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Jonathan Bishop Limited The ILS Building, PO Box 674, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA1 9NN, Wales, GB Tel: 07092 107212 Fax: 07092 1072123 Web:

12 December 2012 Legal Department Patriot Court 1-9 The Grove Slough Berkshire SL1 1QP Dear Sirs, Re: Defamation I, Jonathan Bishop, the Director of Jonathan Bishop Limited, at the above address, say on behalf of the firm as follows: 1. I refer to the website ("the website"). I make this statement in support of my giving notice that, via the website, it is causing or contributing to the publication of a defamatory statement. 2. The defamatory words appear on the website at: 3. The words that I consider to be defamatory are the advancements aren't very advanced, although to be honest, that was the least of my worries. it had no strategies, wasn't didactic, and it doesn't come as an ebook. it was entirely full of crayon drawings of some creatures called snerts. that, and weird rants about welsh characters in the author's life. avoid, unless you need some source material. 4. These words are defamatory because they misrepresent the content of the book of which I am author. 5. The defamatory words are untrue because there is nothing in this book about my character theory and studies of Welsh online communities. That is in fact in my other book not even released!; 6. I understand that this statement may be used in any court proceedings that may arise out of or relating to the defamatory words which I have complained about.

Statement of Truth I declare the facts stated above to be true. Formal Request I ask that you request that you either remove this content, or let me know how they wish to receive service under the Defamation Act 1996 for which you may be liable for any damages awarded. As I used to be a politician, and had more enemies than friends, I suspect there will be an increasing number of defamatory statements made about my works, including the forthcoming book, Politics and Policy in the Information Age by Springer, and Gamification for Human Factors Integration by IGI Global. I will make full use of Section 5 of the Defamation Bill should it become law if there is defamation on these articles following it coming into force, which will Amazon liable for defamatory content if it does not provide the personal details of the poster, as it wouldnt in this case.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Bishop LLM