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By Gordon Small, PPPA President
Email -
January 20, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! I am honored to have
started my first year as President of the Pleasant
Pond Protective Association.

A little about me: Like many of you, Pleasant Pond is
like a second home for me. I have been coming to
the pond since I was born, with my parents Shawn
and Mary Small. For the past 7 years, I have called
Madison, Maine, my home with my son Tristan. I
have been teaching in this area for the past 7 years. I
am currently midway through my first year at
Skowhegan Area High School teaching math. I also
have had the honor of coaching the math team as
well as the ice hockey team this year. Needless to
say, I have had a busy winter and have been missing
out on my weekend trips to the pond. Now you
know a little bit about me and I hope I get to know
you as well.

One thing I would like to improve on in the next
couple years is the Family Day, currently at the boat
landing. This past year, I was unable to help out due
to a wedding in the family. This year, I would like to
increase the activities and participation. I have great
memories of past family days when I was child with
several games, races, scavenger hunts, etc. I am in
hopes to start up a committee this year for those
that are interested in joining. Please contact me if
you are interested.

This fall was busy with the repairs to the dam, which
came out great! I would like to give a big thanks to
Steve Small, Todd Bayreuther and everyone that
contributed to the organization and completion of
the project. Job well done!

Special thanks to Chuck Piper for all your hard work
and dedication to our boat landing. You are an
inspiration to us all that dedicate our time to the
association, thank you again!

In the coming years I hope to make the association
proud to have me as their president and improve the
quality of life at the pond. But that last part is going
to be tough, it is always a great life at the pond!
Hope to see you all soon!

By Craig Dickstein

We currently have 124 members; as strong as we
have ever been. I do want to take this opportunity
to thank those members that contribute more than
the required membership dues of $25. I do not book
this overage as a contribution, but do want to
acknowledge that this happens. Kudos to those
benefactors; you know who you are!

Membership Renewal
Please remember that this newsletter is the primary
vehicle for solicitation of your 2013 membership
dues. So, for those receiving a hardcopy of the
Newsletter, tear off the last page and mail it in with
any demographic changes you may have, along with
your check. For our friends receiving this document
by email, do it now! It is not that painful and
procrastination leads to forgetfulness.

A benefit of early membership renewal is that the
Boat Launch volunteers will have you on the list for a
hassle free process of getting your boat on the Pond
for the season. Also, remember that membership is
not camp based, but rather family based, where a
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family is defined as being an adult 21+ years old with
any associated spouse and children.

You will find attached to the end of this newsletter
the 2012 year-end statement. Please note the
major expenditure for the dam restoration project. I
chose to fund this project from the checking account
rather than cash in our Certificates of Deposits (CDs).
The downside of this decision is that the checking
account is at an all-time low. To correct this
situation, I urge you to quickly send in your 2013
dues so that we may replenish the coffers prior to
incurring expenses for the 2013 summer season.
Please take a moment now to write that check and
pop it into an envelope to PPPA, PO Box 26,
Caratunk, ME 04925.

Notable Items
A long overdue chore for me this winter is to realign
access to our bank safe deposit box. All was going
well until I realized that I do not have a key to the
box. So do any of you know of the whereabouts of
the two keys that the bank believes we have in our
possession? A mystery that needs quick resolution;
any help would be appreciated.

Please feel free to write me at PO Box 36, Caratunk,
ME 04925 or should
you have any questions that I may be able to answer.
Hope to see you all at the 2013 Annual Meeting on
August 3.


A short report this year. The Fish Committee did not

meet last year so this report contains my thoughts
which may or may not be the opinion of the rest of
the Committee.

Firstly, an update on the IF&W and fish stocking
debacle. As I reported at the Association 2011
meeting our previous efforts failed because the
Legislative Representative for the PPond area was
either not supportive or not aware of our efforts. In
order to be successful in restoring fish stocking we
need to gain the support of the either or both of
Caratunks Legislative Members who are
Representative Larry Dunphy and Senator Nancy
Sullivan. This has still not been done.

I do not fish Pleasant Pond during open water but I
do ice fish and talk with a lot of ice fishermen in the
winter. Fishing has been slow this year. Today I
visited two ice fishing parties with four fishermen in
each party. They had only caught one Lake Trout
about 17 inches long.

The number of ice fishermen has been way down,
partly due to the lack of ice. On January 18 there
was 5 to 8 inches of ice most everywhere however
on Sparks Point I found a couple of areas 20 to 30
feet wide with only 1 to 1 inches of ice. This is due
to a pressure ridge that opens up in this area about
every year. This is why Pleasant Pond is a dangerous
pond for snowmobiling and ice fishing. Today,
January 25, the entire pond seems to have 8 to 12
inches of ice. . This morning at 7:00 AM it was 15
degrees below zero so more ice is forming every day.

