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An Exercise in Aggressive, Non-Partisan Political Activism February 03, 2013 Volume 3, Number 04


Its time to Wake Up, AGAIN America. Perhaps you havent noticed it but the Rights of We the People have AGAIN been challenged. AGAIN, Weve crossed the threshold. The Left Wing, led by President Obama, has AGAIN committed themselves to a full court press. AGAIN, we are about to examine the REAL meaning, and purpose, of our 2nd Amendment, and other Constitutional Rights. Question: Are you REALLY prepared to exercise your Second Amendment rights? Do you REALLY know When you would do it, Where, How and Why? Question: HOW many of YOU have EVER USED a firearm to PROTECT yourself, the Law, and YOUR Constitutional Rights? I have. I have on dozens of occasions, that YOU who inhabit the safe environs of the blogosphere, dont know ANYTHING about. And I've NEVER had to draw a weapon. And I've NEVER been charged with a weapon offense. YET, during my demonstrations speaking out against Tucson City Open Border Policy, by the visible possession of a GLOCK 9 ALONE, and by the lawful use of words explaining Just HOW and WHEN I would use it, the police were forced to protect me and my fellow speakers from MOB Violence. Thats right: By the use of words alone, and the visible possession of a firearm, Ive put the MOB on notice and compelled the Tucson Police Department to protect me, my fellow speakers, and my constitutional right to speak out on matters of public concern.

Do YOU understand Just What that means? It means: In Tucson Arizona on April 10, 2006, 15 of US entered Armory Park to face down 15,000 Pro-Raza activists, led by Isabel Garcia and Congressman Raul Grijalva, all demanding permanent Open Borders, and Amnesty for the estimated 25 million or more Mexican Illegals now in this country. When the MOB began cursing us, throwing frozen water bottles, coming AT us with clenched fists, the police said THEY were NOT going to protect US, from THEM. The LAW says the police ARE REQUIRED to protect those engaged in lawful protest. Yet, Lt. Timpf of the Tucson Police Department actually smiled when he said: We dont have to protect you, Mr. Warden. You wanted to come here. Now lets see how long youll stay! What I THEN told Lt. Timpf turned his face white, and then red with anger. Those words are chiseled in stone. They have been repeated at trial in Municipal Court and WILL be repeated again in Federal Court. They remain a permanent part of history, which most of YOU folks dont know about. And those words have FOREVER changed the political landscape in Tucson Arizona. Within 5 minutes of my speaking those words, 40 police officers surrounded our demonstration, and protected 15 of US from 15,000 of THEM while We engaged in Lawful Speech and Confrontation with Open Border Policy. Read THIS link. Then read THIS one. SAVVY? TALKING about 2nd Amendment Rights is just TALK. Unless you are fully prepared to BACK that talk, with ACTION, your words are meaningless. Want to know WHEN and WHERE to Stand your Ground? Want to know HOW to display your firearm for maximum effect? Want to make Tucson Public Official KNOW you mean business when you say you are fully prepared to protect YOUR Rights?

Then, COME on down to the Tucson City Council meeting next Tuesday, February 05, 2013, and I will BEGIN to explain WHAT YOU need to DO to EXERCISE your rights, and by so doing, to PROTECT them.

Roy Warden Publisher, Common Sense II