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--- Legend Release Notes --Date prepared: Prepared by: Release No: Application Name: 30/01/2013 Ben Mathers

10.9.9 Service Pack 14 Legend Suite

10.9.9 Service Pack 14

1. Ref #2469 Countdown cards and courses Issue: When a countdown card (voucher) was used against a course the value passed between applications was the total amount, this resulted in outstanding balances for courses paid using a voucher. Solution: When a member uses a voucher to pay for a course there will now not be an outstanding balance on the members account after the transaction has been completed. 2. Ref #3140 Course sessions display incorrect title Issue: When viewing the course attendee screen and then clicking on the session s button, the header displays the course that was originally selected on the previous screen. Solution: The correct course title now shows in the sessions. 3. Ref #3154 Check in note appearing twice Issue: The data held in the check in note is being displayed twice in FOH. Solution: Check in notes are now only showed once in FOH. 4. Ref #3417 Inactive inventory items can still be sold Issue: If an inventory item is set to inactive it can still be sold in FOH. Solution: FOH now checks against the validity of an inventory item and will not allow the item to be added to the basket.

1. Ref #2601 Full agreement price text cant be displayed in membership wizards Issue: The agreement price field has recently has its length increased from 30 to 50 characters, the drop down boxes in the membership wizards did not have their length increased to match the changes.

Solution: The drop down boxes now have the correct length so characters are not cut off.

2. Ref #3371 New member wizard medical information Issue: It seemed that is was possible to add new members and bypass the medical information data collection, even if the settings were enabled to ensure capture. Solution: All the new member wizards will now ensure capture of medical information if the relevant settings are enabled in the control panel. 3. Ref #3405 Promotional discounts controls showing in Member wizards Issue: Promotional code functionality was released in FP10, this functionality can be enabled and disabled via the usual methods. Some parts of the functionality still appear in the wizards even if the settings are disabled. Solution: Once the settings are disabled the additional functionality will no longer show in the wizards. 4. Ref #3411 Advanced search and running a merge Issue: A problem has been identified when using the advanced search to run a mail merge. The error String or binary data would be truncated would show. Solution: The mail merge will now successfully complete no matter how many records are returned in the advanced search. 5. Ref #3495 Allow Multiple Eligibilities configuration setting not used Issue: The setting Allow Multiple Eligibilities is not be used in membership management even when the setting is enabled. Solution: It will now be possible to select multiple eligibilities in membership management when the required setting is enabled in the control panel.

1. Ref #3017 Member attendance booking parameter Issue: In the member attendance report (Reports > Bookings > Member Attendance) there are two parameters, one for the joined date and one for the booking date. The report s currently treating these parameters the wrong way round, the joined date searches against the booking date and vice versa. Solution: The report parameters have been switched round and will now report back the correct set of data.

2. Ref #3436 12 month usage report optimization Issue: It has become no longer possible to run a 12 month usage report for some larger clients as there are too many members returned. Solution: The report has been re-written to resolve this issue and allow the report to be run even for extremely large data sets.


1. Ref #3148 Adding medical conditions Issue: When adding a new medical condition in one of the medical groups it does not apply to the group selected and instead places inside another group. Solution: New medical conditions in control panel now show in the selected group. 2. Ref #3247 Making address changes Issue: If the fraud settings were enabled in control panel, making address and phone number changes were causing errors depending on the settings. Solution: The fraud control form in the control panel has changed slightly to enable the entry of a single number which when reached a fraud security message will show in the applications.

1. Ref #3404 - Devices.xml on Windows 7 machines Issue: The Devices.xml on Windows 7 machines is being saved to a different folder during the automated installation process than it was it earlier versions of Windows. This can often cause security/access issues to the file. Solution: A new version of custom client is required to resolve the file path in the automated installer. Please download from 2. Ref #3154 Closing the photo window using the red cross causes custom client to crash Issue: Clicking on the red cross when taking a photo of a member in FOH will cause custom client to disconnect meaning that none of the FOH connected hardware will function. Solution: Custom client will no longer disconnect upon the red close cross being clicked during a photo being taken. 3. Ref #3400 Barcoded receipts for bookings not showing Issue: In issue with the length of barcodes being automatically created by the application is causing some issues with certain printers/printer drivers. The result is that the barcode does not show on those with issues. Solution: The barcodes have been reduced in size to ensure that the barcodes will print on as many devices/drivers as possible.

1. Ref #3429 Bulk update prices Issue: It was not possible to bulk update status and remove flag for discounts and then save/load without affecting the prices themselves. Solution: The screen has been split to enable this operation. 2. Ref #3433 Optimization of queries which return the prices and discounts Issue: The query which runs to return the prices and discounts often took in excess of 60 seconds.

Solution: Optimization has been carried out to these queries to improve efficiency in both the application and database to serve the data more efficiently.

1. Ref #3439 Booking penalties were not being applied online Issue: The online bookings system was previously not checking the penalties in place allowing members to book. Solution: The check for penalties against a member has been placed into the online booking system. 2. Ref #3462 Performance enhancements to database functions Issue: Analysis has shown that some online procedures are causing unnecessary load on the servers. Solution: Database processes have been optimized to decrease load on the servers.

1. Ref #3440 Risk score calculations Issue: It has become apparent that some of the larger customers are facing issues with overnight process due to the risk score calculations taking longer than expected. Solution: A short term change has been put in place to limit the calculation of risk demographics and score to active and pending contacts only, unlike the current version which also includes lapsed and cancelled contracts.