Also the rock in front of Mike Batemans and Hal
Heplers camp is now a mound in the ice due to the
low water resulting from the dam repair. Hitting this
with a speeding snow sled would not be a good thing
(see picture below taken in the fall).

Please be careful if you are driving a snow machine
on the Pond.

Rocks in front of Michael Batemans and Hal Heplers camp with blue
Nalgene bottle on rock to show perspective. These rocks are now above
the ice and dangerous. Photo by Donna Dickstein 10/25/12.

By Todd Bayreuther, Chairman

The replacement of the concrete guides that hold
the boards in the dam is complete. The original
contractor the Board of Directors authorized to
complete the work had issues that precluded them
from starting the work this fall. Steve Small was able
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to arrange for H. E. Callahan Construction Co. (HEC)
of Auburn, Maine to look at the work submit a
proposal. The water in the lake was down, ready to
complete the work. A purchase order was issued to
HEC to do the work. All of the documentation was
exchanged and the work was started after
Thanksgiving. When all was done HEC held to their
proposal and the work was completed for the
$10,000 budgeted.

The boards are back in the slots to an elevation
twelve inches below normal high water for the
winter. The remaining boards will be put in place this
spring bring the water up to normal water level
during spring run-off. All of the work completed will
make the control of the water lever safer for the
dam operators. The debris grates up stream of the
slots have deteriorated over time and no longer are
structurally sound. We need to replace the grates
this summer.

The vast majority of the work pertaining to
overseeing the work and directing HEC was done by
Steve Small. If it was not for Steves dedication to the
process and his expansive knowledge of dams in
general the project would have not been completed
this fall. I appreciate and thank Steve for his years of
determination and time maintaining the dam on
Pleasant Pond.

Steve Small checking the newly completed dam on December 6, 2012
just before the first snowstorm. Photo by Donna Dickstein

By Chuck Piper, Member

The launch season opened on May 15th 2012 with
the same routine of putting up the signs, getting
volunteers to install the docking system and
preparing for use by boaters wanting to gain
entrance to the pond.

The volunteering for the launch duty changed after
assessing the situation of past years history. The
names of full time (seasonal) people were placed
on a list and used on a rotating basis so if the first
name listed didn't answer then the next listed was
called, etc. If there were volunteers who wanted
to participate then they were quickly placed on
the list during their stay.

Using this program created the ability for more
freedom of being away from their phone, outside
working or away shopping for the day.

If no one was available then the other alternative
was to put up a closed sign (which hasn't happened

Notices of the dam project were placed at the
launch which affected the closing and the removal
of the boats. To enhance the notice awareness, a
email list obtained from the secretary/treasurer
was compiled and sent which resulted in many
responses of appreciation and thanks for the info.

And finally, the Lease renewal program for 10
years has been finalized, signed and recorded. The
only change was for the Association to be
responsible for mowing the grass around the
leased property.

The boat launch operation runs from the opening on
May 15 to the closing on September 30. Outside of
these dates the phone, port-a-potty and docks are
removed. If for any reason your boat cannot come
out during those times, you must contact the launch
committee to make special arrangements. Thank

Pay no money, but you will receive the eternal
gratitude of the Association.
x provide leadership for one of the more
important Association committees
x organize and manage the opening and
closing of Lathes Landing, including signage,
phone, and port-a-potty
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x organize and manage a dedicated group of
launch volunteers
Application contact Gordon Small, PPPA President,
prior to April 15
, but after you get your taxes done

By Craig Dickstein

Attached to the end of this newsletter is a list of
current Association officers and committees. The
purpose is to alert you as to who to contact on a
particular question, issue, or moment of
volunteerism you may want to express. You will
notice two committees with empty membership and
one without a chairperson. The Annual Meeting
Committee is a new one created by the Board to
organize and manage the annual meeting and pot
luck dinner held on the first Saturday of August. The
Water Quality Committee is being resurrected. The
Boat Launch Committee is in need of a chairperson
following the successful tenure of Chuck Piper
(Thanks Chuck!!). If you have any interest in these
important committees or know of a capable
candidate, and I hope you do, please contact
Association President Gordon Small.

