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Project manager:Being a project manager of such a challenging project is a great opportunity for any project manager to asses himself

and proof his capability. the project involve with some hurdle and difficulties is always a great lesson to learn. this project need to construct a three k.m. long tunnel in remote area where all the man power involved in dangerous and hazardous work, where some problems like sickness, drinking and fight among employees affecting progress. often accident adding more problems. so project manger should be mentally prepared for unexpected hurdles and at the same time he should strive to resolve the issues. Management and leadership are often thought of as the same thing. Although it is true that the most effective manager will almost certainly be an effective leader and that leading as an essential function of managers, there is more to managing than just leading. Managing involves doing careful planning, setting up an organization structure that will aid people in achieving plans, and staffing the organization structure with people who are as competent as possible. The measurement and correction of peoples activities through controlling is also an important function of management. However, all this managerial functions accomplish little if managers do not know how to lead people and understand human factor in their operations in such a way as produce desired results.

Planning:Our aim in this project was to execute work of a 3.0 K.M. long tunnel, which was located in a remote place. As done for any project, a clear concept of the project goal, so as to plan out activities and execute them efficiently was placed on the priority, so as to accomplish the goal at no extra cost and time. A construction project goes through 3 stages as mentioned below: Pre-Construction Planning Construction Stage Post- Construction and Finalization

On doing analytical survey, various reasons were discovered, which were leading to delay in work at site. First and foremost it was found there were a group of people who perpetually remained absent and did not come to work every second or third day. Some of them were not healthy enough to work and had some other health related problems. Secondly it was also discovered that there were lot internal fights among the groups, living together, which led to fights at sight. Many of them had got into the habit of drinking, and which again became the reason for them to quarrel among their co-workers. I will take following initiatives to resolve the problems.

Direct interaction and tell him importance:My first step is to be acquainted with situation and condition of the site and project and review the project status. Go among the employees and get direct interaction with all supervisor, technician, and skilled workers . Create a awareness about importance of their work for the company and what is the future aspect of being involved in such difficult project. inform them about what difficulties and challenges we are facing right now. Tell them how important they are for the company .assure them that company will provide bonus ,incentives and promotion after completion of this project. They should know those people who will stay through project and perform well they will get extra benefits .they will be assured by project manager that they will be rewarded for their extra efforts. Tell them that they will get advantage of being a part of such challenging and difficult project than those employees who are working relatively easier projects.

Identify the root of problems:I will find the all problems and dig to the roots of problems. we should look the problems at each levels for example their might be some problem for lower staff which is not for others so we need to find the problems which are common and for individuals. what are the problems we are facing in this particular project seems to be occur due to following reasons.

All staff have been isolated from society and the town. human is social creature so this fact is also make them discomfort and affect their work. employees are working in the remote area there is no source of refreshment and entertainment they dont have the part of activity in their life which release their pressure and make them relief from work. this is creating a unavoidable tension in their mind and work is becoming burden day by day. employees might be suffering from mental distress which is affecting their work and efficiency adversely. Sickness and decease are becoming very common because they dont have proper arrangements for living , food and drinking water. company is not providing healthy .hygienic and clean environment for living at the project site. Company should review the situation and condition of the staff working there, whether they are getting hygienic food, whether they have proper arrangements for cleaning and washing clothes, whether they are getting clean water to drink. another facts might be exist there that company is providing sufficient facilities but our staff is not well enough trained for how to live without sickness and deceases. due to lack of awareness they are creating unhealthy environment. their small negligence is making big problems.

Strong heated dispute and fights among the staff is generally very rare occurring problems. this is due to their no team spirit among the employees. they dont have harmonically relation between them. they dont have proper communication among them and they dont have respect for each other. some times dispute comes when they are not awarded proper and specific work. they might have some ego problem among them. they dont have discrimination between personal life and professional life .their personal dispute is affecting the company work and team output deteriorating . As mention most of the people are acquainted to drink too much .this is due to hypertension of work and their feeling of insecurity. they worried abut their future career. they feel insecure for job and they might not finding their bright future while working with this company and project. they are away from their family working on a project which contains a lot of risk so they are worried about their family and beloved ones. they are staying away from their family ,sometimes loneliness cause drinking habits. They are diverted from the work due to such thoughts and they are not giving their 100 percent to the company which causing reducing the progress of the project. Accident on the project site is increasing day by day this is the major concern for any project manager because sometimes these accident cost of lives of the employees. they always have fear in their mind for their life while working which surely reduce the output of the worker and employee. this is happening regularly on site because workers are well equipped with safety equipments. They dont have proper training regarding safety on the site. whether company is not providing all safety equipment to the site or they are having but not using properly. our safety team is not functioning as we expecting. and employees are not aware about safety.

