valrhona Chocolate Battons, 300 ct. CHO09 Valrhona 35% White Chocolate, 2.2 lb. Block CHO10 Callebaut 70% Chocolate, 5.5 lb. Callet CHO11 Callebaut 100% Chocolate, 5.5 lb. Callet CHO12 Callebaut 52% Chocolate, 11 lb. Block CHO13 Valrhona 56% Chocolate, 6.6 lb. Block CHO14 Valrhona 64% Chocolate, 6.6 lb. Callet PAN20 Valrhona Cocoa Powder, 11 lbs.
*Additional Grades Available*

PAN35 Fondant Patissier, 10 Unit PAN49 Almond Paste 2.2 lb. PAN50 Vanilla Beans GAS01 Whip Cream Chargers PAN51 Apricot Glaze, 11 lb. PAN52 Griottines, 7.2 lb. PAN17 Gelatin Sheets, 2.2 lb. PAN53 TraBlit (Coffee Extrtact) 1L. PAN18 Pistachio Paste, 2.2 lb. PAN54 Rosewater, 3 0z. PAN55 Gold Leaf, 25ct.