By Sue Schaub

The Pleasant Pond Library continues to see more use
every year! We are happy to see so many people
using this great resource. The librarians, Betty
Brandenburg and Sue Schaub, estimate that at least
50 books were exchanged each week last summer.
If you havent stopped by lately, please drop in to
see our collection of fiction, biography, non-fiction,
childrens, and young adult books, as well as puzzles,
games, and tapes/DVDs.
You may wonder what we do with duplicate copies
of books. If the library shelves are full, Sue will send
any duplicate paperbacks that are in good condition
to our service men/women through Since connecting
with this organization last summer, she has sent
approximately 150 books to our troops around the
As always, we welcome any book donations in good
condition. We would especially like some more
childrens books to help parents out on rainy days!
(Please do not donate magazines or reference books
because there just is not enough room to store
these.) Also, it is perfectly okay to take a book (or
two) home with you if you dont get a chance to
finish it before leaving the pond.
Now, get busy reading those books you got as
presents then bring them to the pond to share next

By David & Dorothy McAllister, 2012 Annual Meeting

In 2011 Pleasant Pond had an average Secchi Disk
Transparency (SDT) of 12.7 meters and was the third
deepest SDT in Maine. Jordon Pond in Mt. Desert
had the deepest average SDT of 15.2 meters. Basin
Pond in Fayette had the second deepest average SDT
of 13.0 meters. The deepest SDT this year so far in
Pleasant Pond is 13.95 m. on July 20 and the
shallowest was 11.12 m. on May 28. The VLMP
reports 23 water systems, comprising 46 distinct
water bodies known to be infested with aquatic
plant. For more information/explanation on lake
water quality see:
Pleasant Ponds Midas # is 0224.

By Donna Dickstein

The town of Caratunk has trash pick-up on paved
roads every Wednesday in July and August and every
other Wednesday the rest of the year. Please be
aware that this is a service paid for by the taxpayers
of Caratunk. Part of the cost is based on tonnage. If
you are not a Caratunk taxpayer and leave your trash
for pick-up it is considered littering and/or theft of
service. This is also true for the recycling bin. For
convenience, the Town of Skowhegan Recycling
Center will take recyclable material from anyone
without a permit. They also have a no-fee universal
waste day the first Saturday in October. The Solid
Waste Management Facility is located off Steward
Hill Road and is open Tuesday thru Saturday from
7AM-3:45PM. You can get more information at this

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By Donna Dickstein

In the fall of 2012 a wood harvesting operation was
done from Deer Lane down through the North Cove
area. The woods look different, but efforts were
made to minimize the impact to the view from the
camps and roads and to the roads themselves.

Harvesting on Deer Lane

By Bob Fidler

When North Cove neighbor Bob Morrison gets to
cooking, all bets were off for the rest of the
competition at the 2nd Annual Pleasant Pond Wing-
Off. This years event brought a total of 12
contestants, up from 8 the previous year. Judging
from the reaction of the contestants and guests, the
event looks to be a big hit for years to come. This
years judges, Donna Dickstein, Shawn Small, and
John Beauchamp certainly had their share of
delicious wings. But when the contestants watched
the judges licking the skewers on the wings Morrison
brought, they knew the competition was over. Bobs
wings were hands down number 1. Placing second
was Matt Farren, followed by Becky DeBenedetto
and Katie DeBenedetto.
The 2013 Wing-Off will once again be held at Joan
and Bob Fidlers camp on August 24th. Come to
compete, eat or just to socialize a fun time is
guaranteed for all!


The much-sought-after trophy

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By Donna Dickstein
A nesting loon was seen on the pond in early
summer and shortly thereafter two loon chicks were
spotted with their mother. Unfortunately, only one
chick appears to have survived the entire summer.
Sue Schaub reports that this is only the second time
in 25 years that she has seen a loon chick on Pleasant
Pond. The picture below was taken by Carrie McIe,
who is Sues son Douglas' mother-in-law. She was up
visiting the pond for the first time the weekend of
the pond meeting. Carrie is a professional
photographer and took the picture from a safe distance
using a zoom lens. The baby loon close-up was taken
by Chuck and Jean Pipers granddaughter Caitlin in
July when the chick spent a good twenty minutes at
their dock. Jean commented that she had never seen
one so small. Loons are protected by the federal
Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. This law makes it
illegal to capture or kill loons and to gather, possess,
or harm their nests, eggs, or feathers. Although loons
can share a lake with humans, they need quiet,
undeveloped areas in the spring for nesting. If their
nest is disturbed, they will likely desert the nest. If a
nest is discovered, it is important to not disturb it
and tell no one where it is. Thanks for the great
pictures, Carrie and Caitlin!

Photo by Carrie McIe

Photo by Caitlin Sanborn

By Craig Dickstein, MATC Kennebec District Overseer
... that it is illegal to snowmobile (or ATV) on
Appalachian Trail lands; this includes the trail itself
and the associated corridor. The corridor that the
trail runs through is marked by yellow blazes and
plastic U.S. Boundary signs. The trail is marked by
white blazes. Other signage is clearly visible where
appropriate. This winter there have been several
encroachments one just south of the Boise
Crossover Road and the other through the parking
area off the Boise Crossover Road and then north on
the Trail. The Maine Warden Service and the
National Park Service have been notified of the
problem and offenders will be prosecuted. Please
help protect this national treasure that runs through
our back yard by spreading the word that
snowmobiling on the Trail is just plain wrong!