Process to resolve the issues:Create interest in work:

I will talk to higher management of the company for extra compensation, incentives bonus and promotion for the employees who will be remain till the end of the project. Convince the company to provide them extra benefits because they are working in very severe condition and they are part of very challenging project. Make the announcement of all incentives and bonus for the employee at project location and encourage them to perform better. they will be evaluated frequently and proper assessment of their work will be done by time to time. the assessment will be as a team work and at individual level People will get benefits according to their performance. This will develop a competition to perform at individual and team level. This will create a healthy working environment and eagerness to perform .

develop team spirit:

Divide all the work in teams .Arrange the meeting frequently to discuss and resolve the problems regarding project work and progress. during the meeting they will be present as a team. they will be tough that they can do best for himself if they will do their best as individual and as a team. all the information should be shared by the teams and with in the team. each and every team will be awarded specific work and every employee will be aware of his work and the responsibilities in team.

All the new recruited employee and inexperience worker should have respect for their team leader and seniors .they should eager to lean and perform in the field. and at the same time seniors should share their knowledge and extract maximum output from the team and co workers. If any of the employee are found guilty of abusive and violence behavior he will be punished. and punishment will be same all level of employee. Each and every employee and team will have to work according their target decided. Everyone will have the directive guide line for the work and they will be pushed to complete their task within the time limit. this will develop a progressive force in the team and give a impact to progress of the project.

Work with safety:

I will provide them all safety equipments and it will be compulsory for each and every employee and worker to use those safety equipments properly according their work. We will discuss this issue with our safety department and create a certain norms regarding safe work and make guide line to use the safety equipments according risk of work. any person who is found violating the rules of norms will be punished economically. Arrange the training program regarding work with safety. and crate the awareness for safe work. they will be tough that their small negligence can cause their life also. They will be trained how to minimize the risk while working on such a risky project . they need to understand how can small mistakes lead to big disaster.

I will create a small team for inspection of safety work on project site while work in progress. their job will be to find the person who is violating the norms and create the awareness regarding safety.

Make the proper communication among employees:

some time small communication gap create confusion which leads to a big problems. So this very important for any company that their employee must have a proper resource of communication and share all the problems regarding work.

All the employee will get a group mobile cell to have better way to communicate. This will be provided by the company and this will be very helpful to create a flowing communication among the employees.

Arrange motivational program :

Arrange the motivational speech and program for the employees. I will call the expertise for motivation of the employee. Motivational speech and program will help the employees to overcome from depression and filled them with positive energy. they will regain their enthuse and they will start with fresh and new energy.

Establish a temporary Medicare center: Sickness and decease are becoming very common problem at project location and in the camp. I will establish a temporary Medicare center for the employees and workers.

At this center first add treatment and small decease treatment can be done. we can avoid the big decease by the treatment of this at initial stage . small injuries can be treated at this center.

Two ambulance will available one at the site location and one at the camp for some emergency treatment at Medicare center. Arrange a small training camp for short term period by nearest available experts. create the awareness among employees regarding first add and precaution against deceases. they will be trained how to live without decease learn to take precaution measure. the the the and

Provide them healthy and hygienic environment:

I will make their living arrangement more proper and hygienic. company need to provide these facilities to the employees. make the arrangement of cleaning of their camps and provide them good sanitation system. their living camp should be very neat and clean. Some new staff should be recruited for making the camp neat and clean. they will responsible for good and clean camp. Avail them healthy and hygienic food . frequently checking of quality of food will be done .we should strictly warn to the mess department to provide nutrition and hygienic food. This will help the whole team to protect from decease an unwanted hurdles in the project. with good food and nutrient employee will work with more efficiently and the clean environment help them to get innovative and positive thoughts.

Tie up with some organization to provide insurance for accidental death:

We need to provide some insurance for accidental death for employees who are working in such a difficult and risky project. tie-up with some hospital to give treatment at very low cost for the employee as well as their family.

With this insurance they will feel secure about their family. Employees might be the only bread earner for their family then there is always doubt in their mind what will happen to their family and beloved ones if something will happen to them. these facilities should be provided by the company for the employee who are working on such projects.

This will create a security feeling in the mind of the employee and he can perform work in better way.

Entertainment source:

All the employees are living in remote area .they are working very hard .they have been isolated from the society for long. these are some facts which create a mental depression and make the work as a burden so it is very necessary to provide some entertainment source for them. Avail them tv so that they will be in touch with outer world and they can release their tension from work. but this should be permitted for very limited time so they dont be diverted from the work. Make the telecommunication arrangement to talk with their family for the employees who living away from their family. They will feel responsibilities and they wont feel loneliness.

If we take these initiatives as I mention I,m sure I can manage to complete the project successfully. All the employees and workers are first human being then they are technician ,worker and helper so any organization who will take care of the employees as a human then only organization will get good ,honest and devoted employee. It more difficult to get employee and man power who work for company as they are working for themselves than completing a difficult project. It is very essential for any organization to create a devoted team. once you will get devoted man power any project can be completed. so project manager job is not only complete a project he has built a team for the organization who can deliver performance. There is no project without any hurdles and problems. All the difficulties is the part of the job and project but project manager,s roll is to achieve the the target and manage to complete the project within the time despite of all the problems and difficulties. Mean while strive to make better and suitable working environment to run the project smoothly.


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