Snowmobile damage on the Appalachian Trail in January 2013.
Photo by Craig Dickstein.

By Donna Dickstein

For those of us who have accidentally crowded
others on Pleasant Pond Road or been crowded off
the road ourselves, there is now a center line to
guide us and indicate when we are infringing on the
space of others. It has been noted by several people
that this has greatly improved the driving experience
on the road.

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By Donna Dickstein
PPPA has an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
which in the summer is kept in the library, on the top
shelf to the right as you enter the door. AEDs are
user-friendly devices that untrained bystanders can
use to save the life of someone having sudden
cardiac arrest. Directions and pictures of where to
place the pads are very clear on the machine and the
machine will talk you through operation when it is
turned on. The machine will automatically deliver a
charge if it is indicated and do nothing if a charge is
not indicated. Minutes count when someone needs
emergency medical care and the AED can save a life
while waiting for help to arrive. In the winter, the
AED is kept at the Dickstein house at 137 Deer Lane.
Call 672-4983 if you need it or come to the house.

By Donna Dickstein

The Caratunk Post Office remains open for the
regular business hours of 7:30AM-11:30AM and
12PM-3:45PM. The current Postal Service plan is to
cut this schedule to 2 hours per day. This change will
probably take place sometime in 2014 and the actual
hours will be determined at that time. The Forks Post
Office has already cut hours to 8AM-10AM and
1:45PM-3:45PM Monday thru Friday (with the lobby
open in between for mail pick-up) and 8AM-12PM on
Saturday. Judy Bates and LaVonne Pierce are sharing
the staffing.

By Donna Dickstein

Under the leadership of Executive Director Tim
Pomelow and the Board of Directors, Upper
Kennebec Valley Ambulance Service has had an
excellent year with financial and internal stability
attained. Delivering service at near 100% paramedic
level, 471 runs were logged. New staff has been
added including one Critical Care Paramedic (the
highest level of care available). Looking forward to
2013, UKVAS will continue to grow internally. A new
Quality Assurance Program to maintain and improve
the skills of all staff will be started in early 2013.
Application has been made to become part of a State
of Maine pilot program in Community Paramedicine,
a program training UKVAS to work with the local
health center to monitor at-risk clients in their
homes. This is a value-added program with little
additional cost to the towns that are served. UKVAS
is also applying for a grant offered by the Bureau of
Highway Safety to update the aging computer
systems that are carried in the ambulance. The staff
of the Upper Kennebec Valley Ambulance is proud to
serve the towns in their large coverage area this year
and for many years to come. They encourage anyone
who wishes to stop by the base to say hello and take
a tour.

By Elizabeth Caruso, First Selectman

Greetings! 2012 proved to be a very busy year for
the Caratunk officers. Please find below a general
summary of the years business and matters of
In Loving Memory
All of Caratunk was saddened at the passing of two
kind and loved residents who have impacted our
small community. They will always be remembered,
loved and sorely missed.
Sally York Berwin Merrill

Mil Rate
The mil rate for property taxes decreased from 9.7
mils to 9.2 mils. Additionally, the State Assessment
for Caratunk increased from $28,200,000 (2012) to
$29,650,000 (2013). This forced the tax assessment
to increase to get closer to the State levels, thereby
resulting in increased values for excess acreage, base
lots and water frontage. The levels reached should
provide for higher reimbursements of Tree Growth
and Homestead in the future. The Towns General
Fund surplus is the strongest it has been in a few
years. In order to ensure the town had surplus in the
coming year, the townspeople (in 2011 and 2012)
raised by taxation some articles historically
appropriated. Their efforts worked.
Road maintenance in 2012 consisted of customary
plowing, sweeping, shoulder mowing and cleanup of
tree blow-downs. Additionally, the Selectmen
responded to resident requests for the center
striping of the Pleasant Pond Road. The budget
allowed for this safety preventative measure under
the vote to appropriate from surplus to clean up the
Pleasant Pond Road ditches. This work was
voluntarily done by a Selectman Neil Katz at no cost
to the Town. Also, without State subsidy, the town
purchased and transported sand and salt from
private entities at a cost of $5,499. In 2012, bond
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payments were $84,376. 2013 is the final year for
the bond debt payment as it will be paid off with
Solid Waste Disposal
For the fourth year, the Town sent out a postcard to
provide the dates for curbside pickup and demo
containers, as well as to delineate specifics on
acceptable demo items and recycling procedures. It
is imperative that people respect the rules outlined.
The recycling center fared much better this year
without much abuse. Caratunk recycling was refused
at one of the two only transfer stations due to
deposits of trash and non-conforming items. The
Town cannot afford another mark against it.
Note: To avoid curbside trash from being scattered,
please place all trash in 30 gal (or less) barrels with a
secured lid.
On the bright side, the School account has $31,259
remaining. From this balance, 2
, 3
& 4
expenses for one (1) 9
grade student need to be
paid. That aside, there were no significant
occurrences in the School account.
Fire Protection
The Bingham Fire Department provided fire
protection for the Town in 2012. Their proposed
budget for 2013 is similar to 2012. The BFD staff
thought the year went well and is glad to serve
Caratunk again in 2013.
Post Office
The U.S. Postal Service in Caratunk will remain
unchanged until sometime in 2014. There will be a
Town Meeting before the Post Office will reduce its
hours of operation down to 2 hours (M-F) and 4
hours (Sat.).

Harvesting Town Lots
Once again, the State is coordinating the harvesting
of a Caratunk Public Lot near the Moxie Lake
Deadwater Road. In our agreement, the State incurs
100% of the expense, and the Town receives 25% of
the revenue. These lots are co-owned with the State.
Caratunk will receive its portion in January 2014 for
the 2013 harvesting.
New Appointments
The Selectmen have appointed Ed Hanscom of
Caratunk as our new Animal Control Officer.

I wish to thank all individuals who assisted in another
very productive and successful year for the Town of

By Donna Dickstein

As a new feature, I would like to introduce new faces

who have recently arrived on Peasant Pond.

Tony and Renee met in 2000. He attended Unity
College and works for the National Park Service. They
traveled around the country and worked at several
national parks including the Arch in St. Louis and Zion
National Park in Utah. Tony is from Massachusetts
and Renee is from from China, Maine. She actually
grew up on the pond with a camp in North Cove.
They were married in 2004 and have two little boys,
Matthew (5) and Samuel (3). They live in Lincoln,
Massachusetts, in Minute Man National Historical
Park, and Renee works as a personal chef/assistant
(her formal training is as a massage therapist). They
love Pleasant Pond and plan to use their camp (Lot
#44) all year long. They enjoy hiking, snowmobiling,
and other outdoor activities. Renee has been
waterskiing since she was a little girl.


Mark and Vanessa Bilbe
The Bilbe family comprises Mark, Vanessa,
Gracie(11) and Maddie(8). They also have two
regular additions at the Pond - Harry and Pearl their
French Bulldogs, who are very much part of their
family too. Mark and Vanessa are originally from
South Africa, having grown up in and around Cape
Town. Both girls were born in the UK where they
were brought up before the family moved to Boston
in 2008. They were first introduced to the Pond 4
years ago by their good friends Bob and Joan
(Beauchamp) Fidler and fell in love instantly. When
Paul and Theresa Freeman's Camp at 8 Lady Slipper
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Road came up for sale, we were fortunate enough to
secure a place on our favorite pond in the beautiful
state of Maine. They are keen outdoors enthusiasts
and love to run, hike, bike and canoe. The family
hikes up Pleasant Pond Mountain and Moxie Falls is
also a favorite. They love to cook and hope to make a
worthy contribution to the Wing Contest this year!
They live in Sudbury, MA so that Mark can be near
work, but dream of spending all their time on the
Pond one day!

Mark, Maddie and Gracie Bilbe

Gracie, Maddie and Vanessa Bilbe

The new faces located at 114 West Shore Road are
Steve who is a financial planner, Gloria who is an RN,
Erika who just graduated college in Tennessee and
Jessica who is a junior at University of Maine. They
live in Madison and Steve is the 9th generation to
live in the Town of Madison. Us Deans aren't that
bright - we are just stubborn. We have totally rebuilt
Helen Tuttle's old camp and would invite all to stop
by to see what we have done.

Erika, Steve, Gloria and Jessica Dean


Recipe from Bayla Bean

2 eggs
c. vegetable oil
1/3 c. packed brown sugar
3 c. old-fashioned oatmeal
3 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
t. ground cinnamon
1/3 c. flaked coconut
1/3 c. raisins
1/3 c. semisweet chocolate chips
Milk optional at serving time

Combine eggs, oil & brown sugar.
Combine oats, baking powder, salt & cinnamon;
Add to egg mixture, stirring just until moistened.
Stir in coconut, raisins & chocolate chips.
Spoon into a greased 13-in. X 9-in. X 2-in. baking
Bake uncovered at 350 for 20-25 minutes.
Serve warm with milk if desired.
4 large servings. Yummy!!!

(I will add almonds or walnuts next time.)

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Recipe from Donna Dickstein

1 tbsp olive oil
3 garlic cloves minced
2 thinly sliced green onions
4 cups chicken broth (2 cans)
2 cups water
cup uncooked orzo
1 tbsp grated lemon peel
1 (15-oz) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 tbsp fresh oregano
1 tbsp lemon juice
tsp pepper
1/8 tsp salt
1 (6-oz) package baby spinach
1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Heat a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add
olive oil; add garlic and onions and saut 30 seconds,
stirring constantly. Add chicken broth and water;
bring to a boil. Add orzo, lemon rind and chickpeas.
Cover and cook 10 minutes or until orzo is done. Stir
in oregano, lemon juice, salt, pepper and spinach.
Serve and top with cheese.

(A tasty and easy soup for those chilly or sick days!)

Were Downsizing Our Garden
& Other Stuff

Variegated Hostas, Red Sedums, Jacobs Ladder
& Other Perennials
Memorial Weekend 2013
Call Bayla Beane Before Coming

Watch for signs at our bridge on Pleasant Pond
Road & on the community bulletin boards for
other items up for sale.

Left at the Boat Launch on 8/4/12, one trailer license
plate and one life jacket. If these are yours please
contact Chuck Piper at 978-808-6330 (winter) or 207-
672-4128 (summer).

Virginia Kammer of Deer Lane is looking for a
Sunfish or small centerboard sailboat in good
condition. Cell # is 251-709-5882. Camp # is 207-672-


Horseshoe Tournament 10AM at Shawn Smalls
camp on Deer Lane.
Family Day 1PM at Lathes Boat Launch with
activities for children of all ages.
Pot Luck Dinner 5:30PM at Batemens barn on the
corner of North Shore and West Shore Roads.
Anyone willing to share food and a good time is
Annual Meeting 7PM at Batemens barn open to
anyone interested but voting is restricted to PPPA
Auction Immediately following the annual meeting.
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Pleasant Pond Dam Rebuild Project Report, 2012
To Whom I May Concern:
The Dam project started on 11-26-2012 after many delays due to high flows, original contractor
illness and recruiting different Contractor on short notice. We were very fortunate to find a
qualified contractor with an available crew while water was low for the same price!!!
HE Callahan performed the work, Mattingly Products delivered the concrete, Northeast Doran
donated the stainless steel insert guides and Walker Industrial Services donated the siphon
Mobilization and actual construction started on the week of 11-
26-12. The weather was frigid so a heated enclosure was
The Demolition phase revealed reasonably sound existing
concrete and no
unpleasant surprises.
Pouring the bottom
sections of the guide inserts,and patching eroded areas
of the center pier / side buttresses were challenging due
to water flow through both the channel and the dam
itself. Emaco T-430 was used for the base pour.

The major placement of concrete for the center pier cap and the top lift of the four guide
inserts was done on Tuesday 12-4-12. The weather cooperated warming to well above freezing
and the placement went very well. Extra concrete was ordered to avoid mixing issues and
minimum load charges.
Extra concrete 1.5 cubic
yards +/- was wheel
barreled out and placed
in front of and behind the
South side portion of the
dam adjacent to the most
Northerly buttress at an
extra cost of 1 thirty
pack of bud and a good time was had by all.

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Extra Work: During the construction it was noticed that the
concrete under and upstream of where the bottom board would
go, in both openings, was severely eroded which would have
resulted in major leakage and continued erosion in the base
concrete. It was decided to place the bottom board so the top of
the board was level with the upstream concrete invert and make
a seal placement of Emaco t-415 in front of and below the
bottom board, making the bottom board a permanent fixture.
The invert of the channel was not altered so the flow capacity
was not compromised. Two items of extra work was authorized and performed. Contractor
performed the extra work items free of charge.
The last of the sandbags and cleanup were done on 12-6-12.
Three 2 x 8 planks (24 in height) were placed in both slot
opening and the dam was commissioned. The dam was checked
1-13-13,and the water level had risen +/- 20, or 4 +/- below
top of the boards.. It is recommended that the remaining 12 of
boards be installed after ice out.
2013 Work Required: The trash racks in front of the dam
needed to be remove to facilitate draining the pond and they
were severely deteriorated to the point of falling apart.. We
need 6 section of 24 by 48 steel rack to replace the deteriorated ones. Also the black siphon
hoses need to be picked up and returned to the donor, Walker Industries in Skowhegan.
Respectively submitted:
Stephen Small, 1-14-13
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PPPA Committes and Members
Position Name Pond # Away # Email
President Gordon Small 207.672.3762 207.949.4622
Vice President Mark Schaub 207.672.9304 215.962.0779
Sec/Treasurer Craig Dickstein 207.672.4983 207.672.4983
Director Bayla Beane 207.672.4974 207.672.4974
Director Janice Reed 207.672.4986 207.364.7986
Director Charles Paddock 207.672.3927 772.245.8663
Director Michael Bateman 207.672.9301 908.625.4500
Chairman empty
Charles Piper 207.672-4128 978.808.6330
George Brandenburg 207.672.9249 908.369.4096
Charles Paddock 207.672.3927 772.245.8663
Janice Reed 207.672.4986 207.364.7986
Shawn Small 207.672.3762 207-827-5703
Chairman Shawn Small 207.672.3762 207-827-5703
Steve Small 207.672.5526 207.672.4859
Tom Reed 207.672.4986 207.364.7986
Mark Schaub 207.672.9304 215.962.0779
Charles Paddock 207.672.3927 772.245.8663
Chairman Todd Bayreuther 207.710.1914
Gordon Small 207.672.3762 207.949.4622
Dan Barnes 207.672.3791 207.872.8489
Glenn Dumont 207.672.3645 207.872.8586
Chairman empty
Chairman empty
Editor Donna Dickstein 207.672.4983 207.672.4983
Chairman Sue Schaub 207.672-4103 215 321 3666
Betty Brandenburg 207.672.9249 908.369.4096
Boat Launch Committee
Fishery Committee
Dam Committee
Annual Meeting Committee
Water Quality Committee
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P.O. BOX 36

Minutes from the 4 August 2012 PPPA Annual Meeting
President Michael Bateman called the annual meeting of the Association to order at 19:05.
x Prologue and Acknowledgements
Michael welcomed all attendees and thanked the Bateman, Bean, and Scott families for help in setting up the venue.
A special thanks to the Smalls for hosting the horseshoe tournament (Mark Schaub, Sr. and Mateo Portanova were
the winners). Thanks to Liz Scott and Max Chanoff for helping with the Family Fun Day activities.
x Memoriam
A moment of silence was called for in memory of those who we have lost this past year: Bob Ayers, George Carlson,
Mark Foust, and Ed Desrosiers.
x Guest Speakers
x Skye Carpenter Paramedic, Upper Kennebec Valley Ambulance Service (UKVAS)
Skye, along with others from UKVAS, had responded to a 911 call from the Pond concerning Ray
Batemans medical incident while rowing. All went well, but could it have gone any better? He explained
how an emergency response works and what residents can do to help 1) Know your resources: It may
be two hours to the nearest hospital. There may be local resources on the Pond; Ed Hanscom is a great
resource for communications. AED is a valuable resource that all can use. Use of landline is better than
cell phone for tracking purposes. 2) Know where you are when calling 911: They will ask for many
details; be patient. We live in Caratunk, not Pleasant Pond. GPS locations are useful. 3) Egress: Can
EMS and their vehicles get in to and out of the site? Be sure your camps are accessible and labeled with
911 address numbers. 4) Common injuries: What to do / not to do was discussed. Self-transport may be
an option; be careful; ambulance will intercept in route.
An excellent presentation that was well received and appreciated.
x Julie Richards Old Canada Road Historical Society
Julie discussed Pleasant Pond history and photos that she brought along. She is looking for additional
input from local residents. Has old video that she will be compiling and presenting at a later time.
Contributions are always welcomed.
x Nomination Committee Report Anne Schaub:
The following slate was presented: Gordon Small for President and Mark Schaub for Vice President. The slate was
moved, seconded, and approved by the attendees.
x Secretary/ Treasurers Report Michael presented for Craig who was away on family vacation:
x Request for approval of last years Annual Meeting Minutes so approved by the attendees
x Request for approval of the distributed year-to-date financial statement so approved by the attendees
x Notes
o As of July 6 we have 110 members and $3150 in membership dues
o Dues are appreciated immediately following receipt of Winter Newsletter
o Annual Report was filed with the Secretary of State
x Fish Committee Report Steve Small (for Shawn Small, Committee Chairperson):
x No contact with new IF&W Commissioner as of yet.
x No smelts seen in the Pond for a few years.
x Compiling a summary of the Pond fishery and boat launch toward the goal of seeking a personal meeting with
the Commissioner.

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x Dam Committee Report Steve Small (for the Committee) :
x RFP put out to contractors; project goal is to improve the ease of controlling water level with stop boards in
stainless steel guides.
x Will start lowering water level September 1
; work to start between 9/15 and 10/15; should take a week to
x Public notices to be distributed door-to-door and posted in several places (Post Office, PPPA Bulletin Board,
local stores, etc).
x Boat Launch Committee Report Chuck Piper (Committee Chairperson):
x An obstacle is the need for payment of dues prior to May 1
; this allows volunteer to have accurate roster of
members. Dues paid later may not be known to the volunteer; need to improve communications with the
x Members are reminded of the rules as it relates to friends and adult family members; they must pay initial
launch fee or become members with launch benefit; do not abuse the rules of membership.
x Pursuing lease renewal with the Lathes; they agree to continue on the same basis with the additional PPPA
responsibility of mowing the lawn; renewal date is October 2013, but the lawn mowing has begun. Will get
the renewal done this fall.
x Chuck expressed concern of getting boats out before September 1
and the Pond level dropping for dam
repair. Discussion suggested notifying IF&W for alerting fishermen via their website, notices at Berrys and
Jimmys stores, email campaign for membership, etc.
x Launch volunteer program continues to be fine-tuned, with many successes this summer.
x Michael expressed, on behalf of the Association, many thanks to Chuck and his volunteers for their
commitment to the job.
x Water Clarity Report Dorothy McAllister:
In 2011 Pleasant Pond had an average Secchi Disk Transparency (SDT) of 12.7 meters and was the third deepest
SDT in Maine. The deepest SDT so far this year in Pleasant Pond is 13.95 m. on July 20 and the shallowest was
11.12 m. on May 28. The VLMP reports 23 water systems, comprising 46 distinct water bodies known to be infested
with aquatic plant.
x Donations made this year
x Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program $150
x Maine Congress of Lakes Associations $250 (membership)
x West Forks Fire Department $250
x Bingham Fire Department $250
x Maine Appalachian Trail Club $200
x Upper Kennebec Valley Ambulance Service $500
Recommendation to repeat this level of giving for 2013 motion made, seconded, and approved by the
x Newsletter
Michael thanked Carol for past work and Donna for this past winters excellent job with the newsletter and encouraged
the contribution of articles. Please send contributions to Donna.
x Library Sue Schaub
Great new books donated; please no magazines or reference books; only books, puzzles, movies, etc. Take books
home for the winter; we have plenty. Library is getting lots of use and being monitored every other day.
x New Business
x Chris and Becky Young are promoting the painting of a center stripe on Pleasant Pond Road. Town is not
properly funded for this project. Soliciting private donations to fund this project.
x 200 no wake zone rule was raised as not being obeyed. Plea to obey this law and save the shoreline.

The meeting was adjourned at 19:57 and the annual raffle ensued.

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Dickstein, Secretary/Treasurer
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Checking Bank CD's Totals
Bank Balance - 12/31/2011 $11,729.16 $19,700.54 $31,429.70
Bank Balance - 12/31/2012 $2,132.03 $19,719.86 $21,851.89
PPPA Ledger Balance - 12/31/2011 $11,717.80
PPPA Ledger Balance - 12/31/2012 $921.07
Membership Dues 3,575.00
Boat Launch Receipts 902.00
Raffle Sales 415.00
Donations in Memory of Beatrice Hamilton 100.00
Miscellaneous Donations (Library, Anonymous, Lathe's Landing) 60.00
Interest Income (Now Account) 6.12
Total Funds Received $5,058.12
Excluding Boat Launch Operation
State of Maine Nonprofit Corporation Annual Reporting Fee 35.00
Association Liability Insurance Policy Premium 776.00
Maine Congress of Lake Association Dues 250.00
Donation to Maine Appalachian Trail Club 200.00
Donation to Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program 150.00
Donation to West Forks Fire & Rescue (2011 & 2012) 1,000.00
Donation to Bingham Fire 250.00
Donation to Upper Kennebec Valley Ambulance Service 250.00
Newsletter and Dues Notice Printing/Postage 113.44
Postage (miscellaneous) 18.00
USPS Box Rental 48.00
Camden National Bank (Safe Deposit Box Rental) 25.00
Bank Fee 1.90
Miscellaneous Reimbursements 470.42 AED pads, bulletin board construction,copy/print
Dam restoration project 10,150.00
Sub-Total Excluding Boat Launch Operation $13,737.76
Boat Launch Operational Costs
Property Tax for Lathe Property (2012) 1,500.00
Mowing Lathe's Landing 100.00
Telephone Service 202.09
Portable Toilet Rental & Service 315.00
Sub-Total Boat Launch Operation $2,117.09
Total Payments Made $15,854.85
Year-End Ledger Balance $921.07
Membership Numbers

Members Dues
2006 134 $3,860
2007 127 $4,030
2008 125 $3,870
2009 125 $3,870
Follow-up solicitation was not done 2010 91 $2,720
Follow-up solicitation done 2011 123 $4,005
Follow-up solicitation done 2012 124 $3,575
Bank vs. Ledger discrepancy due to uncleared checks written in mid-December
construction and permit fee
Reporting Period: 01 January 2012 through 31 December 2012
not including in-kind services
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